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Legend: Rising Empire Beginner’s Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Conquer Favilla

If you’ve been playing mobile games for quite some time, then surely you have heard of NetEase and perhaps, you have even played and loved one or some of the more popular titles in their 20+ strong games catalogue for both Android and iOS devices. Following hugely successful releases like Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Survivor Royale, and several others, NetEase recently launched Legend: Rising Empire, an MMO strategy and city-building game unlike anything you have seen or played before.

As there are perhaps too many MMO strategy game already in the market, what sets Legend: Rising Empire apart from the rest primarily rests on the adequate fairness it offers by limiting the advantage of paying players over non-spenders. Even very experienced strategy game players will discover a lot of new things to discover in this game as Legend: Rising Empire offers unique game mechanics that provide for a wide variety of strategic development and tactical gameplay. Join in on the battle with hundreds of other players online and test your kingdom management and battle tactics in the huge continent of Favilla!

As a lord who governs your own city, you must constantly gain prosperity by building and upgrading structures to develop your land. As you continue to gather resources and material you need for selling, trading, and building structures, you also need to continuously train soldiers to defend your city from other players. As you embark on your journey towards dominating the continent of Favilla, you will encounter enemies in the form of bandits as well as hundreds of other players. You can ally yourself with others to become stronger and engage in battles with some helping hands. With several structures to build, knowledge to research, and army combinations to choose from, having a unique yet effective approach to city management and defense becomes a challenge in itself and as you try to balance between progressing your city and strengthening your army, you busy yourself with earning more as well to sustain both. You also need to consistently accomplish the King’s Quest as having a negative level of satisfaction can put your city in peril as well.

Legend: Rising Empire provides a brief tutorial and walks you through the basics of building, upgrading, and training but there are some game mechanics and features that are left open for your own discovery. As some of the features may bear some similarity to other strategy games, more experienced players may be able to figure out what to do faster than newer players of the genre. Looking into each structure, unit, and icon with all their gritty details as well as hopping back and forth between your city and the continent may seem a little too much at first for most people to absorb at once. If you’re one of those people who may have gotten confused by amount of content the game has, or perhaps overwhelmed by the seemingly too complex gameplay, or simply looking for more efficient ways of progressing faster in the game, our Legend: Rising Empire beginner’s tips, tricks and cheats will surely be able to help you out and guide you into becoming a competitive player that can win and survive a lot of the battles.

1. Never Stop Building And Upgrading Structures

As your aim in Legend: Rising Empire is to become a dominant force in the continent of Favilla, you need to raise your fame, prosperity, and power continuously and all that rests on how much you can develop your city. As a basic guide, no structure in the city can be upgraded further than the level of your castle. Your castle, however, requires a certain level of prestige for it to be upgraded and prestige can be earned by building and upgrading structures in your city. Keep in mind that considering you only have 1 building queue, and that you don’t necessarily have to fully upgrade everything, being selective and prioritizing should be kept in mind at all times.

By category, structures that you can build fall into City Administration, Economy, Industry, Weapons, and Military. City Administration consists of structures that basically help you govern the city. This includes Dwellings (homes for the general populace), the Research Institute, and structures relating to selling and trading goods. Structures under Economy relate to marketable produces that can be sold or traded in the market to earn Silver Crowns which is Favilla’s currency. Industrial buildings provide you materials needed to build and upgrade all your structures. Some of these are needed to craft other materials and can be sold and traded as well. Weapons are required for you to train military units and Military Structures provide what you need to create an army for battle as well as defend your city from potential attackers.

It is important to note that you can instantly finish building or upgrading a construction if the waiting time is 2 minutes or less. Additionally, you have the option of using speedup items to hasten the construction progress. Be sure to use each speedup item wisely and when deciding which of the many structures to prioritize first consider the time required in building them relative to the time you will be online and playing the game.

2. Boost Your Silver Crowns With The Market And Dwellings

You will never have more than enough of the basic currency in any game and in Legend: Rising Empire, it’s equally important for you to muster as much Silver Crowns as you can early on. As you will be needing a lot to purchase items you need immediately as well as to do research which enhances productivity of your structures, having a steady stream of profit will keep you ready for times of great need as well as ensure that your progress will stay unhindered by lack of it.

legend rising empire silver crowns

As Dwellings contribute to your income through revenue and taxes, having as many of them as you can and keeping them close to the Market or the Tavern can boost your income generation a lot faster. Be sure to try and set this up as early as possible and try to surround your Market with Dwellings even at the lowest levels. Later on, when you can spare to do so, perform some upgrades on the Market and Dwellings as well.

3. Join A Clan As Soon As You Can

Like in many games that have a guild or an alliance system, Legend: Rising Empire makes it so that is a must for everyone to be a part of a clan. As when you start on the game, you will be alone against practically everyone in the continent; it helps to have some friends to have your back. As you can already apply to join a clan as soon as the tutorial is done, try to look for ones that already have a lot of members but still can afford to take in new ones like yourself. As it is difficult to immediately determine which ones are actually active, feel free to check the world chat and check the ones that are actively recruiting as an active clan member can most likely lead to having an active clan.

legend rising empire clan

As soon as you join a clan, be sure to help your fellow clan members with the construction and upgrades they are working at as they will do the same to you on your construction queues from here moving forward as well. You can earn gifts whenever a member upgrades his or her castle so be sure to drop by the clan section from time to time. Also, make sure you contribute to the growth and development of your clan by donating as much Silver Crown as you can to Technological Researches being made by your clan and take note of what your leader is recommending. Be sure to be active and make friends in the alliance chat as well as you can help or even ask for help from everyone in the group through communicating with them there.

4. Choose Your Faction Carefully

As you upgrade your Castle to level 3, you will have to choose one of three unique factions: the Money Empire, Industrial Giant, or Warmonger. As each faction has its own unique development style and buff effects as you level it up later on, be sure to carefully determine which one suits your play style the best early on as leveling up your faction can be easier following what you prefer to do mostly in the game. Although you can switch from one faction to another at any time, it will be a little more tedious as you begin on level 1 again and grind on to build up your new faction and earn fame from scratch.

The Money Empire is focused on agriculture. Since you will be able to supply food for sale in the market with this faction, you can earn more Silver Crowns than players in other factions and have more funds for purchasing materials and resources you need to develop your city through trade. Relative to combat, the Money Empire boasts the best siege capabilities as well as the best ranged soldiers.

legend rising empire faction

The Industrial Giant, on the other hand, is a leader in industry as the name implies. The main characteristic of this faction the faster production of resources needed for building and upgrading structures in the city. As such, choosing this faction helps you keep your city’s level of development above the level of cities belonging to other factions. Expectedly, Industrial Giant Cities are more durable than others as far as defenses are concerned. Melee soldiers are stronger here as well.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, is the Warmonger faction. Judging by its name alone, you can tell that this faction can dominate battles later on as it considered the expert in military matters and the best one as far as weapons manufacturing is concerned. Though difficult to develop initially as you will need a lot of money and resources for it to prosper consistently, the Warmonger faction can become an unstoppable force from mid to end-game battles.

Keep in mind that to level up your faction you need to acquire fame, so be sure to battle bandits or later on attack other players’ cities. With each battle won, you can earn more fame but be careful as each battle lost reduces your fame as well. On top of fame, there are also objectives you need to accomplish before you level up your faction so be sure to take note of these and accomplish them as soon as you can.

5. Make The Most Of Your Mobility Points

The activities you engage in outside your castle in Legend: Rising Empire consumes Mobility Points which serves as your stamina in the game. You have a maximum value of 200, and once it goes lower than that it regenerates by 1 every other 3 minutes. As you have a protection barrier surrounding your city for the first 48 hours after your initial login, you may want focus on bandits and bandit camps first if you still want to keep your barrier.

legend rising empire mobility points

While on the map of Favilla, there’s a search icon on the top left of your screen that you can use to search for bandits and bandit camps. Be sure to defeat the lowermost levels yet before moving on the higher levels. Before you actually initiate an attack, you can see the comparative power levels between you and the group of bandits you have found. Be sure that yours is higher than that of your target and if the difference isn’t that big, you may want to manually look into it to launch that special attack early on. Each attack costs 10 mobility points so if you are doing only this for starters, it may take a while to deplete all that stamina.

If you have already joined an alliance, you can start initiating or participating in attacking bandit camps to earn great rewards. Once you call in an assembly, two allies can join up with you so be sure to choose a reasonable amount of time for the assembly especially if your online allies are too far from you. No attack will continue if no one joins you in battle so be sure to communicate with allies through chat before you initiate.

6. Participate And Aim To Accomplish Targets In Events

legend rising empire daily quest

There are Daily Quests, Favilla Competitions, as well as Special Events available in Legend: Rising Empire. While some of the objectives are easily accomplishable through regular gameplay, it is important for you to visit the Events Icons at the upper right of your screen from time to time so you check the objectives you have yet to achieve. Keep in mind that some rewards here are otherwise very difficult to obtain through other means so make some effort into achieving each objective till you get the top rewards.

7. Don’t Forget To Upgrade The Lord And Your Attendants

Your in-game incarnation as the lord of your city can be leveled up and equipped to make him stronger in battle. Be sure to check on his experience or your item bag to see if you have experience potions to level him up and increasing his stats. Additionally, participating in bandit camp attacks and events can earn you the materials needed to craft his gear. Once crafted, you can level equipment up with silver crowns and fine steel plate.

legend rising empire lord

Likewise, your attendants (troop generals) need to be enhanced too so they can become more efficient in battle. As you engage in battles throughout the continent, your attendants earn experience and level up boosting their attributes as well. You can also use experience potions on attendants as well if you want to give them additional experience. More importantly, pay attention to the inherent talent of each attendant that you use as these typically provide buffs and knowing what they do may change the way you choose and organize your army. You can also choose to add skills to an attendant by using skill books but make sure you have unlocked an additional skill slot before trying to learn a new skill as it may overwrite the existing one. Unlock additional attendants and raise their star level by finding and collecting the needed materials from bandit camp raids and various events.

8. Visit The Tavern Regularly

On top of contributing to increasing revenues generated by the Dwellings, the Tavern also has visitors you can converse with to gain scrolls you can use to embark on a variety of adventures. Speaking with the tavern visitors only cost about 50 Silver Crowns each and earns you a random scroll. With enough scrolls for a given level of adventure, you can spend about a minute or two to proceed through it an claim your rewards.

9. Prepare Very Well Before Attacking Another City

If you’ve played much enough during the first two days and have already familiarized yourself with Legend: Rising Empire at this point in time, then you should be ready to say goodbye to your Protection Barrier at this time. Hopefully, before the barrier comes down, you have already explored the immediate area around you and have determined which from among those cities are targets or threats. While it won’t be that easy to determine which is which, you can only bank at guild membership and castle level for now. If there seems to be a lot of players around who have higher castle levels or more from the same guild, then that is a clear sign enough that you should teleport somewhere else.

legend rising empire attacking strategy

If your guild leader hasn’t done so yet, take the initiative to invite all active members to relocate to one location, probably around the leader. This is a crucial tactic that will determine how hard you and your allies can fight off or against players from other alliances. For one, having alliance members close to where you are can give you a certain level of protection especially if you are not in the game and is like having your good old neighbors watching over your house when you are at work or something. You can also partake in battle against other cities alongside your allies through communication and proper coordination. Trading with alliance members also brings benefits to not just you, but them as well and being closely stuck together makes this a whole lot easier.

Using Detect on a target city is essential before launching an attack as it gives you a detailed information on what can be gained from that player’s city as well as garrisoned troops that he has. Be sure to make it a habit to scout and get information before you decide to attack the city or move on to another potential target. Keep in mind that merely using detect will automatically turn your protection barrier off and leave you vulnerable to potential attacks and retaliation as well. As detect costs 5 Mobility Points and an actual attack will consume 50, make sure you have enough before you even send your scout out.

One last thing you must not forget is to garrison your troops and lord strategically in your castle to be prepared any time someone tries to attack you. The usual ranged fighters and behind melee ones and ranged troops atop walls works well but feel free to play around the layout. Speaking of layouts, you may want to rearrange walls around your castle and add a few more when you can afford to do so as it provides that extra layer of protection you so very much need when your city is under siege.

Well, that certainly covers everything you need to know to more efficiently progress your city’s development and win battles in Legend: Rising Empire. As updates are still rolling in as we speak, we may get back to this game later on. We certainly hope you read through each of the Legend: Rising Empire tips, cheats, and strategies we mentioned as knowing these ahead of time will definitely be of great help to you. If in case you find that we missed something in our strategy guide, or you may have something you want contribute for the game we look forward to hearing from you in the comment section!