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Laplace M (Tales of Wind) Farm Guide: Tips & Tricks to Upgrade Your Farm for More Rewards

Laplace M may have just been officially launched recently, but the rate at which its fans grow has helped make it to top charts where it has been made available. With several dozens of MMORPGs available in the mobile gaming market and several of which can contend with Laplace M’s graphics and gameplay, it’s still no surprise to find the mobile adaptation of the game can easily make its way to hearts of a lot of Mobile RPG fans and even players who are relatively new to genre. Perhaps, what makes Laplace M stand out from the rest, lies in the relatively bright and vivid world that it has in store for players, the cute pets, and the plethora of content to keep any player hooked for several hours without even a glint of monotonous routine.

Indeed, there are so many activities to engage in when you dive into the world of Laplace M and perhaps, the best thing about it is it doesn’t always involve fighting mobs and grinding away for endless hours. If you have just started playing the game or still on the verge of doing so, be sure to read our Laplace M beginner’s guide as it showcases everything you need to know to help you speed up the rate at which you can raise your battle power and level to progress fast in the game.

As main quests in Laplace M will intermittently have level requirements and kingdom events has caps on the amount of experience you can acquire from all activities per day, there are still plenty of activities you can engage in if you are out of things to do in the game and waiting for the daily reset to replenish your chances on a lot of the other game modes.

One particular activity you would want to spend time on is your farm as it offers a variety of tasks you can spend some time on for loads of rewards that can also help contribute to the progression of your game. Make sure to read on as we will share plenty of useful tips and tricks in this Laplace M farm guide. The farm can be unlocked once you reach level 32 provided that you have also reached Age of Bronze on your Kingdom Age Records. You will also need a hundred kingdom fame points to open up the farm. So once you reach level 32, you can click on the Kingdom icon at the top of your screen. To check the Kingdom Age Records, click on the Era icon at the bottom right of the kingdom page. The farm is at the left side of the kingdom page.

1. The Customers Come First

As soon as you step into the farm, NPCs will start coming in and have a variety of product orders you have to attend to in exchange for farm coins, farm experience points and a variety of rewards. With the farm in mind, this is the best source of farm experience points to level up your farm quickly and unlock a variety of upgrades. Farm coins are needed as well to purchase some materials for the farm itself as well as other nifty consumable merchandise. Be sure to take note of each customer’s orders and remember that you don’t need to attend to the first one in line (which is weird but nice). Fortunately for you, no customer will order something you can’t produce and on top of that, they are all very patient and will wait in line almost indefinitely.

laplace m farm experience points

As there is no need to rush, plan ahead and focus on one customer’s orders at a time. A great racoon will come visit once each day as well and will offer to buy a lot of eggs from you in exchange for farm coins and insect eggs. Be sure to always sell your eggs as they are very easy to produce.

2. Maintain A Balanced Harvest

There’s a bit of inventory management involved when it comes to planting and consuming products inside your farm. You can always buy more resources when you run out of it but a keen eye on inventory and a bit of strategic approach can save you from spending. Basically, you have to know that each plant you crop doubles it after a while when it is time to harvest so for every piece of wheat or flower you plant, you can harvest 2. Some customers order these items as well but before you tend to their orders, be sure you have more than enough for planting so that your production of these basic crops won’t be hindered. Wheat is also used for chickens to get eggs and flowers are needed by the beehives to produce honey. It gets a little more complex later on as you unlock more facilities in the farm that require multiple resources for a product that customers may want.

laplace m harvest

The first rule is therefore to always keep enough of the basic resources that you can plant to always have the capacity to produce any of the other necessities. To make it a little more challenging, though, there is a limit to the number of products and items you can have in the farm so you can’t simply go for having an overabundance of any item. You can view your inventory by clicking on the Granary icon at the top of your screen. Feel free to expand the granary storage capacity a bit if you need to but keep in mind that this will incur incremental cost each step of the way in addition to wood and rocks needed for the upgrade.

3. Mine, Log, And Fish After Tending To Your Customers

laplace m farm

You can visit the Butler at the top right area of your farm and choose the farm shop or you can click on the Grocery icon beside the Granary at the top of your screen to see what you can purchase with your hard-earned farm coins. Initially, what you would want to buy are an old fishing rod, old axe and old pickaxe for a bit of fun, manual labor.

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Once you have purchased these tools, you can view them in your bag and clicking on each one can lead you to where you can use them. For example, you can click on the old rod and click on fish to have your character run towards the fishing area. Simply tap on use, each tool breaks after about 10 uses, as indicated by their durability, so you need to purchase them again. The materials you can acquire from logging and mining are mostly used for upgrading the granary and building decorations in the farm. Fishes, however, can be sold directly to some customers or can be fed to Coco at the guild grounds. Keep in mind as well that these activities are somewhat RNG-bound and you may experience times when you won’t get any materials out of a couple of attempts or so.

4. Collect Fishes And Insect Eggs For Coco

Just to elaborate further on why insect eggs and fish are important, the Guild Coco can offer a variety of rewards following the accomplishment of a difficult feat. Each day, each guild member can feed the guild coco 25 times. Each time you feed it raises its joy level and maxing out its joy level unlocks a treasure chest for the guild leader, which in turn can impart rewards on the rest of the guild during a celebration event. Naturally, the rewards guild members can obtain will depend on how much they contributed to the Guild Coco’s joy level.

laplace m coco

Depending on how fast the guild, in general, accomplishes to max out the Guild Coco’s joy level, the probability of attracting more Coco’s to inhabit the guild grounds rises. More Cocos means more rewards for everyone. As such, be sure to do your part in keeping the Coco’s joy level rising on a daily basis and if need be, remind your guild mates to do the same.

5. Visit The Charity Center At Least Once Every 12 Hours

laplace m charity center

Just beside you chicken pen is a fountain-like ornament that typically has a huge heart floating on top of it. That is the charity center and you would want to harvest as many hearts from it as you can for emergencies that call for rush productions. Although most of the items you harvest or produce takes little time to do so, the higher your farm level grows and the more structures you unlock, the more complex products become available and the longer it takes for them to be prepared. You can instantly acquire an end-product by consuming hearts in case you want to speed things up and cater to all your customers immediately. The more decorations in your farm you have installed, the more hearts the charity center generates over time. In any case though, the charity center can only continue to generate hearts for 12 hours so you have to collect it by then for it to be able to generate more.

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6. Check The Grocery For Other Items

On top of the fished rod, axe, and pickaxe you should have purchased earlier for logging, mining, and fishing, respectively; there are plenty of items for sale in the farm grocery that you can consider to buy or at least save farm coins for (as a lot of them are expensive). One of particular interest should be the summer juice that you can use to speed up the levelling up of your guardians. Although you can actually have your favourite guardians earn experience points by bringing them to battle with you, it may come to a point when you are in a hurry to earn experience points to max out their levels and evolve them. There is a limit to how many summer juices you can purchase each day but more importantly, each one costs 500 farm coins, so you may want to think twice if you will be spending farm coins on it or save them instead for the other items.

laplace m hints

There will be a variety of blueprints that become available as your farm reaches new levels. These blueprints along with a lot of stone and wood materials are needed to build decorations for your farm to boost hearts generated by the charity center. There are dogs you can purchase as well which can bring you some random items on your next visit once you feed them and they leave the farm.

You can spend a bit of extra time on the farm even after serving all the customers’ needs and running out of trees to cut and ores to mine from each day. On top of customer orders, every harvest you do and products you make earns a bit of experience points as well that can contribute to levelling up your farm even in a little way. There’s bound to be a lot more to come with regard to farming and it will definitely take a long while to max its level out to 30. In any case, spending time on the farm is a good way to ease out of the fight scenes and spend some time on a bit of relaxation. You may still opt to prioritize doable main quests and kingdom events on your daily plate before tending to your farm as character experience points are still the more valuable experience points you need before reaching the level cap.

This is where we will end our Laplace M farm guide and we hope that you learned a lot from it as we intended to shed some light on the various activities and mechanics within this game mode that may be unclear to some newer players. As we are still continuously digging deep into the world of Laplace M, we are hoping to provide some guides on other aspects of the game or elaborate further on some aspects we discussed in our previous one. Again, if there are relevant tips and strategies you know that you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to do so through the comments section below!


Sunday 11th of August 2019

Whenever I go to sell my stuff to customers, it says order not found. How do I fix this?


Sunday 26th of May 2019

Hello, I spent all my flower seed at the farm, and I don't find a way to buy some, is it possible or am I doomed ?


Thursday 30th of May 2019

If you click your granary and donate your wheat, you will get harvest points. You can then redeem the harvest points to buy a flower :)


Thursday 30th of May 2019

You can buy a seed by attempting to plant a flower.