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Laplace M (Tales of Wind) Guide: Tips & Strategies to Catch Guardians and Increase Your Character’s Survival Rate

Laplace M is the long-awaited mobile release of the PC MMORPG Laplace by X-Legend Entertainment. ZlongGames has managed to put together quite a mobile offering of the game and it’s packed with features! Even if you run out of “the dailies”, the fun certainly doesn’t stop there. Laplace M has an open world in which you can continue battling in. You can still run the dungeons from “the dailies” with others for points too. And yes, you better believe you should put some serious thought into your character(s). So for you beginners to the game, here’s a collection of tips and strategies to help you out. Do note that the game started with Pre-Registration bonuses. However, if you missed them, you can still play just fine. So without further ado, let’s move on to our collection of Laplace M tips, cheats and strategies that will help you catching more guardians and increase your character’s survival rate!

1. Which Character To Choose In Laplace M

The very first part to make note of is that Laplace M doesn’t give you any option to switch Google accounts in the game. You can switch to other account types but even at that, it’s 1 account only. Even using the Google Play Games Settings won’t help. If you want to try out everything, you can start over in another server. It might seem that Laplace M only gives you 2 character slots to create with. You’ll gain more slots as you make more characters (up to 4 in each server). The other fun part is that all characters in the server can get the Pre-Registration bonuses.

As of this writing, Laplace M only has 4 character classes. This includes warrior, mage, cleric, and assassin. However, each can branch into 1 of 2 build paths. So keep this in mind because choosing a character’s build path leaves you with 8 options (in total) to choose from at the start. The recommendation is to start by selecting a main class that you might like. Next, carefully look at the skills offering it has. The skills that are showing are going to eventually release to your character as it gains levels. Those are the short list of the character’s skills displayed when creating a character. More often than not, those skills won’t unlock as you anticipated!

The highest recommendation is to try out the easier characters Laplace M offers. This includes the berserker, the mage, and the ranger. Each one can be very destructive, has a nice survival rate, and isn’t difficult to play. The better part is because of the way Laplace M was made. You will have strategies and tactics to consider for all characters. Much of that is sitting right there in the skills controls. The game really isn’t just a race for Battle Rating (BR). It’s a type of power rating. The other highest recommendation is to try out a new character in another server. Yes, you can always try things out in the guest account. Just remember that you’ll lose everything in the guest account when you log in with another account type.

2. How To Increase Your Character’s Survival Rate

The simple answer is to vamp your way through as much as Laplace M offers! The not so simple answer is to use a character with a vamp effect and boost that vamp effect. The boost comes from cards.

laplace m cards

Notice the very first line in the Effects section of the Nympha card in the above screen shot. That’s a very big Life Steal boost! It’s a vampiric effect. This means that the hit(s) you do regenerates your Hit Points (HP). Life Steal is one of your stats and you can see all your stats from clicking in the upper left corner of the Laplace M screen (in the Details button). No, this does not make you indestructible. However, if done properly/heavily, you’ll be horribly hard to defeat in most of Laplace M! The Nympha card showing in the above screen shot is just 1 of the cards that can boost your Life Steal stat. And be sure to not dismantle your cards so quickly. When slots are opened on your gears, you’ll need cards to fill them with.

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From there, if you selected a character with an attack type healing skill (vamp skill), the HP regen will become higher from using it. Take the example of the berserker. It has the Protection of Light and Thunder Clap skills. With Protection of Light, you’ll get no HP regen if you don’t hit 1 or more targets. But it won’t matter if you hit more than 1 target. It’s a set amount and then boosted by Life Steal. Thunder Clap will only give you a single HP regen based on Life Steal. However, in gaining its passive, you get an extra HP regen based on the damage done by Thunder Clap. You have to watch it carefully to see it. But in getting tricky, you’ll notice the mage and the ranger can still attack after using their AoE skills! But the berserker’s Bladestorm skill only allows you to move while it is active.

Now try it with a ranger of Laplace M. The ranger isn’t as strong an attacker as the mage. However, its Power of Nature skill can be casted so there’re 2 of them actively attacking at the same time. This is what adds to its high survival rate. It’s bordering on being a tanker! Each of the hits from all active Power of Nature skills will trigger Life Steal. At the same time, the rangers can still attack just like the mages for more Life Steal triggers. Then to further increase survival rates, you can have multiple transformations 1 by 1. This is determined by what cards you have in your weapon slots. See the problem with the character selections now?! It wasn’t as easy as you thought considering you’d want your characters to survive as much as possible. This is what will open up your own bravery a bit to try out harder content while at a lower BR!

3. How To Catch Guardians

The guardians of Laplace M are a collection of pets you can gain from Guardian Island. They can provide boosts for themselves and for your character. They’re not exactly slacking off in the attacking department! The bad news is trying to catch something for a great guardian to have. The good news is that you doesn’t really have to! You just need to know what to look for in a guardian. Do note that your own luck is what’s going to get you stuck with a selection of not so great guardians. However, they can still be used in the Guardian Array or as food to evolve your other guardians. And yes, there is a trick for catching at least 2 star guardians.

how to catch guardians in laplace m

Showing in the above screen shot is one of the Hunters in Guardian Island. The tactic for gaining a 2 star guardian at the minimum is those Hunters. First, you need 2 or more Egg Catching Nets to catch the eggs with. How you get them is your concern! Go into Guardian Island and go to any Hunter. It doesn’t matter which one. Use the Select x1 option. Come what may, you get 1 of those guardians that shows. The better bet being to choose 1 you didn’t have if possible. Gaining new guardians will help get you points in the Guide. Close that Hunter screen out and go to any other Hunter. Again, it doesn’t matter which one. Try the same catching method as the first Hunter. More often than not, you’ll gain a 2 star guardian at the minimum. And yes, this was tested repeatedly to make sure it works! Don’t bother trying to repeat catching guardians with the same Hunter more than once in a row.

From there, it’s a matter of the guardian’s boosts. Some of those boosts will help you, some will help you and the guardian, and the rest will be for the guardian only. In choosing a guardian to deploy, your best bet is gaining 1 with a summoning type skill. This means that not only will the guardian attack something; it will also summon another attacker! This will definitely add to your overall destructive power. But if by chance your guardian gets killed, it’ll come back eventually (won’t take very long). To boost things further, the Guardian Array is included.

laplace m guardian array

Always place the system recommended pet into the Guardian Array slots. The system recommended guardian will always be the strongest ones you have for the slots. Those bonuses will apply to your character. Also, this does not affect the guardian you have deployed. The deployed guardian does not have to be in the Guardian Array at all. For example, even though “BigCat” is showing in the above screen shot, it is not the deployed guardian in this case. Another 2 star guardian is deployed due to it having a summoning skill.

If by chance you still doubt the guardian catching method described above, just know that “BigCat” in the above screen shot was a 2 star guardian when it was gained! Just don’t worry about its name! The only way to evolve it to a 3star guardian is by using two other 2 star guardians. So where do you think that many 2 star guardians magically appeared from?! Keep in mind that the currently deployed 2 star guardian also needs to be evolved!

4. Strategies For The Auto-Play System

Auto-play systems found in many games are typically a love/hate situation. Oddly enough and to the surprise of many, Laplace M managed to produce a happy medium! That’s the missing part which caused complaints about the Auto-play system! The Auto-play system is customizable. You can turn it off completely, have it on fully, or mix and match it to your liking.

laplace m auto combat settings

In the Game Settings, click the Combat tab in the upper left of the screen. More often than not, any Auto-play system will mess up the timed use of the skills. Laplace M isn’t much different when on full Auto-play. It won’t take long before you notice that some skills are being used poorly by its Auto-play system. This is where the customizing comes in. As a result, you can be faster because in using it, you’d only have 1 or 2 skills left to manually deal with. Or as many as you like! Simply turn off (uncheck) the skills you want to manually control. This does leave you the time to get out of the way of displayed oncoming attacks if you had to. Notice the Protection of Light skill in the above screen shot is unchecked? That would be one of many culprits the Auto-play system tends to use poorly!

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There is a nifty trick to the Auto-play for ranged characters. Take the example of the mages. Did anyone else notice they move outside the AoE of their Ice Storm skill?! As it turns out, this also moved the mage out of attack range of some opponents/targets and out of the way of displayed oncoming attacks. Sure enough, rangers have the same results when using Power of Nature! All by themselves they just moved around! It’s fun to watch! Next thing you know, they’re attacking from a safe spot! It’s not like melee ranged characters which will stand in close to the target(s). Those characters will take a terrible beating with Auto-play! See the vamp skills and Life Steal uses now?!

You can also arrange the skills in the slots you want them in. This is found in the Settings section of the Skills screen. Swapping skills is also included because you eventually will have more skills than slots. This is where the strategies come into play. Again, Laplace M isn’t just a race for BR. If you already know how a target(s) are going to work, you can set skills accordingly to your advantage to various degrees. Otherwise, you can set skills in place wherever you like! In combination with customizing the Auto-play system, you really can have a setup which works with you and not against you.

5. Tactics For The Arena

The arena of Laplace M is where strategies can really be put to work. It won’t take long at all for you to find your character facing a list of much higher BR opponents. The main strategy for this situation is in fact to wait. Eventually your ranking will go down again and you can find much easier opponents to play against. This can be viewed as “extra cheesy with no challenge” but it does work. Just consider the fact that you should always be going for the win above all else.

laplace m arena

Showing in the above screen shot is the ranking you’ll start with or where you’ll end up eventually via waiting. The higher you get in the arena rankings, the harder your opponents will become. You can see a list of opponents to choose from and there’s a Refresh List button at the bottom right corner. You can click the Refresh List button in hopes of trying to find a suitable opponent but more often than not, you will be seeing opponents with a much higher Title than yours anyway. You can check and get a general idea as to how much higher by checking your own Title rank (it’s a tab in the bag/inventory).

For those that want to try to keep going, this is where you have to make a serious judgment call. There are opponents on the list in which you can defeat depending on your character’s setup and your moves/tactics. The judgment call comes in when you find an opponent with a Title only 1 level above yours. Definitely, that opponent will have a higher BR than yours. This is where you have to try to decide if their BR is vastly higher than yours and if you should attempt to find out! Odds are you’re a dead man but it won’t reduce your arena rank to try! If you do, the highest recommendation is to have plenty of Life Steal at your disposal. It really helps. Life Steal is a lot faster compared to healing skills. So with a mix of customized Auto-play and good timing, you really do have a chance to win if their BR isn’t vastly higher than yours.

6. Use The Other Game Features To Your Advantage

No matter which way you look at it, you’re in it to gain. The fun part is that Laplace M has plenty of options to do so! One example is the Visions content. The button is found in the middle left of the game screen. You can use it 8 times per day. Be sure to be on your mount before using it. The idea is to run around and find something which is still in color. Sometimes it’s an object and sometimes it’s a monster. Sometimes it’s found close by and other times you will have some travelling to do! The gains are random but you can also gain extra side quests which you didn’t even know where there.

laplace m challenges

Found on various maps are the Challenges. You’ll be in a 1 on 1 fight versus the NPCs. You can find them by checking the map. They’re all labeled. Before you attempt to take a Challenge from a NPC, be sure to check its BR. They can and will hammer on those with a lower BR compared to their own. However, if you’re close enough in BR, you can still win. In any case, the Challenges are 100% worth the effort because the rewards are very useful. Just be sure to have enough inventory space before attacking the Challenge NPCs. You can’t share items across the storage.

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When your character reaches level 30, you can gain a farm. As of this writing, there’s a typo which indicates you have to pay 100,000 Kingdom Points to be able to use your farm. It’s only 100 KP! If you’re familiar with other farm games, the farm setup in Laplace M will be very familiar. If you are or are not familiar with other farm games, you should be using the farm setup here! You stand to gain quite a lot in using it! This also includes EXP for your character. Of particular importance is the Great Raccoon that starts to show up at farm level 5. When you sell to the Great Raccoon, you’ll also gain insects which can be used to feed Coco found in your Guild Territory.

Eventually, you’ll end up with items from your farm that you can place in the Trade section of the Market for sale. You’ll get shells. Having shells when you need them is a good idea! However, only do so if you’re absolutely sure that you can afford to sell those items. There’s a chance you might need those items later on to craft/build something. Also, don’t run out of supplies to plant. You can sell things to the NPCs found on your farm for various gains. Just make sure you can regenerate your main supplies before selling things. When you sell items to the NPCs on your farm, you should check all of the requirements and rewards. Always aim for the rewards with items first. This is after selling to the Great Raccoon. The rest can wait!

If you find yourself completely done with “the dailies”, as mentioned, you can still keep going. You can Auto-play grind wherever you think you’ll gain the most. Otherwise, you can also repeat various dungeon events. For example, if you run out of attempts in the Dragon Treasure or Escorts, you can go again in hopes of gaining Helper Cards. You might think you have only 6 tries at the Affair Board but you do have 15 of them. The trick to stretch them out is to delete the ones which don’t give you KP. It’ll take 30 minutes instead of 5 for those to come back. Another part trick is that you can gain tickets to run things more so be sure to check for those.

And this wraps up our collection of tips, cheats and strategies for Laplace M. If you know additional tips for this exciting game, be sure to drop us a line in the comments!


Wednesday 12th of June 2019

how to get the black cat


Sunday 5th of May 2019

How the hell do I delete a character?


Monday 6th of May 2019

They will be adding it to the next update I believe. So be looking for that!

Chriss Jeff

Thursday 2nd of May 2019

Do you know about guardian portal ? we can get free guardian without net. Usually I got blue or purple, my friend got gold guardian.

Anyone knows more details about this ? nobody talk about it on the net. I'm curious about time when the portal opened, it's random or not.

Sometimes in one day, the portal spawn a couple times, sometimes not shows up for days...


Monday 8th of April 2019

how do you get a mount?


Friday 5th of April 2019

110 can't beat 90? you are a sad joke, my friend