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Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Defeat the Zodiac Knights

Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits is a brand new RPG based on the ‘80s anime series Saint Seiya. It was developed by DeNA in collaboration with Toei Animation and Masami Kuramada, the creator of the anime series. The game was already released in Japan a few years ago, but an English version just came out recently for the international audience.

The game follows the story of warriors known as Saints, where the bronze knights swore to protect Athena and fought against the other knights and Olympian gods. All characters from the anime series are featured in the game, and fans can relive the story of Seiya going through each temple to face the Knights of the Zodiac.

Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits has the undeniable charm of a classic JRPG with amazing 2D and 3D graphics combined, great storyline and dialogue, and different kinds of battle modes. It also features gacha elements to it where you draw random characters or items using in-game currency. With that in mind, let’s dive into our Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies to get you started on the right path.

1. Create A Balanced Team

Facing a battle with the right team will get the job done. Heroes are divided into three groups depending on their position in battle. You can compose a team of five with a maximum of three of the same positions. Front characters are those with high HP and defense. Rear characters are those with low HP and defense. Mid characters are those with average HP and defense. These positions are predetermined and you cannot change them.

saint seiya galaxy spirits team

Aside from the positions, characters have different attributes as well. Damagers are those whose skills primarily damage the enemy. There are damagers that deal area damage or damage specific rows. Another attribute would be defense characters whose skills focus on defending the team. Controllers, as the name suggests, control the enemy with their abilities. Of course, a team wouldn’t be complete with the support which focuses on healing and buffing the team.

Your starter team is composed of the five main protagonists in Saint Seiya. This includes Seiya, the damager; Shiryu, the physical defense; Shun, the supporter; Hyoga and Ikki, the controllers. You can obtain more heroes later on through summoning or by login rewards. With summoning, you can use coins or diamonds to draw. If you use coins, you’ll get a chance to draw a hero’s soul stones. Get enough soul stones and you’ll unlock the character. With diamonds, there’s the chance that you’ll get a hero without the need of soul stones. If you draw enough using diamonds, you are guaranteed a hero with three stars or more.

Ideally, a well-balanced team should have two fronts, one defensive and one damager. For mid and rear positions, controllers, damagers, and support can be used. You can also build teams of different combinations and see what works out for you. However, upgrading and leveling up heroes cost coins and items, so it’s best to focus on a single team early on and invest your coins and items on them.

2. Play Through The Story Mode

Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits features a story mode where you can obtain items and level up in the process. As you level up, other game modes are unlocked. Finishing each stage will grant you a ton of rewards such as coins and items for upgrading. In story mode, there are normal chapters and elite chapters. Elite chapters are harder but gives much better rewards. The elite zone is unlocked when you finish the first chapter of the normal zone. You need to complete the normal chapter first in order to play the corresponding chapter in the elite zone.

Each stage has a time limit of three minutes. Stronger heroes mean completing the level earlier. Completing a level with no dead heroes will give you three stars. If one of your heroes die and you complete the level, you’ll get two stars. If more than two heroes die and you complete the level, you’ll get one star. More stars mean greater rewards. Playing a stage will cost you EP points. The amount of EP points you need depends on the stage and can be seen before you start. EP points get refilled every six minutes and can also be obtained from the Goddess’ Blessing. You can also purchase EP points with diamonds, and there’s also EP potions that you can get from pulls.

Story mode also has the sweep feature where you can get rewards from a stage without having to play it again. You can only do this if you finish the stage with three stars. For the normal zone, you can do this as much as you want, but it will still cost you EP points. For the elite zone, you can only do a maximum of three sweeps per day or use diamonds to get more chances. To do a sweep, just go on the stage you want and tap on the sweep button. A pop-up will show the rewards you’ll get, and just select the confirm option to claim it.

3. Attacking Strategies And When To Use Awakening

In battle, there are two special attacks, the ultimate attack and the awaken skill. The ultimate attack can be activated by tapping on the profile of the character at the bottom of the screen. The profile of the hero that can do an ultimate attack will glow, and all you have to do is tap on it. There’s a cooldown before you can activate it again. The awaken skill will be available when the blue bar on your character’s profile fills up. The profile will show arrows moving upwards indicating that you can activate it. All you have to do is tap on the profile and swipe up.

saint seiya galaxy spirits battle tips

For attacking, the game has an automatic feature where your heroes attack without the need to manually tap on the screen. When this feature is on, the ultimate attack also activates on its own. For the awaken skill, you still need to swipe up to activate it. This makes it easier for you to time your awakening and save it for the stronger enemies or bosses.

Each stage has several waves, you should avoid using the awaken skill on earlier waves and save it for the last one. The last wave usually has the stronger enemies. When you reach temples and it’s time to face the Zodiac Knights, you can save the awaken skill for them to deal maximum damage.

4. Upgrade Your Knights

Upgrading your knights can be a daunting task because there is so much you have to take in. However, once you get the hang of things, upgrading will be a breeze. For each hero, you can upgrade their level and star level. Increasing your hero’s level and stars adds to their stats and also unlocks other skills. A hero’s level increases as you earn EXP points during battles. Stars upgrade when you collect the hero’s soul stones. Soul stones can be obtained through summons and are sometimes rewarded when tasks are completed. Aside from the hero’s level and star level, there are other ways to boost your character’s stats and attributes.

Advance is where you equip items you collect in battles to your hero. Once you have equipped all five items needed, you can advance your character. These items are dropped in specific chapters in story mode and sometimes in trial mode. An advanced character unlocks more skills for your hero. To know where to get the item, tap on the empty slot for an item and then tap again on the item. It will show you which chapters and which trials you need to go to. You can simply tap on it to immediately go there and do it.

saint seiya galaxy spirits advance

Skill is where you upgrade each hero’s skills. To upgrade a skill, skill points are used. You’re given 20 skill points max. When you run out of skill points, you have to wait for two minutes per point before it gets replenished. These skills include the ultimate attack, the awaken skill, and other skills as well. Tap on the green arrow to update a skill. If the arrow is gray, you need to progress further before you can continue to upgrade. The requirements on how to unlock other skills and what level or star level you need can be seen in the skills list.

Cloth is the holy attire of your knight. This is where you can upgrade it in order to give additional stats to your character. Just like with your hero, cloths can be advanced or upgraded. Once you collect or craft all six cloth parts needed, you need to partake in a challenge where you must engage in battle first before you can get your cloth. The character whose cloth you’re crafting must be included in battle. It can be a solo battle or group battle, but that hero should be included. You can further advance your cloth by collecting the same cloth parts and other additional items.

Cosmo is where you can use star souls to lighten up nebulas of each corresponding constellation per character. When you lighten the cosmos, a nebula opens which adds to your characters attributes.

saint seiya galaxy spirits cosmo

This is another helpful way to increase your characters stats. Star souls are earned in story mode battles. Collect is having additional stats or attributes when the required hero is summoned or unlocked. For example, with Shun, once you obtain Ikki, he will have additional HP and ATK stats. This is different for each hero.

5. Earn More Rewards In The Arena And Trial

Aside from doing battles in story mode, there are also other battles where you can get equipment and items needed for upgrading. These modes are unlocked as you progress in the game. If you want to take a break from story mode, you can play these game modes instead. Arena unlocks when you reach level 12, and Trial unlocks when you reach level 24.

The Arena is where you can battle other players in automatic mode. The more players you defeat, the higher your ranking will be. You’ll receive awards according to your ranking. Before you start to battle, you can choose which opponent to face. Choose someone with a lower CP than you. This way you’ll have a bigger advantage and a higher chance of winning. If the opponents shown are stronger than you, you can refresh five times daily for free. However, keep in mind that if your CPs don’t have much of a difference, there is a chance you might lose. You also have to take into consideration the levels, stars, cloths, upgrades that your opponent might have.

saint seiya galaxy spirits arena

Participating in an arena battle can be done every 10 minutes and five times a day for free. If you want to do arena more arena battles, you can use diamonds to purchase more chances. Winning an arena battle gives you points for the ranking, diamonds, graude tokens, coins, and EXP potions. Graude tokens are used in the arena store in exchange for different items such as soul stones, equipment, etc. Losing a battle gives you one point and no rewards. The ranking gets reset every day at 5:00 AM. The reward for your ranking will be sent to your mail, and you can check it the next time you log on to the game.

Trial is where you can find mini-games such as Protect Athena, Cloth Trial, Maze, Sal Forest, and Boss Challenge. Protect Athena is where you have to guard Athena against the enemies for 20 waves. If your hero dies, you can’t use that hero anymore, and your team has to continue with one less knight. Cloth Trial is battling in order to get cloth upgrade materials. Maze is where you can fight enemies and bosses every day and get rewarded with items. Sal Forest is where you can earn star souls in exchange for patrolling Sal trees. Boss Challenge is where a random boss appears every day where you can win great rewards. Playing these game modes can help you earn additional items that will help you upgrade your heroes and help your game progress.

saint seiya galaxy spirits trial

6. Complete All Tasks And Reach Goals

The variety of game modes and mini games is quite notable, but getting rewards from participating in events, completing tasks, and reaching goals is on another level. There’s so much you can get for free without having to spend real money. There’s daily tasks and growth tasks, daily login rewards, monthly sign-in rewards, theme summons, and tons of rewards you can get in events. Although some of these require you to top-up, some give you a free chance per day to claim these rewards. Be sure to check these every day and do your best to complete the tasks and challenges to claim your rewards.

Daily tasks include completing specific chapters in story mode, defeating certain enemies and bosses, and anything else that has to do with battles. Rewards for this include coins, gems, EXP points or potions. Growth tasks on the other hand are reaching a certain level, upgrading heroes, or owning characters. Rewards are soul stones, coins, EXP potions, diamonds, and other items as well. With daily logins, you can get heroes without having to spend. You just have to consecutively log in daily until you get the hero. It’s the same for monthly sign-in rewards where you can get diamonds, heroes, and other items.

saint seiya galaxy spirits tasks

When you go to the Events menu, there’s a lot of events listed where you can get rewards from even if you didn’t top-up or use real money such as CP competition, level-up gifts, summon bonus, Goddess’ blessings, and more. You can win diamonds, coins, heroes, different kinds of points, etc. Keep in mind though that some of these events are limited and that you can only partake in them for a limited time. Always check and see if you can complete a task or challenge, and don’t forget to collect your rewards.

7. Follow The Assistant

If you are just starting and fairly new to Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits, all of this can be quite excessive. Good thing the assistant exists in this game. The assistant reminds you if you have something to upgrade, if there are tasks that you need to complete, or if you can participate in trials. This can be a huge help to players who are unfamiliar with how the game works or to those who might have forgotten to upgrade or collect rewards. The assistant can be found at the left side of the screen.

saint seiya galaxy spirits assistant

Aside from the assistant, the game also features a red dot that serves as a reminder for players that they can interact with a menu. This means that you can either collect a reward, upgrade a hero, participate in the arena or trials, and more. As long as you see a red dot on a menu, something needs to be done in it. This is a great addition to get new players slowly adapt to the game.

We’re at the end of our Saint Seiya: Galaxy Knights beginner’s guide. Be sure to remember everything and you’ll be on your way to defeating the Zodiac Knights. Don’t hesitate to give us your thoughts and suggestions regarding the game in the comment section.