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BitLife Money & Happiness Cheats: How to Make a Lot of Money, Become A CEO and Live Longer

BitLife is a unique text-based life simulation game created by Candywriter. The game has received great feedback since its release and has garnered quite the following thanks to its signature blend of cynical realism and crazy scenarios. If you are looking for some general tips for playing the game, you may check out our previous BitLife cheats, tips and tricks.

For those who are new to BitLife, it is about living your character’s life through a series of decisions. Your character starts out as a newborn baby and you must make choices that will affect his life year after year. These choices can be as basic as going to college or can be as crazy as assaulting a random passerby. Decisions lead to consequences, and it is all up to you to weigh the pros and cons. You can lead your character to a life of crime or help him reach the pinnacle of success. If your goal is to become the best, make a boatload of money and become a CEO of a company, then read our compilation BitLife cheats, tips and tricks in a complete strategy guide below.

1. Happiness Prolongs Your Life

One of the key indicators of success in BitLife is the length of your character’s life. Most characters will live to be in their 80s or 90s, but very few make it to three digits. If you want to ensure that your character lives to be over a hundred years old, you will need to maintain his bars. The Happiness, Health, Looks, and Intelligence bars should all be very high or even full. You could probably survive with just above average looks, but you generally want to ensure your health is maxed out.

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Health can be maintained by making sure you always go to the doctor if you are sick. Alternative doctors are also available when you need them. Try to have regular colon cleaning and acupuncture sessions to increase your chances of living a longer life. Keep in mind that mental health is just as important, so always keep an eye on your happiness.

Keeping your Happiness bar full is easy if you spend enough time with your family and friends. Just tap on each family member to have a conversation with them, go to the movies, or take them on a vacation. If you can afford it, try to go on multiple vacations every year in order to ensure maximum happiness for your character.

2. Lay The Groundwork

Money makes the real world go around, so it is only natural for a life simulation game to place as much value in it. Of course, having a lot of money can benefit you in different ways. For one, it makes maintaining your bars a lot easier. When you start out, there won’t be a lot of money-making opportunities. You will have to start early, though, if you want these opportunities to come in the future.

The first thing you need to do is to study. Always choose to study hard for every year of your life that you are in school. This will help ensure that you will graduate with good grades, get into a better college or university, and maybe even save yourself from student loans for the rest of your life by qualifying for a scholarship.

When you are still young, asking your parents for some extra cash may seem a natural thing to do. What you probably don’t know is that you can continue to ask them for money even after you get a job. Don’t be afraid to ask because the worse they can do is say no. It won’t really affect your relationship with them unless you are the type to hold a grudge. The money you get from your parents may not be a lot, but they will pile up over time.

Low- or no-cost activities that improve your character should also be included in your routine. This includes meditation and the gym. You will not see the immediate effects of these activities, but if you consistently do them over the years, they will have positive effects in the future. Since you won’t be investing much money in them, there is really no reason to skip these activities. Hit the gym now!

Another early decision that will have an effect on your future is choosing a major. If your goal is money, make sure you choose a major that will help you secure high-paying jobs. Try to go into law, medicine, politics, or even the sciences if you can. Getting a degree in these fields will help you land that dream job after you graduate.

One final choice you might need to make actually depends on where you were born. If you are born in a country that is not too successful, you could choose to migrate. Migrate to a country that has better-paying jobs and more opportunities to make money.

3. Cash In On Investments

Now that you have a solid foundation, it is time to cash in. If you were diligent enough to study, meditate, go to the gym, save a few extra bucks, and secure a good degree, you should have some great opportunities coming up. If you play your cards right, you will be able to make a lot of money in just a few years.

First thing you should look into is whether or not you can afford to buy some houses. If you saved up enough, you should be able to buy some property. Buying low and selling high is one of the easiest ways to make money in the game. On top of that, you don’t need any qualifications in order to succeed. If you have the capital, you can start purchasing property. Check if the property value goes up the following year then sell if it does. Rinse and repeat until you are filthy rich.

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If you invested well in your looks over the years, you should also start looking for a spouse. Just to be clear, you need to look for a rich spouse. Good looks should be able to help you hook up with any rich target, so just keep hunting. If they die before you, you will inherit their wealth. If they mistreat you, you can divorce them and take half their wealth. It’s a win-win as long as you don’t mess up.

Another way to earn some money is through your parents. They have a higher chance of dying before you compared to your spouse. Make sure you treat them well throughout your lifetime, you may be in for a considerable inheritance when they’re gone. Of course, whether or not they were rich in the first place would affect how much you get from them.

4. How To Become A CEO In BitLife

While becoming a CEO means you will earn a lot of money, it is also an indicator that you have become successful in your career. This should be achievable within your character’s lifetime, especially if you were born with above average stats and in a modern country. It is possible to become a CEO in any country, but it helps if you are in one that has a lot of top CEO positions like the UK or US.

If you followed our earlier advice about choosing a good major, you should be able to climb the corporate ladder with relative ease. Now all you have to do is go to Business School after you graduate from the university in order to seal the deal. It is possible to reach CEO level without going to Business School, but it certainly improves your chances.

Anyone who wants to make it to the top will need to know the power of social interactions. It is not enough that you have multiple degrees, people have to like you. Make sure you have an active social life and that you participate in any of the company activities. It wouldn’t hurt to cozy up to your boss, but this is a random event that you will not be able to predict.

Loyalty is one thing that is rewarded in BitLife. Even if you see better earning potential elsewhere, you may want to stick to your current company, especially if you have already invested a good number of years in it. Jumping from one company to another reduces your chances of eventually making it to the CEO position.

One last thing you should keep in mind is to keep your hands clean. You can’t be a CEO if you have been in jail. In fact, you might not even be given a corporate job if you are an ex-convict. Stay away from trouble, never try any weird substances, and generally live an honest life. The only exception would be if you see something shady within your company. Sometimes it might be best to just look away and stay out of it.

Living life to the fullest requires a lot of work, but it is definitely worth it when you make it to the top. Follow our BitLife cheats, tips and tricks above if you want to reach your life goals as soon as possible!