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Mobile Legends: Adventure Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, Strategies & Tactics to Crush Your Enemies

Moonton, the company behind the hugely popular Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, has just released the sequel to its RPG called Mobile Legends: Adventure. This is a hero collecting idle game based on the heroes of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The bad news is that not every hero from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is included in Mobile Legends: Adventure. The good news is that they could be included in later updates and it’s still a great game to play. The other good news is that if you managed to pre-register, you’ll be given some pretty nice pre-registration gifts to help get you started.

Mobile Legends: Adventure seems like a pretty straightforward game and mostly it is. You collect the heroes, put together a team or 20, and use them in various battles. The bad news is that it’s not as easy as it sounds. The good news happens to be the same thing as the bad news! That’s what makes Mobile Legends: Adventure a lot more interesting/fun. You’ll have to consider various aspects such as your current Power versus your opponent’s Power, which heroes to include on your current content team, and which heroes to Dismantle. Stay with us and read our Mobile Legends: Adventure beginner’s guide for tips, cheats, strategies and tactics to jumpstart your journey!

Note: How you obtain your heroes is entirely up to you just like spending real money in this or any mobile game.

1. Play Through The Reset Time

Much like many other mobile games currently available, Mobile Legends: Adventure has a time of the day where the server you’re playing on will reset. This means that certain content will be playable again. The content in question here is the Time Portal, Arena, Tower of Babel, Labyrinth, and the Tavern. The tactic here is to play through the reset time so you can basically go through 2 days of the content in a short duration.

For example, if it takes you 2 hours to get through all these sections of the game, play Mobile Legends: Adventure 2 hours before the server reset time. Then you can repeat it once the server resets. Naturally, this depends on your location. Some locations would have a server reset time at a very convenient time of the day for many players. Some locations would have a server reset time horribly dark and early! Good luck! For those in a “good location” you stand a chance to gain a lot of loot within a short duration of time. This also comes in handy for those that don’t get the chance to play on a regular basis.

2. Campaign Strategies

The Campaign of Mobile Legends: Adventure is pretty easy to deal with. For the most part, the higher your Power is, the further you can get. However, the main tactic is to get as far as possible as quickly as possible.

mobile legends adventure campaign

In Mobile Legends: Adventure, the further you get in the Campaign, the more content you can unlock. The other two parts involved here are showing in the bottom right corner of the above screenshot. The Instant Rewards gives you a daily dose of 2 hours worth of Idle Rewards. You can buy another 2 hours worth of Idle Rewards using 50 diamonds. The main recommendation is to save your diamonds, take the free loot, and run!

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Also in the bottom right corner is the Idle Rewards box. You collect from it either as you see fit or after 12 hours of leaving it alone. 12 hours is the maximum amount of time the Idle Rewards box will build up for you. The main reason why you have to get as far as you possibly can in the Campaign is to increase the rewards amount you’ll find in the Idle Rewards box. Every 5 levels of the chapter and a chapter change to the next chapter will increase the rewards you can gain. Do note that the rewards are given on a per minute basis. Yes, they can pile up quickly depending on where you are in the Campaign!

3. The Easy But Fun Time Portal Gains

The Time Portal of Mobile Legends: Adventure is all about your gains. To make it more fun, they’re not that hard to gain! Ultimately, it’s the rewards found in the Starsoul Hourglass in the bottom right corner of the Time Portal section are your main target here. Unfortunately, that takes building up to do. Notice the reset time in the bottom left corner of the Time Portal screen shot below. That’s how much time you have to build up stars to unlock cards inside the Starsoul Hourglass. The Chrono Stars you’ll gain from the Trials and Crusade sections build up on the bottom right so you can unlock the Starsoul Chest inside the Starsoul Hourglass.

mobile legends adventure time portal

The Trials section of Mobile Legends: Adventure is one of the reasons why you need to collect many heroes. Not only collect them but build them up too. Each “trial” has a rule attached to it. Of course, each “trial” has extra rewards attached to it as well! For example, one “trial” could have the rule of “only female heroes can deal damage”. That means exactly as implied. So if you include any male hero onto your team at that time, you’ll see the target register “Immune”. The male heroes can’t do any damage.

The trick is that they can still tank for the female heroes if need be. Sometimes you’ll see the rule of “only ranged heroes can deal damage” or “only Tech heroes can deal damage”. Whatever the case is, you can still include other heroes to help out the “damage dealers”. Just make note of your own Power and your opponent’s Power. You can gain a lot of Advance Essence and Hero EXP pots in the Trials.

The Crusade section of Mobile Legends: Adventure is basically rewards on top of rewards for you! For some unknown reason, your opponents are other players with low Power! That’s ok since this won’t take long for you to easily tear through! The Crusades are a series of 9 battles. After every third battle, you’ll be able to open the chest in the bottom right corner of the screen. The trick is that this is done survival style. This means the current state after a battle remains for each hero on your team. So if you happen to still have a low Power, you can still win.

However, you just have to make sure you have enough heroes to play with. You can gain a lot of BP and hero fragments in the Crusade.

4. The Arena Strategies

The Arena of Mobile Legends: Adventure is where you’ll be relying more on strategies and tactics compared to Power. Yes, this was tested and proven. The Arena is also another very good reason to collect and build up as many different heroes as you can. That way you’ll have access to as many different tactics as you can get your hands on.

The first strategy when you click on the Battle button is to look at your opponents. It’s not entirely their Power you should be checking. It’s their team you want to focus on more. If you happen to know how those heroes work, there’s a chance you can counter them and win even with a lower Power. Yes, Power will always be a factor in choosing your opponents. You’ll see this quite clearly in the Arena Rankings. You’ll also see it when you suddenly lose a match against an opponent with a lower Power compared to yours.

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Lastly, you’d be absolutely amazed at how simply changing the position of your heroes on your team can win a match for you. The real tactic behind this is to try/test it out in the Campaign. So no, Mobile Legends: Adventure isn’t just a race for Power.

5. Time To Be Social And Get Gains

Mobile Legends: Adventure is played pretty much entirely solo. However, Moonton didn’t exactly leave you feeling alone in there. While they were at it, they also included ways to gain while using the social features of the game.

mobile legends adventure friends

The Friends section of Mobile Legends: Adventure lets you add up to 30 “friends” into your list. If you manage to get your VIP level up, you can add more people to your Friends list. Also note that it doesn’t matter if you know the other players in real life or not. So now it’s a matter of where the gains are. See that Claim and send button in the bottom middle of the above screen shot?! You can send each other hearts. You can use those hearts to Friendship Summon heroes in the Wishing Shrine. Your better chances when summoning in the Wishing Shrine is to use the 10x summon. Also remember that you can gain 5star heroes from the Friends summon.

If you like building up your heroes collection from fragments, Mobile Legends: Adventure has you covered.

mobile legends adventure guild

Currently in joining a guild in Mobile Legends: Adventure, you’ll have the Guild Donation and Guild Shop. With the Guild Donation, you can send hero fragments to other guild members. When you send hero fragments to other guild members, you’ll be given Guild Coins. You can use the Guild Coins to buy hero fragments and other items in the Guild Shop.

The other items include Advanced Essence, Arena Tickets, Equipment Coins, and etc. So if you’re able and you’re feeling generous, you stand to gain quite a bit which also includes specific 5 star heroes. You can refresh the Guild Shop items list once per day. Just remember to use the Calendar button showing in the bottom middle of the above screen shot each day. The more guild members that check in each day, the higher the rewards will be.

6. The Dismantle Shrine

This is a bit of fun and space saving at the same time! Mobile Legends: Adventure didn’t really leave you with too many ways to overload your inventory (Bag). That works nicely for you in the idea that you don’t have to worry too much about expanding your inventory. You can if you want to or you can just free up the space by dismantling things. The Dismantle Shrine also serves as a “reversal of fortune” in your favor. The very first section of the Dismantle Shrine is Reset Hero. It’ll do as the name implies and return all the resources you used to upgrade that hero. So no, you really don’t have much of those “first time mistakes” here. The really cool part is that you can get resources back from a hero you seldom use and use those resources on another hero.

The second section of the Dismantle Shop is for dismantling heroes. Do note that you can’t dismantle the main heroes of the game. The heroes in question here are gained via rewards and from the Wishing Shrine at random. Again, when summoning heroes, the better bet is to use the 10x summon. It’s mostly a time saver more than anything else. However, you can end up with “creeps/mobs” as heroes.

For the most part, these characters aren’t worth much compared to the regular heroes. So don’t bother upgrading them. You best bet is to outright dismantle these characters and get the Shrine Stones. You can use the Shrine Stones in the Shrine Shop (inside the Dismantle Shrine) to gain random and/or specific hero fragments. The short version would be “go nuts” when dismantling these “creep/mob” heroes. The fragments you can buy are enough for a random or specific hero summons immediately. Yes, these include 5 star heroes. So no, Mobile Legends: Adventure wasn’t just giving you junk characters!

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The fourth section is for Artifacts. You’ll see all about it when you unlock it. The problem is that you’ll have to get very far in the Campaign to unlock it! But the third section is for dismantling equipment. In return, you’ll gain Equipment Coins. This part of the Dismantle Shrine is tricky. You’d think to just go ahead and dismantle everything you don’t have equipped. That’s not entirely the case. Sure, you can but this might leave you lacking equipment when you gain a new hero to build up. The recommendation is to hang onto your equipment and check things carefully before dismantling them. The upgrades for all equipment can get costly. So make sure to upgrade equipment from your gained Equipment Coins on the heroes you use the most, first.

7. The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is another survival style part of Mobile Legends: Adventure. With this, you’ll have a numbered set of floors to get through to gain the final rewards. This is yet another reason why you should collect and build up as many heroes as you can.

mobile legends adventure labyrinth

Altogether, Mobile Legends: Adventure made it a surprise for you under every tile! The highlighted tiles of the Labyrinth are the ones you can click on to either uncover an attack spot or rewards. If you uncover an attack spot, you won’t be able to click on the surrounding tiles until you clear the attack spot. Sometimes you’ll uncover a fountain (has a green leaf) and sometimes you’ll uncover extra heroes to gain and use.

Other spots have a treasure chest you can gain Equipment Coins from. The main aim is to clear all the tiles of each map. Only one of the attack spots has the key to get to the next floor. Some of the bonus tiles have either a Rail Gun or a Bomb bonus. Make sure you use the Bombs wisely. The preferred idea is to use them on the highest level attack spots first. Then go finish off that attack spot a lot easier.

The first tactic to use here is to try not to use the fountain until the current floor is completely cleared. That way, you can regen some HP for your heroes before the next floor. Again, this is survival style so the current state of your heroes remains for each battle.

The next tactic to use here is to make teams using your “lesser” heroes and any extra heroes gained from clicking tiles first. The idea is to save your main team heroes for the upper floors of the current dungeon where things can get difficult the higher in dungeon levels you get.

Lastly, click on as many tiles as you can before attacking. Use the Freeze bonus to be able to click on locked tiles that are surrounding an attack spot. With this, you can try to uncover as many bonuses as you can to help you out.

8. The Tower Of Babel And The Tavern

Your gains in Mobile Legends: Adventure doesn’t stop there. In fact, they’ve become somewhat easier to deal with in the Tower of Babel and the Tavern. The Tower of Babel is a series of battles which makes for good gains starting with BP and Advance Essences. The trick here is that the same tactics used in the Campaign and the Arena also works here. So having a variety of different heroes comes in handy! The Tavern is basically a giveaway! As long as you have heroes with the matching star count or higher and a matching or higher Power, you’re all set.

The trick here is that you have to do at least two Tavern quests per day as part of the Daily Quests. It’s very easy to deal with since every Tavern quest lasting 2 hours or less can be completed automatically! Even though you set heroes to complete the longer Tavern quests, you can still use them elsewhere for whatever purposes.

9. Resonance Buffs For More Power

The Resonance Buffs in Mobile Legends: Adventure refers to a set of team buffs given to your team of heroes if certain conditions are met. This is one of the ways to gain a good boost or gain a serious amount of boost for your team. During any part of Mobile Legends: Adventure while you’re placing your heroes you can see the Resonance buffs in the upper left corner. There’re five different conditions that can gain you a Resonance Buff. Each of them is explained in the Resonance Buffs section while setting up your team. So if you suddenly see a hefty Power increase via placing heroes, there’s a good chance you activated a Resonance Buff! Even though Power is not really the determining factor in things, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have it as high as you can get it!

And that would be all for now as far as our Mobile Legends: Adventure beginner’s guide is concerned. If you happen to know additional tips or just would like to share your thoughts about the game with us, feel free to drop us a line in the comments!