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Second Galaxy Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Win More Intergalactic Battles

ZlongGames may have only started being active in the mobile gaming industry for less than a year but it has already released chart-topping titles on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. While only 3 of the 9 games under its app portfolio are released globally, ZlongGames has accumulated over 6 million downloads for all its apps on the Google Play Store alone. We have covered games such as Langrisser Mobile and Laplace M earlier this year, which are the developer’s top-ranking games. If you played and enjoyed both games and want to venture into a unique gaming experience with some sci-fi RPG elements on it, then you may want to dive into Second Galaxy.

Second Galaxy is ZlongGames’ latest offering on mobile and is a top-class sci-fi MMORPG unlike anything you have seen before. As the #1 Strategy Game on the Apple App Store and the #2 trending game on the Google Play Store, Second Galaxy has definitely captivated the interest of gamers looking to dive into a new and unique game to play and enjoy. Second Galaxy offers an excellent mix of both RPG and SLG elements coupled with awesome visuals and intricate gameplay all packed in a theme that is rarely seen on mobile. If you have grown weary of the usual themes and genres of games that flood the mobile gaming market and want to experience something truly unique and innovative, then be sure to give Second Galaxy a try and discover why it is the top trending game.

In the vast open world of Second Galaxy, you get to choose your class, each with its own unique specialization, as well as an alliance to fight along side with. The enormity of the virtual world is matched by the massive amount of content you can immerse yourself into. The general gameplay involves exploration, mining, development, and combat among other things. With various features that greatly customize the way you can play the game, Second Galaxy provides tons of different avenues to provide hours after hours of gameplay. With hardly any limitations as to how much you time you can spend on the game, your dedication to it serves as practically the only limitation of your progress.

second galaxy strategies

As Second Galaxy holds many unique aspects and features few players are familiar with, it is important to read through every bit of information you are presented with as you dive in the game. The tutorials are fairly easy to follow but the immersion itself into the vast, open world within the game may seem overwhelming especially on the first few minutes of gameplay. Overall controls in battle as well as navigation through numerous menus are simple to follow although it may take a while to go through everything.

Considering everything, Second Galaxy is a game that leaves a lot for your own exploration and discovery. If you just started the game and are searching for efficient ways to make progress and win more intergalactic battles, then stay with us and read our Second Galaxy beginner’s guide for some much-needed tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Choose The Faction And Class That Suits Your Play Style

Before you dive into the vast virtual world of Second Galaxy, you will be made to choose your faction and class on top of customizing the appearance of your character. While all attributes will more or less even out later in the game, it is important to know and understand how differently factions and classes work especially on their advantages that you should be aware of and capitalize on at the early part of the game. More importantly, RPGs that consider strategy as a major component of your progress in the game should be approached with an end in mind or, to some extent, a solid idea of what you would want to prioritize over others as far as customizing your character and every relative aspect of the game that has an impact on you.

second galaxy factions

There are currently 4 factions to choose from in Second Galaxy and while each one may appear equally appealing, each one provides different base galaxies to start from as well as different ships, weapons, bonus tech points, and ultimately, strategy. Although you can unlock all available ships in the game as you progress and tech points can also be earned and allocated as you reach new levels, understanding the basic differences of each faction can help you mold your strategy in accordance with what each one supposedly excels in.

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The Economic Community of Dawn has ships that are faster and more agile than others as well as do more damage in close combat and characters born into this faction begin with tier 1 tech on blasters. The Neo-Eurpoan faction boasts the toughest shields and armors and being a member of this faction grants you a tier 1 tech on missiles. If you choose to be a part of the Oracle Empire, which uses laser weapons that continuously deal damage as you maintain locked on to an enemy ship. Naturally, characters from the Oracle Empire automatically have a tier 1 tech on lasers. Last, but not the least, the Republic of Svarus has ships that specialize in attacking from a great distance and characters that spawn from this faction comes with a tier 1 tech on rail guns.

While factions provide a different introductory phase of Second Galaxy, the class you choose as well offers further variety to the type of strategy and gameplay you may grow into. Keep in mind that choosing a class will not make for a unique character throughout the game as you will earn scientific skills as your character grows in the game. Soldiers start off with a higher level of research in devices that strengthen your ship’s weapons as well as its production. Engineers begin to excel in researches focused on energy-enhanced installations. Scientists has a starting advantage on devices that support shields as well as the production of ships. Explorers have a higher level of research on signal-scanning and propulsion systems to boost the speed of the ship.

2. Follow The Main Plot

Like any RPGs that host storylines to give you a deeper understanding of the game’s lore and end goal, Second Galaxy offers a unique and immersive plot that starts off as soon as you dive into the game. For the initial stages of the game, the tutorial serves as your quick and easy guide on how to understand the controls of your ship as well as all other features of the game that you will constantly need to visit later on in the game. While the tutorial will closely walk you through almost each tap you make at the start of the game, you can simply tap on the ops button at the left side of your screen later on to continue on with the main plot.

second galaxy main plot

Plots in Second Galaxy are divided into chapters and each one is comprised of several objectives you need to accomplish. Beyond the experience points and credits you receive for each objective met, finishing the chapter offers a set of rewards as well and progressing through the main plot is your key towards unlocking features in the game. As each mission you engage in as you follow the main plot naturally becomes more and more challenging, you should naturally consider taking on other quests as well as enhance your ship when it becomes too difficult or impossible to beat. Until then, do your best to push through with progressing main quests as these will be your primary source of basic resources you need to move forward. Some objectives at the early part of the game relate to guides that are basically tutorial extensions you need to learn. These guides offer plenty of experience points so be sure to accomplish them ahead of everything else when you spot them.

3. Visit The Hangar Before Deploying On A Mission

A huge chunk of Second Galaxy’s fun factor stems from various ships you can pilot as well as the various ways you can customize each one. While there are currently more than a hundred ships available in the game, and perhaps more to come in future updates, ships fall into five basic categories. At the mall, you can view different ships based on category although you need to have the necessary license to purchase each ship. The five categories are: Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battlecruisers, and Battleships. Each one boasts an exceptional stat over others but will also have a stat lower than the rest. You will initially have very little choice as to which ship to bring on a mission but as you earn more licenses and credits to purchase additional ships, you have to consider a ship’s attack, defense, range, energy, and velocity values to ensure that your collection is broad enough to cover all sorts of missions.

second galaxy ship hangar

Like your staring ship, frigates are the fastest ships around to get you places faster and also offer agility if you need to perform some evasive actions. Frigates, however, lack in all other stats so they may not be that useful later on in the game. Destroyers are a little slower than frigates but still fast compared to other ships. Destroyers generally sport higher attack, range, and energy than frigates so you may want to use them as soon as you unlock them in the game. Cruisers are typically a little slower than destroyers but these ships are more or less the most balanced among all ships making them a generally good investment option for missions that you are unfamiliar with. Battlecruisers are slower even than the cruisers but have higher overall stats. Last, and probably the last category of ships you will have, are battleships that are more like huge space turtles. These ships are the slowest of the bunch but definitely makes up for it as far as sturdiness and firepower goes.

As you progress further in the game, you should make it a habit to revisit the hangar to check on the status of the ships in your collection, particularly the one you will be using for the next mission. On top of customizing your ship after gaining better parts from missions you have just completed, remember to load up on ammo as well.

4. Go For A Mixed Weapons Setup

Although the faction you choose to belong to at the start of the game impacts the potency of a particular weapon type your ships will have, you should always consider trying out other weapon types as well. As your ship can equip at least 3 weapons at the start, you can mix in the one you specialize on with 2 other types of weapons. Lasers, blasters, rockets, and rail guns all have their unique advantages and limitations and ships and other targets you encounter will likewise have its own strengths and weaknesses.

second galaxy weapons

It is highly possible that you will only have a very limited supply of parts to equip at the early part of the game. As soon as possible, though, make it a habit to read through what each piece of gear does and the stat adjustments that take effect once you equip your ship with them. Truthfully enough, it is very difficult to propose a perfect build that applies to every player and given situation. As such, spend time to tinker with your ship as getting to know all weapon types will definitely contribute well to your growth and progress in the game.

5. Remember To Allocate Your Earned Attribute Points

As you complete missions in Second Galaxy and reach new levels, you will earn attribute points that effectively boost the stats of your ships. To do so, you need to tap on the menu button at the lower left side of the screen and tap on your avatar. Once you are at the pilot profile page, you will see available and unallocated attribute points on the right side as well as your current stat values just below it. Tap on the plus sign and freely allocate points among weapon damage bonus, shield capacity bonus, ship energy capacity bonus, and max velocity bonus.

second galaxy attribute points

Weapon damage bonus impacts your offensive prowess and applies to every weapon you equip on your ship. Shield capacity bonus boosts the amount of shields you have in combat and therefore increases your overall defense. Ship energy capacity bonus increases the amount of energy your ship has and max velocity boosts its speed and agility. Each of these attributes are important and while you are free to allocate points as you wish, be sure to consider boosting attributes you are lacking in.

6. Join A Corp As Soon As You Can

Corps in Second Fleet are the equivalent of guilds, factions or alliances in other MMO games. Although you can very much play and enjoy the game all on your own, space voyage with sprinkles of warfare within it is a lot more fun and rewarding if you join a corp. Joining a corp forms part of the early tutorials so the steps to be a part of one are just as easy to follow.

second galaxy corporation

Once you join a corp, you can instantly reap benefits based on each members productivity. Every encounter, wormhole, and exploration quest earns corp intel points that cen be rewarded to each member. These points, in turn, can be traded at the corp store for various items and authorized corp officials can also spend points to post quests for the corp. On top of the intel points each member earns, the total intel points earned by all corp members in a week can also earn each member additional rewards. As such, be sure to join up as soon as you can and remain as active as possible for you and each of your fellow corp members to earn more rewards.

7. Complete Quests For More Experience Points & Rewards

As you complete story chapters in Second Fleet, various types of quests become available. As you click on the ops icon, you can tap on the quest tab to view available quests you can engage in. Each type of quest offers different rewards and difficulty levels. You can earn as much as 30,000 experience points daily from these quests.

second galaxy quests

On top of the immediate rewards you receive from completing quests, you also earn galactic points that accumulates and unlocks additional rewards. Earning a total of 100 galactic points per day earns you the top reward so be sure to make an effort to secure it on a daily basis. If you find yourself stuck in a particular story quest due to pre-requirements or difficulty, you can always farm resources and materials through the quests to get stronger.

And that brings our Second Galaxy beginner’s guide to its end and we hope that you enjoyed every bit of information we were able to share with you with the tips and strategies we mentioned. Second Galaxy certainly takes the cake as far as depth and unique content are concerned so we would not be surprised to discover even more tricks and secrets in the game as we continue to delve into it. If you have you own tips or strategies for Second Galaxy that you would like to share, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comment area below!


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