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Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Dominate Each Battle B.V. has been around since 2012 and if you are a gamer that hops around across various gaming platforms, then you may have stumbled upon some of their games on PC, PS4, XBOX, as well as mobile platforms. MAPS.ME may be the company’s most popular app on the market but B.V. also released several popular mobile games such as Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom, Left to Survive and Planet of Heroes  just to name a few. With MAPS.ME being among the most popular apps in the Google Play Store, and most of their games forming part of top 100 lists in more than 10 countries, each new app released by B.V. is almost an expected success on mobile platforms.

Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia is the supposed sequel to B.V.’s hit arcade clicker game Evolution: Heroes of Utopia but has shifted its genre into a third person action strategy shooter. The story still follows your adventure in the former planet resort of Utopia that has degraded into a war-torn world following the growing presence of marauders, monsters, and mechanical creatures of all sorts.

While fans of the first game will surely love and enjoy seeing their favorite heroes and villains in the sequel, Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia has tons to offer for players new to the Utopia universe. There are plenty of activities to engage in even outside of PvE and PvP battles and the customizations and prioritizations to consider will almost guarantee a unique set-up for every player in the game. If you are currently looking for a unique and addictive action shooter that you can spend a few time on alone or with some friends, then be sure to give Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia a try.

Step into the shoes of Captain Blake as Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia puts you right into the action as you step into the game. There are plenty of missions to spend time on as well as researches and productions to look into to make your hero stronger. A variety of partners, on top of various guns and armor, help you on your missions and troops are needed as well to defend yourself from potential attacks. There are various resources you need to earn and save, leaving plenty of decision points open for you to decide on as you unlock numerous potential researches and upgrades. The battles you can engage in are somewhat limited by in-game stamina but as it quickly replenishes over time you can make a lot of progress depending on how much time you spend on the game, along with strategy and resource management.

Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia provides a quick and easy-to-follow tutorial on the first battle stages as well as any first step into its other features and mechanics. Even for a total beginner and inexperienced player, the game can easily be learned in no time. Shooting and aiming is practically automatic for most parts and the left virtual d-pad for movement coupled with the right tap and hold to switch targets makes for the easiest control schematics conceivable.

Outside of the battlefield, highlighted clickable menus as well as the existence of indicators serve as a good guide to let you know if attention is needed in a particular aspect of the game. Overall, progress can be made in the game regardless of how you play it but if you want to dominate each battle and be a top PvP contender, then read on as we share with you some helpful tips and strategies to get you started right on Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia.

1. Prioritize The Main Objectives

Like the introductory battles you will be immersed in, main missions are denoted by an exclamation point on the map that you access through the center. Each one location for the main mission is comprised of a series of stages and while each one consumes endurance but rewards you with experience points as well as some items, the last stage, which is the boss battle, offers the top rewards.

evolution 2 battle for utopia cheats

Objectives you need to accomplish to progress in the game do not revolve entirely on engaging in a series of battles. Some simply require you to initiate some actions on the other features of Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia. To be sure that you are on the right track, be sure to constantly check the current objective by clicking on the exclamation point on the upper left side of your screen. Keep in mind that while you are very much free to do as you bid after the tutorial, adhering to the completion of objectives and unlocking more features will be the much better option.

While you do gain experience points, valuable resources, and scientific progress from each battle you engage in, main missions provide more points for scientific progress. This is one of the main determinants of progress in the game as each new level you reach relating to scientific progress unlock new weapons, armor, and such other features for research and production.

2. Manage Endurance And Battle Stamina

While it may seem confusing at first for total beginners, there are two game mechanics in Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia that are based on management of energy, on top of other valuable and limited resources in the game. The more challenging one to handle and takes more time to replenish is the endurance which gets consumed with every battle you engage in. The other is the stamina your hero has which depletes as you move around within each battle.

evolution 2 battle for utopia endurance and battle stamina

For starters, you may not have an idea where to check on how much endurance your hero still has and with each battle requiring 15 endurance to partake in, this will easily be consumed in just a few minutes. Relative to the above tip, you should try to spend these primarily on accomplishing battles following your main objectives. If for some reason you cannot progress with the main objectives, be sure to push through with main missions as much as you can. Your endurance regenerates by 1 every 4 minutes so to ensure that you are utilizing it as efficiently as possible, always estimate how much time it would take for all of it to completely replenish and try as much as you can to get back in on the game to expend it. You can view how much endurance you have by clicking on your character at your base’s center.

On the battlefield, every movement you do using the virtual d-pad as you move from left to right of the field and vice versa consumes your stamina. It regenerates quickly but just the same, be sure to keep an eye on it especially in battles that require you to shift positions from time to time. Completely depleting it will make your hero move a lot slower which makes you more vulnerable to enemy fire and explosions.

3. Get To Know Each Enemy You Encounter

You will encounter a wide variety of enemies in Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia and while this makes the game more aesthetically appealing, having some of these enemies have unique traits, abilities, and behavior makes each battle an even more exciting one which calls for more thought out strategies.

evolution 2 battle for utopia tips

Some enemy abilities, like self-detonation can be a perilous challenge to deal with, especially in large numbers. With some strategy, timing, and quick execution, you can use these abilities to your advantage. Some enemies only have weak spots that become visible while they are performing specific actions and while these may be easy to observe and figure out all on its own, the challenge of doing so in the presence of other enemies can become a great challenge. Be sure to always take note of what each enemy unit can do even from the initial missions as having a good idea of each one can do will be beneficial for you in the long run.

4. Conquer Enough Mines And Keep Your Drones Busy

There are various mission types scattered across the map and you should satiate your curiosity to try each one out provided that you have sufficient endurance to do so. Next to progressing with battles in pursuit of fulfilling main objectives, though, be sure that you also tend to making the most out of the mining drones that you have.

evolution 2 battle for utopia mine

You will have 2 drones at the start of the game and more can be unlocked using diamonds. Both drones can also be sent on the same location consecutively, but doing so will deplete the steel that drones can gather from the site. As such, make an effort to conquer and mine from at least 2 sites as soon as you can given that your need for steel relative to production will never have its end. Feel free to save unlocking other mining areas for later, once you have unlocked additional drones to deploy to a third or succeeding location.

5. Prioritize Usage Of Resources On Helicopter Upgrades

As you venture into the world of Utopia and unlock more features following your game’s progress, there will be numerous upgrade and enhancements available constantly contending for attention and you will find yourself in a bit of a rut as you try to decide on which aspect of the game you ought to prioritize in terms of resource consumption. As your helicopter is the key to reaching farther across the map to be able to engage in mo9re battles as well as progress the main objectives, you should consider primarily allocating the resources needed in upgrading it and extending its reach.

evolution 2 battle for utopia helicopter upgrades

Upgrading your helicopter doesn’t require any special resource but then it consumes the typical ones you need for mostly everything else. At some point in time after a few upgrades, you will have to evolve your helicopter to continue upgrading it again. As this primarily requires a certain level of scientific progress, which would unlock the necessary research item you need more resources to initiate, consider these circumstances as your cue for allocating a bit of your resources on other things.

Typically, you would want to boost your defenses by upgrading your armor or perhaps spend a bit of resources on your guns to make subsequent battles a little easier. If you can still accomplish missions with the current level of gears you have, then feels free to save those precious resources on the next helicopter upgrade.

6. Keep Research And Production As Active As Possible

One of the in-game features you would want to keep active in-between game plays and battles are research and production. Research can be made by visiting the lab while production can be initiated by visiting the workshop.

evolution 2 battle for utopia research

The number of items you can research is dependent on scientific progress and requires biofuel and magmatite to initiate. Be sure to browse through each available item on the list before initiating with a particular research as while each one is important to progress your game, some are more crucial than others. Additionally, try your best to invest some resources on bringing the cost of research down as advancing this ahead of everything else will be mostly beneficial for you. Be sure to also take note of discounts as a 20% reduction in resource costs go a long way considering the difficulty in grinding these materials. After initiating a research, be sure to take note of the completion time so you can immediately proceed with the next one. Keep in mind as well that as an additional perk, you get permanent boosts out of each research that you have completed.

Production works hand in hand with research as you cannot manufacture anything that you have not previously researched. While research need to be done once only, until further research for item improvement is necessary, production can be repeated provided you have the usual biofuel and magmatite needed to start manufacturing. Like research as well, production takes time to complete depending on the kind of item you are trying to produce.

7. Conquer Other Players’ Bases And Fortify Your Own

Battling other players in Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia comes in a unique and exciting way as the offensive part resembles the usual battles you engage in while the defense part plays more like a mini game of sorts where you get to assign, upgrade and deploy various troops. Initially, you will find most battles easy especially if you have progressed a little faster than most people. As your earn more points and move up into a higher league, you will typically be pitted with more challenging opponents.

evolution 2 battle for utopia guide

On the offensive part. You can see player bases you can attack as yellow shields on the map with an aura. This means that they are within the reach of your helicopter and you can try and conquer their bases to earn some rewards at the cost of 15 points of endurance. Primarily, you won’t be able to see how many troops are guarding the base but surely enough, you can easily conquer some especially on the starting tiers.

As you earn more points and the battles become a little more challenging for you, you can inspect each base to see the type and number of troops guarding the base at the cost of medals. As medals are a little challenging to earn and has other uses as well, take extra caution in spending it here. You can also choose to launch an airstrike against an enemy base following a certain probability. As this will also cost you 5 points of endurance, use it only if you are certain that you will be needing it and if you have tons of endurance points to spare.

When it comes to defending your own base from potential attackers, be sure to click on the platform below the globe at your base’s center. There are initially limited slots to allot and assign the troops you earned but you can unlock more following progress in scientific research as well as spending biofuel. If you have biofuel to spare, you should also level up your defensive turret as well as this will be you only defense from potential air strikes. Be sure to click on each unit as well and see the available ones that you have. Feel free to upgrade the ones you actually use for defense as this will only cost extra copies of these troops as well as small amounts of biofuel. You can obtain a lot of these units primarily from successfully attacking another player’s base.

8. Eliminate Terrors With Extra Endurance

After clearing certain areas of the map, random terrors will appear on it from time to time. These terrors offer biofuel as rewards and consumes the usual 15 points of endurance much like any other battle. If there are still main missions you can take on, other players, bases you can attack, or perhaps mining spots you can conquer, then perhaps you should consider expending your endurance on those instead. If there’s pretty much nothing else to spend your extra endurance on, then feel free to eliminate some terror-inhabited hexagons on the grid.

evolution 2 battle for utopia tricks

These battles require having a partner and you will be paired with a random player who is currently offline and responds to the help request as you start the mission. Likewise, if you see the same invite appear at the top right corner of your screen, then be sure to tap on it as quickly as you can as helping out earns you rewards without costing you endurance points.

The higher the difficulty level, the more biofuel you can obtain from each terror mission. With enough leadership points, you can choose to go for an execution and instantly complete the stage. Just for a brief reminder, your leadership pints can only be increased with every level your assistants gain so if you have more assistants, you need to level each of them up to obtain as many leadership points as you can.

A high enough PvP rating can also boost the amount of biofuel you can get from each terror battle. For starters, having at least 400 PvP rating can earn you an additional 20% of biofuel from completing each terror stage.

9. Open Special Boxes As Often As You Can

There are plenty of additional rewards you can earn by simply being able to play Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia at the right time in connection with opening up special supply crates. These come in the form of black legion boxes and advert boxes that you can claim once every 4 hours.

evolution 2 battle for utopia special box

Black legion boxes offer a lot of defensive unit blueprints for your base and some consumable weapons you can use in combat while advert boxes contain varying amounts of diamonds. You can see the possible drops and probabilities of each box by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the upper right side of each one’s icon. For advert boxes, you will have to watch a short video ad before you can claim your free diamonds.

10. Check Out Special Discounts You May Be Able To Afford

There will typically be some discounted items advertised at the right side of your screen and while some of these offers have as much as 40% off on its regular cost, the thought that all these items can only be purchased with real money may be somewhat discouraging. Keep in mind, though, that some items on sale here can be purchased with biofuel although in most cases, the cost may be a little more than what you currently have.

evolution 2 battle for utopia discounts

Be sure to always check for something new being offered and if the cost is biofuel which you can work a little bit more on earning to have enough to make a purchase, consider the item for sale. It is understood that biofuel is one of the most essential resources you constantly need for a lot of upgrades, but these discounts will tremendously boost your power in some cases and the same opportunity may not present itself again soon or ever.

That’s all we have for our Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia beginner’s guide. As the game seems to be undergoing a lot of updates, perhaps more features will be available in the future. We hope that you were able to learn some good stuff from the tips and strategies we shared and that you enjoyed reading our guide as well. If there are other tips you discovered relative to the ones we shared in this guide, don’t hesitate to share the same with us and our readers through the comment section below!


Wednesday 3rd of March 2021

You have to kill The Chosen One (big green guy with pink mouth) by first lowering his health significantly, then, blast him with psi ability. The higher your psi strength, the sooner you'll be able to blast him and permanently kill him. Stack up psi charges in your que as you play from start to his encounter, then start chopping him down. When he's low enough on health, your available psi orb will glow or light up, indicating "its time, blast him fast to kill him permanently with psi before you temporarily put him down with anything else (although you WILL get one lone psi charge From putting him down if you neglected to collect them from previous enemies). Also, if you're not seeing enough previous enemies with psi charges attached to kill and collect for the battle with him at the end, star-up your luck in Blake's skills menu!)

Erdem Fatih

Sunday 5th of January 2020

how to get promo code on level 20?


Wednesday 20th of November 2019

How to I defeat the boss that keeps reviving.. Its been 3 days an I lose a lot of medkits wit my efforts. Please help


Friday 25th of October 2019

Jak przywrócić konto na innym telefonie?

Ex Player

Thursday 19th of September 2019

Don't bother with this game. It's pure Pay2Play. almost everything is micro-transaction or add oriented. Also devs are constantly nerfing it which devaluate every time and money investment in this game.