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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Advanced Tactics & Strategies Guide: Cooking, Leveling, Stacking Tips & Tricks

As most know, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is an MMORPG. Seems like pretty straightforward stuff to most that know MMORPGs. What most newer players don’t know is that the game is very large, can be very time consuming, and lots of it is scattered all over itself. This means you’ll spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to do this, that, and what all else you wanted to do. The main aim for every player is to gain as quickly as possible with as little effort as possible. Certainly as a self-respecting gamer you’d want to do this while solo as much as possible. And yes, there are ways to do so. It was a matter of knowing how. In our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love advanced tactics and strategies guide, you’ll have enough detail to have one great start and keep it going. So let’s not waste any of your time and instead let’s check move on to our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Instant Base And Job Level 10 Tips And Tricks For 2 Characters On The Same Account

First up is to note the difference between base and job levels. These are in fact 2 different things. In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love base level is the level of your character. This is mostly to unlock things, gain stat points, and help you determine where you should be playing. Job levels are for gaining skill points and unlocking job upgrades. For example, when you start, you will be listed as a novice. You need to be base level 10 and job level 10 to upgrade to your first job. No matter what character type you selected when creating a character it can be any job you happen like once you’re at base and job level 10. So choose carefully when going for that first job.

ragnarok m eternal love instant job level 10 tips

In being 2 different things, your base level can easily grow higher compared to your job level. The fun part is, eventually you can crank up your job level to even outdo your base level. This is why you see so many at a higher level but still on their first job. If you want to see more detailed numbers involved in everything about your character, click your avatar in the upper left corner. Just scroll down! From there, you can get more details by clicking on the second tab where you can assign stat points. While you’re in the character info window, there’s an arrow type of icon on the left. Click on it to see more of your stats and bonuses you’ve managed to gain.

Typically, you’ll start with nothing but 2 slots to make characters with. As it turns out, it’s your second playing character and beyond that can get an instant base and job level 10. The trick here is to make any character because it doesn’t matter at all even if it’s a playing character. You will be deleting your very first character. Don’t even bother to give it a second thought. Just delete it immediately. Yes, it takes 5 hours to delete the first character. Yes, it’s takes vastly longer to delete any character afterwards. Again, choose things carefully when going for that first job. Now that you have 5 hours to spend before making another character, you can get your first playing character built up.

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Again, you’ll be starting with nothing in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. You won’t even have zeny to spend! The easy fix is to complete 1 or 2 quests while you’re in Prontera South Gate. One of them will give you extra pots to use. Once the quest is done, go into Prontera and sell some pots. You’ll need 300 zeny to do this. As you can see in the screen shot below, it took 19 minutes to get to level 10 on that character. That was only due to interruptions! Normally you can get to level 10 in less than 5 minutes.

Once you have your 300 zeny, go to the top area of the Prontera map and enter the Cooking Association (top half of the above screen shot). There’s a NPC to the left side of that area which will put you in there instantly instead of going through a couple portals (minor time saver). Complete as many quests as you can in here while you’re in here. Just buy ingredients that you need for the recipes from the 3 NPCs in that area. This will bring you to a base level of 9 or 10. That’s fine since this is really your second character in the account. This is despite it being your first playing character in the account. This also severs as your introduction to the immensely important cooking you’ll need to do throughout your adventures. Also note, you’ll have 5,000+ zeny and food to use for completing the quests in here at the start of your adventures on both characters.

Now you need job level 10. Go back to Prontera. Look at your quest list. What you’re looking for is a quest labeled “Emergency in Prontera”. Complete that quest and you will be instantly at job level 10. Do note that this quest can be completed even at level 1. You might die but it’s still ok! The usual situation in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is that the Emergency in Prontera quest is only available for your second made character and beyond almost instantly. However, since you deleted your very first made character, you’ll have it on both. The same applies to your third character which is your actual second made playing character in the account (5 hours after you delete the first made character). Yes, it’s very important to have at least 2 characters in your account.

2. The Immensely Important Cooking

If you thought Ragnarok M: Eternal Love was going to be level and loot only, you’re impressive amounts of wrong! In order to do all that leveling and looting, you will need things to help you out. But to have them right from the start is the fun part! So if you did setup with 2 characters using instant level 10s, they’ll both have a cookbook. You’ll also have a Food Storage Box in your inventory Bags. All of the dishes that you make and all of your ingredients will be stored in here. This is a good idea since you don’t want to sell or otherwise lose those things. You just need a proper recipe list to show you all the different dishes you can unlock and use. The types of foods you make highly depend on the characters you’ve made and the pets you have. For example, you wouldn’t want to make a lot of food to increase magic attack when you only have physical based attackers in your account! Also note, there’s an eating portion to all this which is also very important.

ragnarok m eternal love cooking tips

The idea behind the cooking is to provide boosts for your characters and your pets. For example, on melee based physical attacks, the foods can provide attack speed (ASPD) HP/SP/Defense boosts, defense ignoring and a variety of other nifty buffs all at the same time. Simply read the descriptions! For ranged based magic attacks, the foods can do much of the same. The fun part is that the buffs you gain from foods can stack. The more times you eat to refill the timers, the more your Taste Certification increases in level. The higher that level becomes, the more foods you can stack. For pets, it’s the same idea but they can only eat 1 dish at a time and have no stacking. Your pets eating your food will count towards your Taste Certification level. Also, when you feed your pet with the foods you make the pet intimacy level increases. It’s slower compared to using gifts but it works and doesn’t cost you nearly as much!

How to really hammer targets with this will be explained later. For now, cooking and eating to raise various levels is the important part in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. These levels are all tracked for you in your Adventurer’s Handbook. So do check the cooking section often. Make sure you check all of it. After just so much cooking and eating of each dish, you’ll also gain permanent stat increases. Once per day there’s a NPC in the Cooking Association which gives you a quest to make a specific food. Most of the time, this can result in unlocking a higher level recipe which you didn’t have. Just remember that if you don’t have the ingredients, there’re 3 other NPCs in the Cooking Association where you can buy them from. They’re not even that expensive!

The fastest way to level your cooking is to cook foods with a success rate lower than 100%. Around 70% – 74% would be a good EXP gain. Most of the time, you can buy the ingredients from the NPCs in the Cooking Association at a very low cost. Otherwise, they’d be in your Food Storage Box anyway from the typical hunting/grinding of the day. From there, simply use those lower level foods to feed all your pets. Just don’t try to eat any of the failed dishes you made. Put those out and leave them for the public!

3. The Adventurer’s Handbook Fast And Easy Leveling Strategies

The Adventure’s Handbook in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is one of the most important parts of the game. It’s shared across all the characters in your account. So if any character in your account increases any of its level and/or bonuses, all characters gain those bonuses. Also, you’ll need to level it as quickly as possible to gain access to higher level Adventurer Skills found at a NPC at the top of the Prontera map. As it turns out, it’s very easy to gain Adventurer’s Handbook levels.

ragnarok m eternal love adventurer's handbook

First up would be via killing mobs and taking their picture. Whenever you’re in an area, new or otherwise, make sure to kill at least 1 of each mob. Then take a picture of that same mob in the area which is still alive. The exception for mob picture taking is Mini Bosses and MVP Bosses. Even after they’re dead, they stay on the screen for a few short moments. So if you’re not the one who killed 1 of these, be sure to take its picture just the same. When you’re able to get into the Endless Tower, you can also attempt to gain some boss pictures before you go killing things. This does help with certain job change quests.

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Next for fast leveling the Adventurer’s Handbook would also be taking pictures! Open the map by clicking on the mini map in the upper right corner. What you’re looking for in every map you get to is an icon that looks like a camera. If it’s colored blue, red, and white, you need to take a specific picture in that area. To know you’re taking the correct picture, get into the immediate area where that camera icon is and make sure you see a green colored camera in the shot. You’ll also hear a beeping noise. You might have to pan your view to find it. You don’t have to save all the pictures you take. Some of the biggest and easiest EXP gains you’ll get for the Adventurer’s Handbook are from taking these pictures. However, you have to unlock other areas to take pictures in via completing quests. So do look for gold colored camera icons whenever you’re in a map. Lastly, some of the location unlocks are hidden in various NPC quests (main and sub-quests).

The last method for easy/fast leveling the Adventurer’s Handbook is via cooking. As mentioned, you should be doing as much cooking and eating as you can. It’s easy to do, doesn’t cost you much, and is highly beneficial. Unlocking a recipe is the part that gains you Adventurer’s Handbook EXP. It’s not from the cooking/eating.

4. The Massive Amounts Of Quests And The Trick To Them

There’re good reasons for so many quests in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. No, “to bore you to death” wasn’t one of them! Truth is, you stand to gain a lot from doing every quest you can get your hands on. As you will quickly find out, they’re all over the place! The trick is once you get into a map, grab them all. Do not even think about skipping a quest regardless of your level. As it turns out, those quests can gain you loot you most likely didn’t even know you needed. They also unlock things all over the place. Again, lots of this game is scattered all over itself.

5. The Heavy Duty Stacking And Compression Strategy

The typical recommendations for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is to auto grind for at least 300 minutes daily (5 hours) and then do quests and whatever else. Yes, this recommendation comes complete with items to use during these grinds. But did you really want to leave your mobile device going for 5 hours and then have to go do quests and whatever else?! As most know or will find out, when you start out, you have 300 minutes of actual attacking time (stamina) for each character in your account. That’s no matter what you’re attacking. Each day 300 minutes and the attacking time that wasn’t used is added together for the next day. This goes up to 900 minutes. You could start your Ragnarok M: Eternal Love day with 900 minutes of attack time. The idea here is to compress as much as possible for each character in your account at or below 300 minutes for a couple of days. At the same time, gain as much as possible in that 300 minutes or less each day for each character.

First up in this strategy the idea is that the faster you kill something, the faster you’ll gain. It doesn’t matter which way you try to look at this idea. If you’re killing a mob with 1 hit compared to someone else’s 5 hits, you’re going to gain far faster. So how do you do that? Heavy duty stacking is the way to go. As mentioned, you want your character to be as powerful as you can get it as quickly as possible. The fastest and easiest method for every character is via cooking. Use the buffs from the foods to get through defenses. From there, it depends on your base attack type. This only includes magical or physical based attacking (to keep it simple).You can stack up to 6 foods depending on your Taste Certification level.

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Use your foods just before you start attacking something or in a safe but close area to your target(s). For magic based attackers, don’t just go for +magic attack. Aim for Casting Time Reduction and Magic Penetration (MPen. It means it ignores a % of magic defense) foods. The +magic attack would be in those foods anyway! For physical based attackers, aim for attack speed (ASPD) and defense ignoring foods. And yes, these things can stack along with other bonuses and/or buffs you happen to have. So hopefully you have some INT and STR meals to use accordingly. They only last 30 minutes but that’s 30 minutes of extra fast killing! You can also use DEX, AGI, and Luck meals as well in the mix. Typically, AGI type meals are for physical based attackers and DEX works better on magic based attackers. Luck in those meals is an added bonus! Also note that some cooked foods include +damage to bosses and non-bosses (any regular mobs). Make use of those when boss hunting and typical hunting/grinding.

Get the right pet for your base attack type and for the pet buff you need. Yes, it’s a good idea to have at least 2 of each pet when you get the chance to do so (Pet Adventures and Labor). But this does depend on your plans for each pet for each character. However, some pets are really meant for some characters. For example, with a magic based attacker, Isis and Lunatic make for good choices. Isis has a casting time reduction buff and Lunatic has a magic penetration buff. But a Yoyo has an increased attack speed buff while the Baby Desert Wolf has ignore defense buff. A Green Petite has a Received Heal Bonus which works great for the Never Die tactics. Also note you can use a Talent Fruit to try to gain higher buffs and/or other effects for your pets depending on your plans for them.

ragnarok m eternal love stacking tips

Get some Lightning Chains and Chef’s Eyes. Yes, the timer and the count do stack on these but not the effects. Yes, they both only reduce while attacking. Again, you’re stacking here so as mentioned, get as many quests as you can before you go to attack. One of your bigger aims is for Minstrel quests which have you kill 300 of a certain mob. Once you have a target, also keep in mind you might also have other quests for the same mob. But you still need plenty of destructive power to kill them quick to gain quickly. That’s why you work your elements as best you can.

Mages/Wizards are notorious for this! They can wipe out an area of mobs in a heartbeat. Every character has a way to set their attack to most other elements. Just figure out the stronger element against your target(s).

Once you’ve started and while you’re trying to build up 900 stamina for a day, auto grind for only 120 minutes at the most. From there, you can send pets on the Pet Adventure (3 sends in total) for the day for 300 minutes in total. Of course, complete your Guild Quests if you have any and you’re pretty much done with the daily grind as soon as you turn in all available quests at the time. And it only took 2 hours of actual attacking! Once you hit 900 minutes for the day, you can go hog wild and send pets while you’re grinding.

There you go! This wraps up our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love advanced tactics and strategies guide! We hope you’ve enjoyed this set of tips and tricks. Don’t forget to check back from time to time and we may release additional Ragnarok M: Eternal Love guides in the near future!