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BitLife Careers Guide: How to Become a Business Analyst, Psychiatrist, Biotechnologist or a Stockbroker

BitLife is a highly addicting text-based life simulator from Candywriter, where you get to know what it’s like to live another life with just a few taps on your mobile screen. It may sound uninteresting and monotonous, but it’s far from that. With smart and witty captions about what’s going on in your life, unexpected events and random encounters with people, you’ll be surprised how much time will pass while you’re playing.

It also comes close to real life as the game randomly determines whether you’ll be lucky and be blessed with good stats from the moment you’re born, or be the unfortunate one with lower smarts and looks. But no matter what status you’re born into, you can take what you have and work on it to your advantage. You can definitely turn your life around with the choices you make.

The characteristics of your parents and their jobs are random as well. If you have really generous parents, expect them to hand over money when you ask, although the amount they give you depends on if they have a lot or not. They might even be generous enough to pay for your tuition, and they can leave a huge sum of inheritance too.

The ideal BitLife would be having a stable and successful career, earning six figures or even millions a year. Doing this is very possible depending on which career you choose. In this BitLife guide, we’ll help you become a business analyst, a psychiatrist, a biotechnologist, a stockbroker, and more. If the careers mentioned aren’t what you had in mind, you can look at our BitLife guide on how to become a lawyer, doctor, or an actor.

How To Become A Business Analyst In BitLife

To become a business analyst in BitLife, you need to graduate from a university and look for a job as a junior business analyst. The junior business analyst job appears on the list of jobs if you take a major related to business like mathematics or finance. It is also a must that you graduate with really high smart stats.

To get your smart stats high, you must study hard every year from the day you start school at age 6. When you turn 12, you can go to the library on your own. This also helps increase your smart stats. Do this every year along with studying hard to keep your smart stats high.

bitlife business analyst job

If you did take a business related major but the junior business analyst job isn’t there, it can be that your stats are still lacking. You can attend to business school, which lasts for about two years, and make sure to study hard and go to the library. When you graduate from business school and the junior business analyst job still doesn’t come up, you can take up another job and check yearly if there are job openings available. If it still isn’t there, you can start another game and hope it appears.

Once you become a junior business analyst, you can get promoted to business analyst the following year depending on your stats. After that, you’ll become senior business analyst. The corporate route is a good path to take if you want to earn a lot but not slave away your years studying for medical school. It takes less time to graduate from business school, and you’ll earn money a lot sooner too.

How To Become A Psychiatrist In BitLife

Being a psychiatrist is a lot of hard work. It requires you to take up a psychology major in university and take up medical school after. You really need to be smart to be able to have psychology as a choice. You need to be even smarter to be able to get in medical school.

Aside from being smart, you also have to consider if you have the resources to go into medical school. Similar to real life, medical school in BitLife costs a lot. You wouldn’t want to end up with debt you need pay for more than half of your life. Although you might be able to snag that scholarship since you have to be smart to be even considered. Scholarship is always granted to those who have perfect smart stats and almost always granted to those above 90. Anything lower than that just depends on luck.

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After you graduate from psychology, you need to take up medical school. Medical school takes some years to complete. Make sure to religiously study hard and go to the library every year to keep your smart stats high. When you’re done with medical school, the junior psychiatrist job will be available for you. You then will become a psychiatrist after a few years. After that, you’ll become the senior psychiatrist.

If your BitLife smart stats are low from the beginning, I suggest you choose another career because this one really needs the lucky draw of being smart since birth. This is also true for other careers in the medical field. But if you really want to be a psychiatrist, you can just start another game until you get one with high smart stats.

How To Become A Biotechnologist In BitLife

To become a biotechnologist, you will need to graduate from a university with a related major and then apply for a job as a junior biotechnologist. This option will only appear if you study biology or chemistry. You don’t need to go to medical school for this. All you have to do is make sure you are smart enough. From the moment you start school, you will need to study harder every year. It’s also the same for high school and university. Always make it a habit to go to the library every year as well.

bitlife biotechnologist job

The junior biotechnologist job will only appear if you have perfect stats. Similar to our previous tip, if you aren’t born with the brains needed for this, you might as well start over or choose a different career path. You can try to further your studies by going to graduate school or even medical school to raise your smart stats. But if you start with below average smarts and want to pursue this career, it’s better to start a new BitLife and pray that the odds are in your favor.

After you graduate from biology or chemistry, the junior biotechnologist job will pop up in the list of jobs. Once you become a junior biotechnologist, you then will be promoted into biotechnologist. After several years of working and raises, the highest promotion you will get is senior biotechnologist. If you aren’t satisfied with your earnings, you can always check out for new job openings at other companies yearly.

How To Become A Stockbroker In BitLife

If you’re interested in being a stockbroker, the path you’ll need to take is similar to being a business analyst. What you’ll need to do is to choose a major that will make the junior stockbroker job appear. These majors include mathematics, finance, or any other business-related majors. When you graduate, chances are high that you’ll see the junior stockbroker job available. However, there will be times when it’s right there, but they won’t accept you. What you’ll need to do is to widen your experience and study once again. You can opt for business school or graduate school. When you’re done, you can try to apply for junior stockbroker again.

Once you’ve become a junior stockbroker, you’ll be promoted to stockbroker and then senior stockbroker. Your promotion depends on your performance. You need to still be diligent in improving your stats and study at the library when you have the chance. Try not to waste away your life by drinking every cocktail offered to you or taking every drug you happen to see inside a random bag. There is a chance you’ll become an alcoholic or get into jail, which is even worse. Your company could fire you for your performance, so remember to be a team player and go to company events and always say yes to your boss.

How To Become A Writer In BitLife

If you play your cards right, you can start out as a writer straight out of high school and earn millions a year until the end of your days. What’s great about this is you don’t need to have the smarts, but your smart stats have to be decent enough to be hired. If the writer job isn’t available straight out of high school, you can try going to community college or even try going to university if the English major is available. This will definitely help in landing that job.

bitlife writer job

Of course, as a new writer for a publishing company, you start out with very low salary. There are also no promotions as a writer. However, you get raises quite often, almost yearly. Also, remember to check out the job listing yearly. There will be times when you’ll see a writer position open up at another company where they offer a much higher salary. Once you see that, take it, spend a few years working at the company, and try to ask for a raise. If you’re lucky enough, you can ask for a raise and you might be surprised that your salary is suddenly six figures or more.

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It may get boring being a millionaire so young, but never choose to live a dangerous and risky life when earning so much because you can lose everything with just one tap. You don’t need to be smuggling things to another country because you have so much money already. Avoid assaulting people because this may lead to them pressing charges and you are going to jail. You may not lose your money, but you won’t be able to spend it at all. Don’t start riots in jail either as this makes everything worse. You’ll just end up extending your jail time for decades.

Although there won’t be any promotions or career growth with this, you’ll still live a very satisfying life earning millions annually. You can buy multiple real estates, all the cars of your liking, go on vacations wherever, whenever, and live the rest of your life happy and content. If you live carefully and righteously, you won’t regret anything.

How To Become The Chief Of Police In BitLife

Another out of high school job career you can choose is being a police officer. Like most out of high school jobs, you can get them pretty easily. You don’t even need to study at all to become one. However, don’t be too careless and say yes to everything that comes your way. You’re going to be a police officer after all. The highest level you can reach is becoming chief of police. This is fairly easy to obtain. All you need to do is stick to your morals and be a law-abiding citizen.

If you want career growth, being a police officer has a lot of promotions which can all be easily attained. After graduating from high school, check the job listings for a cadet and apply for it. Regardless of your stats, you can become one, no matter how bad it may be. Once you’re a cadet, all you need to do is live a righteous life and improve some of your stats along the way.

If the cadet option isn’t there, you can skip the next year or check if the patrolman or trooper positions are on the list. You can also apply for these jobs if you’re only a high school graduate. From there, you can be promoted to corporal. In a year or two, you’ll be sergeant. Next, you’ll be an inspector and then a lieutenant. After more than a decade of hard work, you’ll finally become chief of police. If you’re lucky, you can be chief of police before you turn 40 years old. If you aren’t satisfied with your earnings, you can always ask for a raise or look for a better opportunity in another company.

That’s it for our BitLife careers guide. We hope you have found a career that appeals to you and apply everything that you’ve just read. If there’s anything else you know that might help others achieve the career of their dreams, please share it with us in the comment section.