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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Ultimate Guide: Arena Cheats, Guild Perks and Multiple Character Advantages

Despite your best efforts, it is very likely that you still haven’t uncovered every bit of detail you have to know to be a true expert in the world of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Hopefully at this point in time though, you have already been used to finishing daily and weekly tasks as you aim to become even stronger for loads more of challenging quests and battles ahead. As most players have still to visit the endgame areas and quests in Rune Midgard, we will be highlighting some areas of the game that you should already be investing time and dedication to if you still haven’t been doing so.

As this already our fourth guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, be sure to check and read through our beginner, advanced, and expert guides especially if you just started to play the game. Keep in mind that despite being a veteran of Ragnarok’s previous incarnations, there have been several changes made to the current version which may be a bit tricky at first especially if you cling on to how you remember the game then.

Although we already mentioned in our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love beginner’s guide the importance of looking for and joining an active guild, we are now going to dive deeper into the numerous perquisites you can have by actively participating in guild activities and regularly making donations to help level your guild up. With that said, let’s move on to our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love ultimate guide that features tips, tricks and cheats that could be useful even for veteran players!

1. Obtaining The Aesir Monument Fragment And Upgrading Louen Runes

As guilds and its attached system called guild donations have existed in several MMORPGs as well as other online games that works with similar brotherhood concepts, you will naturally be somewhat hesitant to subscribe to the concept as the items or you may have to part with for the sake of making regular contributions are important for you to invest on your character as well. In a lot of online games though, guild contributions and donations often lead to strengthening the guild exclusively without actually imparting individual benefits based on the actual effort and dedication of its guild members. In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, every bit of contribution you “invest” can be used for your personal gain and once you finish the Aesir Monument Quest, earn your Monument Fragment, and start tinkering with the Louen Runes, you would nothing more than to make donations and contributions as much as you can.

ragnarok m eternal love aesir monument fragment

To begin the quest, simply visit your Guild Hall and talk to the Orloum Valkyrie on the upper left side of the map. There are several short and easy quests for you to accomplish all on your own. Don’t worry though as even a Full Support Priest and Blacksmith can easily win over the mobs and bosses in the quest. Once you finish all quests there you will be rewarded with a Shard of the Aesir Monument and you can now access it in your bag.

Once you use your Aesir Monument, you will be taken to a star chart-like page where you can choose how to progress your Louen Rune’s progression. You will consume the contributions your earned from the guild as well as Silver Medals which you can acquire from a variety of quests and rewards. Most upgrades here follow that requirement but some which are like major nodes in the chart and can boost your characters skills, require Gold Medals. You probably haven’t even noticed these items in your inventory or you probably hadn’t earned one yet. Gold Medals can be acquired by sacrificing rare items and contributing them to guild donations. Emperiums don’t even count as rare and the items that you can donate to the guild change over time. As hard as it is to donate rare items there will definitely be a time when you may even have to purchase the needed items from the exchange so as to be able to do more upgrades on your runes. In any case, be sure to choose carefully with each upgrade and begin with an end in mind so you won’t have to do resets afterwards.

2. Earning Contributions Through The Guild Dojo

The Guild Dojo is where you can party up with fellow guild members and take on mobs after mobs as well as Mini and MVP Bosses from one dojo to another. Your progress here do not reset ever so if you fail on your last attempt, you may want to get stronger first or re-organize your team. You won’t be gaining experience points nor any loot whatsoever inside the dojo so if you are just starting out, it probably won’t be that attractive to you. The guild contribution you can earn here though will be a huge help to further developing your runes. Like in most team battle quests, you can always take it slow and pick enemies off one by one if you have time to spare and saving bosses for last works best too.

3. Praying To The Valkyrie For Blessings

ragnarok m eternal love praying for valkyrie

Another way you can enhance your stats is through praying at the Valkyrie just to the left of the entrance in the Guild Hall. You can further raise your HP, Attack, Magic Attack, Defense, and Magic Defense here and the limit is dependent on your Guild’s level. The additional boost may not be that much per increase but later on it will help you even if you may hardly notice at first. You spend Zeny and contributions for each blessing here but so long as you have Belief Tokens in your inventory, it will be consumed first before you begin paying Zeny. Each blessing costs 34 contributions so you may want to think hard about choosing to invest here or on your Aesir Temple buffs. Pay attention to each increase relative to costs you can get more stat boosts out of the very limited contribution points you have.

4. Venturing Into The Ruins

Another set of adventure that awaits you once you become a member of any guild is the Ruins or Guild Dungeon. Once your guild hits level 2, thanks to each and every members’ contributions, you will unlock the Ruins for a guild exclusive mob and boss farming experience. Just beside Orloum Valkyrie, you can see Sigrdrifa Valkyrie which will just give you an idea where you can earn silver medals. Just so you would know, each time you attempt to open a gate to enter the ruins will cost you 40 silver medals and you with each door marked from the first one being Level 40 and the last one being level 100, don’t assume that the first one will be too easy for you especially if you are around level 70-80 or even higher. Each member will have to open the gate on his own even if you are in a party so be sure to ready up your personal payment and be readier even once you enter the ruins.

ragnarok m eternal love ruins

Typically, the ruins are like huge labyrinths where eliminating all monsters in an area opens up portals to other locations and so on. While mostly mobs, there are 4 Mini Bosses and 1 MVP Boss inside each of these dungeons. You may find yourself breezing through one boss here and then suddenly sweating beads on the next one so be extra careful and prepare well before entering.

5. Accomplishing Guild Challenges For Rewards

Once your Guild reaches level 3 and opens up the Facility Lobby in the Guild Hall, each member can begin working together towards achieving Guild Challenges. There are various unique challenges to complete and each member that accomplishes a task adds one to the tally of scores needed per achievement. Although you can still claim rewards even if you do not actually contribute to the completion of each challenge, it would be best for you and the rest of your guild mates if everyone works toward achieving as many of the challenges as they can. Remember as well that these challenges reset every week at the same time as any weekly resets do so be sure to take note of the challenges and push through completing more especially on weekends.

ragnarok m eternal love guild challenge

Whenever a challenge is completed, you can visit the statue at the upper right wing of the Guild Hall and claim your rewards. You will get treasure chests called Steward Cat’s Gift which contains varying amounts of Shining Glass Beads. Just beside the statue is the Bizarre Cat Litter Box where spending 400 Shining Glass Beads can earn you Zeny, Eden Coins, Honor Proof, or even Contribution. You can also upgrade the Bizarre Cat Litter Box and earn better rewards later on.

6. Farming Fighter Coins In The PvP Arena

Ragnarok has always been popular for PvP modes whether one on one or in team battles and as the rage for PvP domination rages on in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, you will notice that each arena you can participate in is always full of players. That’s actually not the difficult part for some players who aren’t into PvP game play, as character builds and equipment can also be made to prioritize PvP over PvE, you may need to create an entirely separate character just so you can win more battles in the arena.

As the Fighter Coins you can earn from participating in arena battles can be used to purchase a lot of good equipment, you would naturally want to take your chances in it. Fighting in the arena will be difficult though most especially if your character isn’t built around fighting other players. More so, some characters are plainly better than others especially on one-on-one battles. Don’t fret though because we will show you a quick and easy way to earn those coins faster than most people can and all you need is a friend or an alternate account.

ragnarok m eternal love fighter coins

The first thing you should do is register your character or party in the Wolf Arena. You can find this easy by clicking on “More”, then “Arena” on your screen. Once you click on register, you will be asked to type in a name, so make sure you put in something that will be easy for your friend or alternate account to find. In the same manner, you should also register the other player or party in the Wolf Arena. It won’t matter if you are on different channels either. Now once both teams are registered you can begin searching for one another and changing the list of groups regularly if you can’t find the other party. Understand that as players from across multiple channels and countries are registered here it may take a while for you to find your friend’s party.

In any case though exercise patience as the rewards you can earn here will be much harder to obtain from the other Arenas. So once you find the other team, click on challenge and the other team must accept that challenge. Take note that some random players may issue challenges to you too so be careful not to accept challenges as it will take the process much longer to complete. Once you make it on the actual arena, you can now take turns killing each other. The first team to reach 30 points wins and though there is a time limit, you can make it so one team earns 29 points before the other gets to 30 but that depends on how fast you can kill one another. Each character can earn 300 Fighter Coins per day and a thousand per week so be sure to try and get the maximum number of coins in a week. Once the match ends both teams will have to register and go through the cycle again. Rinse and repeat as much as you need to and earn 300 Fighter Coins for each member of both teams easily.

For best results, having 2 sets of parties with mixed high and low level characters can make it easier for non-combat type characters to earn some kills in the arena. Characters with AoE damage can also earn coins faster if the opposing team just lumps each member of the party together. Additionally, you can also take off some defensive equipment to receive more damage and be easier to kill.

You can see the total number of Fighter Coins you have earned while in the arena and when you visit Helena, the Arena Quartermaster, beside the training dummies in Prontera, you can check how far or close you are to obtaining those great looking gear and equipment.

7. Additional Multiple Character Advantages

As we have already mentioned that you should start on your second character as early as you can on our previous guide, we would naturally want to top that up with a third and final (for now) character to further boost your main character’ development. Again we are naturally sticking with the tips we mentioned before and hoping that you did create the money-making blacksmith as your choice for an alt character. If you chose differently then, well third time’s a charm. Hopefully at this point in time you have already gone through the third job quest of your main character as doing so will unlock the additional spot in the character selection screen for a third character.

There won’t be much difference between how you would manage your second and third characters as both should primarily work towards boosting your main character’s resources as much as they can and just in case you haven’t been doing this for your first alt character, now is still a good time to do all that.

On top of the adventure questing strategy we mentioned before which can also be done by your third character there are still plenty of ways that both extra characters can contribute to your main character’s progress. One of the most noteworthy perhaps is the daily contribution towards earning items from the Assistant. If for some reason, your main character is struggling to earn 100 points on daily activities to earn that much sought after Big Cat Voucher I, then you can easily compensate for this by having any of your characters earn the remaining points through daily missions. Have your main character claim the rewards though so you won’t have to transfer it through the Kafra Storage Service.

ragnarok m eternal love character advantages

If you have a Merchant that invested some skill points on Overprice and Discount, then he should be your official item buyer and seller. You won’t be able to transfer Zeny from one character to another but you can transfer most items through the shared storage. With some hard work and a bit of extra time, you can have all unwanted equipment your main character has on the shared stash for the Merchant to take out and sell. Your Merchant in turn should purchase regularly needed consumables and stash them for the main character to use. Just a side note though, be sure to take great care when transferring pet eggs between characters as pets cannot have a higher level than their master so if your main character has extra eggs that you would want your other characters to have, their level will adjust to their new master’s level. So if your level 75 main has a level 70 pet and you rest and stash your pet in the shared storage, your level 40 character can only have the same pet at level 40. If the pet’s level is equal to or lower than the alt character, then there’s no need to worry.

If you have the time and dedication to finish Mission Board Quests for your extra characters, be sure to not open the bags of Zeny and instead send them over to your main character through the shared storage. As your main character won’t be spending time on low level mobs for crafting materials as well, that task can now be passed on to your extra characters.

As your adventurer rank is also shared across all characters in your account, it will be a little easier for your 2nd character to make progress with quests and earn some rewards. Additionally, your other characters can contribute to some activities your main character missed to accomplish in the adventure book such as killing enough Porings or taking pictures here and there.

Endless Tower runs, Rift Sealing, and Arena Coin earning activities can also be engaged in by your alt character and the rewards you can grab from here will make it a lot easier for you main character to progress. It may take a lot of time at first, but when you are so used to multi-tasking on three characters you can easily manage a lot of these tasks, especially if you log out of your main character once the 300-minute adventure stamina runs out.. Be sure to keep your priorities in mind though and always keep your main character in mind.

This is where we wrap up our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love ultimate guide and hope you still found more than the usual tips and strategies to further advance your characters in the game. With the various tips and strategies we shared with you from our first guide down to this one, we are confident that you will make it past those difficult quests and battles with just a little more patience and hard work. Again, as Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is the kind of MMORPG where your time and dedication will always matter, doing some of the things we mentioned, which requires effort, will most definitely pay off sooner or later. While there will always be RNG and luck, you can always tilt fortune in your favor with a bit more dedication. So hopefully, regardless of whether you are just starting to play the game or have become a veteran from playing since day one, our guide has helped you even boost your motivation on the game even more.

As there may still be bits and pieces of tricks and ideas we may have failed to mention in our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love strategy guides, we are very appreciative to hear and find out some things that you may have discovered in the game. So in the event that you something that you feel ought to be included in our guide, we hope you will share it with us through the comment section below!


Monday 17th of December 2018

Don't worry about using a higher level pet. It will use a lower level to match your current character. If you decide to have your original high level character use it again, it will adjust to its original level.


Thursday 13th of December 2018

With regards to the daily contribution of characters in earning additional items from the assistant, do we get to have only one reward for all characters alltogether? I mean, don't we get to have 3 vouchers when 100/100 activity is reached? Or is it only one voucher for all characters at the same time?