mobile legends adventure farming guide

Mobile Legends: Adventure Farming Tips & Tricks: A Complete Guide to Farming

After the smashing success of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Moonton is back with a new game for iOS and Android devices that’s also based on the Mobile Legends universe. The new title Mobile Legends: Adventure is a unique idle RPG with a giant world map and exclusive hero stories, as well as relaxing gameplay. It may not be as much of an idle game as the clickers we’ve previously featured, but it is quite the relaxing title indeed, with less of the social features found in the original Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, but a much easier learning curve and most of the same heroes you probably got to know in Mobile Legends.

In order to improve those heroes and improve your squad level, you’ll need to do a lot of farming, and that’s exactly what we shall be focusing on in this Mobile Legends: Adventure farming guide. And when we talk about farming, we’re not just talking about experience and common currency – we’re also talking about premium currency, special currency, and other resources you need to get further in the game! We’re going to discuss different features that you’ll need to access in order to properly and easily farm for resources, so keep on reading if you need some assistance in this important aspect of Mobile Legends: Adventure.

Mobile Legends: Adventure Farming – An Overview

For those unfamiliar with gaming jargon, farming is the process of performing repetitive actions in order to earn more experience points, currency, items, and other resources without having to exert much effort. It can also be referred to as grinding, especially if you have to replay stages on a regular basis to gather these resources. But even if you do not have the option to replay previously completed Campaign stages in Mobile Legends: Adventure (except – sort of – the last stage you completed, as we’ll explain below), there are multiple ways to farm for resources in this game, and we shall explain them below.

mobile legends adventure farming tips

What resources can be farmed, so to say, in this game? Well, the obvious answer here would be Squad EXP (for your entire team of Heroes) and Hero EXP (for leveling up your individual Heroes), as well as Battle Points, which are the coin-like things that serve as your common form of currency. However, you’ve also got Equipment Coins, which you will use for upgrading your equipment, Advance Essence, which is needed to rank up Heroes and allow them to level up beyond the current cap, Hero Fragments, which you need to complete enough of in order to unlock a specific Hero or one of a specific star rating, and various other items.

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We’re not going to take up much more of your time before getting to the actual farming options you have, so let’s move on to it and talk about what is possibly the most obvious and frequently used method when it comes to that aspect of the game.

Claim Your Idle Rewards, And Be Patient

As we’ve said a number of times in our Mobile Legends: Adventure strategy guides, this game isn’t your usual “idle” title where you click a little and let the game do most of the dirty work for you. There are multiple game modes you can play and features you can access, but the one you’ll likely be playing the most is Campaign. And as you should have noticed by now, your Heroes will keep fighting – and technically, grinding it out and replaying the last stage you completed – once you stop at a certain stage. That’s what allows you to earn idle rewards, which will mainly consist of Squad EXP, Hero EXP, and Battle Points. And as you move from stage to stage, the amount of each resource you earn per minute will also increase in increments – pay attention to the figures on top of the Idle Rewards window after claiming them, and notice how they go up as you complete more stages.

mobile legends adventure rewards

Aside from the aforementioned rewards, you will also pick up random items, mostly pieces of equipment, while idling. You can also get Hero Fragments and Advance Essence, though as we’ll explain later on in this guide, there is a better way of loading up on your Advance Essence than idling it out and waiting several hours. And speaking of the hours-long wait time, let’s get to that as we wrap up this portion of our farming guide.

In order to truly get the most out of the game’s idle mechanic, you want to wait as long as possible before claiming rewards, because the longer you wait, the more rewards you can collect and the more you can increase your squad level. Waiting just a few minutes will typically limit you to just the three basic resources (Squad EXP, Hero EXP, Battle Points), but waiting at least six hours (it’s always best to claim your idle rewards after waking up) always guarantees you a ton of those basics, as well as the other goodies we mentioned above. While you’re awake and actively playing, you can always focus your energy on Campaign stages and the other game modes/features – sure, you can claim your idle rewards periodically, but it’s far more satisfying to wait it out and be patient so you can truly see the fruits of your idling, so to say.

Although we’re not forcing you to spend money in order to keep playing Mobile Legends: Adventure and get further in the game, becoming a VIP player can be worth it if you’re a pay-to-win type who isn’t above spending at least a few dollars on in-game purchases. VIP players earn more rewards per minute, which is one of the reasons why it’s worth it to spend a little in the in-game store – or a lot, if you can afford it and if you’re willing to take that route.

Complete More Campaign Stages And Prioritize The Right Heroes

We might as well discuss it in a separate portion, even if we already mentioned above that completing Campaign stages will increase the amount of experience and Battle Points you earn per minute. But the Campaign mode may not appeal to everybody, especially those who may be far more used to the 5 vs. 5 MOBA battles that are part and parcel of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Campaign stages, after all, pit your team of five Heroes against five enemy characters controlled by the game’s AI, and you may find yourself breezing through them because of how weak and predictable these enemies are. However, there is a method to the madness when choosing these Heroes, especially when the game’s difficulty ramps up, and if you read our Best Heroes guide, you should know which ones are better than others, particularly those in the highest rarity tier.

mobile legends adventure tavern

With that in mind, it’s pretty easy to run through these Campaign stages with little effort except tapping on each Hero once their skill bars are filled up, and that’s also what makes them worth playing, while also helping Mobile Legends: Adventure live up to its billing as a relaxing alternative to its predecessor. But in order to ensure your success and fast progress once the stages become more difficult, it’s best to prioritize your best Heroes – and eventually, those Epic Heroes who have an advantage over others in terms of stats or overall usefulness (as we discussed in our Best Heroes guide) – instead of trying to upgrade everyone across the board. Collecting as many Heroes as possible is all well and good, but eventually, you’ll need to focus on a core group of about five to ten in order to conserve your resources, not the least of these being your Advance Essence.

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Play The Tower Of Babel For More Advance Essence

It’s a bit ironic that teamwork is a key part of a feature named after a biblical structure that failed when everyone started speaking different languages to each other. But that’s how it is in the Tower of Babel, which also requires you to put together a team of five Heroes as you climb from one level to the next and defeat enemy squads for diamonds, Battle Points, and most importantly, Advance Essence. Seeing how it’s so hard to earn enough Advance Essence for free in other modes, you’ll want to complete as many Tower of Babel levels per day as possible to farm for this resource.

That’s pretty much the premise of the Tower of Babel – climb up, fight enemies, keep climbing as your rewards increase every 10 levels or so. For example, you will earn 20 units of Advance Essence per level from levels 1 to 10, and this will increase to 25 from levels 11 to 20. That 20 Advance Essence is already much more than what you could get by simply claiming idle rewards, and you certainly would want to avoid purchasing Advance Essence at the Market when you could earn it for free. So head to the Tower of Babel and make sure to include it in your daily Mobile Legends: Adventure routine, especially if you’re trying to pass the time while waiting for the best opportunity to claim your idle rewards.

Visit The Dismantle Shrine For Leveled-Up Heroes You No Longer Use

Eventually, you’ll have a ton of duplicate Heroes on your roster, as well as Heroes that may or may not be duplicates, but are far more certainly gathering dust as you focus on rarer Heroes with higher star ratings. What can you do to these Heroes, and what does this have to do with farming?

mobile legends adventure dismantle shrine

The answers can all be found in the Dismantle Shrine, which is where you can “dismantle” any unused Heroes, resetting their level back to 1 and allowing you to recover some of the resources you may have used to level them up or rank them up, but NOT Advance Essence. Repeatedly dismantling Heroes could help add to your EXP (both types) and Battle Points and could allow you to acquire (or re-acquire) some spare items, so if you’ve got a lot of spare Heroes that are sitting on the figurative bench and not playing a key role in those Campaign stages and Tower of Babel levels, you might as well reset them.

Complete The Labyrinth Once A Day

Moving on to Equipment Coins, this is a special form of currency that you can use to upgrade your Heroes’ weapons and armor, and you can earn a ton of that currency by going through the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is Mobile Legends: Adventure’s answer to the dungeon crawl mode found in many an RPG, and the mechanic is noticeably different here – you won’t be taken to a battlefield for 5 vs. 5 action, but rather to a square-shaped board where you have to tap on every applicable space in order to unlock treasure chests, find new buffs, and hopefully score some Equipment Coins and diamonds. You may have to fight off some enemies per dungeon crawl in the Labyrinth, but these are generally easier to polish off than the baddies found in the Campaign stages. Just avoid the bombs, choose the right buffs, and keep collecting treasure and you’ll be fine.

Although you could easily get a bunch of diamonds by completing these once-per-day dungeon crawls, Equipment Coins are the main type of reward you can find here. Better yet, completing the entire dungeon will earn you a plethora of rewards on top of the ones you already spotted while crawling – again, we’re talking about various items, including rare ones, as well as even more Equipment Coins and/or diamonds.

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Complete Quests And Achievements For More Diamonds

Last, but not the least, let’s talk about diamonds – Mobile Legends: Adventure’s premium currency, and a very important form of currency for those who like to add to their collection of Heroes. It takes diamonds to draw from the gacha and add a new Hero (or a duplicate, as is often the case), and while you can earn them in various game modes/features, your best bet if you’re in need of a ton of diamonds is the Quests section, which can be accessed by tapping on Quests on the upper right corner of your screen.

mobile legends adventure reset

The tabs you’ll want to pay attention to in the Quests menu are the ones for your daily and weekly quests – these are time-sensitive, so you should go back to these tabs on a regular basis to make sure you’re on top of what you have to do to complete the quests. Aside from diamonds, you can earn Advance Essence, Starlight EXP, Hero EXP, and Arena Tickets as some of the possible rewards for these tasks – for example, you may have to make one Market purchase in a single day or send Hearts to three friends for your dailies, or perform a certain number of Premium Summons, make 10 Market purchases, etc. for your weekly quests.

The Achievements section is for those tasks that are not time sensitive, and as you’ll notice, these are tasks that can be completed organically, by naturally playing the game. You may have to reach a specific Squad level, reach Elite arena status, follow Mobile Legends: Adventure on Facebook, reach VIP 1 level, etc., but unlike the daily and weekly quests, you have no deadline. In here, diamonds are the main type of rewards, with Battle Points, Advanced Recruitment Tickets, and various items as some of the other possible goodies you can earn. We suggest going back to this tab regularly as well – many of the Achievements could earn you up to 100 diamonds once completed!

And this completes our farming guide for Mobile Legends: Adventure. If you know more tips or tricks for the game, feel free to drop us a line below in the comments!

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