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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Expert Guide: Endless Tower Tips, Training Ground Battle Tactics and MVP Boss Hunts

A month after its launch and Ragnarok M: Eternal Love still continues to rake in more players as the world of Rune Midgard becomes more and more populated each passing day. Maintaining itself as among the top free games on both Android and iOS, the game proves to contain still a lot to be discovered as millions of players race towards gaining higher levels, unlocking new areas, and even hunting down MVP and Mini Bosses.

If you are just starting out with Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, even if you are familiar with its previous incarnations, be sure to read our beginner’s guide and advanced guide first as we will be continuing on from where we left off in those previous guides. Although most of the things we will tackle here involve higher level base requirements, feel free to read on as some things we will mention may be applied throughout your adventure as well. With that said, let’s move on to our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love expert guide, which features some neat tips, tricks and strategies to progress faster in the game!

1. Climb The Endless Tower For Great Rewards

Once your character reaches level 52, you can unlock the Endless Tower Quest by going to Izlude and talking to the port captain. You will now be able to travel to Endless Island the same way you travel to the Sunken Ship, the Ghost Ship, and Byalan. Once at the Endless Island, go towards the Stele with Year (stone structure) and from there you can initiate the quest. The goal here is to climb all the way to the top floor, which is at 100, most likely though, you will have a hard time making it through 30 on your first go, especially if you went in all on your own.

What you are after in the Endless Tower are the loots in store for you. You won’t be gaining any experience points here but will lose some if you perish. When the entire party gets wiped out, you can start from the floor you did not finish and if some party members die without being resurrected, they can go back to where the rest of the party is from outside the tower. Once your character has finished a floor, you won’t be earning additional rewards for going through it again within the same week. Be sure to progress as much as you can every week as everything resets every Monday at 5:00 A.M. (GMT+7). You will then be able to start over and earn rewards from the first floor up.

ragnarok m eternal love endless tower tips

Mini Bosses appear randomly on each floor except every tenth floor which is where MVP Bosses appear. Every monster you see in the tower will drop items like they would outside of it which means that you can earn MVP and Mini Boss items here as well as highly sought after cards. Depending on the floor they appear in, Mini Bosses and MVP Bosses are a little easier to kill than they are on the World Map. Remember that you only get rewards at the end of each floor once you defeat all monsters on it, meaning if you killed 25 mobs but got wiped out by the MVP Boss, you won’t get even a single Zeny.

Be sure to have a party here as it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to progress much on your own. Additionally, tanks, healers, and AoE damage dealers are very important as well. Way beyond that, careful coordination and good team work are very essential in completing the higher floors on top of each character having the necessary stats and skills required in the performance of their roles in the party. Those food items you have been hoarding should be spent here as well most especially when you begin to struggle completing some floors.

For instance, tanks should have high vitality enough to last that the healer can keep up recovering his HP. For Priests, it may be essential to have Heal, Resurrection, and Kyrie Eleison set on Auto and avoid putting buffs that take much time to cast on Auto. Most strategies bank on everyone keeping back while the tanks lures and taunts enemies on him. AoE damage dealers must ensure that they are targeting mobs that are already attacking the tank; else they may be targeted by monsters as well leaving the healer with a more divided attention as far as restoring HP goes. Another tactic you can employ here is to have the Hunter or Sniper attack an enemy and lure it back to where other damage dealers can gang up on him. It may take more time to finish each floor but is a lot safer so do this once you are having difficulties with a particular level.

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Don’t rely on Priests for Resurrection. If you can afford to, equip Leaf of Yggdrasil on one of your item shortcuts just in case of emergencies. Additionally, whenever you find yourself in a pinch, remember to use your fly wings and warp out of trouble. Consider it as a last resort though as being away from your party can be detrimental to the each member’s welfare at put your entire party at risk. In case you fail to complete an MVP Floor, re-strategize first and prepare better before going in again and even try to assess if failure was due to a wide gap between power levels in which case, you should focus on becoming stronger first before going for another attempt. Keep in mind that the higher your character’s level, the more experience you lose every time you die. Unless you just levelled up and practically have no experience points on your level, then don’t go in again without being better equipped and prepared.

If you are one to have loads of Zeny to spare (like Blacksmiths), another trick you can do is to buy an MVP Boss or Mini Boss Transformation Scrolls from the Exchange and use it before you begin engaging the MVP of the floor you are having difficulty in beating. If you don’t know it yet, Transformation Scrolls aren’t just for dress-up fun and role-play, you also get the HP of the monster you transform to so being an MVP monster even for a short while boasting tens of thousands of HP will be a great substitute for a tank.

2. Spend On Premium For Boosts And Other Rewards

In as much as we don’t want to encourage spending real money on free-to-play games, we are always banking on the principle that if you love the game enough, then show a bit of support to its developers. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is one of those games when you can really progress without spending any real money. The hours and effort you exert will reap you the progression and rewards you worked for most of the time (there’s always RNG of course!). In any case, feel free to skip this part out if you are not in any way even thinking a bit about trying to buy premium. Otherwise, continue on reading as we share with you what you may want to spend on as well as the rewards you can get out of it.

ragnarok m eternal love premium

Perhaps the most attractive part of purchasing premium is the additional 5% increase in both Base and Job Experiences gained by your character from battle. It may not be much, but combined with the Saint Items you can get from the Fantasy Generators, by using Big Cat Vouchers, which boosts Base Experience by 10% per piece, as well as the unlimited use of lightning chains, you can definitely level your character up a lot faster.

Another good buff comes from being able to claim the free B meal daily on top of the usual free meal available for everyone else. Be sure to visit Tylin at the fountain in Prontera as you can claim daily gifts for 5 days from her. Depending on your job class, having that additional auto skill slot and extended bag capacity of 30 slots can be of great help too. Lastly, but definitely not the least, you can get twice as many Adventure Meatballs from your pet and the pets of your party members for the period covered by Premium. We will talk more about the meatballs later.
If you’re wondering as well, the items you get out of purchasing premium can be claimed through your mail, which means the 31 day premium will not commence until you claim the items and use the premium ticket. It may take a few minutes to arrive after you make a purchase so be sure to keep an eye out for the mail icon on the upper right hand side of your screen.

3. Tactics To Win Training Ground Battles

One of the daily activities you can engage in is the Training Grounds which opens up early on in your adventure but somewhat difficult to beat on lower levels. Just to give you an idea, the enemies you will battle in the training grounds are NPC versions of players, which may have higher level jobs than you and a variety of powerful skills. You can earn Zeny and Mora Coins after successfully completing the daily challenge and earn some intimacy points for your Assistant as well.

ragnarok m eternal love training ground battle tactics

For one, you need to be in a party to able to complete it successfully and although you can freely go in on your own. Regardless of how many you are in a party, you will always battle five different enemies here and you need to win three rounds to claim your rewards. If you are planning on doing this, be sure and try to be in a party of five people, with the usual team formula that applies to most team effort battles.

One popular trick here is to use a Hunter or Sniper to attack one enemy and lure him in for the rest of your party to gang up on him. The idea is to fight one enemy at a time to make each encounter a lot easier for your entire party..

4. Spend Some Adventure Meatballs On Auto-Complete Items

As you take your pets through some battles on your adventure, it will randomly gain some Adventure Meatballs which you can obtain by clicking on it. In some occasions, it will tell you that there are items on it, but just the same, click on it from time to time. IF you are in a party, you can also click on the pets of players in your party. While Adventure Meatballs are primarily used as food for pets to be able to send them out on a pet adventure, you can use these to buy some items as well to instantly finish some quests like mercenary missions from the mission board, rifts, training ground battles, and even instantly clear some floors on the Endless Tower that you have already beaten before.

ragnarok m eternal love adventure meatballs

As these items may be a bit hard to locate in your inventory, be sure to look at the first tab, which contains all items, and click on the Adventure Meatball and “Use” to see the items you can purchase with it.

5. Change To Your Third Job As Soon As You Can

Following the challenges you have to go through to change jobs the second time, going for the third one will be much more difficult. Although it still varies from on job class to another, and we won’t be going through the sub quests involved for each job as each of them are linear and very easy to follow, the real challenge goes beyond collecting items and travelling through different locations. Although there are some parts of the entire quest where your party can help you out, the most challenging ones require you to finish it on your own.

The requirement is similar to that of the second job; reach job level 40 and you can commence with the job change quest. What most people are wondering about with regard to third jobs is the gap between your base level and job level as there are player who can reach job level 40 on their second job at base levels below 70. You have to keep in mind that the disparity between base level and job level is borne of having a lot of Saint Items equipped which only boosts Base Experience. Another thing that could cause such gaps are Base XP potions especially if you consume too much of it after reaping the rewards from your pet’s job. Lastly, it may be because you don’t actually die often enough and have never lost that much base experience points from tragic mishaps.

As each third job, regardless of job class, comes with additional stat boosts and new sets of skills, it’s important to prioritize finishing the Job Change Quest over everything else once it becomes available.

6. Constantly Check On Your Assistant

ragnarok m eternal love assistant

One of the things we haven’t mentioned in our previous guides is the Assistant which you can unlock early on in the game. You won’t just be able to monitor your daily “tasks” here as you can also gain intimacy points for completing certain activities from the listed ones and can earn various rewards topped off by Big Cat Vouchers when you reach 100 intimacy points. These points reset daily so be sure to manage your activities in line with this to try and claim more rewards for the whole week.

7. Monitor And Prepare For MVP And Mini Boss Hunts

By clicking on the “More” Icon and selecting “MVP”, you can see the list of MVP Bosses as well as the time they will appear again if someone managed to kill them, else it will just say that the bosses in question are already on their respective spawn areas. Only premium players can see these details for the mini bosses though.

First and foremost, hunting MVP Bosses require having a solid party with high enough base levels and some good equipment. As there may be several groups of people hunting for the same MVP Boss on the same channel, it will be very difficult to compete. As far as solo damage goes, Snipers usually claim top spots on boss hunts. So if you are yearning to go on one, make sure that you are at least at par with everyone else that is on the hunt. Being on the third job is potentially a minimum requirement as well.

ragnarok m eternal love mvp and mini boss hunts

You should also dedicate a lot of time to roam visit the spawn areas of the monster you wish to hunt. The Adventure Skills Falcon Perception and Wolf King Perception as especially useful for hunts so you can immediately know if the boss is around if you are at least 20 meters away. Having a part works best to especially if all are scattered in the spawn are ready to call out to the rest once the target spawns.

If you are not yet familiar with boss monsters, be sure to try and take a photograph of ones you encounter in your adventure to see more details on that monster. There are several more information you can find on the web with regard to elemental weaknesses and general strategies as well so Google is your friend here.

8. You Can Switch Channels To Look For Less Crowded Spots

If you haven’t discovered it yet, you can switch channels at the north of Izlude through the Channel Teleporter. For newbies, this is the only method to use when your friends are on another channel. Surprisingly enough, though, You can steer away from what is being recommended by the Teleporter, which is of course, a channel within your country, as far as going to channels for other countries.

ragnarok m eternal love channel switching

It may not seem much useful for now but later on, it may become very useful especially when the game launches in another country. As you may grow a bit weary of finding good enough farming and grinding spots as most channels may seem crowded, be sure to monitor updates as to when the game will launch on other countries and you can “visit” new channels with potentially empty resource spots. Likewise, you can try this as well for MVP Boss hunts when you are strong enough to take on one but still having a hard time competing with most parties in your channel.

9. Get A Second Character

As there are tons of things to do in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, you will occasionally feel that there may be too much to do and you won’t have enough time in a day to do everything. While mostly true yet dependent on how much time you spend on the game and how much time you have auto-battle on, there are a lot of perks you can obtain from investing a bit of time in a second character sooner.

One of the best advantages is that you can have for your second character is dedicating his 300-minute adventure time for your pet’s adventure. As you may want to spend all of your main character’s time to farm more items and experience points, it would be a waste to just completely ignore the rewards you could get from pet adventures, especially if you levelled your pet high enough and raised its intimacy level as well.

As a requisite though, you have to raise your second character’s level to 40 and be able to take items from the shared stash. Once your second character is ready, your main character can stash the high level pet eggs into the shared stash and the second character can claim it and send the pet on adventures. Well, it does take some time and effort but it’s definitely a good investment. As you can completely choose to not have the second character focus on battles, merchants would be a good choice.

Even after spending your second character’s adventure stamina for pet adventures, you can still gain a lot more by having it accomplish some easy daily quests, like those on the Mission Board, for additional items.

If you slept less than we did for the past month or spent more on premium… or both, then you probably should know some of the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love tips and strategies we discussed here. Hopefully though, we were still able to provide some nifty tricks that will be very useful for even the top players in the game. As there is still some things left uncovered in the world of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, there are still a lot we are looking forward to as far as future updates and patches are concerned. For now, this Ragnarok M: Eternal guide along with the previous ones we published should cover everything you need to know to be an expert in the game. With the sheer volume of things you can explore and discover in the game, we are always eager to discover something new each day so if ever you discover some additional tips and strategies ahead of us, we would love and appreciate hearing about it so be sure to let us know and leave us a message in the comment section!

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Does it affect the level gap of the characters when it comes to drops or loots? Example your level is 105 and you have a partymate level 76, will the level 76 gets the best drop? Thank you.