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Mini Guns – Omega Wars Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

Kabam Games, Inc. may not have as many games in its app portfolio as some of the other developers in the mobile gaming industry but each of its titles have made it to respectable spots in lists of top games in several countries. We published guides on MARVEL Contest of Champions, TRANSFORMERS: Forged To Fight, and Shop Titans: Design & Trade as each of these titles have remarkably performed on both the App Store and Google Play. Kabam’s mobile games have earned a total of 90 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone with more than half of it earned by MARVEL Contest of Champions. Suffice to say, every new title released by the developer is worth the attention it is getting and should be a game to check out.

Mini Guns – Omega Wars is a unique multiplayer strategy game that offers plenty of fun and challenges for people who enjoy both competitive and cooperative play. While you can enjoy its story campaign all on your own, duking it out with strategy game enthusiasts on 1-vs-1 or 3-vs-3 battles make it all the more fun. While the gacha element in acquiring new troops as well as being able to upgrade them leaves quite a room for luck to play its part, the strategic deck-balancing aspect of the game coupled with field tactics you use in combat plays a more vital role in your triumph against the opposition. If you enjoy tower defense games and real-time strategy games and feel that you have what it takes to outwit and overpower your opponents, you should definitely give Mini Guns – Omega Wars a try.

As a commander of a team of toy soldiers built to wage war and defend your base, Mini Guns – Omega Wars gives you total control over your very own army. From choosing which from among your collection of specialized units to bring to battles down to when and where to deploy them in combat, every action you make can very much impact the outcome of the battle. As you continue to gather more cards to upgrade your favorite units, you must also manage your limited resources well and utilize them for the best results possible. With practically limitless possible combinations of troops to use and 3 distinct factions to choose from, Mini Guns – Omega Wars ensures that no 2 players will likely have the same types of units used and guarantees that no 2 games will be the same.

Mini Guns – Omega Wars is fairly easy to pick up and play as the controls are easy even for complete beginners and the mechanics are simple enough. You will already have a good idea of how to play the game after the quick tutorial that basically stretches across one battle. In essence, it is an easy game to learn yet somewhat difficult to master as being a veteran of the game requires you to know each unit well enough to know how to use them and fight against them.

For the most part, though, the time and dedication you commit to the game will be an influential factor to the rate of your progress. If you find yourself stuck in a particular story mission, seem to be racking more losses than wins in PvP battles, or looking for more efficient ways to become stronger and win more battles, then stay with us and read our Mini Guns – Omega Wars beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies.

1. Accomplish The Story Missions

Once you dive into Mini Guns – Omega Wars, you will be taken right into battle at the initial stage of the game’s story mode where you will learn the basic controls and the general objective as well as receive rewards that include the starting units you can deploy. The story mode is divided into acts and each act is divided further into 10 missions. While the first 5 or so missions will be relatively easy, you might be surprised at how much challenging the next missions are and while similarly laid out games may narrow your options down to completing easy mode before attempting the next difficulty level, you can actually challenge higher difficulty level missions in the game whenever you choose to.

mini guns omega wars missions

Each mission has an easy, medium, and hard difficulty versions and finishing each one earns you a star. Be sure to complete each mission and corresponding difficulty levels once to earn gold, experience points, extra units, and even omega shards. Higher difficulty levels provide better rewards but at some points in the act, taking on a higher difficulty will be easier than pushing forward with the next mission. As such, be sure to try out higher difficulty levels of missions you have already accomplished if you find yourself unable to successfully beat a particular mission.

Replaying missions in the story campaign will not earn you any sort of rewards and with that, being unable to beat the current mission, as well as higher difficulty versions of previously-beaten ones, should mean you should pursue progress on PvP battles. Keep in mind, though, that you should consider mixing in different units in battle as well as performing some upgrades before you give up on an insurmountable mission.

You will initially only be able to use the Republic Faction on your first few games but once you reach commander levels 5 and 10, you will be rewarded with some starting units for the Dominion and Empire factions, respectively, as well as be able to play through each of their unique story campaigns. Be sure to try and push through the new story missions you unlock as well as the starting ones are basically as easy as the initial Republic story missions.

2. Be Selective When Upgrading

Beyond the broad assortment of minis to choose from as to which ones you would want to take with you into battle, having a level of prioritization assigned to each one is a mindset you need to keep at an early stage in the game. Although you need extra copies of each mini to be able to level them up, what would most likely to happen is that you will have several troops that are waiting to be taken to the next level but you lack the required gold to activate the upgrade.

mini guns omega wars upgrades

While it is very much standard that gold usually serves as a basic currency while gems are premium ones, both these resources are very easy to deplete in Mini Guns – Omega Wars. As each succeeding upgrade costs more gold than the previous one, you should consider an equal distribution of upgrades among your favorite units. It is important to note that some minis that you will not always get the extra copies of minis you want from the chests but as each one is randomly generated, be sure to always keep a healthy stock of gold for when you acquire the needed copies you need to upgrade a particular unit.

Another decision point to consider is the availability of troops on each faction once you reach level 10. As upgrading minis from all 3 factions will take away gold and omega shards from the same resource pool, you have to consider whether you would want to bank it all on just one faction or spending resources as well on the other 2 factions. If you concentrate your resources on one faction, then you will probably do a lot better in PvP matches but then, you also need to upgrade your minis on other factions to be able to finish their respective story missions. As a tip, consider focusing on one of the factions, which shall serve as your PvP team, and upgrade minis on the other factions little by little just enough to succeed through their respective story missions. As it may take some time for you to unlock all 3 factions, feel free to consider saving up as much gold as you can until you hit level 10.

3. Always Maintain A Balanced Squad

While there are rarities involved in the classification of minis in Mini Guns – Omega Wars, it should not be a primary or exclusive factor for you to consider using them on your team. While minis surely differ in power and capacity, there is no such thing as an ultimate mini in the game as each one carries with it an advantage over some minis but at the same time possess its own weaknesses. Given each unit’s unique traits, be sure to consider a good mix of offensive and defensive units that has an overall average cost that is not too high.

mini guns omega wars squad

For starters, the initial band of minis you acquire at the start of the game actually presents a decent team composition. It sports a wide variety of both offensive and defensive minis as well as presents a balanced overall cost distribution. As you will naturally obtain more attractive minis that you would want to put into your team, be sure to try your best in maintaining a good balance considering both versatility and cost.

To provide a clearer idea of what to go for when building a team, take consideration of defensive measures first and be prepared for whatever the enemy can throw at you. For starters, anti-air units should always be a staple component of your team. As there will more likely be a tank in the opposition or other heavy artillery, be sure to also keep units that can take care of such enemies. As you would want to constantly strive to secure action point drops in the field and get a headstart on your opponent, having units like the heavy machine gun and the A.P.C. should also be a necessity to defend minis securing the loot. Offensive versatility should come as a secondary consideration and including flying units in the mix should be an instant candidate for extra slots in your team.

4. Try Each Unit Out In Practice Battles

mini guns omega wars units

As you earn more and more minis through the rewards you rake in, you should try mixing and matching units within your team. This serves a double purpose as each unit’s description may not always suitably give you an idea of what it can do in actual combat. If you can spare the time, therefore, be sure to look into what each unit can do in actual combat focusing particularly on their strengths and weaknesses. As you get to know each unit more, you can find a good purpose for each of them as well as have a much better idea of how to deal with them as enemies. To head into training, tap on the “Training” button at the right side of the minis screen. It will not earn you experience points or any sort of rewards but it is always a good idea to run your team through it after going through a roster change.

5. Play More Defensively In PvP Matches

As partaking in battles pit you against a random player who may or may not be as experienced as you in the game, you should consider playing a little more defensively especially on your first few plays. While you can afford to start deploying minis in the field against a more predictable PvE mission, going against another person is expectedly a lot trickier.

mini guns omega wars pvp battles

For one, instead of immediately deploying troops in the field, wait a little further to see what the opponent does first and analyze what his or her immediate goals are. As examples, some players immediately go for the action point drops while others try to launch a direct assault against your base on the first go. Some players also install defensive measures right in front of their bases at the start of the match. With so many possibilities as to which strategy your opponent is planning on doing, waiting a little further to counteract it pays a lot.

Regardless of how strong your team is or how experience you are in the game, though, expect that there will always be a team and player that can beat it. What is important to understand is that the game is essentially balanced enough to not have a particular setup be considered as OP or meta. In addition to actually receiving points to unlock a strongbox even after suffering a defeat, learning from your opponent’s strategy and setup will be crucial to making you a better commander moving forward.

6. Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can

Although Mini Guns – Omega Wars is fun to play all on your own, having comrades to play coop matches with adds more to the fun and variety that the game offers. As multiplayer online games often exhibits avenues for social interaction, guilds, alliances, factions, and similar player groups have become a staple in such games.

mini guns omega wars alliance

In Mini Guns – Omega Wars, joining an alliance has various perks that can further boost your progress in the game. For starters, you can request minis you need from fellow alliance members and likewise share your extra minis with those who need them. Doing this rewards you with gold and each activity you engage in as a member of an alliance also earns honor points that can be used to improve a wide variety of rewards you earn in the game as well as strengthen the alliance further. Being in an active enough alliance can also earn you an alliance chest per season that can greatly boost your minis collection and help you move forward in the game. Likewise, having more members of the alliance online can also lead to having more experienced and veteran players be able to guide and help newer players with strategies through the alliance chat.

7. Spend Your Currencies Wisely

As we mentioned earlier, both gold and omega shards in the game are much easier to consume than to earn. As you would want to set limitations to how much you upgrade your minis and reserve some gold for future upgrades, doing so may also leave you some savings to be used on other investments you may have to consider.

mini guns omega wars tips

Depending on how much you play and how often you stack up boxes that take time to unlock, you may want to consider spending 500 gold to unlock the third slot early on. Although you can spend 500 omega shards alternatively, the shards are more valuable and are harder to earn than gold. If you spend a lot of time on the game and tend to always have boxes of rewards waiting to be opened, then be sure to invest on the extra slot as soon as you can.

While we would not generally recommend purchasing minis a la carte from the shop, you can considering purchasing one if you are in dire need of it. Spending gold to purchase multiple copies may not be a smart choice especially on common minis that have higher probabilities to obtain from boxes. As far as packs are concerned, you should not bother spending gold on a box as playing the game for a long time will can earn you even better ones. For packs that cost shards, the more expensive ones may not necessarily be the most viable as having even a legendary mini that you cannot upgrade will not be of much advantage in battle unless you have tons of omega shards to obtain multiple copies of it.

8. Watch Ads To Boost Your Progress

Video ads in free mobile games should no longer be a surprise to mobile gamers, especially people who have played a lot of these games. While it is understandable that the inclusion of video ads that pop up between each play can be distracting or disorienting to some players, video ads that can only be activated voluntarily should not be a nuisance to anyone. More so, if each activation of these video ads provide you with additional perks that help boost your progress in the game, then it should be a very much welcomed feature.

mini guns omega wars free shards

Each instance of having an option to watch a short video ad in Mini Guns – Omega Wars is an opportunity that should not be missed. For starters, watching an ad at the end of each battle to double the experience points you earn is a very nice treat especially if you are rushing to reach level 10 and finally unlock the Empire faction. Keep in mind though, that this offer appears after training matches even though you do not actually earn experience points from it. Be sure to watch an ad after completing a story mission on hard difficulty as getting 200 experience points out of it will greatly boost your levelling up.

Reward boxes take up hours to unlock but watching an ad as you earn boxes can take off 2 hours from the time it takes to unlock the pack. If you are always itching to receive rewards from the packs you earned and want to earn additional ones as well to keep your box slots loaded, then make it a point to always grab offers to watch an ad.

Last, but definitely not the least, you can claim extra minis from the main screen every 3 hours. While waiting for the next free small packs to be available again, you can watch a short video ad evey 30 to 90 minutes to earn free omega shards. As omega shards are more challenging to earn than gold, be sure to always visit the main screen and grab opportunities to earn free shards.

That pretty much sums up all the tips, tricks and cheats we have for our Mini Guns – Omega Wars beginner’s guide. We hope that you were able to learn a lot from the tips and strategies we shared and that you enjoyed reading our article. If you have discovered some neat tips or tricks for the game other than the ones we shared above that you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to let us know!