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BitLife (iOS) Best Life and Legacy Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Live a Perfect Virtual Life

With so many activities and decision points you can have in BitLife, it can be a real challenge to stay in line with what you really want out of your virtual life. While you have so much freedom to do the things you might not be so willing to do in real life, there are always appropriate consequences in every bit of thing you do. Add karma and luck to the mix and you can be sure to go through a variety of experiences as you live one life to the next in BitLife.

If you are just starting out with this exceptionally addictive mobile game, be sure to check our BitLife beginner’s guide for everything you need to know. Be sure to have a look at our BitLife ribbons guide as well if you want to collect all the ribbons in the game with a lot less effort and experimentation. If you’re not a fan of living long and peacefully, and want more fun and excitement in your virtual life, you may want to read our BitLife villainy guide and even read through our list of BitLife crime and prison life tips and tricks to top it off.

There are always thrills and excitement to explore new things in the game and you would mostly be inclined to try all sorts of things out just to see where it goes. Living a life of crime or simply being a rude, unlikable person may seem fun to some but it almost guarantees a life of constant danger and likely to end fast. If you are inclined to make the most out of your virtual life in BitLife, follow our BitLife tips, cheats and strategies and guarantee that money won’t be a problem for you later in the game as you live on your way to become a century old citizen and outlive everyone else.

1. Follow A Seemingly Boring But Healthy Routine

It’s a common saying that “Health is Wealth” and while you may only be inclined to see a doctor when you have ailments and illnesses, staying healthy takes a little more effort than that. The key to being and staying in tip-top condition lies in the activities you engage in BitLife as in real life. For starters, you can always visit the doctor for free while you are still a minor and despite not suffering from any sickness whatsoever. On you can engage in activities for your mind and body, regularly engage in free ones like going through meditation and visiting the library. In effect, you will always maintain high levels of health and smarts. Although you can only afford going to the gym once you start earning money, it’s always good to proactively make it a habit instead of investing time on it one the need to raise your health becomes increasingly important.

bitlife health guide

One thing to add to the routine is studying hard once you start to attend school. Although at some points in time you may feel that you no longer need to do this as your smarts level is always at its peak because of the library, doing this continuously seems to raise the chance of earning a scholarship after high school.

While all your stats are random at day 1, everything can be changed over time and fortunately enough, you can easily change all aspects of your life positively by following simple annual routine activities. Although looks definitely change over time and cannot be changed easily, you can still make positive adjustments on it once you start to have more than enough earnings.

Be sure to constantly spend time with people close to you as well. As routine as it goes, make it a habit to have a conversation or spend time with your family and even do both when relationship levels seem to require more time together. Although this may not necessarily affect any of your personal stats, only good things can come out of doing so in the long run. If you can help it, avoid asking your parents for money especially for things not that important. As doing so especially often results in lowering relationship levels and may affect happiness as well.

You can always spam on these activities within the same year but following an annual routine early on makes it unnecessary to go through it more than once per year. Once you start earning your salary, there are several other activities you may want to engage in to ensure that you will have a better life ahead of you in the years to come.

2. Avoid Loans And Mortgages

Keep in mind that if you start frequently visiting the library to raise and keep your intelligence level maxed out at an early age gives you a much higher chance to be granted a scholarship for college. Although it’s still no guarantee, being able to secure one indirectly boosts your annual earnings, making you save more money which you can invest to start earning even more later in your life.

Since next to maintaining health comes the quest for increasing wealth, reducing costs and expenses contributes a lot to the net earnings you gain at the end of each year. As such, make purchases for cars and real estate properties in cash as applying for mortgages entail higher total costs and if you can afford the price in full anyway, there’s no good reason to pay in instalments.
Keep in mind that your annual salary amount won’t reflect entirely as earnings from the previous years as you will have expenses as well. What matters is that you have a basic idea of how much money you need annually to survive and determine what is best to be done with extra income.

3. Don’t Focus On Jobs, Focus On Investments Instead

Depending on your academic achievement, intelligence, and potentially even looks, (and some luck), you can have a great job to start with after studying or land one that may be the exact opposite of your dream job. What matters is that you have to start working as soon as you can so apply for the next job if the previous prospect rejects you. Being employed is your stepping stone towards fulfilling your dreams of having a good long life and a grand legacy but it’s not everything. It’s good to have any job as long as you can sustain earning annually instead of losing money.

bitlife real estate guide

On one hand, you can always look for better jobs to earn more but on the other, staying on one job will naturally earn you higher pay through pay increases and even promotion. Regardless though, what you would want to do is to start thinking about investing in real estate as soon as you can and with whatever job you have, you can always set targets as to when you should buy new houses to earn more moving forward. Again, there are other means of adding to your capital with some risks, but for starters buying real estate and selling some from time to time can earn you more than what your job can give you especially later on in the game. As much as you would rather avoid mortgages, you can always check how much you can still earn by subscribing to it. It takes a lot more work to do so and guarantees a lot less return on your investment but if you don’t have another choice, then feel free to go for it. Just be sure that your cash in hand year after year can sustain the payments and not force you to sell off some property or properties you would rather hold on to.

4. Value Net Worth Over Cash In Hand

Like in real life, it’s relatively easy to be blinded by the amount of cash you have to make you thinks about your and your family’s future. If you focus entirely on the money you accumulate on the upper right of your screen in BitLife, it can happen that you will survive year after year, but then just holding on to it won’t be the best option if you want to earn more. Though there are more ways that jobs to earn money without consequences in BitLife, the best one is most definitely putting it in real estate.

bitlife legacy guide

You should at try to avoid putting money on cars as vehicles depreciate in value just like in real life. Be sure to purchase one though when your spouse asks you to do so as maintaining a good relationship with your partner is as important as everything else in BitLife just as in real life. Houses, however, become more and more valuable every year especially if it is in good condition. So make it a priority to have such investments as part of your longer-term goals as soon as you start earning income. Regardless, as long as the condition of the property is still not red, it is still a good buy. Just be sure to dispose of some assets regularly as well prioritizing real estate with lower conditions first.

To see your net worth as well as determine whether or not it is growing, check your will and testament under activities from time to time. Having more houses may contribute to its growth along with your annual salary but if it starts to decrease, then perhaps you have been spending a little too much or have cars that lose value over time. Keep in mind that houses don’t actually decrease in value but they are just hard to sell once their condition goes bad.

5. Lottery And Gambling Can Be Considered An Investment

Winning the lottery in BitLife has a much higher probability than in real life which is why you should consider it as an investment rather than an expense. Winning the lottery may not happen once in your lifetime but it can still happen pretty often in the game. Regardless of how much you win, if you do, it becomes a lot easier to become even wealthier as you will have more working capital to invest in real estate. Once you start earning money, be sure to allocate enough to spend on 10 tickets per year if you can afford to do so. If you’re barely making enough year after year, then at least go for 1 ticket a year.

bitlife investment guide

You may be aware that in real life, there are so many sad stories about former lottery winners who lost more than their share of good fortune in just a short time after they got it. This is because they changed their lifestyle and lived their lives like their wealth will never run out and ended up being even poorer than they were before hitting the jackpot.

What you should rather do is maintain your employment and still continue on with your usual lifestyle. Keep in mind that your winnings from the lottery are finite and can grow even more if you invest them in real estate. What you earn from your job may or may not be much but continuing on working will almost ensure its slow but steady growth.

On the gambling side, one important concept you need to keep in mind is that you should always set a limit to how much you are willing to lose. For starters, you can just play once and leave once you lose the 500 dollar bet. On the other hand, you should also set a ceiling as to how much you want to win before you decide to leave the casino. You can set it to $1,000 for starters and once you start playing, reaching either end of winning and losing marks will be your cue to moving out of the casino and proceeding to your other activities.

Doing both the lottery and gambling with very controlled restrictions may help you earn more in BitLife so be sure to engage in these activities whenever you can afford to do so.

6. Good Looks Can Help Too

bitlife plastic surgery guide

Although it may be regarded as a narcissistic tendency when people subscribe to plastic surgery, looks do actually matter in the real world and in BitLife, random stats and features may not endow you with good looks for starters although it change as you grow and mature. While the money you earn can better be spend on investments to earn even more money, you can also improve your looks from time to time when you have more than enough money to spend. It can help boost your health and happiness and may also be a factor when asking for a raise or promotion at work, on top of being intelligent of course. Keep in mind though that as you go past the prime of your life, your good looks is bound to slowly fade and knowing your age, you should instead accept such fate and no longer risk going under any sort of surgery.

7. The End Of A Perfect Life

No one lives forever but people who live life following seemingly boring routine seems to live longer (and it makes a lot of sense). By strictly adhering to norms of society and always watching over yourself the right way makes for a generally long life. Having a long life though just isn’t everyone’s goal and like in BitLife, what you would want is to live life to the fullest, earn lots of money and never have to worry about your descendants ever.

bitlife perfect life guide

Although it almost seems like a miracle to see a hundred year-old person nowadays, you can easily achieve well over that age in BitLife. And not only that, you can practically outlive everyone in your family as their health and aging goes well beyond your control. In any case, what you may want to achieve in BitLife is the kind of legacy you leave, and as a life simulation game, you can test all sorts of things out from one virtual life to another and discover that the best legacy is, nonetheless, borne of hard work and dedication. Yes, luck and karma plays its hands too but your actions and reactions to everything that happens in your life is well within your control. It’s even as simple as going on vacation when a loved one dies and watching a movie to cure any level of sadness. So go for the routine approach whenever you feel like going for the best life and legacy in BitLife and save the experiments and the more “colourful” lifestyles for another playthrough.

There may still be loads to discover as BitLife hardly lets you play the exact same life twice. As we continue to play and discover even more interesting things in the game, we will be leaving our BitLife – Life Simulator best life and legacy guide at this for now. Hopefully, if you were able to read through the tips and strategies we enumerated here, you’ll most likely be on your way to making it past your 110th birthday or even farther. In any case, prepare for that much of a monotony if you really want to reach your goal and you’ll be sure to catch a good drift of the routine activities in your BitLife life as early as 21 in-game years. If you have discovered additional tips you would want to share relative to our topic, be sure to leave us a comment!