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Fisherman (Ketchapp) Cheats: 8 Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Catching Tons of Fish

In case you are a fishing enthusiast, Fisherman is the ideal mobile game for you. Created by casual gaming giant Ketchapp, and available on iOS and Android devices, this colorful game is highly entertaining and enjoyable. Ketchapp’s Fisherman offers dynamic gameplay and diverse marine life, including all sorts of fishes. With realistic physics, the fishing is fast-paced and super-fun.
At the same time, the process of catching fish requires certain knowledge and skill. Don’t worry if you do not match those requirements – we are here for you! Our in-depth Fisherman guide will show you how to bring home massive amounts of fish, with ease. So, let’s not waste any more time and let’s get down to the most useful Fisherman cheats, tips and strategies.

1. Decide On Your Fishing Strategy

When playing Fisherman, the goal is to catch the heaviest load of fish within the predetermined period. The game gives you 60 seconds once you click the Start button. Within that one minute – the more kilograms you reel in, the more gold you will receive in the end. After every mission, your fish will be weighed, and you will receive adequate payment.

fisherman ketchapp cheats

The most important thing you have to decide early on is your fishing strategy. What this means is that you can choose to chase bigger species of fish or the smaller ones. The big fish lives far away, in the deep sea. For that reason, it will take you a while before you reel in a large sturgeon or a shark. On the other hand, smaller fish species are always close to the shore, and you can quickly collect several of them.

In short, you have to choose between quantity and quality. But, no matter which option you prefer, we advise you to never stop throwing the lure and collecting any type of fish.

2. Throw Long For More Options

One of the most challenging aspects of the Fisherman’s gameplay is the process of throwing the lure into the water. Since your character needs to swing the fishing rod and release the line at the right time, many players struggle to throw the lure into the deep sea. But, we are here to help.

First of all, throwing the line far away from the shore creates more opportunities for catching fish. As the lure is sinking, you can manipulate it by tugging on the line. This will move the lure towards you, i.e. towards the shore. Along the way, the bait will have to pass through numerous schools of fish. Inevitably, one of them will show an interest in the foreign object traveling through the water.

The other reason for throwing it long is the possibility of catching bigger species of fish. We already explained this aspect in the previous chapter, but we advise you to always throw the line as far away from the shore as possible.

3. Invest In New Gear

The Fisherman is a mobile game which can keep you mesmerized for hours on end. The tranquility of the water, the sounds of birds chirping in the fields around you – all those elements make the players relaxed when playing the Fisherman. Even so, some players could become frustrated with not being able to catch those largest species of fish.

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As we all know, human species loves to brag and boast. That is why the biggest fish we catch always serves as a trophy. Unfortunately, you will not collect any remarkable trophies in this game until you acquire some proper gear.

By investing the gold into high-quality gear, your every throw of the lure will attract bigger prey. The section with the Gear is displayed in the Lobby, and we suggest that you buy good fishing rod before any other item. This will allow you to collect more gold than ever before.

4. Don’t Let The Fish Get Off The Hook

Once you invest the money and buy yourself a nice new rod, you can start swinging that thing and going for larger fish species. Naturally, they will be swimming and minding their business far away from the shore. Your lure will stir them up and arouse their curiosity. With a bit of luck, one of them will bite the bait. When this happens – the real show can start!

fisherman ketchapp tips

To reel in the fish, you will have to be patient and clever. For example, if you keep the line tight and under severe tension for too long – the line will break. This could leave you with an empty hook. Since you do not want that to happen, you will have to give the fish some slack, reeling her in at the same time.

The important thing is to observe the color of the line. Once the line becomes red, it is time to release the pressure and lower the fishing rod. By applying this technique, you will not lose any of the sought-after trophies.

5. Use The Time Boost

When starting to play the Fisherman, you will ask yourself „What if I hook the fish but do not manage to reel it back in before the timer runs out“? Well, there is not much you can do. One of your options is to throw the phone at the wall, angry and frustrated. But, we recommend not going that way! There is a much better option, hear us out.

Once your lure attracts a hungry fish and it swallows the bait, you should start reeling it in. If the timer runs out on you, the game offers a convenient solution. You will be presented with the possibility of using a Time Boost. The only requirement is to watch an ad.

We advise all players to watch the video because this will present them with 10 extra seconds. More often than not, these 10 seconds will be enough for you to drag the fish to the shore.

6. Don’t Forget To Activate The Fish Bonus

During the initial stages of the game, you will probably accumulate around 20kg of fish per playing session. Even though this sum is OK, the appetites soon start to grow. Simultaneously, your investments in the gears will result in better performances. All of these factors will contribute to a bigger load you can catch per a mission.

However, there is another solution for increasing the volume of your loot on a fishing expedition. On the right-hand side of the Lobby screen, the players will see an icon that says 2x and a has a small drawing of a fish. As you could guess, this option will double the money you can earn.

The only requirements for using the Fish Bonus are its activation and its duration. The bonus lasts for two hours, and you can activate it by watching an ad. When we weigh out the pros and cons, it seems like a good deal to invest those 20 seconds and keep receiving double earnings for the next two hours.

7. Hatch New Species Of Fish

The Fisherman is an entertaining game since it offers straightforward gameplay. If you have good reflexes and technique, there is no doubt that all the whoppers will land in your basket.
On top of all that, the game offers diverse marine life. What we mean by this, is that you can catch numerous types of fish with your lure and fishing rod. For example, species such as trout, bass, salmon, carp, or sturgeon are all swimming around in the clear waters.

how to unlock new fish in fisherman ketchapp

To unlock some of the species, the players need to hatch them. By hatching the fish, the waters around your favorite fishing spot will become even more crowded and congested. You can hatch the fish by clicking on the option on top the fish you caught once the mission is over.

The game allows up to three hatching phases to be active at the same time. Sometimes, this process can be over in a flash. But, more often than not – you will unlock new fish species in an hour or two.

8. Change Your Fishing Spot Every Once In A While

As every experienced fisherman would tell you, it is important to change your fishing spot every so often. By going to a different location, you challenge yourself with the new conditions. At the same time, the fish will forget your presence and once you come back – they are relaxed once again.

fisherman ketcahpp locations

When it comes to the Fisherman, you can also change your surroundings every once and a while. On the Lobby screen, there is an option named the Locations. By clicking this button, you will be presented with the available fishing areas.

The game starts off in the Calm Pond. But, if you have enough money, you can move to Forest Lake, Alaska, Egypt, or even Sicily. These locations will bring new types of fish, and that is why we recommend that you invest the gold and change your fishing spot from time to time.

This would be the final tip on our 8-point list of Fisherman cheats, tips and tricks. We have tried and tested all of those tactics, and we know that they work. If you happen to know any other helpful Fisherman tactics and strategies – don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below!