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Unique Word Game ‘Punlock’ Heading to iOS on November 20

Developed by Honeymoon Software, Punlock is an original word game suitable for kids and adults alike, that’s set to be released this November on iOS.

With an innovative design, high-quality 3D animations and graphics, and a minimalist UI, Punlock presents players with a special padlock that, instead of the traditional combination dial you would expect, features letters that are etched into concentric rings. Each padlock comes with a specific theme and you need to rotate the rings to arrange the letters and form a word that matches the theme. If necessary, you can take advantage of the available hints. If you manage to find all the words in the level, the lock will pop open.

When you download Punlock, you will get a free theme pack. Every 24 hours, a new free theme pack will be available to download via the app. And the good news is that there are no ads. However, the game features in-game purchases, allowing you to download additional themes such as “Animals”, “Sports”, or “Science”.

In order to play Punlock, you will need an iPhone or iPad that runs iOS 11 or above. You will only need an Internet connection when you download the daily puzzle or if you want to make an in-app purchase. Those players who play Punlock on an iPhone 7 or above, will feel subtle vibrations as they rotate the rings, by means of haptic feedback.

If you think Punlock is a game you might enjoy, you can pre-order it now on the App Store and it will download automatically to your device as soon as it launches on November 20th.