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TipsWorks’ Upcoming ARPG ‘Pascals Wager’ Gets New Trailer

With Bloodborne and Dark Souls as its sources of inspiration, the gameplay trailer for the upcoming ARPG Pascals Wager has just been released. As the trailer suggests, players will dive into a merciless and fast-paced action game that develops around an old man who is looking for redemption. Though no precise launch date has been revealed, considering the game’s development stage, it shouldn’t take long before it is released on Android devices.

Questioning the very existence of God, players will have to rely on their dodging skills, parry or fast counterattacks in their quest for redemption.

According to the trailer, players will be able to play a second character, a gunner named Viola. When playing as Viola, players will be able to dodge, fire quick potshots, and opt for the precise aiming mode when targeting body parts or faraway targets. This switch-out partner system makes the game even more challenging, as the players will be able to experiment two completely different playing styles. Whether there will be a third character or not is still uncertain.

If Pascals Wager sounds like a game you might enjoy, you can check out the trailer here. Pre-registration for the upcoming beta test is already available on the official website.