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Soul Destiny Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and Raise Combat Power Fast

EYOUGAME may have just been around since 2017, but its app portfolio of 7 games on both Android and iOS speaks strongly about the quality of games it has, most specifically, in the RPG genre. Each of its releases like Light Chaser, Demoncer, and Musou Glory, along with the rest of RPGs it offers, has held spots in top ten charts across more than 10 countries. As such, it can only be naturally expected that Soul Destiny, EYOUGAME’s latest release has racked up over 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store alone just a few days after its release.

Soul Destiny is very much like any RPGs in the market but basically contains an overwhelming amount of content in terms of game modes and in-game features. If you are a fan of MMORPGs, then you will probably find a lot of the things you are looking for in Soul Destiny. The game also features high quality 3D graphics and over-the-top explosive effects If you are currently looking for a quick and easy RPG to immerse yourself in as well as go on multitudes of quests to play on your own or with friends, be sure to check this game out and discover how immersive and addictive it can be with everything it has to offer.

Take on the mantle of a warrior hero and journey to the continent of Saint Merlin, as a never-ending series of quests take you through a wild and wonderful journey for the glory of your empire. Like most RPGs within the genre, Soul Destiny is primarily, but not entirely, about raising your Combat Power (CP). As simple as it sounds, there are so many ways to do so and since you will be gaining tons of levels in just the first few minutes after diving into the game, you will come to discover that much of your initial time on the game will be spent jumping from one enhancement or upgrade feature to another as much as you will complete several quests continuously. Reaching new levels will often unlock more game modes and features for you to revel in and with auto mode on your side right from the start, it’s mostly going to be an easy endeavor.

Soul Destiny offers step-by-step tutorials that are very easy to follow. Despite the somewhat overwhelming number of upgrade and enhancement options available for you to tinker with, red dot indicators serve as a great help to identify areas and aspects of the game you need to revisit. Although you can still opt for manual battles, the auto mode makes moving from one area to the next as well as defeating mobs and initial bosses a piece of cake. Considering everything in the game, it is very easy to understand and play even for complete beginners. If you want to ensure that you hero grows as fast as he or she can though and if you want to level up and raise combat power as fast as you can, then our Soul Destiny beginner’s guide, including tips, cheats and strategies, can help you get started right on the game to grow as fast and as efficiently as you can.

1. Aim To Complete The Main Quests

Similar to other MMORPGs that offer a bit of story into it, Soul Destiny shares its lore through the quests that it sends you through to progress your game. Quests are located on the left side of your screen and though sub-quests will pile up later on, the main one can easily be identified as it sits on the top of the list. Main quests are your main source of experience points to level up your character and earn basic resources you need to enhance and upgrade your character. As these quests serve as the main mode of the game, expect to unlock additional game modes and features fast as you take on and accomplish main quests one after another.

soul destiny tips

For the first few minutes or hours of your game, you most likely won’t encounter any difficulty relative to the missions you have in hand as you progress through the main quest. Perhaps the only impediments you will encounter are level requirements you need to meet from time to time to be able to continue moving forward with the story. There will also be situations when you will be guided towards playing in the new game modes you have unlocked as well as perform enhancements or upgrades as recommended by the newly activated features. In any case, do so only as what is required, then push forward with the main quests once you are able to.

A lot of the game modes you will unlock become a staple portion of your daily activities later on as each one offers important rewards as well as become key to unlocking achievements for even more rewards. The significance in pushing forward with quests, therefore, is to unlock as much content as early as possible so you can engage in more activities and earn even more in-game rewards starting from day one. Don’t forget to click on the quest once it is completed to claim your rewards.

2. Equip Better Gears And Always Upgrade Each To Max

There are more upgrade and enhancement options available in Soul Destiny than in most RPGs and while it will normally be a challenge in itself to keep track of all the things to keep an eye out for, simply taking note of red dot indicators on the numerous icons on the screen will help you identify areas where upgrades or enhancements can be done.

soul destiny gear

The first source of CP boost comes from the gears you equip and as you complete one quest after another, you will surely amass a lot more than what you need. Each piece of equipment is unique though and some offer better stats than others. Fortunately enough, better gears are shown on your screen whenever you acquire one and simply clicking on them will automatically equip them, replacing previously equipped ones.

Beyond acquiring a wide variety of gears, each one can be further strengthened through enhancement and you can easily view your equipped gears by clicking on the Forge icon at the lower left side of your screen. At the Forge, highlight each piece of equipment with the red mark as those can still be enhanced. You can choose to click on the enhance button but since you only consume gold to do so and you will have more than enough through the course of the game, opt to click on the auto enhance instead to max out the enhancement level of each piece of gear. Gears have different colors based on their rarity but the lowermost ones, green and blue, will more likely be off your hands just a few hours into the game. Rarity determines the maximum enhancement level which means that you can further enhance new equipment once you obtain a higher rarity one that you can equip. Don’t hesitate to max out enhancement levels as it will carry on the new equipment you replace the old one with.

3. Enhance And Upgrade Your Partners

Before you jump into the fantasy world of Soul Destiny, you will choose between a male and female character and regardless of which one you pick, you will still be able to pick up pieces of equipment suitable for the one you are not using. As such you will have plenty of otherwise useless gears in your inventory and to top it all off, previously equipped ones you are no longer using along with newer ones that actually offer lower stats lie dormant in your bag. If you are wondering about the rationale behind this predicament, you should know that each piece of extra gear you have can be devoured by your elf companion and this will be her primary source of CP boost which works very much like how you gain experience in battle. You can view your elf partner’s details through the Elf icon at the bottom of your screen and once there, having an indicator on the devour button means you can feed her some equipment. You can simply click on the Devour Start button to quickly and easily get rid of unwanted gears and there is an option as well to manually select the ones you want to feed her.

soul destiny partners

Accomplishing quests, missions, and a variety of objectives can earn you Elf Blessing Scrolls needed to raise the star rank of your elf ally tremendously boosting her CP. Don’t hesitate to click on the “Star up all” button to quickly consume the scrolls. You should also consume Elf Gems as soon as you obtain some and access the “E. Gem” tab of the Elf window and tap the “Use All” button to do so.

Your elf companion isn’t the only partner you have in the world of Soul Destiny. You also have your trusty mount that doesn’t just serve as a means of speeding up movement between areas but also contribute to your overall CP. Though mounts don’t consume items to level up, they have star levels that can be ranked up much like the elf through consuming Mount Blessing Scrolls and can also gain various stat increases and CP boosts from Mount Stones. Be sure to always check the red dot indicator on the mount icon at the bottom of your screen and immediately perform the necessary enhancements as consumables become available to hasten you CP increase and become more effective in combat.

4. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds, alliances, factions, and similar player groupings have long since been an integral part of many online games, and not just MMORPGs. Although you are naturally free to play through MMORPGs all on your own and can still make good progress, a lot of the game modes require playing with a team or party. While playing with random players can also be viable, your guild can be your main source of party members that can even grow to become your in-game friends.

There are many benefits to be gained from joining a guild especially if you become a part of an active one. As you can quickly apply and be an automatic member of any guild, be sure to exercise a bit of selectiveness as the more active the guild is, the better it will be for you as well as all of its members.

soul destiny guild

One of the top perks of joining a guild is the guild quest which consists of 70 quick and easy missions you can accomplish per week that can earn you additional experience points and extra rewards. As you would want to continuously earn more experience points to level up your character and reach new CP levels, you should aim to accomplish these quests.

Another great benefits lies within the guild storage. You can donate any gear you are no longer using for the common good of all members as other members may find some of the equipment you cannot use to be better than what they have equipped. Similarly, you will also be sure to find gears at the guild storage that are better than what you have. You can pick those out and exchange your equipped gears for them at the cost of paying points you have earned with the extra gears you donated.

Once you become accepted into any guild, you will also be able to claim daily wages, in the form of Offline Period Cars you can use to gain items and experience as your hero continues to battle while you are offline. On the main page of the Guild window which you can initially see by clicking on the “Guild” icon at the bottom of your screen, be sure to check for guild red packets which can reward you with diamonds whenever a fellow guild member makes an in-game purchase.

There are also various events to participate in as a member of any guild so regularly check the events tab of the guild menu and exert as much effort as you need to take part in these time-limited events for great rewards. Under the skills tab, you can learn a wide variety of power0ups to further boost your CP. These cost contributions so make sure to prioritize based on what you feel is more immediately needed. Participate in events and other guild activities to earn currencies that can be exchanged for a variety of items at the guild shop.

5. Check The Character Icon For More Upgrade Options

While there are already a plethora of features in Soul Destiny for you to do some enhancements and rapidly boost your CP, There are still a number of things you can enhance beyond your gears and companions. By clicking on the Character icon at the bottom left side of your screen, you can access the character menu full of several features that, when enhanced, can further bring your CP values higher.

soul destiny characters

On the information tab, the Peerage icon on the bottom left can be upgraded provided that you meet the minimum CP requirement for the next level. Prestige can be boosted after receiving gifts from other players making it also important for you to gain as many in-game friends as you can. Titles can be changed after meeting certain conditions and each one provides a different stat buff.

Take note that there are other tabs in the Character window as well. Wings, which you will acquire soon enough in the game after playing for a while, can be enhanced using Wing Enhance items which you can acquire from the arena or special events. Wings can also be enhanced using Plumes which are event-specific drops. Next to that are Relics which can similarly be upgraded and enhanced by consuming Relic Enhance Gems and Relic Souls, respectively. Lastly, Arms, which will be the last to become available, works similarly with both Wings and Relics and can be upgraded in a similar way. If you don’t have the necessary materials to further enhance these items, click on the required resources to see where you can obtain each of them. Keep an eye on the Character icon regularly to identify if there are certain aspects of it that you can enhance.

6. Embed Gems And S. Gems

To further add to Soul Destiny’s numerous enhancement and upgrade features, the Gem and S. Gem icons at the bottom of your screen can also greatly improve your CP and to some extent, will make your hero unique from others. There are various game modes and events to acquire both sets of gems from and what is important is to embed them as soon as you are able to and enhance whenever possible. Gems are embedded on your gears and cannot be enhanced further while S. Gems can be placed on slots that unlock based on your progress in the Soul Tower. S. Gems can be upgraded with the use of Bead Essences and to gain more of these, you can choose to dismantle lower quality S. Gems. Ideally, you should dispose of blue ones as soon as you have purple S. Gems on each lot and so on.

soul destiny gems

There’s hardly any reason to keep extra gems so feel free to dispose duplicates you no longer need. Don’t hesitate as well to upgrade gems as you will want to push for a higher CP constantly. Though upgrade levels don’t carry on to better gems once you swap them in, getting S. Gems of higher rarity than purple will already be a big challenge in itself.

7. Expend Daily Attempts At The Dungeon Halls

There are various dungeons available in Soul Destiny, some are for single player battles while other game modes require being in a party. As all servers are highly active, it’s fairly easy to find people to match with for the quests that require a team. There are plenty of rewards to gain and most challenges are not that difficult. In any case, be sure to always expend the very limited daily attempts you have for each dungeon for the immediate rewards you will receive as well as the accomplishment of daily objectives for additional rewards.

The Soul Tower is perhaps the most challenging game mode in the dungeons as the higher you go, the challenge becomes greater. Every once in a while, you will reach a roadblock as the enemies will prove to be tougher than you and you will need to raise your CP further to challenge it again. Each floor you beat gives great rewards and as expected, the higher you go, the better each set of rewards get.

soul destiny dungeons

The Elf Realm is daily source of upgrade materials for your elf companion. You only get 2 attempts per day and further levels which offer much better rewards are unlocked following a level requirement. As you continuously need to upgrade your elf companion, don’t miss to use each chance you get here and consume the rewards immediately.

First up on the team effort dungeons is the EXP Vault which is probably the most important mode in the dungeons as you will always need to push forward as far as CP boosting goes and raising your level is the top priority for that. For the most part, you will almost always be able to reach a new level regardless of your current level.

Next up is the Gear Dungeon where you can potentially get new and better equipment. Unlike other game modes, you can freely assist friends and other players here without expending your daily attempts. Again, better rewards are up for grabs on much higher difficulty levels in this dungeon provided that you meet the minimum level requirements to unlock each of them.

There is also a Couple Dungeon where you can pair up with a character form the opposite gender. As a unique feature of the boss in this dungeon, only 1 player at a time can damage it. Regardless though, staying on auto mode can mostly be enough to clear this dungeon and earn your rewards.

8. Complete Daily Quests And Achievements

On top of the immediate experience points and rewards you get from completing quests and engaging in various game modes, most activities you do contribute to Daily Tasks and Achievements that grant additional reward. Be sure to check both icons regularly to claim rewards as well as take note of the tasks that you can still easily complete to gain even more rewards.

soul destiny daily quest

For Daily Quests, you can access it through the top right icon on your screen and can easily click on the proceed button on each category to initiate each quest. Take note of activity points you can earn here and always aim to reach 150 points. You will never run out of needs for diamonds and the additional items are all very useful. Be sure to also take note of tasks like the actual daily quests which can only be accessed here. Also, since you will have 70 guild quests for the week, the ideal way of going about it is finishing 10 per day to ensure that you will obtain the optimum points daily and have enough remaining quests for the rest of the week.

Achievements, on the other hand, are a little more challenging to accomplish as you progress farther in the game as it offers one-time rewards and incrementally adjust the requirements for the next set of rewards. There are numerous tabs to check here so if you have some extra time on your schedule, remember to browse through what else you can achieve her and try to work on completing the easier tasks to acquire rewards sooner. Take note that achievements often reward you with diamonds so claiming rewards here earlier and aiming to secure other achievements fast can definitely help you progress your character faster.

9. Push For Rebirth Once It Becomes Available

soul destiny rebirth

At certain points in the game, you will need to go through rebirth to progress to the next level. You can see the rebirth icon at the rightmost side of your screen and proceeding to initialize it will take you through a series of quests and challenges. Once completed, your character will instantly have a huge stat bonus as well as receive skill enhancements that tremendously increase your CP. Additionally, more equipment will become available for you after reaching a new rebirth level which means that you can most likely equip one, two, or even several gears in your inventory that you previously could not use. Consequently as well, these new gears along with potential enhancement options made available will likewise boost your CP further. Prioritizing rebirth over all other daily tasks when it becomes available is a must as the CP boost you can get out of it will help you clear all other quests and challenges faster and easier.

10. Make The Most Out Of Server Events, Benefits, And 7-Day Login

Just to point out once again that Soul Destiny is jam-packed with loads of game features, there are other great sources of rewards for you to take advantage of most especially if you want to level up and raise your CP as fast as you can in this game. Be sure to regularly click on these icons which can easily be found at the top right area of your screen. Without you even noticing, some of these icons may show indicators for when new rewards become available. Remember as well that both server events and benefits have multiple tabs and it is important for you to check on each to see what else you can achieve on top of claiming rewards for those tasks or requirements you have already accomplished.

soul destiny rewards

There are still a lot to explore and engage in as you delve into the fantasy world of Soul Destiny even deeper. For now though, these tips and strategies are what we believe are the best we can squeeze into our beginner’s guide. We are certain that reading through each of the topics we listed here and exerting some time and effort into completing the numerous daily tasks on top of the main quest progress you need to push for as well. There are hardly any limits as to how much time you can spend in the game and while you can also gain experience points and other rewards while staying offline, playing longer online and keeping tabs on the numerous icons on your screen for upgrades and rewards can push your progress much faster. If you know or discover additional tips, cheats or strategies relevant to the ones we shared in this guide, don’t hesitate to share your views and comments below!