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Second Galaxy Class Guide: Tips & Tricks to Choose the Best Career for Your Pilot

ZlongGames’ Second Galaxy has definitely captured the interest and approval of RPG and SLG enthusiasts, especially fans of space sci-fi-themed and continues to grow its playerbase each day. With its unique story and loads of content to immerse yourself in, there will always be something to explore and engage in even for the most hardcore of players. While Second Galaxy has its own share of complex mechanics that seem overwhelming to take in as you begin to play the game, focusing on one task at a time, for starters, eases up the information overload and as you spend more time exploring, you will sooner than later secure a firm grasp of each bit of game mechanic it holds.

If you have yet to download and play Second Galaxy, we highly recommend that you read our beginner’s guide first as it focuses on the most basic aspects of the game that you need to know and understand as well as offers simple tips and strategies to get you started right on the path towards galactic dominance. In this Second Galaxy class guide, we will focus exclusively on the 4 unique classes in the game to help you decide on your build and be more effective in your chosen career.

second galaxy classes


We mentioned in our beginner’s guide that while each pilot class in Second Galaxy holds an advantage in the starting levels of research, progressing through missions and reaching new levels will earn you scientific skill points that you can allocate across a wide array of skills in the academy and likewise upgrade and discover new technologies and systems within the research facility. While you can max everything out eventually, doing so will take a lot of time and resources so you might as well start off focusing on a more streamlined specialization akin to your preferences and play style.

In the event that you have started out choosing a particular class but then decided to shift to another at some point in the game, you can still become as effective as other pilots who jumped into the game and pursued a specific role right from the start. It will just take a little more time and effort on your part. As some pilot builds may be more suitable for players based on the amount of time they can dedicate to the game, it should also be part of your points to consider if you are still figuring out which role suits you best.

Soldier Class

The soldier class is typically the first choice for many players, especially beginners and casual gamers. As soldiers are the combat experts in Second Galaxy, everyone itching for some space combat action would want to have a class best suited for battle. To start off, soldiers have a higher level of research in weapons development and weapons production and while you can freely spread out research to other fields, the volume of enhancement and upgrade options to research on weapons alone will take a long while to complete.

second galaxy soldier class


Belonging to the soldier class actually makes it a little easier to progress through the main missions, which involves a lot of battles, and that makes it a good choice for starters. However, winning battles, especially against other players will not rely exclusively on offensive power. More so, as Second Galaxy is spearing towards engaging in wars between corps and their alliances, going for a glass cannon soldier build poses a high risk of having your ship destroyed in combat more than other classes. It does not even entirely depend on how good you are as a combat pilot, as a lot of the combat mechanics rely on automated movements and lock ons. Keep in mind that having your ship destroyed in battle means losing all modules you equipped on it and the sad part of that is having some of these modules will be obtained by the enemy who destroyed you.

As such, if you choose to be a soldier, and knowing fully that you will have to be a member of a corp, be ready to make some sacrifices later on as you will have to constantly engage in battles at the front lines and risk losing some valuable modules from time to time. While soldiers can be built in a variety of ways, always consider enhancing more than one type of weapon as each one has its own unique strengths and limitations.

With rail guns that both deal high damage and top long-range capabilities, going for the Republic of Svarus faction as a soldier is the best choice for starters.

Explorer Class

The vastness of Second Galaxy’s virtual space is full of wonders awaiting discovery and while any class can go about voyaging through star systems one after another, no one can do so better than the explorer class. While adventurers yearn for missions and quests that involve combat, not all missions in the game includes dogfights along the way. As some of these, especially for explorers, are all about venturing into space, the explorer class makes it a lot easier to get to places with their specialization aimed towards better propulsion systems. Additionally, explorers start off with a higher research level on signal scanners, making them able to detect targets and enemies much earlier than other pilot classes.

second galaxy explorer class

The explorer class may not be as enticing to go for as soldiers but there are numerous rewards you can get from exploration missions as well. As explorers are all about speed, getting through missions that does not involve combat makes it easier for them. While explorers may not fare as well when it comes to direct conflict, having a good propulsion system combined with higher stat points allocated to ship piloting makes them a hard target to hit. With some prioritization on speed and velocity combined with a good balance of offensive and defensive capabilities, you can build an explorer pilot that can hit and run enemies and secure victories as well.

Considering ships that boast the highest speeds and agility, the Economic Community of Dawn should be your top choice of faction for the explorer class.

Scientist Class

Scientists excel in building ships and modules that enhance shields. While ship production is a more challenging feat than producing modules, being able to produce your own ships will be a lot more economical than buying the ones you need from the mall. Likewise, scientists that excel in shield enhancements and building ships can also triumph in combat by outlasting an enemy ship. With a high level of shield systems research combined with a high pilot defense attribute, you can withstand a lot of damage especially with a ship that is built for defense.

second galaxy scientist class

Much like the engineer class, scientists can also be a profitable venture considering your ability to produce better ships than other classes. These can be traded with other players via the trading post or can even be donated to the corp for soldiers who may need compensation for their losses in battle. In any case, scientists are not build for combat much like classes other than the soldiers but with the right build, you can be a survival specialist who can even tank ships in your fleet that lack defensive capabilities.

The Neo-Europa Federation has ships with the best defensive capabilities, making them the best faction to join with as a scientist.

Engineer Class

Last, but not the least, is the engineer class who may prove to be a an equal, or perhaps even better, economy-driver like the scientist. Engineers are endowed with production and development of energy systems and module production for ships. As modules are comparatively quicker and easier to produce than ships, the credits you can generate out of this career can practically only be limited by the amount of hours you can put in on the game.

second galaxy engineer class

As far as combat prowess goes, the engineer class may not be at par with the soldier’s innate offensive power and the scientist’s defensive capability. The engineer build will also lag behind in terms of speed compared to explorers. With a more abundant supply of energy, which powers up shields, thrusters, and weapons though, having a balanced pilot stat and a good mix of skills can you an equally potent pilot in combat as well.

With a higher level of energy reserves at your command, the Oracle Empire ships that come equipped with lasers are a good way to jumpstart your career in engineering.

While you can consider focusing on each of these builds, balance everything out, or distribute stats, skills, and perform research however you please, what is important is that you dedicate enough time to earn as much experience points daily and lodge researches one after another. Keep in mind that while Second Galaxy offers a lot of freedom in terms of how you want to develop your pilot, you may have to consider your priority as a valuable member of your corp later in the game. Again, you can always end up having the same set of skills and capacity in the late game so the variance to approach will just be from start to mid game, and a long one at that for more casual players.

Well, that is all we have for you with regard to our Second Galaxy class guide. We hope that we boosted your understanding of each pilot class’ unique advantages and limitations and that you will be able to use that knowledge moving forward in the game. If you have additional tips or strategies relative to the available classes in Second Galaxy, feel free to share them with us in the comments!