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Elune Farming Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Farming Resources and Maximize Your Chance of Progressing

Elune is a gacha game, which means you will spend most of your time farming currencies to enhance your team. In Gamevil’s new RPG, you will need various currencies to upgrade your characters, their loot, and their skills. The goal of our Elune farming guide is to help you figure out what you actually need to progress through the game at a reasonable pace, without getting stuck. So without further ado, we present you our Elune farming tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. The Fusion And The Evolving Systems

First, you need an appropriate team for farming, this is achieved through the following systems.

You can fuse units of the same rarity, so you can only fuse an Epic unit with another Epic unit, and they also have to be of the same grade (represented by stars). You always get a unit of higher grade when you fuse 2 units, unless you are fusing 2 level 6 units. In order to fuse units, they have to be at their current level cap, which is equal to their grade * 10. So, a 4 stars unit will have their maximum level capped at 40.

elune fusion

Fusion is what allows you to progress once you start getting stuck because your units are just not progressing. Fusing will cost you 2 units of the same rarity, and some Gold. Make sure you have another unit ready to replace one of the characters you are fusing.

Fusing comes with an extra bonus. Every time you fuse units you will get a popup with a counter for the various rarities in the game. When the bars are maxed out, fusing two units of the same rarity as the filled bar you are guaranteed to get a tier increase when you fuse these two units. This allows you to get Legendary 6 stars units somewhat consistently. It is a very long grind to get 60 Epic fusions in, but it is worth it.

elune upgrades

Upgrading simply makes you use your upgrade materials to raise the level of your Elune. Realistically, this should never be used, unless you absolutely need to level up fast a specific unit and can’t afford to train it or to put it on the training list. Avoid this feature as much as possible.

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Evolving is a process through which you can increase the maximum grade of an Elune. To Evolve an Elune, you will need another Elune or an Evolution Lighture of the same rarity and grade as the Elune you want to evolve. The higher the Elune’s grade, the more materials you will need to Evolve them. Evolving is the single biggest improvement you can do to a character, as it will not only massively increase their stats and raise their level cap, but also by leveling up you will unlock additional passive skills for your Elune.

You will need stronger Elunes if you want to farm the bigger rewards given out by boss battles and the story missions in Hard mode, so you will need to make use of all these tools.

2. The Extra Game Modes

There are multiple locations you can visit, and each one of them can earn you specific rewards. You can unlock these extra locations by progressing through the story. To access these locations and see when you will unlock them, simply tap on the Challenge icon in the main menu, you will see the various places and how to unlock them.

Here are the game modes:

Lighture Temple is one of the locations you should check every day. Here is where you can earn materials to evolve your Elunes’ skills. There’s not much to this mode really, you just have to clear it daily to earn skill seeds for your Elunes. You can select what difficulty you want to play at from the drop-down menu. Attention: the mode might be uninteresting, but it is the most crucial one after Boss Battle, as Lighture Temple is the only place where you can earn Skill Seeds, and those are vital to progress, as they allow you to enhance your Elunes’ abilities.

elune game modes

Boss Battle is where you can fight bosses to get gear. You can fight each boss up to 3 times each day, so clear as many of them as you can every day, as gear is very important to progress through the game. In fact it is arguably better to have higher level gear than higher level Elunes, as Gear changes radically how Elunes perform in battle. You can use all of your attempts at once by activating “Burning Mode”, which will consume all 3 attemtps, and allow you to earn . It is always worth it if you are sure you can defeat the boss, but be careful, losing will mean you will have exhausted all the attempts for the day. You unlock Boss Battle by clearing Astoria, the first map.

You can unlock Heir Battle by clearing Mt. Sky. It is the PVP mode of the game. You go up against 3 different enemies, based on your rank. If you win, you earn rank points, while losing loses them. You earn rewards at the end of each week based on the rank you have reached; these rewards generally consist of Gold and Ruby. The higher your rank, the more resources you earn.

In the Dimensional Rift, the game will throw multiple waves of enemies at you, and you will earn rewards after clearing waves. These rewards range from a full heal of your party, buffs for the current run, or rubies. You can unlock the Dimensional Rift by clearing Mt. Sky Stage 5.

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Chaos Tower is unlocked by clearing Lumen. In Chaos Tower you have to climb a tower by clearing fight after fight. You can clear up to 3 floors each day, but you can play more by spending rubies. There’s also a feature called condensing, which turns your remaining attempts left for the day and turn them into loot. It is not very useful, as the loot it gives out is mediocre, and it doesn’t even help you clear the daily mission about Chaos Tower. Alliance Battle not available yet, it is coming soon.

3. Additional Ways Of Training Your Units And Earning Rewards

Put the Elunes of high rarity that you don’t plan on using into the Training List, so that they earn experience and gain levels without you having to do anything about them. This allows you to have access to high level and rarity Elunes which you can then use in fusions. Specifically, the Experience earned by the Elunes in the training list is a part of the experience earned by a max level Elune that is fighting in your team. Since the max level Elune won’t be able to earn any more experience points, part of the points they would have earned go to the Elunes in the training list. There are some limitations when you start using the Training list, namely the number of open slots, the training level, the earned xp ratio, and the daily amount of xp your Elunes earn just by being on the list.

elune affinity

There is an affinity system in the game. You can check your affinity with specific Elunes by entering in a map in Hard mode and they refresh every 8 hours. In order to increase your affinity with the Elunes, you must help them out by clearing specific missions of the campaign in Hard mode. Usually you will have to clear a specific level multiple times. Another way of increasing your affinity with a character is by sending them gifts; each character appreciates different kinds of gifts. Increasing your affinity with a character will earn you rewards based on the affinity level reached.

The game has a Zodiac system. You unlock a new Zodiac sign every 5 levels of your account, starting from level 5. Each Zodiac sign gives extra stats to your Elunes, based on how many times you have enhanced the various traits associated with the sign. You have to spend Gold to enhance the traits, and there’s a chance for failure. These traits give your Elunes a nice boost on their stats, so make sure to check back every now and then.

4. The Optimal Way Of Spending The Various Resources

Farming resources is easy: just play the game, the real issue comes with deciding how to spend those resources. Since resources are scarce, and it takes time to earn them, you will have to carefully plan how you plan to progress in order to not waste any resource. Let’s take a look at the various resources and what is best to spend them on.

Gold is the easiest currency to farm, but that doesn’t mean you should spend it randomly. Gold is used in many ways in the game, often as a secondary resource to upgrade stuff. Gear, Zodiac, Training, and just about anything else in the game costs Gold to upgrade. Gold is abundant early and mid-game, but come late-game, upgrading your gear will get very expensive, so spend your hard-earned gold wisely.

Aeon is the equivalent of most other game’s Energy. Aeon is required to enter dungeons, and it is the currency you have to pay the most attention to, as you can’t really play the game if you are out of Aeon. Luckily, with the regular Aeon regeneration of the game, plus picking Aeon as a login reward you shouldn’t have a problem with this, unless you are constantly running repeated battles, but then at least you will have spent a lot of Aeon doing something productive.

elune resources

Ruby is the premium currency of the game, the one you can purchase with real money. As with most mobile games, the game will throw a lot of Rubies at you at the start of the game, but after a certain while, the rate at which you earn them will start to dwindle. The best way to spend rubies is by purchasing more attempts at clearing the Lighture Temple, as this will earn you Skill Seeds, which are one of the most important things to empower your Elunes. Just make sure you are getting the seeds you really need, the type of seed you get depends on the day, so spend rubies on the days that give the seeds that are relevant to your needs.

The second-best way of spending Rubies is by refilling your Aeon. Do not fall into the trap of purchasing too many summons with your rubies. The occasional roll is fine, but anything beyond that is going to prove to be a huge waste of resources. You’re better off going with Fusions if you want to get higher tier Elunes.

Skill Gems are one of the scarcest resources, so use them wisely. Only upgrade skills of characters you are going to stick with for a while. You can Evolve Skill Gems to increase their effects. To use a Skill Gem, you must equip it in the Skill Gem menu. Be careful: you cannot unequip them, so they are gone forever, should you get rid of the character that has them equipped currently.

There are Seeds specific for every role: Tank, DPS, Healer, Debuffer, and Support. There are also generic Seeds, that can be used on any character. They are used to evolve Elunes of the same class of the seed.

Skill Papers can only be earned by defeating the Pirates, random encounters you will get while playing Story missions. These battles are very easy, and they earn you amazing rewards, especially the very rare Skill Papers. You can then turn Skill Papers into Skill Books in the Lab, which can then be used to level up the skills of your Elunes.

This wraps up our farming guide for Elune. The game is still super new, and the devs are already adding plenty of content to it, with more planned to come soon. This guide tries to help out everyone who has just started with the game and wants a nice balance between farm and progress. If you have found any other tips or tricks for farming resources, please let us know in the comments!


Thursday 8th of August 2019

I must say I totally disagree with regard to "Upgrade". There is simply no purpose for 1 to 3 star elunes. You can scrap them for a few tokens towards a Light Summons, or you can use them in upgrades. You have to scrap like a hundred to be able to summon … drum roll please … another useless 3-star elune. Even 4-star elubnes are pretty useless. But if you use the 1-star through 3-stars to upgrade your 4-star purple elunes, then fuse the 4-stars, you get a 5-star purple. You get the 4-stars purples from the summons, so you should have lots of them. Before long you will have, instead of 199 elunes most of which are useless, a half-dozen 5-star purples. And once your fuse meter for purples (sorry, epics) is full, you fuse two of those for a 6-star gold!!!