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Laplace M (Tales of Wind) Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Raise BR Quicker

ZlongGames may have only been around for a few months but their name has become very familiar with mobile RPG fans following the global release of Langrisser Mobile early this year. Following its huge success, ZlongGames has riled up RPG fans with the highly anticipated release of Laplace M which casted over 1 million pre-registrations and earned a quick 100,000 downloads on launch day.

Laplace M is an open world MMORPG that offers an awe-inspiring anime graphics coupled with an immersive storyline, top-notch background music and tons of gameplay content that will keep players hooked on it for a long time. There are the usual class-based characters but customizations are deep with regard to each character’s skills and throwing in pets and transformation abilities into the mix makes for a wider variety of choices to make with regard to how you want to build your character. If you are looking for an MMORPG with a bright ambiance and looking forward to play with friends on quests and dungeon challenges, then Laplace M may be the best choice to try today.

Laplace M takes you to the titular city of Laplace where an impending evil threatens the safety of the whole world’s inhabitants and its very existence. Before you embark on your journey towards averting disaster and saving Laplace City and the rest of the world, you choose from among 4 unique classes of characters to play as in your adventure. Your journey will start of at the same time as you get introduced to the plot and follow the story on through a series of quests. There are various side quests available as well and as you progress through the game, many new features and game modes will become available.

Although your character possesses a variety of skills which can be unlocked and upgraded as you level up, one of the unique aspects of Laplace M banks on capturing monster essences in cards which you can embed on your gears for additional skills and effects. You can always play through quests and challenges on your own but the difficulty level of some challenges, even on earlier stages, almost always evokes teaming up with other players. The controls and interface of the game is pretty decent and it’s relatively easy to get to know how to fight in battles. There’s an auto mode which can take you to where you need to go as well as fight monster mobs automatically.

laplace m cheats

The introductory part of the story serves as the initial tutorial which presents a variety of helpful situations to get accustomed to the basic combat and character enhancement mechanics of the game. Aside from quick text-based tips, there are easy indicators to help you navigate easily through the game. As you make progress following a series of quests and battles, you will unlock some additional game modes that will be briefly explained before you engage in such battles.

As there will be several items and features which may be a little complex for players relatively new to RPGs, highlighting on each one will provide some useful info and there are also available guides you can read by clicking question mark icons on certain windows. It’s basically a never-ending struggle to raise your battle rating or BR but when it comes down to strategies, there should come a point where a little lower BR may work better considering the actual effects and buffs your gears and cards have.

As there are no in-game stamina of any sort, everyone is free to play for as long as they want and in these types of RPGs, the time and effort you dedicate on the game can greatly influence the amount of progress you make. If you just started to play the game and find yourself in a bit of a crunch understanding the basic concepts of the game or somewhat confused as to what to prioritize or if you played enough but want to have a more efficient way of levelling up your character and increasing your BR, then our Laplace M beginner’s guide can surely help you get started right on the game.

1. Choose Your Character’s Class Wisely

Laplace M has 4 distinct classes to choose from and each one has more specialized job upgrades to choose from later on. There’s nothing too unfamiliar as the 4 available classes are as basic as they come when it comes to the usual choices RPG fans have come to love and enjoy over the years.

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You can choose to play as a warrior and be the designated tank of the party; choose to be a mage and be the king of AoE magic damage; an assassin for a variety of high DPS attacks; or choose to be a cleric to heal and provide support spells to your allies. Perhaps choosing your character’s class should depend on your personal preferences and play style but considering if you will play the game mostly by yourself or teaming up with friends or random people for most of it forms part of the consideration.

As each character class sports a number of skills to learn and upgrade, while potentially not having enough skill points to upgrade each one, it is very important to read through each skill beforehand and decide on an end-build before spending any skill points. You can create more than 1 character per account but then again, focusing on maxing out your first character should be your priority and having a continuously satisfying class build should be aimed for right from the start.

2. Complete Quests As Much As You Can

There are plenty of things to do and many places to explore in Laplace M and for the most part, you are free to go where you wish and fight monsters on each map whenever you like. Although most RPGs then usually give good reason for you to grind for hours on whichever mob of monsters you can satisfactorily farm depending on your level, actually completing quests in Laplace M grants you more rewards on top of the actual experience points you earn for monster kills, whenever such feats are involved. Additionally, following quest lines provide you with important items and materials you will find a lot more challenging to obtain from other sources.

laplace m guide

There are several types of quests available in Laplace M but for starters, you should aim to accomplish the main quests. To differentiate, you should see an “M” just before the actual objective stated on the left side of your screen. There are a variety of side quests available as well which you should also spend time on for additional rewards.

In a lot of cases, conversing with people with an exclamation mark on the map will initiate a side quest so be sure to always check around the map every now and then. Moving forward with the story or main quests should be your priority on your first minutes into the game or so up until you reach the required level to engage in various other game modes that require a variety of important items and good amounts of experience points to further strengthen your character.

3. Expend Daily Attempts On Each Available Kingdom Event

Once you reach level 10, you can already participate in a couple of kingdom events. As these events offer very important items to ensure your speedy progress in the game, be sure to make the most out of it. To access this, simply tap on the Kingdom icon at the upper right side of the screen. There you will see the events you can readily participate in as well as the level requirements to unlock the rest. You can gain a lot of experience points from the events here but there are daily limits so be sure to keep an eye on the counter at the upper left of the page and if you are dedicated enough on a daily basis, you should aim to max out the experience points you can nab from all available events.

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The Equipment Realm and Card Realm will be the first events you can engage in and both these game modes are important to partake in on a daily basis so be sure to do your best in expending all attempts and get the most out of these events. For the Equipment Realm, stages are divided across chapters and new chapters can be unlocked every 10 levels your character gains. You can play solo on normal difficulty but will have to play with 2 or more people if you want to go for the higher difficulty challenge that offers 150% more drop rate.

There is a recommended BR so it’s a good idea to initially go in considering the recommended BR relative to what you have. Later on though, you should be confident on taking challenges with a bit higher recommended BR especially if you are in a party. You have 3 attempts per day to challenge this event and failing to complete a chapter won’t reduce your chances of going in again. As equipment is a basic necessity, you should go for this ahead of everything else especially if you can still improve on your BR with better equipment for your level. As you unlock higher level chapters, the rewards naturally become much better.

laplace m kingdom event

As equipment alone won’t be sufficient to raise your BR fast and make you stronger, cards are equally important to collect to ensure that you will have more than enough choices with regard to the skills you want to have as well as the stats you would want to work on. Areas within the Card Realm are divided into floors and completing one unlocks the succeeding floor. You need to complete a floor as well to be able to choose a team challenge mode on succeeding attempts.

Completing a floor for the first time or failing to finish it won’t reduce your attempts so feel free to try the highest one you can before settling for which one to farm on. Higher floors and areas will also drop better cards but going into it in a 5-player party boosts drop rates further by 20%. For the initial attempts and cards you acquire, feel free to equip which ones boost your BR the most. Later on though, you should scrutinize a bit more and actually consider focusing on the stat increases provided by each card to focus on the most important stats for your class relative to your desired character build.

You have a maximum of 5 attempts to battle in the arena and once you spend an attempt, extra chances will be gained once every 4 hours. Every win you achieve earns you points which can be exchanged for a variety of items at the shop. You will only battle with auto-controlled opponents so you will have an advantage if you play manually. You may want to frequently visit the arena whenever you have unspent attempts to do battle.

4. Remember To Unlock And Upgrade Skills

laplace m skills

Each character class in Laplace M holds their own unique set of skills to learn and upgrade. With the limited skill points at your disposal, be sure to read through what each skill does and concentrate on what you need the most for your desired build. For the warrior as an example, there are some abilities that are more towards dealing more damage while some are geared towards making the character a better tank with improved defense capabilities. As each skill has levels as well, you may want to bank on and max out only a few skills rather than spend points spread across on a greater number of skills.

If you have extra skill points and still have no idea where to spend them on, feel free to hold on to them for the moment as you may unlock more skills you will prefer to have once you reach the minimum level requirement to have them. To access the Skills Menu, click on the icon beise the bag at the right side of the screen and you will see the skills (book) icon. If you happen to unlock and obtain more skills than the slots available, you can switch skills in and out by clicking on the settings tab and assigning each skill you want to use.

5. Auto Battle And Transformation Strategies

Auto Mode is a very convenient way of finding your way around and travelling from one point to another as you complete a series of quests. In battle though, auto battle mode is only viable for mobs and bosses you are certain you can beat easily. There will definitely tougher battles as you progress through the game and relying on auto battle will not be helpful at all. Primarily, setting this mode on and having the A.I. take control means using skills as they become available and not finding the right timing to do so.

Even if you are a relatively new player in these types of games, you can surely do better than that. In auto battle mode, transformation skills won’t be utilized well. You can still click on it on auto mode but then, you might as well just play manually all throughout the battle. The critical part is when you are in a boss fight and the enemy uses a special move indicated by the red highlights in the area. These moves can easily be avoided playing manually while auto battle completely ignores it.

laplace m strategies

Some battles are very difficult to win at first and you may rely heavily on transformations. Once the transformation ability runs out of juice though, it takes a long while to become available and you may not survive long if you continue with your attacks. As cheap as it may sound, playing manually means you can run around the area and wait for the transformation skill to be available again while avoiding enemy attacks. Transformations may well be the best trick in your arsenal on the early part of the game.

As such use it wisely in that you hold out on your own as much as you can and save your transformation for the end boss battle or if you are about to lose. That way, you can completely utilize your transformed HP which is separate and distinct from your own and be able to revert back potentially with full health.

6. Enhance Your Gears And Cards

What you equip yourself with in Laplace M is basically divided into equipment and cards which you can easily farm from the events we discussed a while back. As you unlock higher and more difficult areas in the Equipment Realm, you can obtain more powerful gears which makes it somewhat inefficient to upgrade the low level ones you obtain from the earlier stages of the game. For cards though, rarity is a good consideration to determine its relative value and the overall strength it gives your equipment.

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Each piece of equipment can be upgraded through the workshop. Initially, you can enhance any equipment up to +15 and requires Star Diamonds and Silverstar to perform. Each level will cost more to enhance as the enhancement level goes up. Success probability stays at a hundred percent up until the equipment is at +6 and goes down the further you go. Failures in enhancement grants blessing though, which increases subsequent attempts. As enhancements do cost a lot especially at higher levels, it is best to save them for when you have the gears you will be using for a long time.

laplace m gears

On top of enhancement, each piece of gear can be made to have an additional socket for you to embed additional cards. It will cost silverstar and Kingdom Fame but will always be a guaranteed success. Having an additional card embedded on your gear will most definitely boost your strength and BR a lot but despite that, this will also be a costly endeavor as you should save any and all hard-earned resources for gears you will be using for a long period of time.

Enhancing cards works in the same way as in enhancing equipment but consumes silverstar and mana instead. Although you may easily acquire gold cards at the start of your game, it is best to know more about which cards work best for your chosen class before spending resources and currency on card enhancement. For both enhancement cases, you should know of the threshold concept which can bring down your equipment or card’s enhancement level down in case of a failure.

Threshold levels are 6, 9, 12, and 15. If you try to enhance a +8 item to +9 and fail, your item will revert back to +6. There is a blessing compensation though but still, avoid wasting your resources on the equipment and cards that you acquire early on and wait for the really good ones you will get as you progress farther in the game.

7. Add Friends And Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Though you have to reach level 18 first to be able to create or join a guild, it’s relatively easy to achieve on your first day in the game. As you should already know by now, unless you are totally new on online mobile games, guilds, alliances and such have become a staple feature of MMORPGs. On top of additional perks and quests you can engage in by being a member of a guild, it is your best source of people to play with regardless of whether or not you have real life friends who play the game.

As such make it a point to find and join an active guild and stay active as well. Though you can easily find friends in the game and potentially receive a lot of invites from time to time depending on how active you are, take some opportunities to join event invites if you don’t have friends online. Keep in mind that events are a lot easier to accomplish when you work with others and that Laplace M is set up in such a way that rewards grow better when you accomplish feats with other players.

8. Check The Guide For Achievements And Earn Rewards

laplace m rewards

As you go on your adventure and battle through the various locations in Laplace M, your noteworthy accomplishments are recorded in the adventure guide that can be accessed through the open book icon just under the bag. There will be indicators on the tabs where you accomplished a feat and you can claim spirals, which is a premium currency, as well as other items. Be sure to read through some tasks on the achievements tab as it may also serve as a checklist of what you need to go through on a daily basis.

9. Check Your Mail and Bag for Rewards and Consumable Items

laplace m tricks

Most especially if you were able to pre-register for the game, there are in-game rewards for you to claim and to do so, simply click on the social icon just to the left of the chat space and then click on your mail. There are plenty of rewards that offer consumable items in the form of treasure chests. Once you claim the rewards, check them out in your inventory by clicking on the bag icon at the right side of the screen.

On top of treasure chests, you may also obtain treasure maps and using them sends you across different locations to dig for treasure. BE sure to constantly check what you have in your inventory as some items are better spend sooner than later. Likewise, there is a limit to how much you can keep so you might as well consume some items to free up some space.

10. Upgrade Your BR Title

As you reach new levels, unlock and upgrade skills, and obtain better equipment and cards; your BR will continuously grow. On top of the instant perks of each bit of increase in your BR, there are certain milestones to reach through the BR title to further enhance your character’s attributes. You can see the BR Title tab when you click on the bag icon. Once there, you can immediately notice if you can upgrade your BR title and claim the added attribute bonus. It won’t give as much on the initial levels but every bit of BR increase you can get your hands on will be beneficial for you on every feat you encounter in Laplace M.

laplace m br title

Well, there are still plenty to cover and more secrets to be found in Laplace M but for now, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide for the game. As we continue to delve into the amazing fantasy world of Laplace M, we hope that you enjoyed the tips and strategies we shared for now and that you picked up a lot of good points to help you get started on your adventure. If you have uncovered some relevant Laplace M tips or strategies yourself and would like to share the same with us, feel free to let us know by sending us a message through the comments section below!