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Luna’s Fate Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and Raise Combat Power Fast

Following the release of Dark Domain and Soul Destiny, mobile game developer EYOUGAME is back with another exciting MMORPG. Luna’s Fate is EYOUGAME’s latest MMORPG and it goes well beyond the definition of massive content. The game features anime-styled artworks and a massive world you can freely explore should you choose to do so. In less than a month after its launch, Luna’s Fate has already been downloaded 100 thousand times from the Google Play Store alone and sits within top ten lists of games in 28 countries. Luna’s Fate is an RPG you can totally enjoy all on your own but playing it with friends and some random players makes it even a lot more engaging. If you are currently looking for a dynamic and near full auto RPG to spend time on, then be sure to give Luna’s Fate a try.

Luna’s Fate takes you to journey through the mythical Land of Origin where the demons defeated in the past war have been resurrected and plagues the land. You will hardly be alone in your journey to rid the land of the monsters that abound as there will be more than plenty of other warriors who will join you on quests in addition to pets and mounts that assist you in battles. On top to the main campaign missions, there is a plethora of dungeons and quests for you to engage in for long hours of fun and adventure. Progress is faster than most RPGs and you will find yourself going well beyond level 100 in just a matter of minutes.

There are no pre-immersion tutorials that come with Luna’s Fate and it will let you dive right into the main story as soon as you log in on the game. For one, everything is practically on auto mode as you will be running and battling through one quest after another. Despite the massive features and game modes it holds, everything can be done with practically a click of a button and not tapping on the succeeding action button even automates it after a few seconds.

Compared with most other RPGs on mobile, progress in Luna’s Fate is tremendously fast. Faster even if you click on the right button immediately and multitask a bit to save a little more time. Considering everything, Luna’s Fate is very easy to pick up and play, even for total beginners. If you want to raise your levels and power faster than everyone else, though, be sure to read our Luna’s Fate beginner’s guide, as we share with you a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies to boost your progress.

1. Choose The Class That Best Suits Your Play Style

luna's fate class

Before you dive into the world of Luna’s Fate, you will choose one from three available classes to play as. These classes are as basic as it comes for many RPGs and each one holds unique traits and skills. The Fighter holds the highest defensive power and is the only melee class in the game. The mage excels in AoE damage and crowd control but has the lowest defense. Archers do exceptional single target damage and has agility that puts its general defensive traits between the other two classes.

Be sure to read through what each class can do although at this point, the skills being showcased makes all of them look equal. In a sense, though, each class is able to handle battles on their own and has a good mix of defensive and offensive capabilities. Later on, there will be plenty of options to customize your hero’s attributes so feel free to simply choose what you would want to play as for the entirety of your adventure.

2. Progress Through The Main Quests

luna's fate main quests

As you will be jumping into the main quest line as you enter the game, be sure to prioritize finishing main quests to progress faster. The main quests, which stands on the top of the list of quests on the left side of your screen, will be your primary source of experience points as well as every basic item and resource you need to increase your hero’s power. Quests are relatively easy especially on the early part of the game and the only hindrance to continuing with it are the occasional minimum level requirements that will push you to spend time on various other side quests and game modes.

As a lot of the gameplay goes in full auto, be sure to tap on the equipment and other icons that pop up on your screen to boost your power simultaneously as you complete each quest. In some occasions, you will be taken to windows or screens of features and game modes you have just unlocked. In such cases, feel free to follow the quick tutorials but hop back into progressing the main quests as soon as you can.

3. Upgrade Your Gears As Soon As You Can

A huge portion of your hero’s power lies on the equipment you have. Truthfully enough, there are plenty of gears to obtain in Luna’s Fate and the system is generous in giving you plenty of superb ones following the completion of quests and event objectives. As we mentioned earlier, you can quickly equip a new or better equipment immediately if you tap on them as they pop up on your screen.

luna's fate gear

In case you missed to do so, you can tap on the bag icon at the right side of your screen to view your inventory and manually equip gears. You will notice a green arrow on the lower right side of the equipment icon if a piece of gear has better stats than the one you are currently equipped with and clicking on it and the equip button will replace the one you are wearing with a better one.

Beyond equipping the best gears you have, each piece of gear can be levelled up at the expense of gold. Be sure to visit the forge by tapping on it at the right side of your screen and simply auto upgrade. For starters, you will have tons of gold to cover auto upgrades for all your equipment. Later on, considering the increasing costs of upgrades, you will have to farm for more gold to sustain upgrades. Do not hesitate to push through with each upgrade as much as you can. There won’t be any waste of gold in this game as upgrades latch on to the equipment slot and not the equipment itself. This means that even if you switch gears time and again, it will continue to hold the upgrade level you have invested on.

4. Expend All Attempts On Daily Dungeons

If you have played several MMORPGs before, then you might come to discover that Luna’s Fate probably has every possible game mode you will find in most RPGs plus a few new ones you will most likely experience for the first time. Each dungeon or additional game mode you will unlock as you progress through the campaigns and reach new levels hold unique rewards that focuses on a specific item or resource you will need to constantly empower your hero.

luna's fate daily dungeons

Just to breeze through some of the more basic game modes, the EXP Vault will be one of the most basic dungeons you will want to dive into. As minimum level requirements will bar you from progressing through the main quests and as side quests may, at times, not sufficiently provide you the necessary experience points to reach the required level, you would naturally want to earn tons of experience points from 2 free runs you get in this dungeon. Likewise, if you secure tickets that provide extra attempts to run through the EXP Vault, use it immediately as you would want to have a jumpstart on everything and unlock all other game modes as soon as possible.

Another basic game mode you should prioritize following main quest progression are Bounty Quests that reward you with plenty of gold. As we mentioned earlier, you will constantly be needing huge amounts of gold to keep your gears upgraded. In truth, even successfully completing all 20 mini quests here won’t suffice to max out your gear upgrades but it helps a lot.

If you do have plenty of time you can spend on Luna’s Fate, try your best to complete as many of the daily runs you can go through for all sorts of materials and resources you need. Keep in mind that with auto mode to help you out, a lot of these daily feats can be accomplished without dedicating your full attention. Also, remember to claim rewards at the bottom part of the the Daily to-do page as you will always be needing these resources. The rewards are based on the time you spent on the game and you can claim all rewards by spending 150 minutes online.

5. The Strengthen Icon Is Your Guide To Power

luna's fate tips

With the host of enhancement and upgrade options that Luna’s Fate has in store for you that goes well beyond simply levelling up and enhancing your gears, it is fairly easy to lose track of all these features and be able to constantly follow on what to do next to further boost your hero’s combat power. Thankfully, there is a single icon on the right side of your screen labelled “Strengthen” that sort of sums up all possible venues for you to proceed to relative to enhancements or quests you can do. BE sure to make it a habit early on to look into the items contained here as each one offers either attempts, in the case of dungeons, or upgradeable stuff that you can spend a few seconds or minutes on to boost your power.

To make it simpler, the activities or items you will see listed as you tap on the “Strengthen” icon can be divided into 2 categories: quests and features. As you may view the list while in the course of completing quest objectives, keep in mind that choosing a game mode here will transport you to where you can participate in it. On the other hand, features such as mount advance or enhance gear will simply open up windows where you can do some upgrades to increase your combat power while continuing on with your quest. As such, feel free to do some upgrades while finishing quests to save a bit of time and jump off to the next available dungeon quest once you can no longer proceed with the quests on hand.

6. Add Friends And Join A Guild

luna's fate guild

As guilds and friend systems are an integral part of any MMORPG, it is important to engage in it as much as you can as both features offer additional perks and incurs no additional cost for you whatsoever. While you can enjoy Luna’s Fate a lot playing on your own, pursuing quests, especially later on, becomes much easier when in a party. Likewise there are co-op dungeons to explore and can only be accessed when you are in a group. While you can invite or join both friends and guildmates on both these scenarios, having a guild opens up additional perks for you to help boost your progress in the game.

Once you join a guild, there are stat boosts you can acquire at the guild tech following some contributions you earn with guild-related activities. You can engage in a series of guild quests that become unlocked as soon as you join a guild and each quest you accomplish grants guild contributions. Feel free to donate some gears that will no longer be useful for you as you may also secure better gear from your guildmates through equipment they have donated to the guild. Likewise, don’t shy away from communication with your guild as you may tap on them to join you in some dungeons that can earn you more by going into it with a team.

7. Claim Additional Rewards From Achievements And Benefits

luna's fate rewards

On top of the numerous instant rewards you get from completing quests and engaging in the various game modes that Luna’s Fate offers, there are plenty more for you to obtain by meeting certain objectives under achievements and benefits. Achievements offer one-time rewards relating to milestones you reach as you progress through your adventure and while similar aspects lie within the benefits section, it can also offer valuable items on a regular basis. Be sure to always the check the Benefits Hall through the gift box icon at the upper side of your screen. Achievements can be accessed through the trophy icon at the right side of your screen and should also serve as a guide for you to know other milestones to strive for as a determinant of progress.

8. Check Your Inventory For Consumable Items

luna's fate inventory

While indicators may regularly appear on icons that require your attention, your inventory may not always show this for consumable items that you can always save for later. On top of better gears you may not have noticed that you acquired, browsing through your inventory for equipment should be a regular activity. Beyond that, though, there may also be chests, tickets, or other sort of boosters that you should best use sooner than later, especially if you want to really raise your hero’s level and combat power faster. As such, feel free to browse through what you have collected after some time and look into your inventory while on auto combat. Relative to this, remember to dispose of obsolete equipment as well as you have limited slots for items in your inventory so constantly freeing up slots should form part of your routine activities.

And that sums up our Luna’s Fate beginner’s guide. We hope that you learned much from it and likewise enjoyed reading it. Luna’s Fate is truly a game where progress is tremendously quick and yet the amount of time you have to dedicate to it on a daily basis may be a little more than what you can spare given the sheer mass of its content offerings. Just the same, learn to prioritize the daily dungeons based on your current needs and remember that you can play many parts of the game while doing something else thanks to auto mode. If you know additional tips or tricks that you feel should form part of our beginner’s guide, then don’t hesitate and share them with us via the comment section!


Thursday 19th of December 2019

Once you play the game it seems to be pretty self explanatory. My question is how is it possible for a player in your guild to jump up 11-13 Million in less then 24 hours (this is not fluff cp as we have watched stats as well), this is not from a top up (as they are in our guild). Is it even possible? The only thing I seen that was odd is the player was removing and adding DRG items yet that should have the cp remain the same.