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Elune Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Conquer Every Dungeon

It has been a long time coming, but Elune has finally arrived, and it was worth the wait. This hero-collecting RPG from Gamevil has been in the works for quite some time. Available on Android and iOS platforms, the game revolves around a world with multiple dimensions. That world is being threatened by evil forces, and it is up to you to stop them. You must assemble a team of heroes in order to battle the evil that is corrupting people across different lands.

There are over 200 heroes to recruit, each one with his own set of skills, and a compelling back story to boot. Build a team of five heroes and equip them with the best possible gear. Hunt down monsters and take on bosses in order to become more powerful. There are a lot of things to do in the game that it can be overwhelming for beginners. Fear not, though, as our Elune beginner’s guide comes with a number of useful tips, cheats and strategies to conquer every dungeon and defeat your enemies!

1. Grab The Daily Rewards And Other Incentives

If you have been playing mobile games for a while now, you would be familiar with the concept of daily login rewards. The game gives out various rewards for simply logging in. As a newcomer, you get extra daily login rewards on top of the ones given out to old players. Take advantage of that by making sure you don’t miss a day. Better rewards are given out if you complete an entire week, so make sure you log in and claim every day.

elune daily rewards

Aside from the rewards you get from logging into the game, you also get incentives for staying. Tap on the reward icon on the top right of the Lobby then go to the Log-In tab. You will get rewards for staying online for 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes. The longer you are logged in, the better the rewards will be. The rewards reset at midnight, so try to play the game early to make sure you will have enough online time to claim all the goodies.

2. Use Your Beginner Boost

As a beginner, the game will give you an experience boost for the first 7 days of your account. Once that is gone, it will be more difficult to progress in the game. Grind as much as you can while you still have the experience boost in order to get a jump start on your journey before the pace slows down to a crawl. Roleplaying games are notorious for the time you need to invest in grinding, and this game is no exception. The best way to get ahead is to assemble a decent team before your beginner boost runs out.

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3. Choose A Bonus Buff

Once your beginner boost is gone, you still have a bonus buff that can help you along. This buff only lasts an hour at a time, but you can claim it up to three times per day. The first buff is a 50% Elune Experience boost. The second one is unlocked when you hit Account level 15. It gives you a 50% boost to Gold earned. The third one is unlocked at Account level 20 and gives you a 50% boost to Account Experience.

elune bonus buff

The buff you choose depends on what you need most. You will find yourself short on Gold on numerous occasions, so you may want to pick that. Elune experience is something you will need often unless your team is at max level. Account Experience if underappreciated but you actually get access to more stuff when your Account level is higher. Just make sure you will be playing for the entire duration of the buff because it cannot be paused once you claim it.

4. Assemble A Powerful Team

Elunes are easy to recruit if you managed to pre-register for the game. Even if you didn’t, you would get a lot of free Rubies to summon with during the introductory part anyway. Once you have a bunch of Elunes, it is time to assemble your team. You normally want nothing but Epic and Legendaries on your team, with the goal of having a full Legendary team by the end of your Beginner Boost.

Before you get excited and just stuff your team with any and every Legendary you find, you should also think about team compositions. There are five classes in the game, each one with its own role in battle. Try to have a good combination of these classes on your team for balance. We have listed the different classes below to give you an idea of what they do for your team.

Tank: Has high Physical Defense. Soaks up damage and shields other heroes.

DPS: Deals high damage and is the main offensive force on your team.

Healer: Has skills that recover team HP.

Debuffer: Specializes in disrupting and weakening enemies.

Support: Gives allies stat boosts and removes any debuff spells.

5. Consider Your Formation

Now that you have a team, it is time to consider where they go on the battlefield. There are four Formation types in the game: Attack, Defense, Charge, and Iron Wall. These Formations vary in terms of how many players are on the front and back lines. Each Formation type gives a different stat boost to your heroes depending on your position.

elune formation list

Most other games would have you consider hero positions depending on whether they are melee or ranged, or if they are tanky or squishy. When considering positions in this game, you should think about the skills each hero has and whether or not they would benefit from the formation boost. For example, some hero skills give bonus effects if the hero lands a CRIT. Putting that hero in the back line of the Attack Formation will give them a CRT Rate boost.

The boost your heroes receive will depend on the level of the Formation you are using. Tap on the Enhance button to spend Gold and level up the Formation you often use. Keep in mind that your Formation level can’t be higher than your Account level. Don’t forget to level up your favorite Formation whenever your Account level goes up.

6. Grade Versus Rarity

elune freya

There are two types of classification when it comes to determining the strength of your heroes. The first is Grade, and it determines the maximum level of your hero. The higher the grade, the higher the maximum level will be. For example, a 1-star hero can only go up to level 10 while a 6-star hero’s cap is 60. Once your hero reaches the maximum level for his current grade, you can use the Evolve function add one star to his rating. You will need to spend the required number of seeds to do this. If your hero is already at 6 stars and his level is maxed out, you can use the Transcend function to strengthen him further. You will need an identical 6-star hero as sacrifice, though.

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The second classification is Rarity. The higher the rarity of a hero, the more powerful his base stats will be. Rare heroes also have more skills compared to common ones. The rarity of a hero cannot be changed no matter how much experience they gain. You can, however, use the Fusion function to sacrifice two max level heroes of the same grade for a set chance to obtain a hero of a higher rarity.

7. Use Your Skill Books Wisely

Skill Books are required to upgrade the skills of your heroes. You will need a Skill Book that matches the rarity of your hero in order to level up his skill. Each skill uses up one book per level. That means you will need a lot of books to upgrade all of your hero skills to max. Skill Books are hard to come by, even if you are willing to craft them yourself. That is why you should carefully consider who you use them on. You should also think about whether you want to spend all your books on upgrading a single skill or spread them out across different skills.

Another resource that can be hard to come by are Skill Gems. You can equip up to three of these on each of your hero’s skills. The problem is, once it has been equipped, there is no way to remove it other than destroying it.

The game has an Auto function for equipping the best possible Skill Gems quickly, but any gem that has been previously equipped will be lost. Make sure you consider whether you want to replace existing ones or save the new gems for fusion instead.

8. Upgrade Your Zodiac

elune zodiac

Tap on the three-bar icon on the top right corner of your screen to expand the menu. Tap on the Zodiac button to open up Zodiac screen. This is where you will find additional buffs that you can upgrade by spending Gold. Each new Zodiac is unlocked by meeting the Account level requirement. Make sure you max out the Zodiac buffs every time your Account level goes up in order to become even more powerful.

9. Take On More Challenges

You will spend most of your time grinding through the regular campaign stages. That does not mean, however, that you should neglect the different Challenge modes available in the game. There are several Challenges available for you to go through. Each of these give out various rewards that will help you strengthen your team. Check out the list below and try to go through each of them daily.

elune challenge

Lighture Temple: These are extra stages that you can clear in exchange for seeds. The type of seed you get depends on the temple that is open. A different one is open each day of the week, but they are all available on weekends. You still only get one chance per day, regardless of the number of temples open, though.

Boss Battle: Once you clear a Boss in Story Mode, he will become available in the Boss Battle challenge. You can challenge a Boss up to three times per day for a chance to get Legendary gear, or you can condense your challenge to one in exchange for a higher drop rate. The Bosses grow stronger each time you defeat them, so make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Dimensional Rift: Endless waves of monsters that you need to defeat within 50 turns. The more waves you clear, the more rewards you get. The Rift is a good place to farm for Gold and Rubies if your heroes are strong enough.

Chaos Tower: An endless tower filled with monsters. You can also challenge this up to three times per day in order to get more Rubies, Summons, and more. The higher you go, the better the rewards. Beware because the Condense option here will not count towards your Daily Mission completion.

Heir Battle: This is the PVP arena of the game. You get to take on other players in the arena in exchange for medals. Medals can then be used to purchase items from the in-game shop. You are also ranked depending on how many wins you get throughout the season. Players get rank-based rewards when the season ends.

Alliance Boss: This is a boss that has been summoned by your Alliance leader. You can get Epic to Legendary gears by participating in the Alliance Boss Battle. The more powerful the summoned boss, the better the rewards will be.

10. Join An Active Alliance

Alliances are the guilds in the game. You get to team up with other players in order to build up your Alliance. Make sure you look for an active Alliance because the only way to benefit from it is if there are plenty of Funds. Daily donations play a huge role in keeping the Alliance running, but there are also Boss Battles and Alliance levels to worry about. There will also be an Alliance vs Alliance in the works, and you want to be with people who are ready for it when the time comes.

11. What To Do With Extra Elunes

Since this is a hero-collecting game, you will find yourself with plenty of extra Elunes in your roster. Since you already have a main team, you might be wondering what you can do with the rest of them. For the stronger ones who are Epic and Legendary, you can use the Training function to level them up. You can assign up to five heroes in the Training menu and they will receive a percentage of the experience your main team earns. You can level up your Training in order to increase the experience cap your trainees earn.

what to do with extra elunes in elune

Your other strong heroes can also go on Explorations to gather potion materials. The higher the grade of the hero, the less time it will take for them to complete an Exploration. The problem with Exploration is that a hero can only go once per day. You will need to pick someone else if you want another Exploration. Potions can be crafted in the Workshop. These can be used before entering a stage in order to get buffs in battle.

For the less useful heroes in your roster, you can either Scrap or Sell them. Selling is straightforward. You get money in exchange for the heroes. Scraping will give you Elune’s Seeds and Elune’s Light. Elune’s light can be used to summon more heroes through the L. Summon Menu. It is like a bingo board of summons. You get a reward for every row or column you fill. If you get all 12 rows, you get guaranteed Legendary summon.

12. Add A Lot Of Friends

elune friendship summon

The game has a social system where you can add other players. You can add them by searching their name or you can add any of the players on the recommended list. You can bring along one hero from your friends in battle. If you have strong friends, they will be able to help you in more difficult battles. Friends also get to send Friendship points to each other every day. These can be used in the Friendship Summon menu. You will often get weak heroes in Friendship Summon, but they can be used for selling, scrapping, and upgrading, so make sure you still claim them.

13. How To Get Free Rubies

Rubies are the premium currency of the game. You need a lot of them in order to summon even more heroes. They can also be used for purchasing Challenge chances and more. If you don’t want to spend real money to purchase Rubies, you can still get a bunch of them by playing diligently. The game gives out Daily, Weekly, and Recurring missions that you must complete in order to receive various rewards. These rewards often include Rubies.

how to get free rubies in elune

Another way to get more Rubies in the game is by claiming them from your Index. The Index lists down all of the heroes you recruit. Each grade of hero also counts as another listing in the Index. Every level of Boss you defeat in Boss Battle Challenge also has its own listing. Finally, unlocking certain heroes will trigger scenarios that can be viewed in the Index. Filling up all of these listings will reward you with plenty of Rubies.

A third option for getting more rubies is through the in-game shop. Go to the Ruby tab of the shop and you will see a listing that is labeled FREE. Tap on it and you will be taken to a page where you can complete offers in exchange for free Rubies. These offers usually involve installing another game and playing it for a bit. If you have plenty of free time, you may as well try it.

This wraps up our beginner’s guide for Elune. If yo have anything to add to our list of tips and tricks, please let us know below in the comment area!