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BitLife Crime & Prison Life Guide: Tips & Tricks for Criminal Minds

BitLife is a fun simulation game where you can live out the life of your character from birth until death. Available on Android and iOS, this game is all about making choices. You are presented a series of decisions throughout each year of your life. Do you donate to charity? Do you lie to your mom? Every choice has its consequences, similar to how things are in real life.

Sometimes, the consequences are expected, other times, they can be pretty hilarious. One of the choices you can make in the game is to turn to a life of crime. As you could probably expect, that can have a lot of negative consequences. The game’s latest update, however, has added a new category of life events related to crime that opens up a world of possibilities to explore. If you want to remain an upstanding citizen, you may refer to our previous BitLife guide. In case the thought of getting away with murder excites you, read the rest of our BitLife tips, cheats and tricks below!

1. Choose Your Targets Wisely

One of the first crime options you will get under the new category is to commit a murder. When you choose this option, you will be able to select a target. Keep in mind that just because you chose to murder someone does not mean they will actually die. There is always a chance of failure, so be careful who you target. If you choose to kill a family member and you fail to kill him, you will end up permanently destroying your relationship with that person. It would be safer for you to choose a stranger as your target to avoid wasting your effort in establishing a relationship with family members.

2. Be Sensible

There may be a lot of ways to commit murder, but that does not mean you should randomly choose one. If you want to be serious about becoming a murderer, you need to be sensible. There are crazy options available like the Atomic Wedgie. Do you know how hard it is to actually kill someone with a wedgie? The crazier your chosen method is, the more likely it will fail. Successfully murdering someone would land you in prison. Failing gives you a risk of still going to prison for attempted murder. If you are going to prison anyway, you might as well go with a success, right?

3. Enjoy Prison Life

Once you get yourself into prison in BitLife, there are a few more options available to you. First, yoprisu can appeal your sentence. If you were able to save up enough money before you committed your murder, you should be able to afford an attorney and appeal your sentence. Of course, that won’t guarantee that you will be able to get out, but it is worth a shot. The second option is to just stay in prison and cause trouble by starting riots. The more trouble you cause, the higher the chances of adding to your sentence. The third option is to try to get yourself out by escaping. Feel free to choose whichever sounds the most fun for you.

4. How To Break Out

Breaking out of prison used to be a matter of luck. The game realized it also takes skill, so the new update now gives you a better chance of escaping on purpose. If you choose to escape, you get to play a mini game where you need to outwit a guard. The guard can move two steps for every move you make, but he won’t always do so. You need to lure him into getting trapped behind walls in order to make your escape.

The minigame shows you a grid of squares. You have an icon for your character and another for the prison guard. There are also black lines that indicate walls on the sides of certain squares. Your goal is to trick the guard into walking behind those black lines. It’s not as easy as you would hope, though, since the guard moves faster than you do.

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There are different levels available when you try to escape. It is essentially a series of puzzle games that you need to solve. Some levels are easy, and you can probably complete them in a couple of moves. Other puzzles will require you to take some risks. You might need to put yourself in danger of getting caught in order to lure the guard into a trap. If you get caught, your prison sentence will be extended, so be careful.

In order to lure the guard, you have to be within his line of sight. That means any square that goes in any of the four cardinal directions. If you are in any square that is diagonal to the guard, he won’t chase you. Keep this in mind when trying to get him into a trap. Make sure you will be able to get into his line of sight without getting caught.

5. There Is Life After Prison

If you successfully escape from prison, you could live out a normal life, but it won’t be as easy as before. Keep in mind that you are a fugitive, so there will always be a risk of getting caught again. Make sure you avoid drawing attention to yourself by staying away from high-profile jobs, like a CEO. You would also notice that it will be more difficult to get a decent job now that you have a criminal record. The jobs waiting for you would probably something in the porn industry.

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Regardless of the kind of job you get, you will still be able to earn money and raise your kids. The chance of living to see old age is still there as long as you play it safe moving forward and avoid causing any more trouble. On the other hand, you are also free to commit more crimes and get yourself back in prison if you feel like it. You can always follow the straight and narrow path in the next life, after all.

A life of crime hardly ever pays, but it is never boring! Follow our BitLIfe tips, cheats and tricks for criminals, and watch the craziness unfold!


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Friday 26th of July 2019

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Thursday 7th of March 2019

one more thing: as you keep getting arrested and you have been to the prison multiple times before the intensity and the difficulty level of escaping the prison increases.i was sent to prison for 500 years the last time i was cought and i couldnt escape it so i just ended my life.