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Overlords of Oblivion Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Boost Your Battle Ratings

Overlords of Oblivion is an exciting new action RPG from developer Neocraft Limited, that’s currently available on Android and iOS platforms. With an overabundance of loosely similar games on both Android and iOS, it’s a surprise for any mobile game from a new developer to achieve getting 100 thousand downloads on the Google Play Store alone just a couple of days after its official launch. Overlords of Oblivion contains all the usual elements and features that RPG players love and enjoy. Additionally, the game holds several new mechanics and game modes that are unlike anything you have seen or played before.

As there are several character classes and avatars to enhance and customize in Overlords of Oblivion, it can be safely said that no two players may have the exact same character equal in every respect. With a general gameplay that tests both your strategic skills and reaction time, Overlords of Oblivion holds true to the action RPG genre that most players have been yearning for. Whether you’re a fan of action RPGs or looking for a game to enjoy with some friends and other gamers, be sure to give Overlords of Oblivion a try and see for yourself what makes the game a unique and addictive game.

Overlords of Oblivion puts you in command of an overlord, able to take on various forms called avatars that each exhibit various skills and stats. As a champion of Ereland, your ultimate quest is to defend the last city of mankind and put an end to Mammon and his demon hordes. You can choose from 4 unique character classes and take on various quests and game modes as you ceaselessly aim to grow stronger. With the avatar system which may look like alternate skins, you can switch from one to the next as different quests and game modes may require different skill sets and stats. There’s the usual levelling up and equipment upgrades and enhancements. Contrary to most games within the same genre though, Overlords of Oblivion requires you to have fast reflexes as quick kills and dodging becomes an integral part of fully accomplishing some quests and winning battles.

Similar to most online RPGs, Overlords of Oblivion holds a quick and easy-to-follow tutorial that walks you through every basic concept you need to understand to progress through the game. As you gain new levels and unlock more features and game modes, you will be guided by a tutorial on every first attempt to go through what you have just unlocked. Getting a good grip of the controls and interface as well as understanding the features are rather easy; what you may have to worry about is actually fighting strategically against enemy bosses as well as other players in various PvP game modes. To help you get started on strengthening your character and avatars, as well as making good progress on the initial story missions and challenges that will come your way, our Overlords of Oblivion beginner’s guide can help you through the basic concepts you need to understand as well as prioritization to ensure smooth and continuous progression.

1. Choose The Best Character Class That Suits You

Before you step into the world of Overlords of Oblivion, it’s important to take some time to decide on which character you will choose to be on your journey. Very much different from the usual roster of character classes from other RPGs, Overlords of Oblivion showcases unique character classes that each exhibit a variety of skills and attributes that may not seem that familiar to many gamers. As you can create up to five characters per account, you can always try out other classes later on. Depending on how much time you can spend on the game though, what you would want for your first character is someone more in tune with your preferences and play style.

overlords of oblivion best character class

First is the Bladedancer, which may remind you of the God of War, Kratos, as she uses a weapon similar to the Blades of Olympus. She moves fast, does decent damage, and has mostly mid-range special moves with good damage burst. She’s a little behind in terms of defense compared to other classes, though. You can also play as a Monk which is perhaps the most balanced character class. The Monk sports good combo skills and can juggle enemies much better than any other classes. Gun-lancers are your typical range combat experts that does pretty good damage but has practically none of the good juggling skills. Last, but not the least, is the Berserker which serves as your best melee combat tank and sports not just good defense and defense breaking as well. Berserkers move pretty slow compared to the rest of the group.

There is, of course, no right or wrong choices for character classes as each one has their own strengths and weaknesses. On top of what you may be accustomed to based on your previous action RPG experience, you should choose one that feels close to your usual choice in the other games. As you may only be able to see basic stats when choosing among the character classes, you can base your decision on that coupled with the brief class description provided. In any case, you will be introduced to the avatar system early on in the game and you will find that you can further mold your character to what you prefer to use in various given challenges.

2. Progress Through The Adventure Quests As Much As You Can

Similar to most online action RPGs that hold a story mode, Overlords of Oblivion has an Adventure Mode where you go through one stage after another to complete various tasks. Each run on a stage consumes AP or in-game stamina which replenishes over time. In-between some Chapter Stages, there are occasional errands that earn you rewards without the cost of AP. What’s important to note here is that difficulty raises pretty quickly and you’ll soon find that you need to raise your Battle Rating (BR) to be able to make it through the next one.

overlords of oblivion guide

On top of some rewards you may get within each stage, completing each can be graded between 1 to 3 stars. What you should go for is naturally completing each stage with 3-star ratings to earn more rewards from that stage, as well as additional ones based on the number of stars you earned on the stage. Don’t worry though if you can’t get two or three stars on your first go as it is really a lot more challenging than your usual action RPG as the developers seem to focus more on the action part of the game. Feel free to just come back to previous stages to try and go for a 3-star rating once you have grown stronger (or have become better at dodging).

3. Avoid Relying On Auto-Battle

Auto Mode features have been a common part of several action and MMORPGs that are largely quest-based. It often makes the game a lot more convenient and saves you from tiring yourself out easy as you can enjoy your character move on its own towards the completion of certain missions. Overlords of Oblivion makes the auto-battle feature a little less effective than usual though perhaps because of its more-than-usual action theme that banks on the character’s quick movements and ability to dodge. You may think that you can easily complete the at least the first chapter of the story but you will surely be surprised to find that most of it require a lot of dodging and mastering the timing of unleashing your skills. To be honest, you will be lucky if you are able to complete some adventure chapters on auto mode. More so, if one of the requirements to earn a third star is to not get hit beyond x times, then auto battle mode is definitely not an option.

4. Practice Playing Manually

overlords of oblivion cheats

Not just for boss battles and PvP matches, you need to really be able to play your character well if you want to progress fast in Overlords of Oblivion. For one, understand how different it is from conventional action RPGs and play it like you were in a MOBA game, which means on top of constantly being on the move, you have to strategize on when you will execute each of your special moves and save your highly limited dodges for the most critical moments. Once you get ahead in story mode, feel free to revisit some previous stages to practice on your moves and combos. It will help a lot not just in familiarizing yourself with your character’s move sets but also sharpen your damage avoidance and dodging skills. It may take some time and a couple of repetitions for you to develop awareness of when to start moving away from targeted areas, but you seriously need to familiarize yourself with it as PvP battles are even tougher than A.I. enemies and bosses.

5. Unlock, Upgrade And Test Each Avatar

Avatars are like different skins of your character but goes well beyond clothes and general appearance. Each avatar has a unique set of skills and stats and depending on the relics you obtain and equip for each one of them, their BRs may well become different from one another as well. One of the reasons you should try to push for completing main adventure quests is to obtain avatar shards as a reward fro completing some of the stages with 2 to 3-star ratings. There are various game modes and special events that grant you avatar shards too, so be sure to check everything out whenever you get the chance.

overlords of oblivion avatar

The Avatar Icon on the lower side of your screen will have an exclamation point indicator for a whole lot of things as there are various upgrades and enhancements you can do for your collection of avatars. The most basic enhancement is levelling up each avatar. For most games, it’s typical to concentrate resources on just one character as these resources will almost always never be enough to sustain every character’s growth. In Overlords of Oblivion though it’s a little different as different game modes may call for you to use a more suitable avatar to succeed. Avatar Potions are used to level avatars up and these can be obtained from almost every game mode. What you may want to do is balance it out among at least three of your favourite avatars. To be sure that you are familiar with what each of your avatar is good at, be sure to test each out possible on some story missions you previously conquered. After a few tries with each, and some taking notes of their unique stats, you will have a better idea of when it is best to use one well over the others.

You need to collect more shards for your favourite avatars as well since you need more shards to Escalate them and give them significant stat boosts and new skills. You can also evolve avatars and give them more boost once you satisfy the requisites needed to unlock them. Lastly, and perhaps one of the more important BR-boosters in the game is the relics. Relics are one of the top determinants of how strong your avatar can be. You can primarily obtain relics from relic draw and while gold is needed for each draw, you can grab a free one once every day. Although it’s RNG, there are guaranteed epic and legendary quality relics you can get after making several draws so instead of spending 350 gold for one draw, exercise patience and earn 3,000 gold to grab 10 x draws at a much lower cost. Relics may only be equipped by specific avatars so it’s important to give all avatars you have a try as some of them may become a lot more powerful than your favourite just after a couple of lucky draws.

6. Activate Runes With Leftover AP

Your AP which is a requisite for engaging or participating in quests and other game modes are very limited. You may be used to some MMORPGs where you get loads of extra stamina on your first day and wind up having a lot of extra still, after you tire yourself out and take a break from the game. Overlords of Oblivion may have some free AP as well but you will most likely drain it dry quickly even on your first day.

overlords of oblivion runes

As long as you can push to progress the adventure quest with the stamina you have, you should go for it. If you need to become stronger first, then you should instead invest your stamina for instantly blitzing runes and activating them. Though the boosts in BR may not be that huge, you can steadily increase your power through this and give your avatars a huge boost once you are able to awaken. Blitzing earlier conquered stages consume stamina and this is the part where you can lose a lot of it in a short amount of time.

7. Upgrade Your Skills Instantly

As you earn experience points and reach new levels, you will be able to level your skills up as well. Though you may have limited silver to always keep each skill at max levels, you can just choose to instantly level all up with a click of a button. While it may seem like a good idea to prioritize one skill over another, the combat phases in Overlords of Oblivion makes it important for you to use each and every skill in your arsenal and as such, upgrading them all equally is necessary.

overlords of oblivion skills

Clicking on the Skills Icon to get you to the skills page is also a good way to read through what each skill does as you may discover more about what each skill does to help you devise a better strategy in properly using them in battle.

8. Join An Active Guild

As guilds and alliances have become an essential part of any online multiplayer game, it has grown to become a necessity more than an option over the years. With Overlords of Oblivion though, there are some unique elements in the guild system for you to spend time in on top of your other daily activities. On top of the usual donations and active playing to help boost the guild’s growth, there are professions you can choose from to serve your guild better.

overlords of oblivion guild

Once you join a guild you can automatically choose your profession where you serve a role and go on quests to help your fellow guild members. You can opt to be a Merchant and increase silver earnings at the cost of some items; you can be a Pharmacist and be able to mix potions to restore some AP; you can choose to be a Hunter and boost experience points gained; you can select Gladiator to earn more fame and honor points; and an Enchanter to create scrolls and runes. Each role has their own unique daily quests to accomplish and the number of active members your guild has will determine how much boost each member can get from everyone’s activities.

9. Expend Attempts At Challenges And Contests

As you progress through the Adventure Chapters and gain new levels in Overlords of Oblivion, you will unlock several new game modes that will test your wits and skills even further. These can be found on the Challenges and Contests on the right side of your screen and will always have an indicator if you have remaining attempts or unclaimed rewards on any game mode within each category.

overlords of oblivion tips

For beginners though, we won’t be delving that much yet into strategies for each game mode you unlock. Just know and understand that some avatars you have are better for PvP while others are more suitable for PvE. More importantly, don’t fret much if you lose some battles especially against other players as you will most definitely learn from each battle and become better on the succeeding one. It’s very important to use up each attempt you have as the items you can obtain here are all difficult to acquire anywhere else. Likewise, you can never have too much of anything in any RPG.

10. Achieve 15-Day Target And Event Requirements

As you begin your journey through the world of Overlords of Oblivion, you will be given a limited chance to boost up your growth and game progression with several event rewards. As some of the activities and requirements you need to meet may be achieved just by regularly playing through the game, you will already earn a lot of rewards from both the 15-Day Target as well as the Events in the game. To make the most out of this, be sure to check the requirements for the items you have yet to accomplish and exert some time and effort to do so. On top of the usual items you can be rewarded with for accomplishing these easy tasks, some actually give you gold, which is the highly coveted, more difficult to earn premium currency that you can definitely not have more than enough of and should always try to get as you can summon more relics for your avatars. Additionally, you can claim the Beginner Rank VIP Reward from the Donors Icon at the top of your screen for one time so be sure to do so.

overlords of oblivion events

There are still loads of contents and secrets waiting to be unlocked in Overlords of Oblivion. We definitely hope that you read through our beginner’s guide before plunging deeper into this game and be able to strategize on setting up your character and avatars to more efficiently boost your BR and progress through the game’s contents. If you know of some additional tips and strategies that you think should form part of our Overlords of Oblivion beginner’s guide, then be sure to let us know through the comment section below!