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Astral Chronicles Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Characters in Each Class (Tier List)

UBeeJoy’s Astral Chronicles is continues to pick up more and more popularity as players dive deeper into the broad content that it offers. There are plenty of game modes offered on top of the main story quests and the various ways to enhance and upgrade characters adds to the game’s overall fun and excitement. Considering everything, the characters themselves, with their own unique stats and skills, extends and further adds to Astral Chronicles’ playability as you would normally want to collect each and every one of them and make adjustments to your team roster as you acquire more suitable heroes.

Despite the gacha system of obtaining heroes and the higher challenge and luck required to obtain SSR-ranked ones, Astral Chronicles offers plenty of in-game and event rewards to provide you with the resources you need to perform 10x summons every once in a while. Instances where you obtain duplicate characters are not entirely unfortunate as well since duplicate cards are essential in awakening heroes.

If you have yet to start your fantasy adventure or have just recently immersed yourself in it, then we highly suggest that you read our Astral Chronicles beginner’s guide first. Most especially if you are fairly new to action RPGs, our previous guide provides simple tips and strategies to get you started right as you step into the Astral Realm. In this Astral Chronicles best heroes guide, we will exclusively focus on who we consider as the top heroes in the game for each of the available classes.

Just to note, each of the characters in the game sports unique stat attributes which weighs in on their value. Despite all that, our primary consideration are the skill sets of each hero coupled with their efficiency in both PvE and PVP combat. Given these considerations, each hero is weighed on their exclusive performance in combat and you should team them up effectively to realize the full extent of their capabilities. Likewise, we considered all skills you can unlock through bond progression, so some may not be as outstanding earlier but will sooner bloom into a top-tier character. As rarity levels impact stats and skill sets, we only considered SSR and SR-ranked heroes.

The Best Warriors In Astral Chronicles

best warriors in astral chronicles

Ryudo (SSR) is our top pick for the best warriors in Astral Chronicles. Perhaps the top damage-dealer in the game, Ryudo is unlike typical warriors who specialize in melee combat. As a strong ranged unit, he can be a bit of a glass cannon with most skills impacting his offensive prowess. Ryudo’s talent on its own makes him an exceptional character as Speaker’s Majesty increases his attack speed by 5% and boosts damage to all enemy units that are 3 meters away by 30%. His passive skill, Alacrity, offers a tremendous 50% boost to his agility in combat while Blood Feast enables him to recover 10% of his maximum HP for critical strikes dealt. As Ryudo possesses several AoE skills, which includes Imperial Blade, HP recovery suits him well considering the lower survivability of his over-aggressive behavior in combat. Ryudo is definitely worth investing on as his damage-dealing prowess works well in both PvE and PvP.

Nora (SSR) may not deal as much damage as Ryudo, but certainly is a strong warrior especially in combination with other fire-based damage dealers in the team. Nora’s talent, Half of the Fire, gives her absolute immunity from chilled and frozen, giving you a little less to worry about as far as status afflictions go. Additionally, her basic skill, fire slash, reduces enemy’s fire resistance by 10% per hit and can stack up to 6 times. With a max reduction of fire resistance by 60% and a couple of AoE fire spells to throw at the enemy, these skills alone make Nora a powerful ally to have. Though Nora does not possess buffs to up her critical hit chance, and considering that a lot of her skills revolve around critical hits that can replenish her health, Last Stand, which guarantees critical hits when her HP goes down to 20% or below, works well to make full use of her other skills.

Although SSR heroes are built to be superior compared to SR ones in terms of skills and stats, we consider Nyx (SR) as an exceptional choice for an SR warrior. Nyx deals exceptional AoE damage for an SR character but what sets her to excel lies in the variety of debuffs she can inflict on her enemies. Her basic skill, Electric Strike has a chance to Weaken enemy units while Crashing Thunder has a probability to induce Curse. As cherries on top, passive skills True Lightning and Thunder Boost further make Electric Strike and Crashing Thunder more efficient as the former boosts debuff chance by a whopping 30% while the latter also reduces the enemy units’ critical by 35% for 5 full seconds.

The Best Guardians In Astral Chronicles

best guardians in astral chronicles

Gillian (SSR) is who we consider as the best tank in Astral Chronicles considering her ability to serve as the most defensive tank in both PvE and PvP. All but her basic and ultimate skills are leaning towards improving defense and increasing survivability. Her talent, I Drink, You Pay For It, contributes greatly to her survival as it recovers 5% of her max HP every time she uses an active skill. Unyielding is an excellent passive skill to have for any character but works best for tanks as it ignores damage from hits can eliminate the character and instantly recovers 30% HP as well as boost defense by 80% for 2 seconds. Despite the 1 minute cool down which is a tad bit long in combat, this passive skill on Gillian makes her even harder to kill.

Ouroboros (SSR) is also an exceptional guardian but unlike Gillian, is a little more on the offensive. Although Ouroboros still has higher overall defense than other characters, it pales in comparison as compared with Gillian’s. Dragonkin, Ouroboros’ unique talent not only ups his resistances by 10%, it saves him from fatal blows with a 30% instant HP recovery plus a boost in dodge for 2 seconds. What’s great about this skill is, while the same ignore fatal damage exists across a variety of heroes, Ouroboros excels as far as cooldowns are considered since Dragonkin’s is only 35 seconds. Beyond defensive capabilities, Ouroboros earns extra points for having 2 crowd control skills that debuff enemy units. Spirit Rain deals a large amount of thunder damage that inflict Shackle while Magnetrick casts AoE thunder damage that weakens enemy units in its range.

Ryuni Meikami (SR) is definitely worth the tank spot if you haven’t nabbed a higher tier guardian from mid to end game. His talent, Dragon Scale, ups his resistances by 60% and coupled with his passive defensive skills, can really make him a difficult target to eliminate in combat. Thunderstrike, his basic skill, is a good crowd control skill in bothe PvE and PvP as while it doen’t do much damage, inflicting Shackle on enemies and disabling them from launching normal attacks is in itself a tide turner in combat. Ryuni’s ultimate skill, Prohibition, encages an enemy and increases damage dealt to the target while also rendering Ryuni immune to negative status effects for 10 seconds. Ryuni may lag behind in terms of stats and capabilities to his SSR counterparts but he is definitely one character that you won’t regret investing heavily on.

The Best Rangers In Astral Chronicles

best rangers in astral chronicles

Netheria (SSR) takes our top pick for the best rangers in the game not exclusively because of the raw damage she can deal to enemy units but because of the negative status effects some skills can inflict on top of the damage itself. To top it all off, Netehria’s talent enables her to boost elemental damage of all her active and ultimate skills by 200%. As she very much covers all varieties of elemental attacks, what really makes her stand out is the debuffs some of it brings. Her basic skill, Icicle, causes water damage and inflicts Slow, which is very useful in PvP. Freezing Arrow takes it a step further and freezes enemies for 2.5 seconds. Lightning Bolt causes high thunder damage on a single target and packs Shackle along with it for 3 seconds. Netheria’s passive skill, Undermine, also counts towards making her a dangerous damage-dealer as it boosts her damage by an additional 30% on enemies with lower than 25% of their max HP.

Kidd (SR) is far from being the top DPS ranger in the world of Astral Chronicles but his overall value comes from a considerably good mix of skills to bring to some fights. His talent, as well as his passive skills, provide a decent buff on himself to increase his own survivability and at the same strengthen his offensive skills as well.

Kidd’s basic skill, Fireworks works well as it shoots 3 fire arrows on an area and can hit the same enemy unit 3 times. Savage Pounce makes Kidd roll towards an area and guarantees a critical hit for 3 seconds, making his Phantom Thief talent that ups dodge and damage by 10% a little more sensible. His passive skill, Monster Hunter, can be of great help against elites and bosses as it boosts his damage by 12% against them.

Yuki Nozomi (SR) is another great ranger to have on any team not exclusively due to being able to do good damage but because of her freezing skills. On its own, Freezing Arrow can deal a large amount of water damage to targets and freeze them for 2.5 seconds. Yuki’s talent, Divinity: Ice boosts that skill’s freeze duration by 100% which leads to a total of 5 full seconds of keeping enemies it hits frozen. Additionally, frozen targets will also receive 10% more damage for the duration of the freeze effect. Though Yuki’s overall value banks primarily on her being the Ice Princess, her basic skill, Beautiful Chord, which has a chance of inflicting silence is adds more to her value. One of her passive skills, Headshot, also boosts her offensive capabilities by boosting critical damage with an additional 40%.

The Best Sorcerers In Astral Chronicles

best sorcerers in astral chronicles

Zeus (SSR) takes our top spot for what we consider as the best sorcerers in Astral Chronicles. Zeus’ consideration for being an excellent sorcerer lies in the synergy across her skill sets and talent. Zeus Rising, her unique talent, renders thunder damage to have a 15% chance to inflict root on an enemy for 2 seconds and also boosts damage taken for rooted units by an additional 30%. As all of Zeus’ offensive skills deal thunder damage, the imposition of root on enemy units, despite the measly 15% chance granted by her talent, can be highly advantageous in both PvE and PvE combat. Just to add to the havoc she can wreak on enemy units, Zeus’ ultimate skill, Judgement, guarantees to inflict root. Aura’s Thunder further adds to her crowd control side as it also inflicts Weaken. Considering everything, Zeus may still lag a bit behind Ryudo as far as DPS is concerned but the debuffs she can inflict makes up for it well enough.

Athena (SSR) is your all-in-one fire and burn damage queen in the game. For starters, Athena’s talent grows stronger based on her level as Goddess of Wisdom boosts her intellect by an additional 3.6% of her level. In effect, each level gained automatically makes her spells more powerful and in combination with active and passive skills that further boost her offensive attributes, makes her a fearsome unit to have in both PvE and PvP combat.

Shay (SR) is an excellent sorcerer to invest on early in the game and while she may not excel in dealing damage, she can deal a good amount of it while also serving a wide variety of negative status effects on the side. Her talent, Tranquility, which enables water skills to reduce the enemy units’ thunder resistance by 50% works perfectly with her offensive skills that bank on both elemental properties. With root, extreme chill, and freeze as status effects she can inflict on the opposition, the raw damage Shay can inflict in battle comes secondary to these excellent crowd control skills. On the defensive side, Shay is blessed with Ice Barrier as well. This passive skill enables her to ignore damage received from fatal blows and restore 30% of her HP plus a boost of an additional 100% resistance for 2 seconds. This valuable skill can trigger once every 60 seconds.

The Best Chanters In Astral Chronicles

best chanters in astral chronicles

Kamiko (SSR) is what we consider as the best all-around healer in the game and her skills are highly useful in any given situation. Her focus in naturally on healing but she possesses great buffs as well. To start off, Kamiko’s talent, Divinity: Astrology, boosts her healing effects by 30% provided that she has more than 75% of her max HP.

This talent, in combination with another passive skill of the same name, recovers 2% of her HP for every active skill she casts. Refuge is a buff that suits any situation well as it reduces damage received and healing effects on the party within a 5-meter radius for 8 seconds. Starlight is another helpful buff that increases the resistance and attack speed of target allied units by 12% and 5% respectively for 12 seconds. Sanctify is another defensive buff that boosts defense stats of target allies by 12% for 12 seconds. Kamiko also possesses the highly valuable fatal damage-ignoring passive skill in the form of Holy Recall. Much like other similar skills, it restores her HP by 30% and doubles resistances for 2 seconds and can activate once every 60 seconds.

Lars (SSR) may not come close to Kamiko’s healing proficiency in general but excels at healing allies when they are critically low on HP. Nature’s Will, her talent, boosts healing effects by 50% on allies if their HP goes down to below 25%. Another passive skill, Michael’s Whisper, further boosts Lars’ healing effects by 30% more when an allied target’s HP goes below 20%. Her ultimate skill, Archangel’s Breath, grants an automatic 50% recovery of the target’s HP and comes with a 50% chance to reset all skill cooldowns of that ally. Although Lars certainly lacks any offensive buffs, her skill sets are still pretty useful in numerous combat situations.

Alice (SR) is our last pick for what we consider are the top chanters in Astral Chronicles. She may not be as strong as other chanters as far as actual healing is concerned but having a good mix of support skills make her an excellent all-around support unit from early to mid game. Alice’s talent, Island Beauty, boosts healing amount by 5% and, more importantly, enables a 50% chance dispel all negative status effects on allied units healed through her basic skill, Milky Way. In addition to an offensive and defensive buff courtesy of Fae Dust, which boosts an ally’s speed and damage, and Starlight, which increases resistance by 12% and speed by 5%, Alice is among those heroes bestowed with the highly valuable passive counter to fatal blows. Holy Recall, like similar skills on other heroes, ignores fatal damage and recovers 30% of Max HP in addition to boosting resistances by 100% for 2 seconds. It can likewise activate once every minute.

And there you have it, a list of who we consider as the top heroes in Astral Chronicles. We understand that opinions as to who is most powerful or most useful can vary from one player to the next and we respect that. In truth, it is a huge challenge to determine the best ones on their own given the endless possible team rosters you can make as well as equipment variations to consider. Additionally, what we considered were for general use, which includes game modes where other characters may respectively excel in over the ones we selected. In any case, keep in mind as well that how each of these and all characters in the game perform now may change in future updates and as for reference, our selection of characters is based on version 3.0.6 of the game. If you would like to share your insights on our chosen characters or would suggest your own picks of top heroes, feel free to speak your mind to us through our comments section!