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Dark Domain Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Raise CP Fast and Dominate All Game Modes

EYOUGAME is quickly becoming a popular name when it comes to mobile RPGs and despite only being active for only about 2 years in the mobile gaming industry, each of its releases has generated thousands of downloads quickly and has received largely positive reviews from its users. With huge hits like Light Chaser, Demoncer, and Soul Destiny, among others, it is no surprise that every new game that comes from the company becomes an eagerly awaited and highly anticipated one.

Dark Domain is EYOUGAME’s latest offering available on both Android and iOS platforms. As an MMORPG packed with brilliant visuals and a plethora of in-game features, Dark Domain potentially has everything every RPG fan looks for in the genre within its realm. There is a good enough story to read and play through and you have more than enough options when it comes to choosing your character. Beyond that, the action-packed battle systems and numerous upgrade and enhancement options will definitely get you hooked into it for several hours daily once you start playing. While it’s already a lot of fun to enjoy on your own, being an MMORPG means being able to participate in team battles and with the inclusion of friends and guild systems you can revel in Dark Domain’s world even more thrillingly.

Dark Domain takes you to a spectacular fantasy world where you get to choose to play as one of four distinguished classes. Quests and battles abound as you take on mobs of monsters and powerful bosses following the game’s story as well as engaging in its various additional game modes. As you progress through your seemingly endless journey, you gain more powerful skills and more formidable equipment that you can further strengthen. Mounts, spirits, and pets will aid you in your many quests but some battles have to be engaged with the help of a team. As an MMORPG, Dark Domain makes it a must for everyone to be able to play with other people and while you may not readily be able to secure in-game friends, you can easily find allies as you try to accomplish battles requiring a team. It’s largely based on raising your combat power continuously and there are hardly any limitations as to how many hours you can spend on the game on a daily basis.

While there is definitely a lot of information to take in as far as game modes and enhancement options go in Dark Domain, the auto function, which immediately available as soon as you jump into the game, makes practically every aspect of the game very easy to learn and do on your own. While auto mode makes your gaming life easy, the tons of activities and enhancement options available for you to do will still take a lot of time to accomplish and with all of it available at the start of your gameplay you might find trouble prioritizing as to which ones ought to be taken cared of first.

You can certainly make progress in the game regardless of how you play it and regardless of how much time you can invest in it. Like most MMORPGs, though, more time and effort invested can almost always mean faster progression. Beyond that, our Dark Domain beginner’s guide can also provide you with useful tips, cheats and strategies to boost your CP in the game and progress much faster.

1. Choose The Right Class

There are dour distinct classes to choose from before you begin your adventure in the world of Dark Domain. Each of these classes are basic ones and you have played some RPGs before, then you should already have an idea about their strengths and roles in combat. As you will be spending some time fulfilling quests on your own, you might initially consider a class better suited for solo play. As there are various game modes in Dark Domain that call for a team composed of varying classes and roles, you should also take team play into consideration.

what's the best class in dark domain

The warrior is your most basic melee powerhouse class with the best defensive stats in the game. As the typical designated tank in team play, warriors are the class to pick if you enjoy being at the frontlines of your team. In solo play, the warrior is perhaps the easiest to manage and can stand very well on his own without support from others.

If you enjoy being a magic-user that holds the top spot for AoE and burst damage as well as crowd control, then the mage is the best choice for you. The mage naturally has lower defensive capabilities than the rest of the bunch but taking down mobs fast, especially in team dungeons, makes this class someone to be always welcomed to the party on any team battle.

If you enjoy PvP and aims to spend a lot of time on it in-between your quests and adventures, then you may want to consider choosing the Assassin as your class. The assassin is the more offensive melee class in the game and has the best mobility. Although not as sturdy as the warrior, the assassin can deal a lot more damage on a single target and even mobs of monsters.

Last but not the least is the ranger class that sports the longest range in combat. Rangers also excel in dealing AoE damage and can down several foes from a good distance. While rangers don’t have good defensive stats like the mage, being able to set up traps and having a little more mobility is a plus for its more defensive plays.

2. Prioritize Accomplishing Main Quests

Like many MMORPGs that hold a story mode of sorts, Dark Domain’s story progresses through the main quest lines that you will begin to take on as you jump into the game. With auto mode to automatically walk you through one location to the next, as well as instantly take control of your character through the many battles within the main quests, it’s relatively an easy feat to accomplish.

dark domain main quests

As main quests will be your primary source of experience points to level up your character, as well as equipment and other items to further boost your power, it is only rational to push through with it ahead of everything else in the game. Progress in the main quest lines also unlock additional features in the game which you should prioritize to grow stronger a lot faster. The only impediment relative to engaging further through the quests is the minimum level requirements you will encounter from time to time and in such cases, there are many extra game modes and sub-quests to revel in to quickly raise your character’s level and proceed back to completing the next main quests.

One great game mechanic in Dark Domain is that it makes it simple and easy for you to continue enhancing and upgrading your character while you are proceeding with the quests. New, stronger equipment will pop up on your screen and you can instantly equip each of them with a click of a button. Similarly, any such enhancements that can be done will also be vividly seen at the right side of your screen and you can quickly made any enhancements without interrupting auto mode whether you are running from one location or area to another or engaging to eliminate mobs and bosses.

3. Equip And Enhance Your Skills

Following an increase in your level as you complete quests and earn additional experience points from each battle you engage in, you will be able to level up the skills that you have. Initially, you will have 3 different skills for your class but after switch 2, which is the second class upgrade, you will unlock 2 more skills. Once you do, you should click on the skill icon at the lower left side of your screen and customize the deployed skills which you will use in battle. You can only have 3 deployed skills at a time so choose wisely.

dark domain skills

Levelling up skills only consume gold but as you earn tons of gold in the game, you will keep running out of it fast as there are numerous upgrades requiring its consumption. IF you rely on auto mode for the most part of your gameplay, then simply choose to level up all skills automatically. This option upgrades skills equally and as auto mode uses whichever deployed skill becomes available, this will be aptly beneficial. If you are up for manual play, then manually upgrade skills and prioritize the one that you rely on the most.

There are also numerous passive skills that you can unlock as you progress through the game and complete certain quest lines. These skills provide buffs and level up boosts that will tremendously increase your CP once unlocked. Be sure to look into these skills from time to time and try to discover how to unlock them following the description along with the available quests you currently have.

Dark Domain isn’t all about fighting and battles and you will soon be able to unlock and use non-battle skills called life skills. Skills such as fishing and cooking will help you obtain additional items and each attempt at using these skills contribute to increasing their proficiency levels. You can likewise make use of these skills on auto mode so be sure to check these out on idle times.

4. Always Enhance Your Gears

Following your character’s level and skills, the next source of CP boost you will have is through the numerous equipment you will acquire from time to time as you progress through the game. Gears have varying rarity levels but Dark Domain makes it easy enough for you to switch to better pieces of gear by making new and better ones appear on your screen as you acquire them. You can easily upgrade each equipped piece of gear at the cost of gold, but then you will most certainly never have enough gold to upgrade all of it at once.

how to enhance your gears in dark domain

You can never go wrong with gear enhancement as the enhancement stays on even after you replace the piece of equipment with a better one. As such, you have the liberty of enhancing whichever you like the most to the fullest. To ensure you get the most CP boost out of the gold you spend, though, be sure to balance upgrades as evenly across your equipment as you can.

Depending on equipment grade as well as availability of gems, each piece of equipment you have can be embedded with unique gems to further boost the stats they provide you. There are numerous quests and events to gather gems from and you will certainly have more than enough of it in no time. There’s also no need to worry about not embedding the best gems available as helpful indicators will be visible once better gems get added to your inventory.

Equipped gears can have additional stat boosts added into them through rarefy and will take some buffs from unused pieces of equipment to transfer to the new pieces of gear. Take note that this process can only be activated 3 times per piece opf equipment and will dissolve the equipment from which the buff was taken from. This can be done automatically and will be prompted whenever you equip a new piece of equipment.

Relative to equipment, you can also dispose of obsolete pieces of gears through smelting. You can do this by clicking on the bag icon just at the left side of the chat box, and click on the smelt button at the gear tab. You can choose the quality of gears you will smelt and each one successfully disposed of turns to experience points for your furnace. For each level your furnace gains, more stats will be added to your character that will consequently boost your CP as well.

5. Keep Your Companions Upgraded

Beyond the conventional weapon and armor you equip your character with, Dark Domain provides you with companions that not only serve as visual additives, but also contribute to your character’s strength and overall combat power. These companions come in the forms or mounts, pets, and spirits and bundled up with this group of enhancements are wings that practically serve the same purpose.

dark domain companions

It will take a certain level that you need to meet before you unlock each of the above enhancements but with auto mode enabled, in combination with some dedicated time on the game, you will certainly be able to unlock all these on your first day. Each one can be upgraded provided that you have the necessary upgrade materials for each level. Quests and events provide you a lot of the necessary materials you will need for each upgrade and in the event that you lack some and want to gather additional ones, you can click on the needed item and proceed directly to the source of that material.

You can access and view information on these companions through the mount icon at the lower left side of your screen. Each on is divided according to tabs on the right side of the window and beyond the initial one which showcases advancement options, there are additional tabs at the top which you will deal with on higher levels.

For starters, simply ensure that your companions are at peak condition and tend to each one with advancements whenever notifications appear. If you do manage to still have some extra time within the day after completing the daily routine, then you can very much try to spend those extra minutes farming for the upgrade materials you need.

6. Expend Daily Gameplay Attempts

Completing story quests may be the main game mode in Dark Domain but it is only a small chunk of the game’s entirety and if you want to progress as fast as possible, you should aim to complete daily runs on Gameplay game modes that you have already unlocked. These game modes offer a variety of rewards as well as provide your character with tons of experience points and in instances when you are barred from further proceeding with the main quest due to lack of level, then spending some time here will often lead you to meeting the level requirements faster.

dark domain tips

You can quickly access the numerous game modes that Dark Domain offers through the play icon at the upper right side of the screen. Clicking on the icon will take you to the main gameplay page where you will have to scroll down to see the entire selection of daily game modes you can engage in. IF a particular game mode has a red dot indicator in its upper right corner, this means that you still have remaining attempts on it and these opportunities should not be passed up. Most of the game modes are very easy to accomplish save those that grow more challenging as you reach higher levels and CP. Keep in mind that on top of the immediate rewards you obtain from expending any single attempt at each of these game modes, you will also earn activity points that lead to unlocking treasure chests at the bottom of the window. For best results and faster progression, always aim to gather enough activity points to earn the top rewards from the treasure chests daily.

Take note that there are other tabs within the gameplay option that you also need to visit from time to time. There are limited events that become available only within certain time period in a day. These will naturally also provide great rewards so be sure to take note of these important events as you may want to schedule your playing time in accordance with the availability of time-limited game modes.

Last, but not the least is the redemption page where you can redeem missed rewards from the game modes you missed playing for up to 3 previous days. Hopefully, though, you will never have to claim anything here but in case you badly need some resources like gold or experience points and will be willing to spend gold or bound diamonds to make up for it, this is the place to go.

7. Earn More Diamonds By Completing Achievements And Events

There is already an overabundance of rewards you get out of every bit of activity you engage in as you dive deeper into the world of Dark Domain. Despite that, there are still plenty more that you can redeem following the completion of certain milestones in the game relating to your progress and growth. There are a lot of rewards you can gain from here which will otherwise be difficult to obtain anywhere else, including diamonds which are premium currency and much needed for a lot of expenditures.

dark domain achievements

The first of these can be accessed through the achieve icon at the bottom of your screen. There are various categories to look into under the achievements and claiming your diamond rewards is as easy as a click of a button. Once you claim some diamonds for one tab of achievements, you will instantly be taken to the next batch of rewards to get. Be sure to also take note of some objectives in the list that you may be able to achieve with just a little more effort. Growth rewards, benefits, daily targets, as well as server logins all present numerous additional rewards that you can obtain based on your daily activities, growth, and progression. Most especially on the initial days of gameplay, be sure to make an effort to get the most out of these events.

8. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Like any MMORPG and similar games that incorporate team effort and cooperative work to achieve certain goals, Dark Domain has a guild system that opens up even more venues for you to spend some active time in. If you are totally new to online RPGs and similar games, guilds, alliances, or factions serve as the brotherhoods of sorts that players group into for more in-depth PvE and PvP gameplays.

Once you are able to do so, be sure to apply for some guilds as just being a member of one will tremendously boost your growth in the game. Chances are that there will already be several guilds to choose from when you begin to play the game. Seeing the number of members the guild has as well as the guild level may be a good indicator of how active the guild is but then you may find one that still isn’t as active as you hope they would be. Just the same be sure to always partake in guild activities and earn contribution points you will need to further strengthen your character.

dark domain guild

One of the most basic yet unwritten perquisite of being a member of a guild comes from having potential team mates available for various game modes. On the Info tab of the guild, you can easily click on the names of fellow guild members and invite them to join your team. Similarly, though, you may also receive some team invites from time to time as some active guild members may also want your assistance to help them complete some daily team game modes.

Once you join a guild, be sure to click on the check-in tab to earn some free rewards. You can spend bound diamonds and paid ones for additional rewards as well. Activities you engage in as well as donations reward you with guild contributions which you may spend to upgrade guild skills that provide you buffs. Be sure to visit the storage as well and contribute some of the equipment you no longer need. You may find some pieces of gear here that are much better than what you have so feel free to initiate an exchange if you have sufficient contribution points.

You can also gain access to guild quests which are comprised of 70 easy quests that you can quickly finish much like daily quests. Guild quests replenish weekly so you may want to spread out the 50 quests across the whole week to spread activity points earned evenly across each day. There are also guild exclusive events that only become available at certain periods and days within the week. Be sure to take note of these events via the events tab of the guild page and try to be available within those periods.

There are certainly a lot more features and game modes in Dark Domain that you can explore and enhance to further boost your combat power. As some of those will become unlocked once you reach much higher levels, we can only consider discussing the ones that you unlock relatively earlier on in the game. Just the same, looking into other features and partaking in subsequent game modes you have yet to unlock practically follows the mechanics we discussed in our beginner’s guide. We hope that you were able to learn a lot of things from the tips and strategies we shared and likewise enjoyed reading through our guide. If you would like to share your own discoveries relative to tips or tricks in the game which we have not included in the guide, feel free to do so through the comment section!