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Laplace M (Tales of Wind) Advanced Guide: Tips, Tactics & Strategies to Further Boost Your Battle Rating

Just a few days back, Laplace M has been officially launched and has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. As it continues to attract more players into its amazing fantasy world, Laplace M provides a lot of considerations for newer players to jump into the game and not feel left out by higher level players. In addition to the level cap, which sits currently at level 69, the progression system in Laplace M is designed in such a way that levelling up and increasing Battle Rating (BR) is very easy in the first few days and becomes a lot more challenging as you rank up and progress through the game. As there are loads of activities to engage in on top of the battles and grinding, there is too much content in the game for anyone to experience and understand easily in a short span of time.

If you have just started playing Laplace M and still finding your way around things, be sure to read our beginner’s guide to have a good idea about some of the basic mechanics of the game as well as the first few game modes you can engage in potentially on your first day or two in the game. It won’t guarantee to answer all your questions about this massive game but at least put you in the right track as you start things off. If you levelled up enough to reach level 32 and unlocked the farm, you can find some basic tips and strategies as well on how to manage your farm in our Laplace M farm guide. Moreover, we shared some useful tips and tricks on how to catch more guardians in the game and increase your character’s survival rate. There were some aspects of the game that we haven’t included in our previous Laplace M guides so we will be discussing them here. Regardless of your level, though, you can still engage in the activities we will discuss once you unlock them.

Like in most MMORPGs, the time you can dedicate to Laplace M will greatly impact how fast you can progress with regard to your character’s level and the BR that you want to keep increasing. In any case, what we shared in our beginner’s guide may well be enough for players with a lot less free time for mobile games but if you have more time to spare and would want more than just leaving your characters idle in auto mode on some mobs of monsters then here are some more activities and mechanics you should consider to engage in. Below you can find our collection of Laplace M tips, tactics and strategies on how to boost your battle rating in the game.

1. Complete Challenge Quests And Duel With NPCs

When you click on the map at the upper right corner of your screen, you can see various icons at the left side and clicking on each will have your character walk automatically to the location or teleport if you are on another map. Clicking on the World Map and then a specific are will take you there faster. As you explore the map, be sure to take on various NPCs whom you can challenge. The ones in Laplace City and Yggdrasil are relatively easy, although you still need to check each opponent’s BR just the same to have an idea how strong they are.

laplace m npc duel

Each one will have a class and corresponding abilities of each class you can play as in Laplace M but NPCs you challenge won’t be able to transform into guardians which sort of gives you a bit of advantage. It’s a one-on-one battle so you only need to focus on defeating the opponent. Remember to transform when you are in a tough challenge and play manually to avoid getting hit and be able to time your attacks better. You will receive a good amount of experience points for each win as well as some useful items that can further help with your character’s growth. Take note that while NPCs on higher level maps are generally stronger, not all NPCs in a specific area have the same difficulty level and as such, failing to defeat one should not deter you from trying to go for the next one on the list.

2. Consume Your Truesight Eye Attempts Daily

Another unique aspect of Laplace M that very much sets it apart from most MMORPGs is its concept of letting you see a different plane of existence through your truesight eye. There will be an introductory quest as part of the story that will help you acquire this skill early on and you can start seeing the icon at the left side of your screen. Using it won’t consume any of the limited attempts but once you click on an object, an attempt will be deducted and the skill will initiate a cool down period. Chances are, that you would most likely forget about the skill after the initial quest prompting you to use it to progress the story. As using this skill can reward you with a variety of useful items and resources, it is best to ensure expending every attempt to use them each day.

laplace m truesight eye

Each area in Laplace M is filled with dozens of treasures for you to hunt for and collect and while we can share the coordinates of all known spots for you to use truesight eye on to grab a treasure, we may have to do so in a separate guide after verifying the location of all treasures in all areas. For now, it’s important for you to know that there are currently over 200 different spot scattered across the whole continent in the game so using truesight eye and walking for a bit in any map will most likely let you see the glowing yellow creature to click on.

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Just to motivate you further into remembering to use your truesight eye skill daily, the rewards you can get are egg net fragments, gold chest shards, stat fruits, star diamonds, golden marks, summer juice as well as mana and silverstar. You should know by this point in time that a lot of the items here are very difficult to obtain anywhere else and are very helpful to boosting your BR. There are a couple of side quests as well that can be initiated through the truesight eye skill and these side quests also provide rewards once completed. There are very strong hints of Laplace M further adding content to the game and later on, there may be additional spots for everyone to use this skill on so there’s no better time than now to start using it and initiating the treasure collection spree.

3. Complete 15 Affair Board Quests Daily

The Affair Board can be accessed easily by clicking on the kingdom icon and the Affair Board at the bottom left of the screen. You can view the objectives and rewards of 6 different quests at a time and for the most part, the amount of XP you can receive determines the relative difficulty of the quest. Most of the quests can easily be accomplished by clicking on the accept button at the bottom right side of the quest page and leaving it on auto mode.

laplace m affair board quests

Once completed, you can simply click on the claim button to obtain your rewards. There will most likely be a challenging battle when you see the words “wanted” and “danger on the quest image before you accept the quest so be ready for that. If you tried and failed to complete a quest or simply want to swap it out for a new one, you can click on the trash bin icon and a new quest will be available after 30 minutes.

Once you complete a quest, a cool down period of 5 minutes will initiate for it to be replaced by a new one. Initially available quests will more likely offer the same rewards but some may give you fame points and in such cases, feel free to prioritize such quests.

Be sure to expend all 15 attempts you have per day to accomplish affair board quests. Although each quest may not provide as much experience points and silverstar than other events, the ease of completion more than makes up for it and some of these quests also grant extra items on top of the usual rewards.

4. Reforge Your Equipment

Before we proceed on the actual reforging tips, we would like to clarify that in our beginner’s guide, our recommendation was to hold off on equipment enhancements until you actually have good enough gears that you will likely be keeping for a long while. As it turns out, though, we were wrong and that enhancements, as well as sockets, are attached to the equipment slots instead of the actual equipment. As such all enhancements and sockets that you have unlocked carries on to whatever piece of equipment you put on each of your gear slot, which is great.

laplace m reforging equipment

Following this development, be sure to enhance each piece to +6 as these enhancement levels are still 100% certain to succeed. Additionally, unlock additional sockets once you are able to do so since these will greatly boost your BR as new cards can be embedded on your equipment. This is most important for your weapon as having more cards embedded means more transformation chances during battles.

Now when it comes to reforging, the same can only be performed on equipment that are of purple or higher rarity. Each reforge consumes bronze, iron, or mithril depending on the gear’s level, and some silverstar. Once you click on the reforge button, you will see the would-be stats of your equipment and if you like what you see, then simply click on the save button. There’s hardly any right or wrong decisions to make here but for starters, keep in mind that each point of stat is a point towards an increase in BR and typically, you would want to have stats that result to higher BR.

From a more advanced consideration, and potentially more expensive, consider to go for stats that you want to work on which is based on the class your character has. For warriors, perhaps, having most, if not all, your gears boost your vitality if you are a tank, or strength if you want to be DPS warrior. You can also work on both if you want although for party plays, vitality has a more “vital” role. Now when it comes to these reforges and stat changes, these stick to the actual piece of equipment and should be saved for end-game gears. Just the same, though, it is fairly okay to experiment on some equipment a bit just to understand the mechanics better.

5. Reset Your Skill Points Freely

Although more experience MMORPG players normally grow to become very careful when it comes to allocating skill points, Laplace M is unique in that aspect as you can freely at any time. On top of the additional set of skills that you can unlock once promoted at level 50, there are general skills for each character in Laplace M, and these are passive skills that you might want to invest heavily on as well. Keep in mind that you can equip a maximum of 4 profession skills to use in battle and that for some classes, these may even be more than enough. The idea here is to only bank on the skills that you certainly use in battle and at the same time raise attributes in the general skills tab which can also contribute to raising each of the skill’s proficiency.

how to reset skill points in laplace m

Take note as well that some skills under the general skills tab are entirely dependent on your character’s base stats while some are based on your equipped guardians and the conversion rate of their respective stats. As such, some of the skill points you allocate here may be more beneficial depending on the attribute strength of equipped guardians and may change over time. In any case, there are plenty of room for trial and error for now as free skill resets are still currently available.

6. Opt For Harder Realm Stages With A Group

The Equipment Realm and the Card Realm are among the first two new game modes you will unlock and experience in the world of Laplace M. It will be a breeze for you in solo mode initially but as you progress further through the stages, the challenge will become much bigger and the progress you make will most likely grow a little slower. Additionally, as you play through the same levels later on, there would come a point in time that you won’t get new cards and equipment that are better than the ones you are using.

As there are limited attempts on these realms that offer solo play, choose to always play with others on higher difficulty levels whenever you can to obtain better gears and cards. It won’t be a guaranteed result all the time but just the same, it will still be a lot more beneficial for you than expending those attempts on stages you have conquered previously on your own.

laplace m harder realm stages

Like in any party or team play, there will always be someone stronger or weaker than yourself and if you are not playing with friends whom you know well enough to have a vivid idea of how they play, then you should assess the team’s capacity at the initial seconds or minutes of the quest. If you can take damage from the enemy, then try and take attention from them to help defend your allies, if you are more of an offensive class, then pour on the attack but carefully assess on how long you can before stepping back. As these are typically challenging especially if you want to be a good team player, don’t rely on auto mode for these types of quests. If you can afford to, make an effort to form or be in a group that represents each class and function well enough as a full team with a tank, healer, and DPS has a much better chance of surviving than just a random group of classes.

Make sure to remember that team plays on a harder difficulty setting can be far more challenging than what you might normally expect considering the general stats of the enemies as compared with the same stage on solo play. As such, play defensively on your first go and try to learn from every attempt. IF at this point in time, you still don’t have friends or guild mates to play with on these as well as other party quests in the kingdom, then settle for doing solo plays and expend the remaining attempts all on your own. Getting small rewards are still better than wasting away unused attempts and every bit of experience and material you acquire still contributes to the growth and development of your character.

This wraps up our Laplace M advanced guide for now and as we delve into the game more, we will be sure to come back with even more guides on aspects of the game we have yet discussed or further expound on some features we lightly tapped on. We hope that you picked up some good strategies from what we shared and that you enjoyed reading through it as well. If you have some things to share that relates to what we shared here as well as our previous guides, don’t hesitate to let us know through the comment section below!