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BitLife Jobs Guide: Tips & Tricks to Find Your Dream Job and Make a Good Career

BitLife is an exciting life simulation game from Candywriter, that’s available for Android and iOS devices. In the game you go through your character’s entire life, from birth to death, by making a series of text-based decisions. It may sound simple at first, but the game’s tongue-in-cheek approach to life’s consequences make for some hilarious stories to follow. BitLife is also surprisingly detailed when it comes to giving scenarios and plotting outcomes of your decisions.

There are a lot of things that you need to juggle, including your happiness, health, wealth, and career. These things can all be achieved through various means, some of them are even related. The key is knowing from the beginning what you want and live out your character’s life accordingly. We have several articles that will help you attain happiness, health, and wealth. If you want to focus on finding your dream job, however, then it is time to read our BitLife job hunting tips, cheats and tricks listed below.

1. Think About Education Costs

BitLife is pretty good in following real life trends, so popular jobs would be the same here as with the real world. For example, if you are in the US, you would earn a lot as a doctor. Unfortunately, having a high-paying job will not always mean a lot of money for you. Student loans in the US can be crippling, especially for medical school. If you end up in a lot of debt because of your studies, your salary as a doctor will end up going to loan payments. When this happens, you may as well forget about med school and just look for a job that won’t cost you a lot to prepare for. Always take into consideration the costs of education before deciding on a career path. Otherwise, you will end up stuck in debt and unable to pursue your other life goals like getting married or having children.

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One way to get around student loans is to apply for scholarships. Approval for scholarships often involves a bit of luck, but you can raise your chances by studying a lot before graduating from high school. If you are granted scholarship, make sure you take advantage of it. You have a high chance of getting promoted in the medical field, so if you are lucky enough to get a scholarship grant, don’t let it go to waste! Keep working hard and stay out of trouble until you get to the top of the ladder.

2. Jobs To Aim For

Since your character’s place of birth is randomly generated, it is difficult to declare what the best job is. The salary range for each job varies for different countries. With that said, there are still career paths that are generally good regardless of location. If you are not sure what a good path is for the country you are in, it might be better for you to just follow one of these.

Jobs that involve handling large sums of money often pay a lot and provide plenty of opportunities for promotion. Stockbrokers and business analysts fall into this category. Corporate jobs are also popular in any part of the world since they allow you to slowly climb the ladder until you reach the executive level. Finally, jobs in the medical field normally pay well in any location. Aside from being a doctor, you can also aim for similar jobs. Veterinarians and those in the pharmaceutical business usually earn just as much.

3. Advanced Degrees Get Better Jobs

While it is entirely possible to work your way up the corporate ladder without an advanced degree, it would help you out a lot if you had one. There are three schools you can consider when going after higher education. Graduate school and business school are both good options if you just want to improve your chances of getting promoted. Graduate school won’t really have any requirements and business school just needs you to get some math subjects, so it is pretty easy to choose either one. The third option is Law school. You stand to earn a lot if you get a law degree but getting in is not as simple. You will need to enlist in specific subjects before you can get accepted into Law school. These subjects will not always be available, making it impossible to get into Law. When that happens, just settle for one of the first two schools we mentioned. You should still be able to secure decent jobs with either of them.

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4. Corporate Versus Medicine

There is no denying that doctors get paid well in every country. If you are in the US, you can easily earn as much as $100k. The problem with becoming a doctor is that the odds will need to be in your favor in order for everything to work out. Student debt is only the beginning of your problems. Even if you can afford to go to med school, there is still the matter of whether or not you are actually cut out for it. Doctors need to have very high intelligence and will need to invest a lot of years studying. If your character was not born with the intelligence required for becoming a doctor, you will still not succeed.

Unless the stars have aligned to ensure your success as a doctor, you may be better off just trying to climb the corporate ladder. Go to business school and aim for the CEO position. CEOs still earn quite a bit of money regardless of the country you are in, so you are guaranteed a comfortable life when you manage to make it to the top. Corporate jobs mostly just require hard work and loyalty in order to climb, so invest enough time in your company and you will eventually make it. It may not be as rewarding as becoming a doctor, but you can always aim for that if you get lucky in the next life.

Sometimes, the key to success in life is finding the perfect job. Make sure you remember everything you learned from our BitLife cheats, tips and tricks to ensure your success in any career!