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Archery Go Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Master Archer

Archery Go is a game published by Solo X, and the goal of the game is to complete all the levels by hitting your arrows. You can also play online against other people and try to beat them by scoring higher than them. Archery Go sports multiple game modes, a wide selection of bows, and a very long single player campaign. Our Archery Go guide’s aim is to help you figure out everything you will need to know to progress smoothly through the game, and beat any opponent you will face. So without further ado, we present you our Archer Go beginner’s guide, that includes tips, cheats and strategies to be come a master archer!

1. The Basics Of Shooting

Shooting a bow is no easy task, but it comes naturally with time. For starters, you will have to get used to the fact that your bow will keep moving towards the direction you last dragged it while aiming, so avoid abrupt movement, or you will make aiming much harder for yourself. This is especially true for moving targets.

archery go scoring

The wind is a powerful force in this game, especially in some levels, and you will have to learn to use it to your advantage. The wind influences the trajectory of your arrow, and the stronger it is, the more it will influence it. Always consider the wind’s power and direction, the game will tell you both of these variables during each level.

So for example if you see the above icon, you will want to aim slightly to the left and below your target, but not by much, as 0.5 isn’t that strong to influence your arrow’s trajectory by that much.

The first levels of the game (both in Classic and Adventure mode) will be rather straightforward, generally with easy targets that stand still and will be close, but the further you progress into the game, the more complex the levels will become: targets further away that move quickly, and wind that blows strongly in different directions, and even multiple targets in a level (for example level in level 14 you have to hit a moving target as well as 5 bottles, you can complete it with a single arrow if you are patient).

archery go wind

Be careful though, your bow’s Power stat also influences the wind’s effect on your arrow: the higher the bow’s Power is, the less your arrow’s trajectory will be impacted by the wind. You can buy more bows in the apposite section of the game, and we will talk a bit more about them in the following section.

Also keep in mind that targets stop moving once your arrow starts flying, so you won’t need to calculate the movement of the target when aiming a moving one.

Wind’s influence becomes very important once you start getting to the higher levels, as it will both influence heavily your arrows’ trajectory, and your targets won’t always be as big as the giant target of the early game: you will have to hit bottles, fruits that appear and disappear, animals, criminals, and you will even have to avoid hitting innocents. Make sure to always calculate how the wind interacts with your arrows in relation to your bow’s Power.

2. The Bows

There are 16 bows in the game, each one with their own Power and Draw Speed. Some bows can be purchased with gold coins, while others can only be purchased with gems, which you can only obtain by spending money in the game.

You get a pretty decent bow (a Green Training Bow) for free in the game by logging in for 2 consecutive days. As we already explained, Power reduces the impact wind has on your arrows, so it is very important the further you progress through the levels, and the crazier the wind gets. Draw Power is only useful in the Rush game mode, as it increases your firing rate, and that only ever matters when you play Rush.

As for which bows to purchase, you don’t really need to buy anything early in the game, as the Green Training Bow you get for free is enough to last you for a while in the solo content, and even in Round. Blue Bridge should be your first big purchase, as it allows you to win in Rush much more easily, and the steep increase in price of the next two bows is hardly worth it. Bows that can only be purchased with real money are only ever worth it if you plan on playing Rush a lot, and even then, avoid the cheapest ones, you should start from the Blue Gear if you want to spend some gems. The only time purchasing the cheapest bow is worth it, is when you plan to play a lot of Rush to farm gold coins to buy the most gold-expensive bows.

3. The Game Modes

There are 4 available game modes in Archery Go:

Classic: A mode where you have to hit the usual targets you see in every archery range ever: you gain points based on how close your arrow to the center of the target ends up hitting. The goal in this mode is to score enough points with the number of arrows you are given at the start. You get a certain number of stars based on how many points you get, up to 3. The more stars you get, the more coins you earn at the end of the level.

Adventure: In this mode your targets will be different: you might have to hit kidnappers, bottles, or animals, who might be moving, or who will have to be hit in specific parts. Your job here is usually to hit every arrow, although missing in certain cases won’t be as problematic, for example not hitting the right spot of an animal will only cost you a couple points…in the early stages this won’t be a problem, as you have enough arrows to still try and score 3 stars in the level.

Some levels in these 2 games modes have a time limit, but not all of them.

archery go adventure mode

Round: This game mode is one of the 2 modes where you play against other players. There is an entry fee of gold coins to participate, and the player who wins gets their own coins back, plus the entry fee of their opponent. In Round, each one of you takes turns in shooting 2 arrows, the player who scores the highest after these 2 arrows have been shot will win the round. In order to win, you need to either reach 3 round wins before your opponent, or have 2 more round wins than them, which means you can win 2-0, if you win the first 2 rounds. There are 5 different locations in which you can compete, each one with its own entry fee.

You start from the Archery Hall, with a entry fee of 500 and a prize of 1.000, then move to the Archery Range with a entry fee of 4.000 and a prize of 8.000, or you can challenge someone in the Park Night by spending 25.000 as a entry fee with a prize of 50.000, challenge someone in the Wild Jungle with a entry fee or 100.000, and for the bravest ones, you can challenge someone in the Snowy Mountains, with an entry fee of…400.000, and double that as a prize. Needless to say that the higher you go, the more skilled your opponents will be, so consider carefully whether or not you can afford to lose the entry fee money.

Rush: This is the other PVP mode. In this mode there is a time limit of 50 seconds, during which both you and your opponents can shoot arrows freely on a moving target, and whoever earns the highest score at the end of the 50 seconds will be crowned champion, and win the prize. In this mode both accuracy and aim speed are rewarded, but aim speed more so. It’s better to spend 1-2 less seconds to gain 1-2 less points, as you will be able to shoot more arrows that way, which will earn you definitely more points than the 1-2 you are getting by wasting more time.

The locations you can play Rush in are the same as the ones in Round, the only difference is that Wild Jungle and Archery Center are inverted in entry fee and prize. Just like with Round, the higher the entry fee, the more skilled your opponents will be. Another important factor to consider when you’re playing Rush is your bow, Draw Speed is very important for the reasons stated above, so if you want to earn some serious cash by playing Rush, first consider farming enough gold to buy a Bow with a Draw Speed bonus.

Completing levels in the Adventure and Classic game modes will earn you Gold Coins and Experience, based on how many stars you got in the level.

4. The Spin & Win, And Other Freebies

There are 4 different wheels of fortune you can play to earn additional rewards: Free, Diamond, Premium, and Luxury.

The Free wheel, as the name implies, can be played for free. The first roll each day is completely free, while the following ones can be played for free if you watch a short ad beforehand. You can win gold coins, gems, and lives with this wheel. You can only get the free roll with an ad every 4 minutes.

The Diamond wheel costs 10 gems to play, and you can win gold coins (many more than compared to the free wheel), lives, and even arrows and a bow.

The Premium wheel costs 1.99$ to play, and you can win some very good prizes in this, including a very good bow, and up to 50 gems.

archery go round locations

Lastly, the luxury wheel has a price of 4.99$ to play, and offers some real heavy hitters as prizes, including the Matthews Monster Safari, the best bow in the game with a Power of +251% and a Draw Speed of +152%.

The free spins are not worth as much as watching ads for the free daily coins, and the other rewards are very hard to get, so my suggestion if you have limited time, is to first watch ads to get all the daily coins, and then consider playing with the free wheel.

If you need more coins, you can watch video ads to earn them, just access the “free coins” screen on top of the main menu. You get 800 coins for free every day, plus additional batches of 1.200, 1.600, 2.000, and 2.500 for every video ad you decide to watch, which means you can earn up to 8.100 coins by spending a couple minutes watching ads every day.

You can also get a 3-days trial of the VIP membership, which costs 19.99$ per month. A VIP membership earns you 20.000 gold coins, 5 gems, 3 lives, and a Diamond spin every day. Watching video ads can also earn you free entries to the first stages of Round and Rush, great if you need some quick money and can consistently win at the early levels.

This wraps up our beginner’s guide for Archery Go. The game offers a lot of levels, and it becomes progressively harder to hit the targets, so it’s definitely worth it to dive into this game, and see the crazy challenges the developers came up with during the later levels. Let us know in the comments if you have found any other tip or trick regarding the game. Until then, happy shooting!