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Stack Ball Guide: 8 Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Reaching the Bottom of the Spiral

Stack Ball is another 3D arcade game that will provide you with hours of entertainment. Even though this game does not feature a complex storyline or elaborate levels, it can still help you kill some time. Stack Ball was created by Azur Interactive Games, and you can bounce the ball around if you download the game to your iOS or Android-powered device. If you liked Voodoo’s addictive Helix Jump, then you will certainly enjoy Stack Ball as well.

To spice things up, Stack Ball features challenging gameplay mechanics. In other words, you will need to know when to tap the screen and when to release. On top of that, various obstacles will stand in your way as you try to reach the bottom levels of the helix. Luckily, our in-depth guide will provide you with the best Stack Ball cheats, tips and strategies. So, let’s see what it takes to master this game.

1. Start Off With Quick, Short Taps

Stack Ball is a game that features a simplistic design. Even though the platform will change colors every once and a while, the ‘scenery’ will remain unchanged throughout the game. Also, the goal of the missions is repetitive as well. In other words, you need to bring the ball from the top of the vortex all the way down to the bottom.

stack ball tips

To make a long story short, you will need to tap the screen to destroy the ring that is below the ball. But, the black areas of the rings are ‘deadly’. Thus, you can not touch them while holding the finger pressed to the screen. Once you release the screen, the ball transforms back into its bubbly self, bouncing merrily around.

If this all sounds a bit Greek to you, don’t worry. With a bit of practice, you will quickly get the hang of it. But, it is important to start off with quick, short taps. By doing so, you will see how the game works and how you can disintegrate the segments of the platform.

2. Take Your Time And Wait For The Perfect Moment

While playing the Stack Ball, your time per stage will not be limited. In other words, you could spend days planning your way down to the lowest levels of the spinning coil. But, we all get impatient after a while. And, our impulses often lead us into mistakes.

For that reason, we want to advise you to take your time when making the moves. Since Stack Ball does not come with a timer, you will have all the time in the world to plan a course of action. Even so, a quick glance at the platform will sometimes give you a hint at what you need to do.

So, this game is all about finding the perfect timing. If you tap the screen at the right time, the ball will move downwards and destroy the obstacles. At the same time, it is crucial to find the right time to release the screen at certain moments. This will prevent you from crashing into the black parts of the rings.

3. Slide Down Faster To Fill Up The Bonus

Once you learn the ropes and manage to overcome a couple of obstacles, you will be ready for advanced elements of the game. Well, one such element is the Fireball, a convenient and helpful bonus feature. But, you will have to fill up the gauge to activate the Fireball. Therefore, let’s focus on this step first.

stack ball cheats

Every ring that you demolish adds to your points tally. At the same time, every shattered ring fills up the boost gauge for the Fireball. Thus, you will need to destroy a couple of rings in a row to activate the booster. In other words, you need to go on a lucky streak to fill the gauge. It is a good thing that the game allows for these points, but you need to be fast.

Whenever you notice a gap that could allow you to move downwards for a couple of seconds – go for it. The faster you go down, the faster you will fill up the bar.

4. Use The Fireball To Full Extent

The Fireball is a mighty weapon, and it is essential that you use it properly. In short, we urge the players to use it to its full extent. What this means is that you need to destroy as many rings as possible during the bonus sequence. Unfortunately, the Fireball has a short lifespan. In a few seconds, the booster will deplete its tank and you’ll be back to your ordinary bouncing ball.

To maximize the powers of the Fireball it is imperative to press and hold the screen as soon as the bonus sequence starts running. As they say, you should strike the iron while it’s hot. And, the ball will become hot, literally. So, the heat of the ball will scorch the rings beneath you, destroying anything that stands in your way. On top of that, the Fireball will move crazy fast, allowing you to go over large portions of the helix in a flash.

5. Learn How And When To Stop

It seems that Stack Ball is a great game for teaching us about self-control. Or, we can at least practice the art of self-control while playing this game. The reason for this is simple – the gameplay requires that you learn when to stop.

stack ball tricks

To clarify, as long as your finger is pressed to the screen – the ball will destroy the barriers. Of course, the black portions of the rings are your nemesis and they cannot be destroyed so easily. Once you activate the Fireball, even the black elements will crumble like they are made of paper.

But, the Fireball does not last for long. The trick is to release the finger when the booster is nearly empty. As a matter of fact, the game will warn you that the time is near. In other words, a large exclamation point will flash at the center of the screen. Needless to say, you should pull your finger from the trigger as soon as you notice this sign.

6. Don’t Waste Your Progress

Another ‘inconvenient’ moment when playing Stack Ball can happen when you touch the black spots while holding the screen. As soon as this happens, the game is over, i.e. you have to go back to the top and try again. More often than not, these mistakes will happen in the lower regions of the rotating platform. In other words, you will crash with the finish line in sight.

stack ball game over

Yet, things may not be as tragic as they may seem at that moment. Stack Ball will be so generous to offer you a chance to redeem yourself. What this means is that you will be given a chance to continue from where you left off. The only requirement is to watch an ad. To be honest, this seems like a small price to pay. Therefore, invest those 20 seconds of your day and watch the video. After that, you can continue your mission. Hopefully, you will reach the bottom and progress to the next level.

7. Change The Ball Every Once In A While

At the end of the day, Stack Ball is all about fun. The ultimate goal of this mobile game is to provide you with a bit of entertainment. With that being said, the competitive aspects of Stack Ball can be quite compelling. After all, we all want to win and collect as many points as possible.

Even so, the game allows the players to keep the game fun by changing the appearance of the ball. By completing the missions and unlocking new levels, you will also unlock new skins for the ball. As a result, you could be playing the game with strawberries, bombs, knives, or even doughnuts. With every new skin, the game will become more colorful and more entertaining.

You can visit the Shop by pressing the icon at the bottom of the lobby screen. Once you enter this area, you can change the looks of the ball. Don’t hesitate to try out different features of those new skins.

8. Unlock New Balls, Here’s How

As we said in the previous chapter, one of the best methods for improving the game is by unlocking new balls. Of course, most players take the standard approach to this process. In other words, they will climb the levels and play the game extensively.

how to unlock new balls in stack ball

But, other players could decide to take the easy way out. What we mean by this is that these players could unlock the balls by watching promotional videos. In a way, both methods have their pros and cons. Yet, we encourage you to try to complete as many stages as possible. When you feel that the time is right to spice things up, visit the shop and watch a couple of ads. By doing this task, you will have an opportunity to unlock a random ball per every video you watch.

With the final tip on our 8-point list, we conclude our Stack Ball guide. If you happen to know any other Stack Ball cheats, tips or tricks, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!