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Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Every Battle has already launched a lot of successful titles on mobile platforms since its inception in 2012. The company is well-known not just for games but for utility apps as well. The most notable games within its portfolio of 22 apps are Hustle Castle, Left to Survive, and Jungle Heat. All these games have been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Google Play Store alone and like’s other apps, continues to maintain largely positive reviews from its users. We recently covered Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia, which is another highly ranked title from the developer.

Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad is the latest mobile title from and is a 2D side-scrolling run and gun action game that basically plays like retro titles Contra and Metal Slug. Beyond the arcade action gameplay, though, Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad is packed with a host of unique characters that you can collect, enhance, and equip to be able to overcome the increasing challenges ahead. Beyond the main campaign which serves as the basic game mode comparable with other games within the genre, Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad contains additional game modes, which includes co-op play and PvP, that multiplies the fun and excitement in holds. If you are up to test your shooting and evasion skills in an over-the-top action game that you can enjoy playing alone or with friends, then you should definitely give Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad a shot and see what the game is all about.

bombastic brothers top squad cheats

Following the advent of an alien invasion, Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad sets you on a long and dangerous mission to eradicate the invading alien bugs to save the world and your dog, Princess. As you dive deeper into alien-infested territories, you will encounter various scenarios that offer a wide range of unique challenges as well as encounter opportunities to recruit other specialized heroes to join you in your battle against the alien bugs.

Each hero you acquire can be further enhanced through levelling up and equipping gears. There is no in-game stamina to delimit the amount of time you can spend on the game and perhaps the only limitations before you lies with the power gap between your heroes and the upcoming stage. Just the same, you are always free to test your prowess even against more powerful odds and each mission you accomplish takes you a step further to mastering the game.

Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad holds a very extensive tutorial that spans across several stages in the first area. The layout and intuitive controls are easy to learn and objectives, in general, are as simple as they come. In truth, even total beginners to side-scrolling shooters will not have a hard time picking up and enjoying the game. If you are bent on levelling up fast and dominating each battle you engage in, then check out our Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad beginner’s guide as it features a number of tips, cheats and strategies to help jumpstart your game.

1. Prioritize Progressing Through The Campaign

As it is the main game mode in Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad, pushing to make progress in the campaign mode not only provides you with the basic rewards you will need to empower your heroes, but the experience points you acquire that leads to levelling up your account is essential to unlocking other game modes and features in the game. As the in-game tutorial itself sets you off on a series of battles across the initial stages of the campaign, there will be plenty of opportunities to visit features and game modes you have unlocked relative to progressing the tutorial. Once you are free to explore wherever you choose to go, prioritize campaign battles to be better equipped for everything else.

bombastic brothers top squad tips

The entire story campaign is divided into 12 acts, each with six stages. Completing each stage is required to move to the next one and your overall performance is rated with stars that determine your rewards at the end of it. Once the 3-star rating is obtained, you can replay each stage for a few coins. At some points in your progress, you will have to complete earlier stages on hard mode to progress on normal mode. These stages, however, offer hero shards you need to collect to rank up your heroes’ star levels and give them a big boost in power and overall stats.

As there are no in-game stamina or any consumables that go to waste as you progress through the chapters, only the time and patience you can dedicate to the game will basically serve as an impediment to the rate of your progress. Take note that while each stage has a recommended minimum power level to take on, you can always jump right in and attempt to conquer a bigger challenge.

2. Learn To Use Each Hero And Weapon You Obtain

Playing through the campaign stages will be your initial source of hero shards to recruit additional companions. On top of each one falling into one of four classes, each hero in the game sports a unique set of stats and special skills. Although you should basically prioritize one hero over the others as far as managing consumables and equipment goes, you will need to look into each hero and run them for field tests as there will be missions that require specific classes of heroes to partake in. Likewise, it is best to play with each hero to find one that best suits your taste and play style before you decide to invest heavily on any one of them.

bombastic brothers top squad heroes and weapons

Your primary character, Jeff, is an assault hero and is the most basic and balanced as far as offensive and defensive capabilities are concerned. Ginger will most likely be the first sniper class hero you will acquire and this class works best for long range battles. While snipers boast strong offensive long distance firepower, they are the weakest in terms of defense and will have a hard time to hold their own in close combat. The heavy class is your typical tank that sports the highest defensive power and also has support skills for teammates. Last, but not the least, assassins like J3-V3 have the highest attack value and specializes in close and mid-range combat. They have the lowest HP though so avoiding hits is more crucial for them than other classes.

Gears you acquire are somewhat limited in terms of the class of characters that can equip them. More importantly, there are various weapons in the game that offer unique traits in terms rate of fire, number of bullets, and sometimes, even the actual range and trajectory of fire is unique. While you can easily equip the best gears on each hero with the auto-equip button on the hero screen, you may want to manually tap on the weapon and swap in other weapons for a test run every once in a while. It may happen that a lower quality and less powerful gun you have for a hero will prove to be better suited for your play style as well as the mission on hand.

3. Keep One Hero Fully Upgraded

While it is only practical to keep each hero as strong as they can be, there is the matter of limited resources you have to constantly address before choosing to enhance each hero to your heart’s content. While the fact remains that some game modes may delimit the class of heroes you can use to participate, the main campaign, as well as other game modes have no such limitations to which hero you would want to use. As such, be sure to prioritize the hero you love the most above everyone else and ensure that there will always be enough resources to upgrade him whenever it is possible.

bombastic brothers top squad hero upgrades

Unlike in other games where characters gain experience points from actual combat, you can only put experience points on heroes in Bombastic Heroes is through consuming dog tags that you earn from a variety of battles and missions. As new heroes you acquire start off with a 1-star rank, you need to collect additional hero shards to rank up their grades. You can secure these shards from the campaign stages for a limited amount and you can get them randomly from chests as well. You may have a plethora of dog tags and gold at the early part of your game but keep in mind that the resource requirements grow as you progress so you should always maintain a balance for future use on your top hero.

4. Play Through All Other Game Modes Daily

Once you reach account level 3, daily missions become available for you to engage in. These missions offer a variety of rewards like military cases, gold and dog tags you will always be needing. Unlike campaign battles, mission require you to use a specific class of hero and for that reason alone, you will have to dedicate some resources in ensuring that you have at least one potent hero under each class.

bombastic brothers top squad daily rewards

The Operation Center becomes available for you after you reach account level 7 and as soon as you can, you should deploy the necessary heroes for this game mode to earn various rare items like gears and hero shards. It takes a while to complete these assignments so always make sure that they are in progress before you go about with your other businesses in the game. Don’t worry about the heroes you deploy here as you will continue to be able to use them on other game modes. For the most part, assignments also require certain classes of heroes. Levels and power are not important here though so feel free to deploy anyone to assignments they can partake in.

Much like towers you need to climb in most mobile RPGs, Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad has a similar game mode in place which you can engage in as soon as you reach level 8. You can see the bunker on an island just below Act 1 on the world map and each day, you will have two attempts to reach higher stages on it and choose your top heroes for each attempt. Be sure to always push yourself on reaching as far as you can here as daily rewards in the form of dog tags are up for grabs based on the last stage you have beaten. Additionally, every fifth stage in the bunker that holds a boss also earns you shards for Jack, who is an epic rarity assault hero you will not likely secure anywhere else. Stages in the bunker are relatively small and confines you with very little room to maneuver in. As such, be sure to ready yourself for a lot of running and double jumping to avoid enemies and their gunfire.

At account level 10 comes the fun PvP part as you unlock the arena and can finally test your mettle against other players in real-time combat. As hard as it seems, players are match based on the league they are on which means that if you are a beginner and have yet to rank up to any league, you will be matched against similarly experienced players. Be sure to expend all 3 attempts at the arena and earn points you can use to exchange for valuable weapons and shards at the shop.

5. Constantly Make Upgrades To Your Ship

bombastic brothers top squad ship upgrades

As you make progress through the campaign, more and more features on your ship becomes available. BE sure to invest gold on any upgrade as soon as you can especially the training room. Even with more than enough supply of dog tags, there is still a limit on the level of your heroes and to increase the level cap, they must undergo training. For higher level training, you must upgrade the training room and it may take a while to accomplish. The workshop is another room within the ship you will need to upgrade so you will be able to craft higher rarity gears for your heroes.

6. Always Be On The Move

When it comes to gameplay, Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad very much requires you to shoot and hit all enemies on site. Beyond the aim assists, though, you also need to be very agile in terms of avoiding hits. In essence, the difficulty build up in the game is great and you will learn to improve avoiding hits better as the challenges across different levels slowly grow.

bombastic brothers top squad tricks

On top of moving left and right using the virtual d-pad, you can also go to settings and enable the “up” arrow to trigger a jump on top of the jump button on the right side of the screen. Be sure to practice the double jumps as well and consider the different effects of using the second jump to incorporate into your evasion strategy. Staying stationary is definitely not the way to go as enemy fire will always lock on your most recent position. As such, you should always be moving, even if not consistently towards the goal.

Use platforms to your advantage as these can serve as quick escape routes for when simply jumping won’t keep you in the clear for long. In as much as you would have to keep moving and relative to the time aspect of every stage, don’t be pressured so much to finishing a stage quickly as it may cause you more harm than help. A fair warning as well: Double jumps become a necessity later on as gaps between platforms in latter levels become impossible to clear without timing your double jumps right and it’s a little more painful to fail in completing stages as a result of falling through those gaps than being shot dead by enemies.

7. Time Your Shots And Manage Ammo

Although ammo replenishes over time, you should always seek to avoid running out of it especially in crucial situations. If you will notice, auto aim will take a while to trigger as the crosshairs that appear on your target takes time to pop up. Distance also plays a role for auto aim to work the way you want it to, making it necessary in some situations to move a little closer to your preferred target. Shooting before the aim assist appears will make you needlessly lose valuable ammo so learn to avoid it early on and make it a habit to shoot only when the aim assist appears on an enemy.

bombastic brothers top squad strategies

Beyond waiting to see the crosshairs, waiting for enemies to be at the right place before shooting or using special skills is essential. Extending a bit of patience in waiting can make a difference between killing one or six enemies with one shot. Most especially in hard campaign stages and higher levels within the bunker, you will always have to bank on this strategy to ensure that you have a steady supply of ammo and a good balance between recharging your special skills.

8. Watch Some Ads For Extra Boosts

Although video ads have long become an integral part of most free-to-play games, it is still understandable that some players are not fond of its existence at all. In the case of ads that pop up at random while you are playing or ads that just seems to show up every after clearing a stage or so, the frustration can be much relatable. In the case of Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad, though, you won’t be seeing any ads by surprise as 15 to 30-second video ads will only be played after you activate it. For the most part, you would want to watch more of these ads and will most likely be wanting more beyond the limit set in the game on a daily basis.

bombastic brothers top squad chest

For starters, the sponsor chest at the bottom left side of the screen offers instant rewards for you each time you play a short video ad. Watching 5 video ads unlocks a premium chest that can net you rare weapons and gears. As construction and upgrades on rooms can take hours, you can also watch an ad to trim down the construction time by 30 minutes. Rewards from campaign stages as well as other game modes you engage in can sometimes also trigger an option to earn more rewards from it if you choose to play a video ad. This is mostly helpful in battles that earn you hero shards as watching an ad can earn you an extra one on top of the other rewards.

9. Participate In Events

Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad also holds time-limited events that offer great rewards if you complete the objectives within the time period. Some of the objectives form part of the activities you will typically engage in as you play the game. The Bro Mode, which is a special co-op stage you can complete with another random player is really a lot of fun to engage in and holds great rewards as well. BE sure to always check the events icon at the lower right side of the screen. A lot of the rewards you can earn in these time-limited events will greatly boost your progress in the game.

And that is all we have for you as far as this Bombastic Brothers: Top Squad is concerned. We certainly hope that you picked up a lot of new tips and tricks that you can add to your arsenal as you shoot your way through the many challenging battles that lie in store for you as you progress through the game. Again, we would like to stress the point that there are no in-game stamina to put a cap on how much time you can spend to polish your skills in the game, so even failing to accomplish missions that require more power than what you have should not keep you from trying as much as you can. As we all look forward to more content from the developers through future updates, feel free to share with us other tips or strategies you may have discovered while playing the game!