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Elune Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Characters (Tier List)

Elune is a new gacha game published by Gamevil for iOS and Android devices. The game features over 200 different Elunes, that you can summon in the game, each one with specific abilities and stats. The game is quite similar to most other games in its genre, there is a lot of farming required, even if you spend money on it, and you can decide to let your characters fight automatically.

In Elune, the way you spend your resources is crucial to ensure a smooth progress through the game. So you need to pick characters that, once leveled up a bit, will be able to carry you through the various missions the game has to offer. Our Elune best heroes guide provides you a tier list of the strongest characters that you should consider adding to your team.

There are 5 classes in the game: tank, dps, debuffer, support, and healer. Team composition matters, and at the start we suggest you focus on tanks, dps, and healer Elunes. Debuffer and supports are better later on in the game, when you have enough resources to enhance them by a lot, while the other 3 classes are very useful starting from the lower levels.

The Best Tanks In Elune

Picking the best tanks was hard. Fahrenheit is the only obvious choice, as he is a Legendary unit, and his stats and kit are simply incredible. All of the other tanks are perfectly serviceable, and will do their job well. Sid Reiner is a bit of an odd choice, considering his stats are a bit lower than those of higher rarity tanks, but after trying him out, I’m convinced he is top tier.


fahrenheit elune

Fahrenheit is almost impossible to kill, he has a gargantuan number of HPs, and multiple abilities that reduce the damage he takes: the combination of Sacred Shield, Salvation Barrier, and Valiant Resistance makes him reduce a lot of the damage he is supposed to take. If you get him, add him immediately to your lineup, you will not be disappointed.

Sid Rainer

sid rainer elune

Sid Rainer might feel out of place compared to other more “natural” choices, but consider the following: you have 2 self-buffs, one of which is defensive, which when combined with Tenacity, Sid’s second passive, makes him very survivable. Furthermore, he becomes progressively stronger against status effect the lower his health, making him overall a very good tank.


Enme is a beast. Especially as a secondary tank thanks to Eternal Life, his second passive, which makes him revive all of his dead allies 5 turns after he dies. In an ideal scenario, you can revive 2-3 heroes easily with this, turning difficult boss fights into a breeze. Realistically, you won’t use this ability in many other fights. His other abilities offer some nice supporting to your team, especially if you are focusing on magic damage.

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The Best DPS In Elune

DPS are fundamental to any team composition. They deal a lot of damage, and thanks to their high damage numbers, gain extra benefits from Support Elunes. Here are our favorite DPS Elunes.

Rarity doesn’t always equal quality, but in Baldr’s case, it definitely does! His damage output is off the charts, he can easily destroy a single target with his Ultimate, Flame Dragon’s Rage, or deal with multiple enemies at once with Fire Whirl and Pincer Attack. He inflicts Blaze with his attacks, and his abilities all improve when they hit someone affected by Blaze, turning Baldr into an unstoppable death machine (as if he wasn’t one already).

Kang Rim

Kang Rim does damage. Lots of damage. So much damage you won’t ever need anyone else. Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration maybe, but trust me, Kang Rim’s damage output is sky-high. He can also instantly kill enemies thanks to Mark of Death, and his skill gems further enhance the concept, making him progressively stronger the more targets he instantly kills. Furthermore, when he dies, he inflicts damage to the attacker who killed him equal to half of his max HPs. Kang Rim is scary even ignoring all of this, since his abilities’ damage values are crazy high in regular combat as well. His main issue is being unable to hit the backline, but no frontline will ever survive his slaughter long enough for this to be a problem.


cyrus elune

Cyrus is another odd choice, as he is slightly RNG-based when it comes to his numbers, but during my playtesting it hasn’t really been a problem, mostly thanks to his abnormal Attack stat. He deals more damage the lower the enemy’s health is, so he isn’t very good as your main damage source, but if you have someone else able to deal heavy damage, then it becomes hard to justify not running Cyrus, thanks to the combination of Executor and Blade Storm. Blade Storm specifically will quickly dispatch any enemy whose HPs drop below 30%, while Executor gives Cyrus a nice damage increase when he hits enemies with lower HPs. Definitely a solid pick for a secondary DPS Elune.


eris elune

Eris is strong and fun to use. The concept is that she buffs herself up to the point she deals huge damage. Monsoon and Whisper of the Wind, give Eris high damage potential, while Gale Blade and Tempest Slash make full use of these buffs. Furthermore, if an ally’s attack with the same attribute lands a critical hit on an enemy, Eris’ chance of landing a critical hit will increase by 20% until she lands a crit. This makes Eris another excellent choice for a secondary DPS Elune. If your main DPS Elune can activate Eris’ Wind’s Resonance multiple times over the course of a fight, you will find yourself reading a lot of big red numbers on the screen, and that’s fun.

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The Best Healers In Elune

While some heroes have access to heal, nothing quite compares like a dedicated healer. Healers are important to keep your team alive, especially your frontline. If your frontline is alive, your backline can deal a lot of damage, and the longer everyone stays alive, the more damage you are able to deal. You should prioritize having healers over supports and debuffers. I’d go as far as saying that running 2 healers is almost always better than running 1 and a support / debuffer, that’s how important they are. Luckily for us, even lower rarity healers are very good, so you won’t have to expend many summon tickets to get capable healers, unless you are aiming for Freya of course.


freya elune

Freya has everything your team needs: heals and shields. What sets her apart from the other healers though is her ultimate ability: Eternal Blessings, which not only heals all allies by a hefty amount, but it also grants them damage immunity for a turn. Naturally, this ability needs to be used at the right time, so you might want to not play the fights with the Auto setting turned on if you are facing a challenging boss. All of Freya’s passives keep up with the theme of healing and shielding, and make Freya’s abilities even better. She is such a good healer, I’d consider her able to function as a sole healer, allowing you to run a support / debuffer in place of a second healer.


fabian elune

Fabian is no slouch at healing either. In fact, he heals more than Freya. Freya just has overall more utility, but if you are looking for pure healing, then by all means go for Fabian. He can heal multiple targets at once with the power of single target healing thanks to Mark of Radiance. His ultimate, Guidance of Luminen, can revive dead allies. His passives grant extra healing to his allies when their turns start, increase their resistance, and lastly, allowing the first ally that receives a killing blow to survive, and allowing him to live with 1 HP, this only works once per battle.


eun elune

Eun is another very powerful healer. Her healing becomes stronger when the target’s health is below 50%, and she can both heal a single person, or her entire team with her ultimate Ultima Bow, that also grants extra HP regeneration at the start of each target’s turn. Eun is very good if you need your healing to be a bit more spread out rather than a huge sudden burst, that role is reserved to other healers. Eun is a more offensive healer pick, as her passives help her allies when she deals damage with Arrow of Desire, and in longer fights she becomes stronger after her fourth turn, thanks to Chrysanthemum Bloom. Eun is an amazing pick for a secondary healer, thanks to the fact that her healing can help your frontline survive while dealing respectable damage, and allowing your main healer to charge up their abilities.

The Best Supports In Elune

Supports are all about…supporting. They have access to heals, but don’t heal as much as the dedicated healers, and usually focus on helping their allies by enhancing their stats, or by cleaning enemy debuffs. Supports can be run instead of a secondary healer if you feel like you are lacking damage.


mana elune

Mana is best paired with powerful DPS heroes like Baldr or Kang Rim, as her buffs provide a lot of Attack Speed. She also counters other Attack Speed buffs / debuffs, thanks to her passives Time Steal and Time Distortion. If your opponent buffs their own Attack Speed Mana will steal the buffs and place it on herself, while also reverting Attack Speed debuffs from her own allies, turning them into buffs. A solid choice to counter enemy debuffers while also providing some buffs of her own.


stella elune

Stella might not be as great as other entries in this list, but realistically, we can’t just slap the highest rarity Elunes into every list and call it a day. Stella is a very good support for most teams. She offers a lot of shielding and barriers to her allies, while buffing them at the same time. She only has 2 passives, but they are more than enough for what she needs to accomplish. Make sure to alternative between Galactic Blessings and Zodiac Memory, so that you keep refreshing Galacitc Blessing’s buff.


reina elune

Reina is one with her bear doll. Literally. She will toss it to deal damage, or just summon it to aid her in battle thanks to her ultimate: Bear Doll! Help! The doll stays on the field for 4 turns, and its stats are based on Reina’s. What sets Reina apart from the other Elunes in the game is the fact that her Ultimate cooldown resets when she slays an enemy. This, combined with her 3rd passive If It’s With Bear Doll makes Reina very hard to deal with.

People will want to target her, as her abilities are very powerful, and her bear doll is very annoying to deal with, but first they will have to get rid of the bear doll.

The Best Debuffers In Elune

Debuffers can be divided into sub-roles. Some of them excel at inflicting damaging status and abusing those status to further increase their damage. Others are excellent at disabling enemies, making them unable to move or attack regularly.


Mikazuki is a hybrid between a DPS and Debuffer. She deals respectable damage, but the goodies come with her abilities’ secondary effects. Her Special skill, Phantom Barrage, hits the enemy frontline, causing Bleeding for 4 turns and Epidemic for 1, whereas her ultimate, Goblin Strike, will deal massive damage to all enemies.

Additonally, if the enemies hit are affected by Weaken or Status Effect, she will also inflict Panic to them. Her passives further enhance her abilities, by causing Weakness to enemies she hits with a critical hit, or by lowering the Tolerance of the enemies she hits.

Popo & Pepe

popo and pepe elune

Popo & Pepe specialize in causing the Curse effect. Their ultimate Demonic Impact will inflict Curse to all enemies, and it will damage them, while Dark Touch will summon a hand that literally slaps an enemy. Aside from looking ludicrous, this ability will also inflict a random Curse effect if the enemy hit is already cursed. Their second passive Shadow Curtain disables enemies critical hits when they are cursed, while Endless Curse, their third passive, will reset Curse effects on the enemies they hit, prolonging them for 2 turns.

This is our guide to the best heroes for each category in Elune. The game is still very new, so expect this to become obsolete at some point in the future, should the developers decide to introduce new Elunes, or to rebalance the current ones. This is only a baseline, if you found different characters and having success with them, then by all means keep going with them. Feel free to let us know in the comments who your favorite Elunes are. Happy farming!


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Kang Rim is a debuffer man!!!


Wednesday 7th of August 2019

Reinas bear dont stay on the battle ground it only hits all enemy and stuns