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Momo Game: Kill The Momo Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Unlock All Guns and Levels

Free Simulation Games may have just been around for a year or so but has already widened its games portfolio to 15 with a lot of its releases making it to the top 100 charts in several countries. Among its host of offerings are Tourist Coach Bus Driver 2018: Bus Games, Ship Simulator 2019, and Gorilla Rampage City Smasher Games: City Attack 3D; each amassing well over 50,000 downloads from the Google Play Store alone and has earned largely positive reviews from users as well.

Following the all-too popular Momo challenge, which has went viral and conquered the internet for some time to become one of the scariest characters for kids and their parents alike, several Momo-themed games have spawned in the course of its fame (or infamy). Though already proven to be a hoax and Keisuke Aiso, the artist that designed Momo’s appearance, confirming the doll no longer exists, Momo Game: Kill The Momo has perhaps surpassed the theme’s popularity as it raised over a million downloads and continues to be popular today.

Momo Game: Kill The Momo is like any plain arcade run and gun shooting game that litters the field full of Momo-faced zombies instead of the usual enemies. The relative ease of unlocking weapons through effort or patience or both and the general straightforward approach of the game makes it a good casual game to spend those idle hours away. The relative simplicity of the controls and gameplay makes it playable enough for gamers across all ages and may potentially ease out some fear for kids who may have been scared of the googly-eyed, awkward-faced doll’s image. Objectives are equally easy to understand: Kill some Momos to earn money to buy guns and head to the checkpoint to exit the stage.

momo game kill the momo level complete

Momo Game: Kill The Momo won’t provide much tutorial at all and as it is a very simple game, there really isn’t much need for anything. Like any FPS games on mobile, there is a left virtual stick to move you character about and a fire button at the right side of the screen to shoot at Momos. White indicators on the screen gives the direction of the checkpoint and red ones indicate enemies coming from the general direction. The only difference between stages come from the number of enemies that spawn and the general distance between starting point and the clearance checkpoint so while it may take some time to get used to the controls, everyone can be at ease with it in no time.

If you find yourself stuck in a particular stage as you are having difficulty surviving it or if you are confused as to which guns you should go for first, then our Momo Game: Kill The Momo guide can surely be of great help for you to unlock all guns and stages in the game. With that said, let’s check out our Momo Game: Kill The Momo tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. Watch Some Video Ads To Unlock A Few Guns

Although it’s a lot more fun and exciting to kill as many Momos as you can and earn money to unlock more guns, you can actually just watch a few short video ads and unlock a couple of guns before you even start playing. There are no pre-requisites for each gun which means that you can easily watch 11 15 to 30-second video ads and unlock the carbine instantly. If you have the patience, feel free to watch another 8 of those videos to secure the shotgun as well.

momo game kill the momo guide

Having more guns unlocked initially will play a vital role in your survival especially if you want to unlock more stages fast. Even though you will be made to choose a weapon before you start each stage, all unlocked weapons will be made available in-game and you can select them with the left and right arrows at the top right side of your screen. Having more guns, regardless of their overall power would be very advantageous for you most especially in latter stages as each gun has a limited ammo and you’ll need as many as you can get your hands on so having more guns mean having more ammo to spare.

As you may want to unlock all available guns immediately, it would either take a lot of patience to watch all those video ads, or a lot of patience and skill to farm for coins normally. What you should rather do instead is just arm yourself with a few guns through watching video ads, and play through stages normally to earn money and buy the cheaper weapons intermittently. Playing continuously will definitely tire you out after some time, so take that as an opportunity to play a few ads while you rest your eyes and fingers.

2. You Don’t Need To Kill Momos To Unlock The Exit

You might have the initial impression that you need to kill a Momo or a certain number of them for you to be able to clear any of the stages. In as much as that would have been still a fairly easy objective, you only need to survive long enough to reach the checkpoint in Momo Game: Kill The Momo to clear a stage. You can actually breeze through a lot of the earlier stages easily by just running towards the general direction of the checkpoint as you will always move faster than Momos. You only need to shoot at the enemies that are blocking your way for convenience and a bit of fun.

momo game kill the momo tips

With this idea in mind, you should now have 2 kinds of runs in the game: the first one is to just dash towards the exit and avoid obstacles and engaging enemies and the second is to kill as many as you can for points to unlock more weapons later on. For efficiency, you should primarily consider stage unlock runs and just farm for Momo kills on stages where they spawn in greater numbers later on. Momos won’t spawn indefinitely so killing them will eventually leave you in a large, lonely, empty space. As far as finding the checkpoint is concerned, the large area you will play the game on can sometimes seem like a labyrinth which makes the game a little more challenging.

3. Pay Attention To On-Screen Details

Momo Game: Kill The Momo may be a comparatively simple arcade shooter but still, paying close attention to some details you can see on the screen can help make your game a lot easier and raise your chances of survival even further. At the start of every stage, you will notice that the number within the crosshairs icon at the upper left side of your screen starts at 0 but will soon grow depending on which stage you are at. The number you see represents all the Momos in the stage and will be at 4 on the first stage and can go to over forty at the last stage. Killing Momos will naturally cut the numbers down but for the most part, reducing it to 0 will spawn the maximum number again. As such, if you want less hassle while figuring out the correct route towards the clearance checkpoint, you can leave the number at one.

Red indicators only appear when your character is facing against the general direction of the enemies so be sure to take note of this as you might lose track of where the Momos are as you spin and turn towards a different direction from time to time. The same goes for the white arrow that gives you the general direction of the exit point. If you don’t see it on screen therefore, then it must mean that you are on the right track and close to facing towards where the clearance checkpoint is.

momo game kill the momo tricks

Fences, boxes, and such other obstacles will practically litter the area so be sure to know when you are still moving especially when walking backwards as you shoot at the Momos while distancing yourself from them.

Be sure to always keep tabs on your ammunition as well as each gun you carry holds a very limited amount of ammo and rifles are especially prone to running out of it fast. In as much as you would want to make each shot count, having a little too many on-screen enemies can be very challenging for some to spare a chance at glimpsing on how many bullets they have left until it’s too late.

4. Head Towards The Light

momo game kill the momo hints

Momo Game: Kill The Momo has a pretty dark and foggy scene to give players a creepy atmosphere. With it though, it’s very easy to spot bonfires even from a distance. Regardless if you are playing on a stage for a quick finish or for farming points and money, know that there is either a health pack or some ammunition refill at every bonfire. If you have a lot of both, then it’s better to save the bonfire bonuses for later. Remember as well that ammunition boxes only refill the gun that is currently selected so it would be wise to switch to the most powerful gun that needs ammo first before moving in and grabbing the ammo pack.

5. Use Each Of Your Guns Wisely

As we mentioned earlier that you don’t actually need all the guns unlocked before you can finish all 20 stages of the game, it is still a lot more fun to unlock each one and will make your journey towards clearing the last stage a lot easier. Each gun is unique in that they different stats. As such, even the best weapon won’t have the highest value on each stat. More importantly though, what you would want to set up is for yourself to be able to maximize the use of each of the guns you have in the game.

For starters, maximize the use of pistols by initially using them on the early part of each stage. Keep in mind that even the basic M1911 pistol is still quite useful on even the last stage. When you are getting backed into a tight corner with several Momos up close, then that would be the best time to switch to a hand shotgun or shotgun. When there are an overwhelming number of enemies around and you need to clear a path to move more freely, that would be the best time to bring out a rifle. Naturally, running out of ammo for one gun automatically means having to improvise.

6. Perform Headshots For Faster Kills And More Points

In general, the number of bullets needed to kill a Momo depends on the gun you are using and regardless of where the bullets hit, the damage is basically the same. Shooting them in the head, though, leads to instant death which is why at some point, you have to master your aim to dispose of Momos a lot faster. With headshots, it doesn’t matter what type of weapon you use and surprisingly enough, the hitboxes on Momos seem to be a lot less stringent in the sense that it’s easier to perform headshots. Each Momo you kill gives you 100 points but each headshot grants an additional 300 for a total of 400 points per headshot kill. You should take note as well that even a dying Momo that is about to earn you a hundred points can still receive a headshot for those extra points which is kind of neat.

momo game kill the momo faster kills

It won’t be easy to master headshots especially for players not that familiar or experienced with FPS games on mobile devices. For an easier headshot, you can just aim a little ahead of a distant Momo and wait for them to actually lurch into position for a timed shot. Momos move a little too predictably so its very easy to set them up for an easy headshot.

And that’s all we have for our Momo Game: Kill The Momo guide. We’re very confident that if you read through our guide and try the tips and strategies we mentioned, you will be able to breeze through the game as well with a lot of time just have fun hunting Momos on the last level. We hope you enjoyed every bit of what we shared and if there are some relevant tactics or cheats we missed along the way, you can freely let us know about it through our comments section!

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