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Bandai Namco Begins Teasing Immersive Strategy RPG ‘Queen’s Blade White Triangle’

Bandai Namco Entertainment has recently begun streaming their first promotional video for their upcoming release Queen’s Blade White Triangle. The promotional video discloses the 3 main characters of the game, as well as the theme song, “Trust”. The theme song is performed by the 3 main characters who form the Triangle of hell’s army: Taylor, Joan, and Mei.

Originally a combat book, Queen’s Blade turned into a PSP game back in 2009. Ever since, the franchise has become a source of inspiration for numerous TV anime, novels, video anime, and manga. The game was announced back on November 15th. The action will be set in the world of Queen’s Blade and players are challenged to join forces with 18 amazing female warrior characters. A mysterious talking cat will be the player character.

A thrilling strategy RPG, Queen’s Blade White Triangle will be free to download and play. In-game purchases will be available. Pre-registration is already open and, depending on the pre-registrations number, players will receive in-game rewards such as gems and many more surprises.

For more information and updates, make sure to check out the game’s official website.