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Mini Guns (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Crush Your Enemies

Don’t be deceived by the cute toy soldiers in Riposte Game’s latest mobile title Mini Guns! Despite the adorable graphics, it is actually a well-made real-time multiplayer strategy game for Android and iOS devices, that requires cunning, resourcefulness, and a bit of luck. The goal of the game is to send out different units in order to destroy the enemy base. There are two factions in the game and you need to prepare a team of 9 minis for each faction because you won’t know which side you will be playing as when you enter the battlefield. Each match lasts for about three minutes. Once the three-minute mark is reached, the game goes into Overtime where the bases will steadily lose health but the field will be wiped clean and AP generation will be doubled. It takes a lot of planning in order to create the ultimate team so make sure you check out our Mini Guns tips and tricks for some pointers!

1. Focus On Single Player Missions

Building a dream team is impossible without experience and resources. When you start out, you are given access to units that everyone else has. Before you decide to march into ranked battles, try to practice in single player missions first. Not only will this allow you to master the game mechanics, it will also give you the chance to earn coins, experience, and new units in the process. Play a lot of single player missions until you have enough units to build a decent team.

2. Guide Your Units

Once you send your units out into battle, you will have limited control over their actions. The best you can do is to guide them on which route they should take as they make their way towards the enemy base. A good way to ensure your units will not get picked off before they reach the enemy base is to wait until you have a good amount of AP then send out several units at once. Scatter them around so your opponent will scramble to defend.

Each unit has a specific attack range and you will often see them attack nothing but air. This is alright but it is also something you should take into consideration when sending your units out. Make sure you send out units that can actually hit your enemy’s units.

3. Unlock A Strongbox

One way to get new units is to level up your existing ones until they reach the requirement of more advanced units. You can check the silhouettes in the army screen if you want to know which units need to level up. You can also get more units from the Strongbox but it will require a lot of matches before you can open one. Each Strongbox has a meter and you will need to fill up the bar to unlock the box. Every ranked game you play adds to the meter, regardless if you win or lose.

4. Complete Achievements

Upgrading units requires a lot of coins. If you want to earn a lot of coins easily, just check out the Achievements page and see which ones you can complete. Most of the Achievements are pretty straightforward. You will often be asked to kill a certain number of enemies or upgrade specific minis. Just complete all the ones that are easy and watch the money roll in.

5. Gain Honor And Climb The Ranks

Every time you win a 2v2 game, you will earn Honor. This is needed in order to climb the leaderboards. Honor will also allow you to upgrade perks for your Alliance. A good way to earn more 2v2 games is to join an Alliance. You can either create one or join an existing Alliance. Having friends to regularly play with will help you develop better strategies for the game.

Collect all those units and for an unbeatable team with the help of our Mini Guns tips and tricks! If you have anything to add, feel free to leave us a comment below!