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Shop Titans: Design & Trade Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Medieval Kingdom Tycoon

Kabam Games, Inc. may have only been active in the mobile gaming market since 2014, it has much deeper roots in the gaming industry as a developer and publisher of numerous games on the web, Facebook, Kongregate, Steam, and both Android and iOS platforms. Formerly known as Watercooler, Inc., the Canada-based company that started way back in 2006 currently has 4 games in its mobile games portfolio. MARVEL Contest of Champions, Transformers: Forged To Fight, and Mini Guns are all respected mobile games in their own right and have secured spots in top 100 lists across more than 10 countries. Considering its vast experience in the industry as well as its accomplishments, games released under the Kabam Games, Inc. banner makes itself a game worth checking out.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade is Kabam Games, Inc.’s latest offering for both Android and iOS devices. Accumulating over 500 thousand downloads since its launch last February and amassing largely positive reviews as well, the game has proven to charm its ways into the hearts of its users with its unique blend of shop simulation and fantasy adventure. As a simulation game amongst other things, the game is primarily about managing your shop as you push to make it better every step of the way. With quests on the side to have a bit of action and adventure, it’s a game where multitasking and decision-making play an important role to your shop’s overall growth and development.

Unlike most fantasy-themed games that puts you in the shoes of an adventurer, Shop Titans: Design & Trade places you in a similar fantasy world of knights and mages. This time around, though, you take on the role of a shopkeeper tending to the needs of adventurers as you aim to provide gears they will need for their respective adventures. You won’t entirely be away from the action as the money you earn can be used to hire heroes and champions to send off to quests.

Workers under your employ tasked on producing specific equipment will continue to grow and every bit of item you produce contributes to each worker’s growth as well. While the game may revolve around selling for the most part, there will be plenty of opportunities to make purchases from people who visit your shop.

Beyond straight up selling, you will also be able to offer discounts, overprices, and even engage in small talks with your customers. Similar to real life businesses, the amount of time and effort you dedicate to your livelihood will be the most significant determinant of your business’ growth and income and while luck may be involved in certain aspects of the game, attentively paying to your shop with as much time as you can spare is all you really need.

There is a quick and easy tutorial of the basic concepts you need to understand once you dive into Shop Titans: Design & Trade and open up your shop. Every new feature will walk you through it as well so following on with what needs to be done is an easy feat. Expectedly, growth will be fast on the initial levels and you will begin to unlock new features and items from time to time leaving a lot more to explore while you work at the shop. In truth, simply playing the game however you want to do so promises growth and everything you do takes you a step towards earning gold and developing your shop. If you want to stay efficient in levelling up, growing your shop and would like to earn more gold in the game, then check out our Shop Titans: Design & Trade guide for some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Keep A Healthy Crafting And Inventory Balance

The major activity you will engage in as you dive into Shop Titans: Design & Trade is crafting. As it is simply fun to craft again and again to stock up on your shop, you will be ready to take on the orders of your initial customers fast and easy. As you continue to craft more of the same item, you will unlock additional blueprints and, soon enough, you will have a wide selection of equipment to craft, making it a little more challenging to decide on which ones to queue in first.

shop titans tips

Typically, your shop can only accommodate a limited amount of items and if you are crafting faster than you are selling, you will find yourself out of space to store new items you have crafted. While this predicament may not seem critical at most times, it may happen that you will run out of several items that current customers need and failing to tend to them as soon as you can will slow down your gold acquisitions.

For the most efficient strategy, have at least one of each item you can craft ready and sitting at your inventory. Following this strategy, what you ought to do is craft the item most recently bought. As you will typically be able to craft a lot faster than you can sell an item, take note of how many more times each item should be crafted to unlock a new blueprint and expand your catalogue. You will naturally be able to balance out unlocking new blueprints from across all existing craftable items. But just to be sure, try to focus on items that require less numbers to accomplish to progress expanding your offerings a lot faster.

As you progress further through the game, it is natural to expect difficulty in ensuring that you can accommodate having even at least 1 of each item you are capable of producing as some items have crafting materials only obtainable through quests. Consider focusing first on what you can produce as we will cover solutions later on to ensure you have a steady enough supply of every material you will need.

2. Utilize Your Marketing Skills

What’s actually great in Shop Titans: Design & Trade is that it’s not merely production and sales. As soon as you hit level 6, your shopkeeper skills will become available and you can now strategize around pricing as well as influence transactions in your favor. Gaining these skills also introduce a stamina system of sorts taking into consideration your usage and utilization of your newly-found abilities.

shop titans cheats

As a shopkeeper, the most basic skills in your arsenal are surcharge and discount. Surcharging increases the price of any item for a particular customer and consumes stamina while discount reduces profits you will earn but gives you additional stamina. Engaging in small talks with a customer can cause an increase or decrease in your stamina while suggesting items to but can lead to an increase in profit but also consume stamina.

As a general strategy, aim to use any of these skills as often as you can. You would not want to keep your stamina maxed out and idle and you should equally avoid completely depleting it. Considering its importance, you should learn to manage it as a valuable resource much like gold and crafting materials.

Relative to keeping a healthy balance between demand and inventory, it may happen that you will be in a situation where you won’t be able to readily craft what the current customer demands. In such cases, be ready to suggest items to the customer to have them change the item they want to buy. This, along with urgent necessities to finish crafting immediately, will be the circumstances you ought to be ready for in considering to save stamina from either not using surcharge, or from regularly engaging in small talks with your customers.

3. Initiate Quests As Soon As You Are Able To

As some of the items you will need to be able to craft high-end merchandise won’t be readily available in town, you need to regularly send your very own team of adventurers on quests around the world to gather the rare materials you need. Adventurers are either champions or heroes that you can hire to send out into quests. While you will be joined by 1 champion for free at the beginning stages of the game, the rest will be more challenging to acquire. You will also hire your first hero as part of the tutorial, but once you meet the level and gold requirements to hire the next one, you should immediately do so.

shop titans quests

To initiate a quest, simply click on the city icon at the lower left side of your screen and tap the quest icon at the right side of the map. Click on “go” and select the party of heroes you want to send on a quest. You will only be able to select one area initially, but as your adventuring level on the area grows higher, you will be able to unlock more areas to explore.

As quests take time to complete and heroes need rests in-between, be sure to make the most number of quests you can engage in while you are playing. This means taking note of when quests have been completed and likewise checking on the availability of heroes if you have enough of them ready for the next quest.

4. Keep Champions And Heroes At Max Capacity

Although champions and heroes gain experience points and eventually level up with every quest they engage in, there are additional means of making them stronger. For your champions, you need to collect champion coins to rank them up. These champion coins are the same ones you obtain whenever they visit you shop and make extraordinary purchases. As they are highly noticeable, be sure to especially tend to them despite the typically busy status of your shop. These champions pop up at random so exercise some patience and you will soon be able to gather enough coins to unlock each one and rank them up accordingly.

shop titans champions and heroes

Heroes may not be as powerful as champions but with a good set of equipment, they can be formidable adventurers you can count on to help gather the rare crafting materials you need. You will be able to freely choose the class of hero you would want to hire although for the initial quests, any choice will do for your party of heroes to send on an adventure. What’s important to remember is that heroes can be equipped with the very same merchandise that you sell on your shop. As such, be sure to save the best ones for your present and future heroes and ensure that each one of them is not just fully equipped but also optimized.

By clicking on the “chars.” Icon at the lower left side of your screen and clicking on a hero, you can see their respective status and equipment. You can simply click the optimize button to equip them with the best possible set of gears. Keep in mind that some equipment can break during quests, and instead of spending diamond to repair them, you can simply opt to replace them later.

5. Regularly Upgrade Your Store

As the growth of your business should be in close synergy with the growth of your store, be ready to allocate a good chunk of your earnings on upgrades to your store. Racks, bins, and chests need to be upgraded whenever possible as these will increase your stamina as well as more space for your merchandise. As you will sooner or later need more furniture on your shop, you should be ready as well to spend gold on expanding your shop. Keep in mind that you can only make upgrades within your shop one at a time so remember to look into it regularly to ensure constant and steady growth.

shop titans store upgrade

To add more furniture, simply click on the “edit” button at the bottom of your screen and select from the various tabs the furniture that you need. For upgrades, simply tap on the furniture you want to upgrade and click the “upgrade” button.

6. Invest In Town Structures

There is still more to Shop Titans: Design & Trade than managing your shop and adventurers. As merchants are directly or otherwise dependent on their surrounding environment, ensuring a prosperous town to belong to will always be beneficial to the business. It’s never a one-way street, though, as every bit of investment you make on any town building will definitely be of great help to you.

shop titans town structures

While in your shop, you can simply click on the town icon at the lower left side of the screen to be at the town map. Be sure to click on each structure to see what each one does as well as what investing on it will do for you. As each player may have varying needs and preferences, it is up to you which one you would want to invest on first. Take note that the structure must level up for you to enjoy the benefits it will provide and simply investing once or twice won’t instantly have an impact. Additionally, empty lots around town can be clicked on as well as these structures can be unlocked based on level requirements of existing ones that you need to meet.

7. Aim To Accomplish To-Do List Objectives

Every bit of activity you engage in as you play Shop Titans: Design & Trade contributes fairly to your shop’s growth and often instantly gives you rewards. To earn additional ones, be sure to check the “To-Do” list that you can access through the icon at the upper left side of your screen. This involves three activities that you need to accomplish to earn gems.

shop titans objectives

On top of the gems you can get out of completing sets of objectives in your to-do list, it also serves as a guide for you to follow. As the initial tutorial may not be sufficient to run you through the mechanics of the game, the objectives laid down in the to-do list can give you a concrete idea of what ought to be your priority as far as game progression goes. Don’t worry if you can’t adhere to the objectives as strictly since some of the items on the list will be marked as completed even if they show up a little later.

And that wraps up our Shop Titans: Design & Trade tips, cheats and strategies.. We hope that you were able to learn something useful by reading our guide. Again, Shop Titans: Design & Trade doesn’t have a cap as to how much time you can spend on it so the longer you play and the more time you dedicate on it, the faster you will prosper. If you have your own tips, cheats or strategies for the game that you would like to share with us, then don’t hesitate to let us know via the comment area!