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Spiritwish Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Assemble the Ultimate Team and Take Down Your Enemies

Spiritwish is Nexon’s latest MMORPG and it is taking the world by storm. Available on Android and iOS platforms, the game boasts of beautiful visuals reminiscent of Tree of Savior, only you will be controlling three characters at a time. There are a lot of classes to choose from, each one with his own set of skills and specializations. You can create multiple characters and swap them into the party depending on what the situation needs. There are also different kinds of gear that you can equip on your characters in order to make them stronger.

Take on powerful Bosses in multiplayer raids or clear waves of monsters in various dungeons. Join a powerful Guild and work together to climb the rank ladders. There is an endless list of things to do in the game, but the best place to start is by reading our Spiritwish beginner’s guide for some useful tips, cheats and strategies to ensure you get it right the first time.

1. Should You Re-Roll?

spiritwish rerolling tips

If you are a gacha RPG veteran, you are probably already familiar with the concept of re-rolling. For those who are new, re-rolling is when players start a game over if they didn’t get good gacha results from their initial free draws from the game. Hardcore players of this game have been known to create over 50 accounts just to ensure they got the pulls they were aiming for. Is that something you really need to do, though?

Personally speaking, re-rolling in Spiritwish is really for perfectionists, so we don’t recommend it. The game starts you off with a choice between two teams of three classes. The only difference between those two teams is that one of them has a Fighter and the other one has a Sentinel. Both teams have a Cleric and an Archer. It doesn’t matter which one you choose because you will be able to create the fourth character right away and swap him in if you feel like you made the wrong choice initially.

As for the other classes, you will be able to unlock them through Recruitment quests and Events. It’s better if you just spend your free Diamonds pulling for gear than wasting them on the character class gacha. For one, the character gacha has a high chance of giving you card pieces instead of full cards. That means you have a few measly pieces and need to collect 80 or more to get the full card. You might not even get pieces of the class you want. You would be wasting more time creating multiple accounts for re-rolling than if you just went ahead and played the game until you unlock the classes through other means.

2. Assemble A Balanced Team

how to assemble a balanced team in spiritwish

This won’t matter until you have unlocked additional classes, but it is a good idea to think about which class you want to unlock sooner in case you are given a choice. The Cleric is a decent healer and the Archer is great at PVE battles, so they should be able to carry you while you wait for the classes you want. Once you have more options, though, you should think about the composition of your team. It is a good idea to always have a Tank, DPS, and Support. If you want to double a certain role, you will need to think about how you will balance it.

If you have two DPS on your team, you might want a Cleric that has Benediction maxed out in order to give your team added DEF. If you have two Tanks, you will need a good ranged DPS or your battles will take forever. Check out the list of classes below to get a better idea of which ones you want.


Fighter (M) – Uses Light Sword and Shield. Wears Plate Armor.
Fighter (F) – Uses Light Sword and Shield. Wears Plate Armor.
Defender – Uses Light Club and Shield. Wears Plate Armor.
Minstrel – Uses Heavy Spear. Wears Heavy Armor.


Sentinel – Uses Heavy Spear. Wears Plate Armor.
Spearman – Uses Light Spear and Shield. Wears Medium Armor.
Mercenary – Uses Heavy Sword. Wears Medium Armor.
Kunoichi – Uses Tachi. Wears Medium Armor.
Dualwielder – Uses Light Sword. Wears Medium Armor.
Grimalkin – Uses Combat Gloves. Wears Leather Armor.


Archer (F) – Uses Bow. Wears Leather Armor.
Archer (M) – Uses Bow. Wears Leather Armor.
Arbalist – Uses Crossbow. Wears Leather Armor.
Lightning Mage – Uses Staff. Wears Robes.
Soothsayer – Uses Rod. Wears Robes.
Fire Mage – Uses Staff. Wears Robes.


Cleric (F) – Uses Light Club. Wears Heavy Armor.
Cleric (M) – Uses Light Club. Wears Heavy Armor.
Time Mage – Uses Staff. Wears Robes.
Paladin – Uses Heavy Club. Wears Plate Armor.
Noita – Uses Staff. Wears Robes.

3. Customize Your Tactics

spiritwish tactics

Since you will be controlling a party of three characters, the game has a Tactics system that tells your characters when to use items and skills. Even though there are default Tactics set for each skill and item equipped, you should still look into them and adjust their parameters. Most skills are set to be cast as often as possible, which would be a terrible waste of resources especially if you are just auto-grinding on the map. Make sure you do this for every new skill and consumable item you equip, or you will run out of resources just when you need it the most.

4. Follow The Adventurer’s Journey Quests

spiritwish adventurer's journey

When you tap on the Rewards icon at the top of your screen, you will see three tabs for Adventurer’s Journey. The tasks listed under these tabs are designed to help you get acquainted with the different features of the game. Following the main story isn’t enough because it will mostly just have you running from one map to another.

The game also has Tutorials that introduce the different features to you. Unfortunately, those pop up way before you are strong enough to actually do what the Tutorials tell you to. The Adventurer Journey will serve as your progress guide, giving you specific targets to aim for in order to stay on track.

5. Work On Your Achievement Score

spiritwish achievements

Unlike in most games where features are locked behind levels, your progress here is measured according to Achievement Score. Tap on the icon with four squares at the top right of the screen to expand the menu then go to Achievements. You will see your existing Achievement score as well as a list of different Achievements you can accomplish within the game. It does not matter which Achievements you reach first as long as you get the points you need to unlock additional features.

For example, you will be able to unlock Guilds when you hit 100 Achievement Score. Always check if there is a red dot on the Achievements icon because that means you will be able to claim rewards along with some points for your score.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Invest

A common mistake players make is that they are afraid to spend resources on initial classes thinking they would be needing to save up for the classes they actually like. While it is understandable that you don’t want to burn through your resources for starting classes, holding off on refining, enhancements, skill upgrades, and so on will only slow down your progress.

Refining Stones, Enhancement Scrolls, and Skill Books can all be farmed easily if you have time to leave your characters on the map. Don’t be afraid to invest in your starting classes because the stronger they become, the faster you will be able to quest for the classes you actually want.

7. Upgrade Your Skills

how to upgrade skills in spiritwish

Upgrading skills require skill books. The higher the level of the skill, the more books you will need to upgrade it further. You will notice that higher Tier skills are locked when you start out. You will be able to unlock these when you reach the required level. Tiers are unlocked every 10 levels. That means Tier 2 skills are unlocked at level 10, Tier 3 are unlocked at level 20, and so on. Always assess each skill based on its description. Just because a skill is a higher Tier does not mean you should swap it into your lineup. It still depends on your team’s needs overall.

Aside from active skills, there are also passive skills called Techniques. They are also divided into Tiers that are unlocked every 10 levels. Techniques do not require skill books to learn and level up. Unfortunately, what they do require is obscene amounts of gold. Since you have limited resources in the beginning, carefully choose which Techniques to invest in considering you have multiple characters to spend on.

8. Invest In Multiple Amulet Pages

When you first unlock Amulets, you will only have one page. Amulets give you bonus stats that you can level up by spending gold and amulet pieces. An Amulet page has a central amulet that give you increase HP and MP, and minor amulets that boost specific stats. You cannot increase the level minor amulets beyond the level of the central amulet.

You probably want to upgrade the central amulet and all the minor amulets evenly. In a perfect world, that is a good idea. Unfortunately, the number of amulet pieces increase exponentially with each upgrade. If you spend pieces on minor amulets that you don’t really need, you will end up short. What you can do instead is invest in key stats that work best for your main team.

Once you progress a little further and have more extra amulets, you can create additional amulet pages that focus on your alternate teams. It is better to have an alternate build instead of spending a massive amount of amulets just to boost your stats a little bit further.

9. How To Strengthen Your Gear

how to strengthen gear in spiritwish

There are several ways to strengthen your gear in Spiritwish. The easiest way is by leveling it up. Tap on the equipment you want to level up then choose Modify Gear. Choose Level Up then put a check on all the Refining Stones you want to use for upgrading. You can also tap on Use All to automatically spend all available Refining Stones to level up your gear. Keep in mind that other equipment in your inventory can also be used for leveling up gear. Be careful when choosing to Use All because you might accidentally sacrifice rare gear.

Another way to power up your gear is through Enhancement. You will need Enhancement scrolls of the same tier in order to enhance an item. The higher the Enhancement level, the more scrolls will be needed for the next Enhancement. Once the item has been leveled up and enhanced to the maximum possible levels, it is ready for an Upgrade.

Upgrading gear raises its grade by one. You will know if a gear has been upgraded if there is a “+” sign on it. If an equipment already has “++” on it, it cannot be Upgraded further. Only Unique rarity and above can be Upgraded, so don’t bother trying it on your Enchanted or Rare gear.

10. How To Craft Better Gear

Now that you have maxed out your Unique equipment, you are probably wondering how you can push it further. Unfortunately, it’s the end of the road for your Unique++ gear. Don’t throw it away just yet, though. The next step is to craft new equipment. Go to the Craft section and look for the equipment you want to make. You might still be able to use your Unique gear to make a better item.

For example, a Unique++ Forest Bow can be used as material for crafting a Masterpiece Forest Bow. Once you have maxed out that Masterpiece Forest Bow, you can then use it to craft a Legendary Forest Bow. Check out all the possible equipment you can Craft, so you know if your current gear will be of some use down the road.

11. Don’t Complete Your Daily Quests Yet

spiritwish daily quests

You read that right. It isn’t recommended to complete all of your daily quests when you are still starting out. Of course, you should complete what you can, but you should hold off on completing the Daily Raid quests. Everything else, you are encouraged to complete religiously, especially the Daily Dungeons. You are probably protesting vehemently right about now because the reward for completing all of the daily quests is a Costume Box, and we agree that it is a great reward.

The problem is, Daily Co-op Raids require Co-Op Raid Entry Tickets. You only get one of these per day. You can purchase another one from the Premium store for 150,000 gold. After that, you can’t buy any more until the next day. There are three Co-Op Raid dungeon. The first one requires one ticket per entry. The second needs two per entry. The third needs three per entry. That means you won’t even be able to enter the second one if you just use the daily free ticket.

What’s worse is you lose the tickets if you fail the raid, and it won’t even count towards your quest completion. Save your tickets for later, when you are a lot stronger. The rewards will be much better, and you will have a higher chance of successfully completing the raid.

12. Enter The Coliseum

The Coliseum is part of your Daily Quests, but it deserves its own section in this guide because the game tells you to jump into it without telling you what you’re supposed to do. When you enter the Coliseum, you will notice that there is a long preparation time. This isn’t the time for you to be standing around. Run around the map until you find a spot where there are no other players!
Once the Coliseum event begins, a bunch of treasure box monsters called Mimics will appear.

Kill a whole bunch of them in order to earn points. The more you kill, the more chances you have of acquiring rare equipment. Now, why did we ask you to run away? That’s because the Coliseum is an open PK arena. Other players are free to attack you to prevent you from killing the Mimics. When you become a lot stronger, you can afford to stay put, and maybe even hunt other players if you feel like it. Until then, play it safe and run away.

13. Take On The Onkalo Dungeon

The Onkalo Dungeon is a special dungeon where you can use up to 9 characters depending on your progress. You will need Onkalo tickets in order to challenge this dungeon. Where do you get the tickets? From the Coliseum! That is why you should always participate in the Coliseum even if you get beaten down by other players all the time. As long as you complete the event, you will receive an Onkalo ticket as consolation.

Onkalo rewards is the best place to farm Upgrade stones. You get Upgrade stones for defeating the Final Boss. On top of that, clear records are also ranked weekly. Additional Upgrade Stones are given out depending on your rank at the end of the week.

14. Challenge The Arena Of Trials

spiritwish arena of trials

Another special dungeon in the game is the Arena of Trials. This one does not require any tickets and is automatically reset each day. You get to choose three characters from your roster and have them go against one team after another. If your characters get knocked out, you can edit your team and swap in fresh ones. The only condition is the characters must be at least level 20 to enter the arena.

Each team you defeat in the Arena of Trials will reward you with gold and Arena Points. The Arena Points can be used in the Arena Shop to purchase Extraction Stones, Enhancement Stabilizers, and card pieces.

15. Think Before You Register Items

spiritwish item registration

Spiritwish has an Item Registration system under Achievements that gives you permanent stat boost for registering certain items into your collection. The catch here is that the item is permanently destroyed once you register it. For Worn, Common, Enchanted, and Rare items, this is a no-brainer. Just register the as soon as you get them.

When it comes to equipment that are Unique or higher, it is best if you consider first if the item really won’t have any use for you. Keep in mind that you have an Onkalo dungeon that will require up to 9 characters. Do you have a good set of equipment for all those characters? If the answer is no, and you don’t have the characters made just yet, it might be better to store your extra equipment first. Once you are sure you won’t be needing them for any of your other characters, that’s the time to offer them up to the item registry.

16. Join A Guild As Soon As Possible

spiritwish guild

As we mentioned earlier, Guilds become available when you reach Achievement Score 100. As soon as you unlock Guilds, you should go about finding an active one that will let you join. Guilds have a Guild Effect that give increased ATK and DEF to all its members. The higher the level of the Guild, the better the Guild Effect will be.

To level up your Guild, members must complete Guild Quests. The good thing about these quests is that there are quests for different levels. Even low-level members of the Guild can contribute by completing the quests that match their level.

Other perks of being part of a Guild is access to the Guild Shop, Camp, and Dungeon. Active Guilds can also participate in the Guild Leagues where they can win Sampo management for a week. When your guild successfully controls a Sanpo, rare items will be generated and automatically appear in your Guild Storage. The more Leagues you win, the more items the members will get.

17. Watch Ads For More Rewards

Just like in other mobile games, you gain rewards here for simply playing every day. There are weekly and monthly login rewards that can be claimed as soon as you log in for the day. There are also rewards for staying online. For the online time rewards, you can claim an extra prize by watching a video advertisement. Since there are four rewards, you can get up to four additional prizes. Prizes include refining stones, enhancement scrolls, and even rare equipment.

While we are on the subject of claiming rewards, make sure you also check your mail regularly as even rewards are often sent there. You should also check out the Event tab of the Rewards menu to see if you are eligible for any ongoing events.

Building a powerful team of heroes isn’t easy, but with the help of our Spiritwish tips and tricks above, you will become unstoppable in no time! If you have anything to add to our list of tips, feel free to let us know in the comment section!