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Echo of Phantoms Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Boost Your Score and Progress Faster

Gaea Mobile may have been active in the mobile gaming scene since 2014 but since previous titles were not released internationally, most mobile gamers outside of South Korea may not be familiar with its name. The company has successfully launched several RPGs in the past and each of its games has earned largely positive reviews in addition to the best of it earning over 500,000 downloads on the Google Play Store alone. Suffice to say, with Gaea Mobile’s apps making it to top 100 lists in countries where its games are released, succeeding releases, especially made available in English, will no doubt be at least as successful as its previous top-selling games.

Echo of Phantoms is the developer’s latest offering available for both Android an iOS platforms and as it earned over 10,000 downloads from the Google Play Store alone within a month after its release, it also continues to be a top-ranking app in several countries with largely positive reviews from users. Though 3D MMORPGs practically flood the mobile gaming market, Echo of Phantoms still proves that it can offer some new elements in the genre starting with its oriental theme that can be appealing to a lot of RPG fans that crave for a different overall fantasy game world. It offers many unique features and game modes and as much as some details may seem overwhelming, it’s easy enough to pick up and play even for total RPG beginners. If you are looking for a new brand of RPG to play and enjoy alone or with some gaming friends, then be sure to check Echo of Phantoms out.

Take on the role of an adventurer as one of six available classes in the world of Echo of Phantoms. As the land you inhabit is plagued by hordes of demons, you must gather a team of heroes as well as powerful pet companions to take on the ever-increasing challenges that lie ahead. There are skills and gears to upgrade and enhance and as you engage in the wide variety of quests and battles that are abundant in the game, you will be rewarded with tons of materials you will need to make your hero, team, and companions stronger every step of the way.

There are complexities in the mechanics and features contained in Echo of Phantoms, but as you will be guided accordingly through the initial steps to take to get to know the game combined with the auto mode feature which makes everything all the more simple, it will be difficult, if not impossible to lose track of what you need to accomplish. In addition, there will be highly noticeable indicators on the numerous icons you can see on the screen and clicking on the same will give you a fairly good idea of what to do next as well.

Similar to all other MMORPGs, the time and dedication you can invest in Echo of Phantoms, particularly when it comes to completing quests one after another and making the most out of the time-limited events, will greatly impact how much progress you can make. In any case, you will still move forward regardless of how you play it. If you want to raise your score fast and complete each quest, then follow our Echo of Phantoms beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies to boost your score growth and finish each quest that comes your way.

1. Choose The Class That Best Suits Your Play Style

Echo of Phantoms takes a bit away from the usual roster of character class choices and mixes in unique choices for you to take as far as character class is concerned. With six very distinct classes to choose from, you may actually need to read through the information you are presented with before you decide on which one to pick. As there are plenty of PvE and PvP challenges that you will need to face as you progress through the game, which includes both solo and team play, these considerations along with personal preferences should be you main considerations for choosing the right class for you. Keep in mind that each class will perform very differently in battle, but then you will also have your team of heroes and companions to help you on your quests.

echo of phantoms best class

The first class, which is your warrior or knight, is the Ranger. Rangers boast high physical attack stats and DPS skills evenly split between single target ones and a couple of AoE damage dealers. The Ranger can also take on hits more than most classes and has a support skill that buffs allies to protect from crowd control skills.

The Mohist is the top support class if you are up to providing both offensive and defensive team buffs over everything else. Although the Mohist does have some offensive skills, it’s practically the least potent ones compared with the other classes. Mohists may seem to be difficult to manage in solo play given the lack of offensive capabilities but as you will be aided by A.I. companions in solo battles, the attack buffs and defense boosts that this class provides make for a good solo character but an indispensable team player.

The Scholar works like the other half of the Mohist as this class specializes in casting debuffs on enemy units. The difference though is that the Scholar can dish out damage at much decent levels than the Mohist but not as much as the next class.

Elementalists are your typical mage or wizard, and is perhaps the top DPS in the game. Elementalists tend to be a little frail though as most of its stats are banked on its offensive capabilities. With a good combination of single target and AoE spells, Elementalists are the best class for players who want to clear mobs fast, provided that they have companions or a team that can support their survivability.

There is also a class that specializes in crowd control in the game and Acolytes grow to obtain numerous skills to keep groups of enemies at bay in addition to dealing respectable amounts of damage. Although almost as fragile as Scholars, Acolytes can make it so that even the strongest enemies become frail or incapacitated, making a lot of battles a lot easier to overcome.

If you prefer to be the team healer much like priests and medics in other games, then the Curist is the right class for you. Although Curists are perhaps the least offensive characters that may be a little bit more challenging to manage in solo quests, their heals and buffs are the most essential in team battles.

2. Prioritize Completion Of Main Quests

Your main source of progress, in terms of story progression and character growth and development, lies within the main quests of Echo of Phantoms. As you will be guided towards clicking on quests right from the very start of your journey, you should consider pushing towards completing main quests one after another, even after you are free to explore freely on your own.

Quests not only provide you the most experience points to level up your character, it also serves as the main source of items and materials you will need to raise your score, or combat power, faster. Primarily, quests also serve as your only keys to unlocking certain features in the game. For the most part, you will be able to handle most objectives you need to accomplish in line with the main quests easily enough. Perhaps the only limitations or boundaries that would stop you from pushing further into completing subsequent quests would be minimum level requirements. As such, once you hit a dead-end relative to moving forward with the story, be sure to consider getting more experience points to level up your character to meet the next minimum level requirements.

3. Accomplish Event Objectives For Extra Rewards

As you will need additional sources of experience points as well as items and materials to further raise your score and become stronger, make the most out of events which contains a wide variety of additional game modes in Echo of Phantoms. You can access these through the Event icon at the upper left side of your screen. Take note that there is a time-limited tab as well which contains several activities available at different times of the day.

echo of phantoms event objectives

Each of the game modes available under Event offers rewards that are typically difficult to earn elsewhere. In addition, each and every consumable item you earn will be much needed for the numerous upgrade and enhancement options in the game. If you can spare the time on a daily basis, be sure to make an effort to expend your attempts in all available game modes. Each one you accomplish rewards you with activity points which lead to unlocking treasure chests at the left side of the page which contains valuable rewards. Aim to secure 120 points daily to unlock the top chest and secure the most valuable rewards.

4. Keep Your Skills Upgraded

Each class in Echo of Phantoms has six active skills and a passive skill that can be unlocked following reaching certain level requirements. All of these skills will be unlocked once you reach level 50 and each one can be upgraded up to the current level of your character. Each upgrade only costs gold and while you may manually choose to prioritize levelling one skill over another, using the quick upgrade option which balances your gold expenditures across all available skills is a not so much different as you can easily max all skills out.

echo of phantoms skills upgrade

After reaching certain levels, tokens for each of your skills become unlocked but their effects won’t trigger until after you have activated each token. Once new tokens become unlocked, be sure to activate them immediately.

Beyond upgrading skills, you can also increase your character’s strength through training. Each aspect of training focuses on a particular stat. Training costs gold and will most likely be more expensive than the basic skill upgrades. You can also consume Taoist elixirs instead of gold to perform training enhancements but even with expending these items and your earned gold and you still can’t afford to fully upgrade each stat, then be sure to prioritize the stats that are more valuable for your character than the others.

5. Always Enhance Your Equipment

Like your skills, each piece of gear you equip on your character should also be constantly enhanced to the fullest as much as possible. You can access your equipment details through the forge icon at the lower side of your screen. Beyond gold, though, enhancement materials are also needed for every enhancement level. Whenever you run out of the needed enhancement material, you can simply click on it and tap the plus sign at the upper right side of the description box.

how to enhance equipment in echo of phantoms

Depending on your equipment’s level, as well as availability of gems, you can embed up to 5 gems on each piece of equipment. Specific types of gems can be embedded on each type of gear and each type of gem also has different levels with the higher level ones having much better boosts. As you may occasionally see indicators on the forge icon especially at the early part of the game, it may simply mean that better gems are available for some of the equipment you have.

6. Join A Clan As Soon As You Can

As Echo of Phantoms, much like any MMORPG, holds several game modes and activities designed for team play and effort, the staple online system of clans, which are called guilds or factions in similar games, are groups of players everyone needs to be a part of. While it is true that you can progress a lot in the game entirely on your own, your growth will be stunted and activities will be much delimited if you are not a member of any clan.

echo of phantoms clan

For starters, your clan will be your top source of buddies to team up with on a lot of daily activities and quests unless you have in-game friends constantly available to help you out. There is auto-pairing with random players to help you complete certain quests, but having a sure team you can count on and are familiar with will be much better help. Some activities in Echo of Phantoms can only be accessed once you become a member of a clan and on top of that there are numerous other perks you can get where each bit of tribute you amass following your activities and contributions to the clan can be consumed in exchange for a wide variety of items you constantly need.

Be sure to tap on the Clan icon at the bottom of the screen as soon as you are able to and once you become a member of one, continue to be active in events and never hesitate to communicate and play with your fellow members.

7. Choose Companions That Complement Your Character

The adventures that lie within the world of Echo of Phantoms is one that you won’t need to travel all on your own as even in the absence of other players to be a part of your team you will have plenty of companions to aid you in your quests. Some of these companions will join you following some progress on the main story of the game. You can summon additional ones through the use of scrolls and will soon find that you will have more than enough than what you can take with you in battle.

echo of phantoms companions

Be sure to click on the Fellow icon at the bottom of the screen to see the full roster of available companions for you to choose from. Each one will have a unique set of skills and you should read through each skill to help you decide which ones can better work with your hero on specific areas of the game. Take note that under the dispatch tab you can set up to 3 different line-up of companions. The Summon button at the bottom of the fellow page takes you to the Summoning page, where you can spend jade for a chance to acquire new companions. Be sure to exercise some patience and only go for 10x summons as doing so guarantees an SR or higher ranked companion.

8. Empower Your Fairy Pets Following Prioritization

As you progress through the main story, as well as actively accomplish some events, you will naturally be able to acquire more and more fairy pets to help you in your adventure. To access the pets menu and view all details relative to the fairy pets you own, simply click on the pet icon at the top right side of your screen. Using each one in battle will earn them experience points to level up and while each will level up faster than your character, there is a cap to it following the gap between you and specific pet’s level.

Beyond experience points, consuming beads will enlighten and rank up each fairy pet resulting in higher stats. With the use of skill books, pets can learn new active and passive skills on top of the ones they already have. As skill books, along with other pet materials are not as easy to come by, be sure to test each pet you acquire and try to focus on one to spend all of your resources on first. In the event that a particular pet’s level has been maxed out, keep in mind that you can change which one is deployed even in battle.

9. Don’t Forget To Allocate Stat Points

Despite the availability of six character classes in Echo of Phantoms, which increases variability of characters you will play as and team up with, you can further customize your character and make it unique based on the allocation of stat points you earn as you reach new levels.

echo of phantoms tips

After clicking on your character icon at the top right side of the screen, be sure to tap on the Attr. Allocate button when an indicator appears on it. You will see the base stats which somewhat serves as a guide as to the strength and basic build of your character and clicking on the info button at the top of the window will describe what each stat is for.

You can click on the Recommended Plan to see the different specialized builds that can be done with your character as well as game modes which they may excel in following each build, but feel free to manually input additional stat points as you see fit. You can reset allocated points by consuming rebirth elixirs but these items are not easy to come by so be very careful when allocating stat points.

10. Pay Attention To Power Up Notifications

It is no argument that there are a lot of activities to do in Echo of Phantoms and beyond the main quests as well as the daily events, you will be spending a lot of time making upgrades and enhancements and jumping from one aspect of the game to another to ensure that your character is at peak performance.

echo of phantoms power up

As it is highly possible to lose track of everything you need to do on a regular basis, the trick with regard to the numerous upgrades and enhancements is to keep an eye on the Power Up icon at the top of the screen for notifications. Clicking on this will take you to a summarized page where you can instantly jump to any game aspect or feature where upgrades or any sort of enhancement can still be performed to further boost your power. In a sense, instead of keeping watch on numerous indicators for each upgrade option, you can simply make it a habit to only take note of the Power Up icon indicator.

11. Constantly Check Your Bag For Consumable Items

Your bag, which holds all your inventory, is perhaps the sole icon in the game that never has an indicator yet needs to be tended to every once in a while. As you accomplish quests and various feats and event objectives, a lot of the rewards will go to your bag. Although new consumable items will pop up on your screen for you to click on, there will be times that proceeding with quests and engaging in other activities will forego the opportunity for you to immediately use those items.

echo of pantoms items

Treasure Chests, Item Packs, Pouches, and even items that make you dance for rewards can be found on your inventory. These consumables all contribute to strengthening your character faster and ought to be consumed sooner than later. Additionally, browsing through what you have gathered will also give you some idea on the use of each of the items you have.

Echo of Phantoms sure is an intricate game considering the many features and activities it offers which can still be new even to some veteran MMORPG enthusiasts. As far as beginner tips and strategies go, however, we have pretty much covered each aspect that we believe is crucial for anyone to progress in the game as fast as possible. Again, there is still the matter of time and dedication that can largely affect how much progress you can make on a daily basis. We hope though, that you picked up some points to help you jumpstart your game. If you have your own strategies or tactics you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to do so and write to us through the comment section below!