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LifeAfter Formula+ Research Guide: Tips & Tricks for Formula+ Upgrades

LifeAfter has only been around for a few months but it has already set the bar pretty high for survival games. This exciting zombie survival game for Android and iOS devices gives players a well-rounded experience of what life would be like in an apocalypse. You need to fight off the Infected, gather your own materials, craft items, and construct buildings for shelter. It all starts out with a basic need for survival, but as you progress, more complex relationships develop.

Soon, fellow players will be your problem, not the undead. Camps will be fighting against each other for power, and everything will come down to who has more firepower. You can craft your own weapons and upgrade attachments. You can check out our LifeAfter equipment guide to learn how to preserve your gear. A more recent option to powering up, however, is Formula+ Research. Check out our LifeAfter tips and tricks below if you want to learn more about Formula+ Research!

1. What Is Formula+ Research?

lifeafter formula+ research

There used to be just three things that determined your power in battle: Combat level, Gear, and Attachments. Combat level is raised by gaining combat experience. You can craft your own gear or buy from the Market. Gear stats vary, so it is important to always check before purchasing anything. Attachments are added pieces that you can install on your weapon or armor in order to boost their power. Attachments can be upgraded and transferred from one gear to another, so it is a good investment even if it takes a lot of resources to upgrade.

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Formula+ Research was added to LifeAfter a little over a month ago, and it has changed the way the game is played. This new feature allows you to add modifications to your equipment for even bigger power boosts. It takes a lot of work, and a bit of luck, to get good modifications, but the end result is well worth it.

2. How To Perform Formula+ Research

how to perform formula+ research in lifeafter

In order to add modifications to your gear, you will first need to conduct research. Head over to your Formula Research station, and you will notice the Formula+ option at the bottom. There are three types of formula you can make: Clothing, Weapon, and Helmet. Choose the one you want to conduct research on. Once there, you can add the required materials: Reagent, Crystal, and Film. Tap on the R&D button on the lower right to begin research.

Each material grants a random stat to your formula. You can check out the possible stats on the right side after placing the material. After the random stats have been determined, you can still choose if you want to keep the old stats or if you like the new ones better. Keep in mind that even if you choose to keep the old stats, you still won’t get the materials back.

3. Don’t Use Up All You Materials

It might be fun to go on a research rampage in hopes of getting the best possible stats for your formula, but make sure you don’t use up all your materials. Once you have a formula, there is still the matter of adding it onto your gear. Adding a formula modification to your gear requires you to use the same materials that were spent in creating the formula. That means if you run out of materials, you will have an awesome formula but no way to add it onto your gear.

Another point you should consider when it comes to the number of materials you have is whether or not it is worth switching to the new stats. For example, if you have a decent level 1 Formula, and you get a level 2 Formula that isn’t really a lot better than the first one, it might not be worth spending more materials to install the new formula on your gear.

4. Gather More Materials

how to gather materials in lifeafter

Now that you know how important it is to have more materials, it’s time to gather a whole bunch of them. The most straightforward way to get materials is to simply buy them from the Weapon store. You can buy two Reagents, two Crystals, and two Films per day. The problem is, they will all be random. You won’t be able to choose which ones you want to buy. You also have to be part of a Camp and spend Camp Contribution points in order to purchase them.

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Another way to get more materials is by completing Stronghold battles daily. You can exchange your Stronghold points for two of each material per day. The limit is per location, so you can buy a full set of materials in every Stronghold daily. The materials you get will also be randomized, though. Just try to gather as many of the materials as you can. They will all be useful eventually, anyway.

5. Upgrade Your Materials

how to upgrade your materials in lifeafter

If you followed the previous tip religiously, you will probably have a lot of level 1 materials in your inventory after a few days. Now all you have to do is upgrade them in order to get even better formulas. To upgrade a material, you will need to go to your Gear Workstation. Tap on Make Weapons, then go to the Upgrade tab. This is where you can upgrade all of Formula+ Materials.

Crafting higher level materials require a lot of resources. Upgrading to the next level will require four of the previous level plus additional items. For example, to create a level 2 HP Reagent, you will need 4 level 1 HP Reagents, 4 Pig Irons, and 2 Nylon Cloth. To create a level 3 HP Reagent, you need to multiply all those items by four then add 2 Plastic, 2 Steel, and 1 Film Fabric.

Considering you will need at least 1 set of level 3 materials for researching, then another set for installing them on your gear, Formula+ Research can become a massive drain on your resources. Make sure you don’t try to rush it by spending Gold Bars in the market. Instead, treat it as a long-term goal that you can achieve by taking things slow and steady. Stock up on materials and craft higher level ones whenever it’s possible.

Bringing out the big guns in LifeAfter takes a lot of work, but with the help of the tips and tricks above, you will be able to master Formula+ Research in no time!