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Celestial Fate Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Conquer All Dungeons

For a mobile game developer that just started being active in 2017, EYOUGAME has certainly made a lot of accomplishments in the mobile gaming industry with an aggregate amount of more than 6 million downloads across its app portfolio of 11 games and each game sports a largely positive overall review rating from its users. All of EYOUGAME’s releases are RPGs, each with its own unique mix of content and gameplay. Some of their more popular titles include Lunathorn, Luna’s Fate, Dark Domain and Soul Destiny. Given EYOUGAME’s penchant to focus on developing mobile RPGs, you can be certain that each new title they release is better, if not as good, as the rest of their hits.

Celestial Fate is EYOUGAME’s latest game launched for both Android and iOS platforms. The game is jam-packed with everything you would want in an action RPG and also contains more than enough new features even RPG veterans will be thrilled about. Even with auto battle and auto route present to speed things up, the sheer amount of content and features will keep you playing for hours. While you can play and enjoy Celestial Fate playing entirely on your own, the game features a multitude of multiplayer cooperative and competitive game modes. If you are up for an action fantasy RPG you can enjoy by yourself or with friends, then you should definitely check this game out.

Celestial Fate takes you on a fantasy adventure in a mythical land following an immersive storyline based on a sixteenth century novel, “Journey to the West”. As you embark on a long journey full of challenges and rewards, you will grow stronger every step of the way. The adventure will generally be a quest towards acquiring more power through gears and tons of upgrade options. There are also challenges that require a good understanding of the game as well as coordinative synergy on the part of cooperative quests and adventures with guildmates. As linear as character growth may seem, customization is present in the sense of prioritizing one aspect of upgrade over another and while there are only two characters to choose from before the start of the game, the numerous growth and development options can almost guarantee that no two people will have the same exact build.

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Like many of EYOUGAME’s action RPGs, Celestial Fate lets you dive into its vast world as soon as you step in the game. While there are no comprehensive tutorials available at the start of the game, there are guiding indicators every step of the way. With auto battle and auto routing immediately active as you log in, it makes the game flow fast and easy especially during the initial hours.
As upgrades and all sorts of enhancements become available, notifications and one or a couple of taps take you to where you need to be. The game is designed to be easy enough even for total beginners in RPGs but if you just started to play this title and are looking for efficient ways to level up fast and conquer each available dungeon, then check out our Celestial Fate beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. Prioritize Progressing Through The Main Quests

Like EYOUGAME’s other RPGs as well as all other MMORPGs in the mobile gaming market, Celestial Fate holds a simple yet unique storyline that you follow as you proceed to accomplish main quest objectives. For the most part, the main quests that you consistently see on the left side of your screen will be your primary source of experience points to level up as well basic resources you will need to develop your character. Most importantly, your hero’s level will be the key towards unlocking each of the many features and game modes of the game. As such, it is very important to push through with it as much as you can.

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Unlocking new enhancement and upgrade options may quickly take you to the respective menu for that but for the most part, it will not take you away from the quest you are currently completing. The only time you will be prevented from continuing on with pursuing quests is when you have yet to meet the minimum level requirement for that quest. That would be the best time to take on numerous sub quests available but be sure to hop back in to continuing with the main quests as soon as you meet the level requirements.

2. Upgrade Your Gears As Soon As You Can

As we mentioned earlier, Celestial Fate holds a plethora of enhancement and upgrade options and while the sheer number of these features may seem overwhelming to take note of, indicators on the respective icons and tabs within the games make all of them easy to track. Additionally, the method of performing upgrades and enhancements are easy to do, so for the most part what you need to concern yourself with is performing any of these many upgrades as soon as they become available. Take note as well that you can easily see where a needed resource materials can be gathered from on each available enhancement or upgrade menu.

how to upgrade gear in celestial fate

Gears will be the foremost combat power (CP) booster in the game for starters and within just a few minutes of playing, you will find yourself fully equipped with every piece of equipment you need. Collecting gears is not the challenge, though, as the upgrade options available for your gears can impact how much CP increase you can get out of them. For starters, you can enhance each piece of equipment with enhance stones. These enhancements latch on to gears so you can never go wrong when it comes to investing in enhancements.

Each gear that goes through enhancement increases a particular stat and its either attack, defense, or HP. While focusing on a particular stat value, like attack for example, may lead to a more customized build, equally spreading out your enhancement stones across all gears works best. At the upper right corner of the gear enhance window, you will notice an enhance set incentive where upgrading all your equipment to the same level grants additional boosts in CP, HP, attack, and defense. Additionally, as costs of enhancement grows the higher the enhancement level is, equally distributing investments will net you more CP out of every enhancement.

As each piece of equipment grow higher, more and more gem slots become unlocked. You will continue to earn specific gems for each slot and for the most part, embedding gems to open slots should be done immediately as you acquire the needed gems. Gems of a similar level can also be fused to level it up and extra gems can be used as well to refine each piece of equipment. Be sure to take note of every indicator you see on each available tab in the gear menu as you will see it often especially if you clear dungeons where the necessary materials can be gathered from.

3. Focus On All Other Enhancements To Boost CP

Upgrading your gears may bring about massive CP boosts and make your character stronger but that is just the half of it as Celestial Fate holds numerous other enhancement features you need to constantly spend time on. These relate to your hero, companions, skills and other unique enhancement systems. While you may have a bit of prioritization choices when it comes to your gears, every other form of enhancement in Celestial Fate are entirely based on availability of resources and very much work the same however you go about it. What matters is that you consistently farm for the materials you need for each upgrade on a daily basis and take advantage of time-limited events for chances to gain more.

how to boost cp in celestial fate

The first set of upgrades can be accessed through the “Character” icon at the right side of your screen. You can upgrade your mount, wings (called plume), divine arms, and fairy craft. Each one follows a similar method of enhancement and requires unique materials you can gather from specific dungeons as well as special events. In any case, be sure to simply keep an eye out for indicators on the “Character” icon and scroll to see each tab for upgrades you can perform.

Under the “Image” icon, you can perform some upgrades on your fairy companion, pet, and other related stuff. The extra upgrade options may take some time to be unlocked as the minimum level requirements to unlock them are higher than the others.

Another feature that opens up opportunities for your hero to become unique rests with the artifacts you unlock. Trials that grow harder and harder must be cleared first to unlock these artifacts and god souls that can be farmed from the God Soul Dungeon is required to enhance these artifacts. Artifacts can only be activated one at a time so be sure to try and unlock them all as soon as you can to choose the one that suits your playstyle.

4. Participate In Each Warzone And Dungeon Daily

In addition to the main story and sub-quests you can pursue in the game, Celestial Fate is home to a plethora of dungeons for you to revel in. Each one holds specific materials you need to develop your character and progress through the game faster but for the most part, each one has limits as to the number of runs you can do in a day. Dungeons need to be unlocked by reaching a certain level for each one. One of the reasons you would want to level up fast at the early part of the game is to be able to access each dungeon at a sooner time. Be sure to spend some effort into engaging each dungeon on a daily basis as you will never have enough of any resource you can gain from them.

celestial fate dungeons

Dungeons are divided between single player and multiplayer ones that you can access through the “Dungeon” and “Team Dungeon” icons at the top of your screen. You may want to go for the single player ones first, especially the EXP Dungeon so you can be a little stronger for the other ones. While you can be paired with random players on team dungeon runs, having friends and guildmates go with you may yield better results so grab every opportunity to nab some allies as you play as fighting alongside players whom you are more familiar with will always make it easier for everyone.

Relative to additional game modes on top of the main story, there are also several PvP modes available in Celestial Fate that you can access through the Warzone. While a lot of these game modes may require you to be a member of a guild, you can still participate in the arena as well as 3-on-3 battles even if you have not joined a guild yet. Be sure to expend every attempt you have here even if you do not secure wins all the time. The prestige points you earn for participating can be exchanged for a wide variety of valuable items and materials at the shop.

5. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds, factions, clans, or alliances have been a staple content of MMORPGs and similarly-themed multiplayer games. While you can always enjoy playing Celestial Fate all on your own, the rate of your hero’s growth and progress will be stunted if you choose to go at it solo. While the game’s main quest and numerous single player dungeons may be sufficient to drain all your free mobile gaming time on a daily basis, being a member of a guild can provide even more extra dungeons and quests for you to complete. Even if you only have a limited time to dedicate to the game, choosing to be in a guild can make you progress faster within the same amount of playing time as you will grow more rapidly by having more options on where to spend your time on while playing the game.

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Simply being a member of any guild opens up free daily rewards for you to claim. With the host of available dungeons and guild-exclusive activities you can participate in, you can earn various valuable rewards as well as contribution points you can donate back to the guild. Keep in mind that the more active you are and the more activities within the guild you partake in, the more you contribute towards its growth and development. Be sure to clear every available activity within the guild and make an effort to chat with your guildmates as well especially on some team activities.

6. Complete As Many Daily Quests As You Can

Every battle you engage in and every quest you complete immediately rewards you with a variety of items on top of the experience points you need to level up your hero. While the instant rewards you receive from each of the activities you engage in is overwhelmingly abundant already, Celestial Fate holds more in store for you based on how many of these feats you accomplish each day. Be sure to visit the Daily Quest icon at the upper right side of your screen and check each of the activities on the right side you need to take on to earn experience points to level up the buffs you receive.

celestial fate daily quest

On top of the rewards you receive as a result of accomplishing tasks in the daily quest, it can likewise serve as a checklist of what you may have missed on as far as dungeon runs and other quests are concerned. As far experience gain is concerned, you can check from the list of activities contribute more to earning experience points. You may want to prioritize activities that earn you more points here but keep in mind that higher rewards come from more challenging feats.

7. Take Advantage Of Daily Benefits

There are still plenty of in-game rewards you can reap in Celestial Fate and some of them only require you to play the game. Under the “Daily Benefit” icon just under the “Daily Quest” one, you can claim additional experience points and a variety of resources based on how much time you spend playing the game. Well, if you love the game and push to complete each daily quest and dungeon regularly, chances are that you can obtain the maximum amount of extra benefits you can have from this feature.

celestial fate rewards

Relative to this, be sure to also check out other icons above the screen that has an indicator. Some of these actually relate to time-limited events that offer very special rewards based on reaching milestones within a certain period of time. As the progress of your current quest or battle will not be impacted by browsing through any of these features, feel free to check in on it frequently on instances that can be left to auto mode.

As much as there are still plenty of content available in Celestial Fate we would want to dig into, what we have presented should be sufficient to provide a gist of what you need to know and understand as far as levelling up and progressing in Celestial Fate is concerned. Keep in mind that while there may be bits of limitations in as far as progression goes for free players, spending a lot of time on the game that can even go beyond completing every daily quest and dungeon will be sufficient to keep you competitive. If you are aware of other tips or strategies that we have not included in this Celestial Fate beginner’s guide, then feel free to share them with us!