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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Beginner’s Guide: 11 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and Earn Zeny Faster

Gravity Interactive Inc., the North American branch of the highly reputable Korean-based firm Gravity Co., Ltd., which is nearly synonymous with Ragnarok Online, considered as one of the best MMORPGs of its time, has recently launched the latest incarnation of the game with Ragnarok M: Eternal Love available for both Android and iOS. As a title that most, if not all MMORPG fans know and love, the game has already been downloaded over a million times from the Google Play Store alone in just a couple of days after its launch. With its remarkably improved art style reminiscent of the first Ragnarok game and intuitive user interface and controls apt for mobile gaming, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is definitely the MMORPG to dive into even for players who haven’t seen or played the previous games.

Step into, or return, to the vast world of Rune Midgard as you begin your new journey towards a life of endless adventure. Following a recent outbreak of various monsters in the world, you will be recruited to join the crusade against it and must continuously become strong to overcome the growing challenges ahead of you. You can choose from 6 available primary classes which leads 12 second jobs. There’s no need to travel the world alone as you can have pets, be in a party, and a member of a guild that will not just make each quest more fun, but easier as well.

With each job having a variety of both passive and active skills, you need to be very selective and plan ahead about the end build you have in mind. As you gain experience from quests and battles, you earn experience points that you can freely allocate among 6 unique statistical traits. Weapons and equipment abound though some can only be used by specific classes. Multiple upgrade and enhancement options are available so management of resources becomes a challenge as well.

There’s not much of a tutorial in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love although the NPCs with exclamation marks as well as the highlighted areas in the map provide as a good enough guide to run you through the start of your adventure. The initial quests generally give you some of the information you need to go through the basic icons and mechanics of the game which you should explore later on your own. As even veterans of the first Ragnarok game may be surprised of the various changes implemented in the game, our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love beginner’s guide can help you get started in the game and send you on your merry way towards raising your level faster and earning more zeny.

1. Decide On Your Job (Class) And Build Early On

In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, as well as most RPGs that involve stat distribution and job changes, it is very important to already have an end build with regard to your character before you even begin the game. If you choose one class and then later on decided to consider another, your stats may likely prove to result in an ineffective character, making all those hours and efforts go to waste or you may be forced to work on another character. On the other hand, each secondary job in the game has proficiencies relying on different stat builds from the first job. Considering second jobs as well, each may have different skill sets to consider depending on the type of job you want to aim for. As an example, A Priest built for battle has different stats and skill requirements than that of a Full Support one.

Just to give a little background of the initial jobs available in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love for newer players, the 6 initial jobs to choose from are very unique and that while some of these classes are common in RPGs, you need to identify immediately which job best suits your play style the most.

The Swordsman is perhaps the most basic of the available classes and is a common tank. The swordsman naturally has high physical strength and defense and boasts the highest HP. The Thief banks on its naturally high agility to avoid hits as well as render swift attacks. Critical chances may be boosted further with luck as well. The archer is the physical ranged expert and can deal the most damage to a single target although they possess crowd control skills as well. Dexterity and Agility are their strong points. Magicians are the best crowd control characters and also boast high magical damage to a single or a group of enemies. The acolyte is your basic healer and the best support character in the game. They can also be groomed to help in dealing damage to enemies. Lastly, but definitely not the least, Merchants have good physical damage, and generally average defense. Their best feature comes with the amount of items they can carry and can earn zeny the fastest.

2. Complete Quests In One Area At A Time

ragnarok m eternal love guide

There is an overabundance of quests to take and accomplish in the world of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. While some may seem like trivial chores, others are more challenging and require being strong or self-sustaining in order to accomplish. As you start your adventure in South Prontera, you will immediately notice exclamation points on the mini-map and above some NPCs if you are close enough to see them. As you don’t necessarily have to finish one quest before taking on other tasks from surrounding NPCs you can freely take on multiple quests at a time. Keep in mind that as most quests send you back and forth across the map, some quests actually evolve around the same area or require you to farm the same monsters. As there are quests requiring you to go to a different map for its continuation, be sure that you prioritize other quests you can progress within the map as some of them may eventually lead you to same map later on.

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You will encounter a lot of different monsters easily and at some instances you may be tempted to farm continuously even after meeting your objectives. As you earn experience points, zeny, occasionally some loot for killing monsters, what they give is not as much as what you can get from completing quests. So instead of chasing after mobs of monsters, you can more efficiently level up faster and earn more zeny by completing each quest as fast as you can and moving on to the next ones.

3. Apply For Your First Job (Class) At Base Level 10

Just for enlightenment or refreshment, there are two sets of experiences you gain in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, just like in most of Ragnarok games. The first one, which is base experience applies to the actual level of your character while job experience goes towards your growth in your chosen job or class. With each base level gain you earn 3 stat points that you can freely distribute to whichever attributes you feel you need to enhance. Keep in mind though that stat attribute points needed grow higher for each attribute as that particular attribute increases as well. Job Levels, on the other hand, reward you with skill points you can allocate to a variety of skills. As you will never gain enough skill points to max out all the skills you can acquire, it is important to plan ahead before even deciding to use a skill point.

ragnarok m eternal love first job

Although you will be made to select a class before you jump into the game, the real job selection happens when your reach base level 10 and go through some quick quests. Visit and talk to the Eden Team Coach, Poya (the first NPC you have talked to), who is located just beneath the South Prontera Gate once you hit level 10 and she will instruct you to go to Prontera. Just follow the markers in the map which will lead you to several people and locations. Just continue on until you reach the Adventurer’s League HQ where you’ll see Higgy Eez, the Adventurer’s Guild Senior Mentor, as well as other characters representing each class. If you’re not familiar yet with each class by their costume, feel free to approach anyone as you can still back out and view other jobs after talking to these NPCs. Once you have decided, approach the mentor NPC and he or she will be asking a few questions before sending you to a combat test. At your level, this shouldn’t be a problem. Once through it, a short ceremony will follow and you will finally be transformed to your new job.

4. Visit Mission Boards And Take On Offered Quests

ragnarok m eternal love mission board

On top of the numerous quests you can get from the cities and locations in your journey, there are Mission Boards as well scattered across different cities that boasts rewarding high experience points and zeny. You can only take on these quests one at a time and the quests are typically easy to accomplish. Once you accomplish one quest, be sure to head back to any Mission Board to receive your rewards as well as take on the next quest. Be sure to take note of where most missions will take place and remember to Save at the Kafra station close to where most quests will happen to save you some travel time.

5. Replenish Potions And Fly Wings

Regardless of the job you choose you may need to purchase and carry Red Potions and Blue Potions. The amount you wish to carry may depend on your job. Acolytes for one may no longer need to bring a lot of Red Potions and instead keep more Blue Potions. Jobs that don’t heavily rely on skills may opt to bring more Red Potions instead.

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Considering that there will be a lot of long walks across maps, especially to locations far from Kafra Transports, Fly Wings and Butterfly Wings both essential items you should always have with you. Fly wings teleport you within the map and is not just useful to travel far but also great for emergency exits when you are in danger. Butterfly Wings, on the other hand, teleport you to the town or area where you last made a save using Kafra Service.

6. Visit The Monster Watcher Daily

ragnarok m eternal love monster watcher

The Monster Watcher gives you 2 attempts per day to visit locations where mobs grant 10 times as much experience points. If you want to earn more experience and level up fast, be sure to take advantage of this. Although there is a limit to how much you can earn, it is still a big help for you and should not be ignored most especially since some quests later on have minimum level requirements and you would want to be able to get past that at the soonest.

7. Regularly Check Your Inventory

With the many things you learn and explore in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, you might forget the loots you have gathered from all those quests. For one, some of the rewards you receive may be in the form of gift boxes that you should open sooner than later. Be aware as well that for every 10 levels you reach, there are Growth Packs that contain rewards which include zeny and a whole lot of other stuff. It is best to use these once it becomes available to make you subsequent quests relatively easier.

ragnarok m eternal love inventory

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On the other hand, there is also a limit to the number of items that you can carry. As you don’t necessarily need all those items at once, be sure to deposit some of it in the Kafra Storage once it gets close to being full. There are zeny charges whenever you use the service so take extra care when depositing and withdrawing some items.

8. Join A Party Or Make One

ragnarok m eternal love party

Considering that MMORPGs aren’t actually designed for loners, feel free to join a party and gain some new friends. If you have actual friends who play the game, then it would be better playing with them especially if you have coordinated well enough on selecting jobs for party plays. If not, don’t hesitate to try and make friends with thousands of people online. Joining a party may just be for a specific area or quest but just the same, always consider being in a party especially if you are having a hard time with a specific quest.

9. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

ragnarok m eternal love guild

Guilds are very important in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and it will be very difficult to progress in the game without one. Although you can already apply for and join a guild at level 1, creating your own, should you wish so, required you to be at level 20. As guilds not just serve as a more suitable source of friends for you to quest and hunt with, there are numerous other perks and activities only available to you once you become a member of a guild. Like in any game, though, you would want to choose an active guild with a lot of members as the growth and development of the guild itself will depend on each member’s activity and contribution.

10. Check Your Adventure Book For Updates and Rewards

ragnarok m eternal love adventure book

One of the new features in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is the existence of an Adventure Handbook which serves as a diary of a lot of things relating to your adventure. Every monster and NPC you meet, as well as headwear, pets, and achievements you have earned are recorded in here. As you make new progress, you need to manually add some of it here by clicking on the “+” sign. You will then earn adventure experience and occasionally, some Eden Coins as well.

11. Stay Within The Limit Of Auto-Battle AFK Combats

As you may be inclined to leave auto-battle on to gain more experience and loot while you are away from the game and doing something else, you should be aware that doing this indefinitely canhave limited benefits. While commonly known for the amount of grind you need to become richer and stronger, which is what the hardest of hardcore gamers do, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love sort of puts a limit to the drop rate and experience you earn within a day through its Combat Time which is about 300 minutes per day. Once you exceed this limit, the experience you gain and the drop rate of items begin to decrease. Unused combat time can be accumulated, however, for up to a maximum amount of 600 minutes. You can see how much combat time you have left by clicking the “More” Icon at the upper right corner of your screen and clicking on settings.

ragnarok m eternal love cheats

There are still a lot of things to explore and discover in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and as we continue to delve into its vast world and unlock new features, we may soon provide an additional strategy guide to cover another set of tips, cheats, and strategies. For now, we hope you have read through our entire guide and learned as much from it as you start on your journey. As Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is an open-world game, it would be great as well to try and discover new things on your own. If at this point, you have already discovered some useful tips you would like to share, we are all ears and more than happy to know what you have in mind so leave us a message in the comment section!