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Astral Chronicles Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Enhance Your Heroes Fast and Dominate All Game Modes

UBeeJoy is a fairly new entrant to the mobile gaming market and has only started being active in the mobile gaming industry in 2018. Despite currently having only 5 games under its app portfolio, the company has not gone unnoticed among adventure and RPG fans. Law of Creation: A Playable Manga and Typoman Mobile are uBeeJoy’s most popular games yet each amassing over 500 thousand downloads from the Google Play Store alone and both games maintain fairly positive ratings from users as well. With its good streak of releases so far, we can confidently say that future game releases from the developer can at least be as successful as its previous titles and has a fairly good chance of performing even better.

Astral Chronicles is the latest game released by uBeeJoy, that’s available for Android and iOS platforms. As a side-scrolling adventure strategy RPG, it boasts superbly rendered anime graphics and high quality visual effects. Packed with 5 unique classes to choose from and over 50 heroes to collect and organize into your party, Astral Chronicles promises a unique and immersive gaming experience that spans a near limitless potential for customizations and personalized tactics. Various enhancement and upgrade options provide further customization to your heroes as well as add to the addictive elements that would make you want to spend more time on the game. Beyond quests that introduce and immerse you to the fantasy world within Astral Chronicles, there are various game modes to engage in that becomes available based on your progress in the game.

As an outsider summoned into the magical world of the Astral Realm in hopes of being the mythical hero to challenge and reverse the wheels of fate, you embark on an exciting yet perilous journey towards discovering the truth behind the conflicts that plague the realm. You will not be travelling alone on your adventure as you will encounter and recruit powerful allies nearly every step of the way. As challenges ahead become ever-increasingly difficult, you are blessed with a wide variety of options to enhance and upgrade your hero as well as your allies. Numerous powerful gears that can be further strengthened are yours to collect and utilize as well. Beyond the party companions, some battles can be fought with other players too, so gather your friends and join alliances to further boost your growth in the Astral Realm.

Astral Chronicles is definitely filled with tons of content that can seem overwhelming even to experienced adventure RPG players. With various game modes and character enhancement and upgrade options available, it can all be confusing on the onset. Despite all that, the in-game tutorial makes it all a lot less complex as it guides you through the natural progression of things. In addition, indicators on the various icons and menus are a great help to see which aspects of the game require your attention. To top it all off, the auto mode, which makes it all easier can be a great help to newer RPG players who may not yet be accustomed to manually trigger special skills in combat. Likewise, the option to automatically move to the location of a pending quest makes it impossible for anyone to get lost in the huge world within the game.

If you just started playing Astral Chronicles and have a bit of a slump as far as progression goes or if you simply want to enhance your heroes faster and dominate each battle you engage in, then you will be in for a real treat as we you our Astral Chronicle beginner’s guide that features a number of useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Form A Balanced All-Around Party

As a fundamental requisite in every RPG that involves organizing parties, having a good balance among the characters you to choose to bring along in your party is crucial to your triumph and survival in the ever-increasing challenges ahead. While this may not be as evidently critical at the early stages of the game, having the right mix of classes and skills in any party boosts the chances of more efficiently performing in battle. More so, as the numerous enhancement and upgrade options in the game cost resources that are limited and valuable, choosing the right characters from the start helps ensure an efficient means of utilizing hard-earned resources and reduces the chances on wasting any of it on characters you will stop using later on.

astral chronicles balanced team

There are 5 unique classes available in Astral Chronicles and you will have a good look at each of them before jumping into the game as you will be made to select the class of your main hero as soon as you log in on the game. It is not as critically important to decide on the character class as you will be able to change it later on. Rather, what is important early on is to have a good understanding of each class’s unique traits and qualities. Some class names may be a little different from what avid RPG players are familiar with, but if you have played several RPGs before then you will already have a good idea of what each class can do.

The warrior is your typical swordsman or knight and is your basic melee and damage-dealing frontline unit. Warriors typically have stronger defense than ranged and support units but deals less damage than Rangers and Sorcerers. Guardians are your defenders and tanks. A guardian deals a lot less damage than warriors but can sponge up a lot of damage and is an essential member of any party. Rangers are your archers that can deal a lot of damage mostly on single targets. Sorcerers are best for crowd control as well as AoE damage. Last, but not the least, are Chanters or the usual priests and healers in other RPGs. As chanters are the only ones who can heal and perform support spells in combat, they are also essential in any party you will form.

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A full party consists of 5 team members and as there are 5 different classes, representing each of the character classes in your party is a good idea for starters. Regardless of which class you choose, you will always have allies representing all classes so you can be sure that the initial characters to join your group are good enough to give you a great mix of a balanced party.

2. Prioritize The Main Quests

Beyond making progress in the actual story that takes place as you dive further into the Astral Realm, pushing forward to uncover more behind the story of Astral Chronicles reaps a variety of important rewards. For starters, following the main quests to progress the story will be your primary source of experience for your hero as well as your other characters. Rewards you receive for completing main quests are also very valuable and oftentimes more challenging to acquire from anywhere else. As such, finishing quests along the main storyline should always be your main priority.

astral chronicles tips

There will naturally be a point in time when your current level will not be sufficient to proceed to initiate main quests. At this time, you should make effort to finish the other quests as well as engage in the various game modes you have unlocked to gain more experience and resources and prepare you better for succeeding battles. Main quests are identified easily as these quests appear at the top of the list and their text is yellow in color. Purple quests unlock additional game features and should be engaged in following peak progression in main quests. Finally, there are blue quests you should also spend time on as these optional ventures provide additional rewards you will need to be better prepared for the upcoming challenges.

3. Be Selective When Enhancing Heroes

The world of Astral Chronicles is brimming with various characters and an equally massive number of ways to improve and customize each one of them. As resources are limited and valuable as in other RPGs, though, careful utilization of each and every bit of resource you have is a must. While there will always be a constant urge to max out most, if not all, the characters you obtain, it would hardly be a wise choice as doing so will sooner deplete your resources than see a lot of your heroes reach their max potential.

With the exception of the main hero, all allies you can obtain in the game follows a rarity system which determines their relative proficiency in the stats and skills they possess. Although you will only have a little more than enough companions to choose from right after the tutorial, you will soon have a wide variety of characters to choose from. The first few characters you obtain are good and will win you practically every battle at the early part of the game. Later on, though, it will expectedly be a lot more challenging, so be sure to invest in the right ones as soon as you can to not waste resources on any characters you won’t be using from mid to end game. Simply put, limit investing resources on rare quality characters and wait until you get a hold of SSR or SSR characters that are much stronger.

how to enhance heroes in astral chronicles

First and foremost, what you would want to naturally do is to keep your team’s individual levels at least at par with the levels of the enemies you are fighting. Although you will receive experience points with each battle you engage in, it won’t be enough to keep your heroes in peak performance, especially when you have just swapped in a new character into your squad and will need a boost to catch up with the rest. For this, you will need to consume experience bottles and while you may have a good amount of it at the early part of the game, you will soon run out of it if you consume it on numerous characters.

As it goes, you should set prioritization when it comes to using these resources on heroes as well as setting your own rules as to the requirements your characters should meet before you invest items on them. You can never go wrong with investing on the main character but for the rest, extra attention and consideration is needed. Perhaps you should only spend initially on SSR and SR characters in your team and if you encounter situations where you keep losing battles, then perhaps use items discretely just to power your team up a bit. To use experience bottles on a character, you can tap the party menu and “more” button underneath the character. Once the character window pops up, you should see a “+” sign and then tap the “imbue” button on the next window that comes up.

Next to each character’s levels comes their class masteries that you should also improve on to raise their stats further. Each node of mastery you need to unlock requires the consumption of light shards that differ from one class to another. Additionally, some nodes can only be unlocked following the availability of the previous node.

Beyond experience bottles, light crystals are a little more difficult to earn which is why you need to be a little more conservative spending them especially if you are not yet certain you will be using them on a character you will be using for a long time. Likewise, as these resources are for different classes, having two or more characters sharing the same class in your team means they will be sharing form your stock of the same shards while other types of shards will not be as efficiently utilized. You can access the mastery system on the character screen just at the bottom left side of the character’s portrait.

A unique character enhancement option in Astral Chronicles come in the form of bonds between your main character and the allies you acquire along your journey. Once you unlock this feature, every battle you engage in while your chosen allies are in your party increases their bond with you. Once a bond reaches a certain amount, which varies from one character to the next, a new skill for that character becomes available. As it may take some time to unlock all available skills following manual grind, you can gift an item to any ally to boost the bond level. Take note that not all characters have the same amount of bond boost received from items and each one will have preferred items as indicated by the heart icon you will see at the upper right corner of the item you can give to that character. Likewise, be careful not to throw away items that are too valuable.

4. Remember To Always Upgrade Your Team’s Equipment

No RPG is complete without a plethora of equipment to loot from battles and dungeons to fit into your heroes. In Astral Chronicles, there will be plenty of gears to obtain with each battle you engage in and you will have your party fully equipped in no time. As you reach further into the game and encounter more challenging battles, you will naturally come across stronger equipment and as such, you will need to ensure that your party has the best available set of gears on them. Once you click on the party menu, a separate equip button is available on each character and you can quickly equip and unequip every piece of equipment on each character.

astral chronicles equipment upgrade

Beyond the actual pieces of gear themselves, each equipment slot can be enhanced as well. For a more convenient means of doing so, simply tap the quick boost button on the equip screen. Coins will be consumed for each level up your gears achieve and reaching a certain level of all equipped items can unlock additional stat boosts via the resonance level. There is a level cap for boosting gear slots and once you reach it, you will have to breakthrough the equipment slot and this will require runes. As these rare items cannot be obtained normally from battles, be sure to click on it at the equipment enhance window you can access by tapping the “forge” icon and click on it to see the events you can obtain it from.

5. Expend Attempts On Unlocked Game Modes

While completing quests and exploring the Astral Realm should be enough to keep you enjoying your adventure on a daily basis, reaching certain levels will unlock additional game modes where you can earn a variety of important resources, exclusive materials, and even better equipment. Be sure to look into it as soon as you are able to unlock any of these game modes.

astral chronicles game modes

For starters, the first one that will become available for you to engage in is the Cosmic Rift. There are various areas as well as difficulty levels that you can unlock here and the higher the challenge, the more experience points and the better the drops you can loot. As a precaution, higher difficulty levels become accessible once you defeat the previous one but be sure to only engage it when your whole team is at least as the same level as the minimum suggested for that stage.

6. Complete Requests And Event Objectives For Extra Rewards

Beyond the various quests you can engage in as you dive deep into Astral Chronicles, there are daily, weekly, as well as limited requests that you can fulfill to obtain a wide variety of valuable items. If you don’t have any pending quests for a moment, be sure to check on these requests by tapping the request icon at the upper right area of your screen, just below the map.

astral chronicles rewards

On top of the login bonuses and other perks you can obtain for other easy feats you can accomplish via the benefits icon on the upper right side of your screen, be sure to make the most out of the 7-day bonus you can click on just beside it. Under this bonus feature, be sure to take note of objectives laid out for the first 7 days of your game and accomplish as many of these objectives as you can to to stay ahead of the pack and progress much faster than ever. There are various great rewards up for grabs but the best among them is the SSR hero you can get for free after completing enough objectives and earning sufficient points.

Relative to perks and freebies, don’t forget to check out the “Chamber” icon at the bottom of your screen. While this may present a recharge section that you may not be willing to spend money on, there are freebies such as the free 3-day trial of a blessing perk that will definitely boost your growth for 3 days.

7. Claim Achievement Rewards As Soon As You Can

astral chronicles achievements

There are already more than enough freebies and extra rewards you can get out of actively playing Astral Chronicles. In addition to the instant rewards you receive after each battle and the additional ones you receive by satisfying certain objectives from requests and events, every bit of growth you earn also entitles you to various one time rewards via the achievements. You can access the achievements through the honor icon at the bottom of your screen and while visiting it, be sure to explore the other features that also contains other rewards.

8. Check Your Inventory For Treasure Boxes

Some of the rewards you receive out of quests and events are not automatically readily usable equipment or consumable items and resources. As there will be plenty of instances where the best rewards come in the form of treasure chests, make it a habit to always check your inventory for such items and use them sooner than later.

astral chronicles treasure box

The plethora of features that Astral Chronicles holds will certainly take more than one guide to cover extensively. For beginners, though, this is where we will end our guide. We hope that we sufficiently covered everything you need to know to jumpstart your adventure. We also hope that you enjoyed reading this Astral Chronicles guide. In case there are aspects of the game as well as additional tips and strategies you would like to add, don’t hesitate to let us know via the comment section!