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Knives Out (iOS) Guide: 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Knives Out is a new third-person shooter from NetEase, that’s now available for iOS devices. Instead of the usual point system where you respawn a few seconds after death, you get to duke it out with other players until only one remains. It is the ultimate battle royale, with 100 players fighting for the top spot. There are multiple ways for you to eliminate the competition. Do you confidently charge into the battlefield and fight face to face? Or do you outwit your opponents by lying in wait, pouncing when they expect it the least? You have a wide range of weapons, accessories, medicines, and vehicles at your disposal. Collect them all and make sure you are equipped for any situation. You will need good battle tactics and lightning-fast reactions if you want to be the last man standing. It’s a good thing our Knives Out guide is here to help you come out on top!

1. Weigh The Risks

Right from the start, you should play with the end game in mind. If you think about just surviving for the moment, you will end up dying after that moment passes. Remember, you need to be two steps ahead of every single opponent in the arena if you want to survive. Your strategy should start with choosing a place to land. There are several options, but you need to consider the risks.

The most tempting locations for you to go to would be in towns or cities where there are a bunch of buildings that contain loot. You can go ahead and raid those locations but keep in mind that there are 99 other players who are looking for the same stuff. Stay alert and be ready to fight with your bare hands if you have to. The alternative to this is to land in secluded areas and play the long game. Find a hiding spot and scavenge for the few resources scattered in the outskirts of civilization. The decision all depends on your play style and abilities. Make sure you weigh everything before deciding.

2. What To Look For

There are three things that your character really need in order to survive. You will automatically pick these up when you come near them, so it is just a matter of knowing where they are. Quickly survey any new location you come across to see if there are any essential loot lying around. If you see one, cautiously approach and pick them up.

The first thing your character needs is body armor. You will most likely get hit at one point or another, so the best thing to do is to try to reduce that damage as much as you can. Another essential item for reducing damage, and perhaps a more important one, is the helmet. It reduces the damage you take from headshots. Lastly, you will need a backpack to carry all that loot in.

The items you find in the game will have different levels. Most of the time, the items you pick up will be level 1. Don’t worry because you can still get better versions. You can pick up items that amplify the effects of your essentials. These improve your armor rating or your backpack space. Keep your eyes peeled, so you don’t miss any of these.

3. Always Check The Minimap

The minimap gives you a lot of valuable information. First, it shows you the fastest way to a safe zone. You will see a green dashed line indicating this. Second, the minimap also shows you enemy threats. For example, if you are getting shot at but you can’t seem to find your shooter, check the map for a red marker. The marker will point towards the location of the shooter. You can either try to look for the shooter in that direction and fire back, or you can duck behind an obstacle that will block you from your opponent’s line of sight.

4. When To Crouch And Sprint

Crouching and sprinting are two very different types of moves, but they are equally important. When you crouch, you become a lot slower, but it also helps conceal your presence. This is a good thing to do when you are busy raiding. You don’t want to make a lot of noise in an area that will most likely have other players present.

If you are out in an open space with no obstacles to hide behind, you will need to sprint. Sprinting will make you a more difficult target to hit, and it minimizes the time you are exposed since you will get to your destination faster. Make sure you move randomly when sprinting to avoid getting sniped as well.

Another move that is similar to crouching is going on a prone position. It limits your movement by a lot, but it also hides you even more if you pick the right spot. Of course, make sure you do not do this when you have already been spotted. Even if you go prone and are completed hidden in the grass, if the enemy saw you, he will just need to shoot into the grass in order to kill you. Going prone is usually a sniper’s move. It allows you to observe your surroundings while staying hidden. If you like raining hell from 700 meters away, go prone to minimize the chances of enemy snipers spotting you as you shoot.

5. Find A Nice Ride

As you run around the arena, you will sometimes find gas containers scattered about. Unfortunately, it is not for setting your opponents on fire. Pick up gas whenever you see it because you will eventually stumble upon vehicles that can be driven. Getting into a vehicle will allow you to move between locations quickly. Since you are on a huge island, this is a handy feature. You can also use the car to run over some of your opponents. Keep in mind, however, that vehicles make a lot of noise, and will attract a lot of attention. Your car is also not bulletproof. Enemies can shoot through the windows and take you out as you drive. You also won’t be able to return fire, so proceed with caution.

Hunt down your enemies and become the ultimate survivor in Knives Out! Just follow our list of tips and tricks above and you will be victorious!