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Survivor Royale (iOS) Guide, Cheats & Tips to Become the Last Man Standing

Survivor Royale is an immersive new third-person survival game from NetEase Games, a company which is responsible for games such as Knives Out and Rules of Survival. In Survivor Royale you are thrown into a map along with 99 other players. You will need to outwit and outlast your opponents over the course of 20 minutes in order to win. The map starts out as a huge arena, bit will slowly get smaller and smaller, forcing players to face each other and fight to the death. The last man standing will win the match. The game features large, high definition maps with sophisticated geography and detailed buildings. This gives a realistic and immersive experience to the players. You can also choose to play on your own, or team up in 2- to 4-player modes. If you find yourself struggling to survive in the arena, don’t worry. Our Survivor Royale cheats, tips and tricks will tell you everything you need to know!

1. Ensure A Stable Connection

As much as possible, play the Survivor Royale only when you have a good wireless internet connection. Using sketchy mobile data in this game is a kiss of death. If you are still having lag issues despite using a wifi connection, you could try lowering the graphics of the game or choosing a different server. It is possible that you may have chosen a server that is too far from you. Picking a closer one will minimize the lag.

2. Land Before The Other Players

If the early bird gets the worm, the early survivor gets the big guns. Landing ahead of the pack will allow you to get first pick from the loot that is lying around. You need to be able to get to the supplies before the other players. You can expect a bloodbath once players start fighting over the same set of equipment lying around. Just quickly pick up what you can and run away. Don’t wait for the other players as it is not the time to duke it out just yet. Retreat with your loot and plan your next move.

While you are still on the plane, take note of the number of people. You will know if someone just jumped if you see the number go down. Try not to jump right after another player does. This reduces the chances of you landing in the same spot as he did. Remember, you don’t want to get into it with another player before you have time to prepare.

When you jump out of the plane, position yourself in such a way that your body would be vertically aligned. This will allow you to travel faster which helps improve the chances of you landing before the other players do. Make sure you open your parachute only at the last moment. The parachute will slow down your descent, so you don’t want it up until you actually need it.

3. Take A Look Around

One of the most important tasks you have is to memorize your surroundings. Always look around and take note of everything. Create a mental map of all the vantage points and hiding spots in every location. Knowing the map like the back of your hand will give you the advantage later on when you are in the middle of battle. Those few seconds you save from looking at the minimap while facing your opponents can be the difference between winning and losing.

4. Pick Up Everything You Can

There are a lot of supplies scattered throughout the map. Try to pick up as many of these supplies as you can to ensure you are fully prepared for any scenario. Even if you already have a weapon, you might still be able to pick up a better one, so continue to check for more loot. Look for armor to reduce the damage you take from enemy shots. You should also find a backpack as soon as you can, so you will be able to collect even more items. Remember, every time you pick up an item, you are also taking away a resource from your opponents. This is a good enough reason to hoard.

5. Use The Right Weapon

The right weapon differs from player to player. It all depends on your preference and ability. If you like killing people from afar, and you have good aim, go for a sniper rifle. If you want more action, and you think you can go toe to toe with any opponent, grab an assault rifle. If you want something with a little more kick, try a shotgun. You could also try out one of the vehicles available in game. It will draw the attention of other players, but it is kind of fun to watch your enemies get squished under the tires.

6. Look For A Good Hiding Place

Even if you are not the sniping sort, you still need to find several places to hide. There are 99 players out to get you, so it is best if you have the option to retreat and recover from time to time. Stay crouched and hide from enemies as much as you can. Even if you see that there is just one opponent nearby, try to wait a few seconds before engaging. It is possible that another player could be watching, and he might try to take you out while you are busy fighting with someone else.

7. Play With Headphones On

Headphones will allow you to listen to the game with minimal noise getting in the way. This is important because the game lets you hear gunshots and footsteps. You will want to know when someone is approaching, so that you can hide and ambush them if possible. Hearing other players fighting nearby is also a great opportunity. You can wait until they wear themselves out then swoop in for multiple kills.

8. To Close Or Not To Close Doors

A lot of veteran players pay close attention to doors of buildings. If you are going into a building, it is best if you close the door behind you. This will lead other players to think that the building has not been explored yet, giving you the chance to ambush them as they enter. It also allows you to hear anyone coming in. Once you are done with a building, however, you have another opportunity. You can leave the door open then hide somewhere that has a good view of the building. When another player sees the open door, they will worry that someone else might be inside. This will make them crouch and slowly approach the building. Use this to chance to take out an easy target.

If you don’t feel like waiting around for other players to come by, you can close the door of the building as you leave. As we said above, it will lead other players to think that the building is unexplored. They will then go into the building and waste precious time looking for the loot you already have in your backpack.

It’s time to gear up and eliminate the competition in Survivor Royale! Don’t forget to follow the tips and tricks listed above to ensure your success!