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League of Lords Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate the World

Fingerdance Games, makers of the popular strategy game The Ruins: Zombie Invasion, have just released an exciting city building and strategy game on Android called League of Lords. The game sets you out not only to build your mighty empire, but also to take over the rest of the place while you’re at it! And when the mention of “the rest of the place” is made, Fingerdance Games meant it with a generously sized map for you to rampage through. So the second your army(s) is/are built up enough, you can turn it into a “free all you can eat buffet”! While providing a buffet in the open map Fingerdance Games also decided to provide a large number of rewards throughout League of Lords. All things considered, you have a wide variety of gaining options.

As much fun as League of Lords can be, there is the possibility that the wide variety of options can be overwhelming. There are all kinds of things to upgrade, collect from, and go after. So which do you do and when?! Many upgrades require previous upgrades. Some of which are found in different buildings. You might find yourself with a lot of heroes to use. That’s nice and all but where to use them can get tricky depending on their level. All things considered, League of Lords can be a bit much for someone just starting out. But with the help of our League of Lords beginner’s guide, you’ll be all set with plenty of tips, tricks, and strategies to get you going in the right direction and keep it that way!

1. The Main Screen And Things You Should Do First

The main screen of League of Lords has many options scattered all over it. But before going hog wild trying to collect everything, you should make sure of two things.

league of lords guide

First up is the login and binding. For the most part, you can choose whichever method you like best for the login. However, the recommendation is that you use a Google account for your login. The idea being not to lose what you’ve managed to gain/build up in the game. Make sure the device you’re using has a type of data sync activated at the minimum. Once that’s all set, it’s a matter of your in-game name. The login setup to bind your account is done in the menu on the left of the main screen (tap the arrow on the menu to open it) in the Account section. The name change can be done from the icon in the top left corner. Both setups cost you nothing. But in changing the name, you’ll provide a name for others to fear! Do note that the account binding rewards you with 500 gold.

2. How To Prevent Attacks And Gain More Rewards

As mentioned, you can gain like crazy in League of Lords. Fingerdance Games really went “generous mode” to help you out! While checking out the main screen above, you can see several of them on the right side of the screen. It’s just a matter of collecting those rewards on the right side when they’re displayed. But on the left side, you also have Quest and Chapter rewards. Those are given when the requirements are met. The fun part is that those requirements are really not difficult to do! The not so fun part is showing in the above screen shot of the main screen. Check out the resources in the upper right area of the main screen. When you’re just starting out, that’s a pretty decent amount of resources to have available. The bad news is that this also paints a big bull’s eye on your city for attackers! Of course, the bigger your army is for defending, the better the “challenge” is to anyone feeling up to it.

Your defense was never really the target when someone decides to attack you. Most attackers are not concerned with it once they see your power is lower than theirs. This is despite how well built and armed your wall is. It’s your resources your attackers will be looking at the most. The more resources you have, the better for them in deciding to attack you. So in order to prevent attacks, the main protection is a shield which lasts a few days. That shield is given to you at the start of League of Lords. However, since it only lasts a few days, it’s only a matter of time before someone attacks your city. You certainly don’t want to waste resources trying to buy protections.

league of lords cellar

The main method to prevent attacks in League of Lords is to not make an attack worth their effort. The first trick to this is to use up all your resources as much as possible before you exit the game. The next part is to get your Cellar built and upgraded. The Cellar protects your resources when you get attacked. So instead of losing everything, you only lose some resources. The rest stay right where they are. But even at that, the Cellar can only protect just so much. To help further, you have a research section in the Academy to protect even more resources. The current protection boost shows in the middle left section of the above screen shot. It’s currently not much but it helps and can be increased.

To continue keeping things in League of Lords, you simply have to remember that many of the rewards you gain will end up in your inventory (Items).

league of lords items

Keeping your resources in your inventory ensures they won’t go anywhere when you get attacked. But when you need them, you can simply use them from your inventory. By the same token, you’d also want to keep your troops nice and built up. That’s going to be quite a difficult task if you didn’t build and upgrade your Shelter. The Shelter keeps a certain amount of your troops nice and safe. Exactly like the Cellar, the more upgraded it is, the more troops will hide it inside it instead of defending. What it comes down to is that you eventually will be attacked. With the proper use of the protections, it would be like telling your attackers “Go ahead and attack. Good luck getting anything”!

Another setup in League of Lords for gaining rewards is the Exploration. There’re 2 types of Explorations. The first is Solo Exploration and there’s the Alliance Exploration. Naturally, you’ll be able to do the Alliance Explorations once you join an alliance. Joining an alliance is a simple matter of either making one or joining one. Either way is a gamble that the alliance you’re in is a good one with helpful members. The trick for gaining the best when it comes to Explorations is to check for the explorations that require the least amount of time to complete. Perform those while you’re playing. But before you exit League of Lords, activate the explorations with the longest durations. Once you get back in game, you can just collect them and continue on. The part here you have to remember is that these rewards from Explorations will not go to your inventory. So do watch out for overshooting your resource protections.

Next up for gaining resources in League of Lords fairly easily is the Open Field. You’ll have quite the buffet of resource gaining options out here! Again, be careful not to overshoot your protection limits because it can be very easy to do.

league of lords tips

All you have to do is tap on a target and check its power level (if any) to make sure your armies can defeat it. In the upper middle of the above screen shot is a level 1 Rebel camp. You can attack the rebels for multiple resources which includes quest rewards. In the case of attacking something/someone, the gains will be somewhat instant. Your armies have to get to the target and then defeat it. But when things are close by and your power is much higher than the target, it won’t take long! The same ideas apply when attacking another player. For example, check the upper middle right of the above screen shot. Someone’s city is sitting there and at a much lower level compared to FreeLoader9000. So naturally, that city becomes a target. Well, it’s more like a giveaway! Then again, much higher level players are notorious for attacking much lower level players for instant gains. So make no mistake about it. If your city looks “nice n juicy enough” to someone at a higher level, there’s an excellent chance you’ll be attacked.

In the middle of the above screen shot, directly above your city (in this case FreeLoader9000’s city), is a level 2 resource. You can send your armies to these but the gains will be done over time. The higher the level of the resource, the more you’ll gain and the longer it will take. The trick to speed things up is to send as big of an army as you can to resources. Also note that you’ll have quest rewards associated with going after these resources. Again, do make note of your protection limits. It’s not just in gaining like crazy. It’s also all in keeping those resources.

3. The Marathon Of Upgrades

League of Lords provides a massive amount of upgrades to help you gain more and more power. That’s great and all but it can seem overwhelming to someone that’s just starting out. On the upside, many of the upgrades are not hard to gain.

league of lords cheats

One of the easiest upgrades to take care of in League of Lords is your VIP level. All you have to do is log in each day. Not really a devastatingly difficult thing to do, is it?! The higher your VIP level, the more bonuses you’ll have. Pretty much the most important bonus of your VIP level is your Free Speed Up Time. Yes, there’s a good reason it’s listed first! This means building/building upgrades can be instantly completed at higher countdown timer amounts. To help more, you can perform certain research upgrades to increase this time amount. For example, at VIP 3, your building/ building upgrades that are below 9 minutes can be instantly completed. But with the research upgrades, that amount can increase. So if a building/building upgrade takes 20 minutes, it can possibly be completed instantly at 15mins or less.

The biggest mistake for most beginners of League of Lords is to use their speed ups at a lower level. They’re not hard to gain but they’re very easy to want to use! The best bet for those speed ups is to use them when you need them at the higher building upgrade levels. The biggest help in the effort of saving your speed ups is in joining a good alliance. You’ll know you’re in a good alliance when you see others often helping you to build/upgrade. In order to convince others in the alliance you’re in to help you, you should do the same as much as possible. From there, save your longest duration building/building upgrades for before you log out. If said building/building upgrade is not done by the time you return to the game, you can consider using your speed ups. From there, your Free Speed Up Time can be used. Just don’t use speed ups to cut down the countdown timer too far below your Free Speed Up Time amount.

You’ll gain many resources from the Open Field. But you’re not going to gain like crazy via sending out only 1 army. Yes, the faster gains are via sending out as much as possible to go after a single target. However, if you want to gain the quest rewards faster and various resources at the same time, you’ll have to send out more than 1 army.

league of lords muster field

Of course you’ll have to build and upgrade your Barracks as much as possible along with other research to be able to have a wide variety of troops. It’s the Muster Field which is a place for them to all gather while inside your city. The more you upgrade the Muster Field, the more slots you’ll eventually have for sending out armies. You can send out more armies at the same time when your Muster Field reaches level 5. So instead of going after 1 target with everything you have, you can split your current troops and go after multiple targets at the same time. Naturally, you’ll have several research options to help you pick up the pace. They’re showing in the above screen shot to the left.

Lastly concerning your armies, the armies you send out in won’t be so great without a hero to help them. League of Lords has a variety of heroes for you to gain and use in the different spots of the game. The heroes have a variety of Talents for you to upgrade and take advantage of. You’ll gain talent points to use via leveling. There’re 2 really good ways to level up your heroes. The first method is to send them out into the Open Field along with your armies. This basically costs nothing and you stand to gain more anyway. The bigger the attack target, the bigger the EXP gain will be for your hero. However, you’ll eventually gain the second method which is EXP items. You’ll find them in your inventory (Items). Don’t mix them up with the Lord EXP items. That’s basically your account level (Lord EXP).

The recommendation is to use the hero EXP items later on in levels. As a standard for most games with any type of leveling system, the higher the level, the more EXP you’ll need to gain another level. League of Lords is no different. When you’re first starting out with a hero, send it out with your armies to level it fairly quickly. Even lower level attack type targets will do. Eventually, you should use the hero EXP items to help pick up the pace. Some of those hero EXP items can get into the 1M+ range instantly added to the selected hero. The other recommendation is to not use the hero EXP items on heroes to catch up in levels. Your better bet would be to send them out into the Open Field more. The last recommendation is to keep your highest hero in the Wall for defense purposes.

And this is where our League of Lords beginner’s guide ends. We hope you’ve enjoyed our compilation of tips and tricks, and if you have some other helpful hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area below!