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Lunathorn Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Save the World

Lunathorn is an exciting new MMORPG by EYOUGAME that is based on Norse Mythology which also features other mythologies as well. If you are a fan of myth and lore, you will definitely appreciate this game as characters from Norse Mythology (Thor, Odin, Loki, etc.), Greek Mythology (Zeus, Hercules, Aphrodite, etc.), and other mythologies all over the world are all merged into one game with a spectacular storyline, amazing visuals, and enchanting gameplay.

In Lunathorn, the world is known as Olog where humans live within the Atrium. In the middle of the Atrium is where the world tree is located known as Yggdrasil. This tree is believed to be from the heart of an ancient god that absorbs the past, grows the present, and spread itself into the future. Its roots support the nine worlds in Olog which comprise of Asgard, Olympus, Atrium, Frost Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, Flame Kingdom, Indiana Kingdom, and other places yet to be explored.

Humans who live in the Atrium are divided into those who are loyal supporters of the gods and those who believe in nature and serve the Titans. Everything was peaceful until darkness spread across the world that awakened evil. Demons have been chewing on the roots of Yggdrasil which caused the world to suffer. Humans have joined forces and gods along with other entities have decided to fight against evil to determine their survival.

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Here you can choose from three classes: The Warrior, Assassin, or Mage. The Warrior has high HP, rebound defense, and is great with close range. He is also strong against Warriors but weak against Mages. The Assassin is quick, has high burst damage, and deals immense damage to a single target. He is weak against Warriors but strong against Mages. The Mage mainly uses magic for attacks which has a long range and occupies a wide area. She is strong against Warriors but weak against Assassins. As you progress in the game, you can change your character’s appearance and clothing too.

Just like other MMORPGs, Lunathorn offers a myriad of features and game modes that will keep you playing for hours on end. Whether it’s main quests, dungeon battles, or going against other players, all of those are present in this game. These features may be overwhelming to some, but good thing the game guides you on what you exactly need to do. Plus, we’re also here to help you on your Lunathorn journey including tips, cheats and strategies that will guide you on battling evil and making Olog peaceful once again. So let’s get started with our Lunathorn beginner’s guide!

1. Complete Every Quest

When it comes to massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), quests are essential. Each quest tells a story where players get to earn experience and loot by doing and completing these quests. Lunathorn has a lot of quests including main quests and sub quests. There are other quests available as well where you can obtain different gears, items, currency, and more. With main quests you follow the storyline of the game, while sub quests focus more on the enhancement side of your hero.

lunathorn quests

There are different kinds of quests you’ll find yourself in, with the most common one being tasked to kill a specific number of enemies. You’ll also encounter quests where you need to face bosses. This is especially apparent in sub quests where these bosses drop specific gear that you’ll need to progress. There are also random boss battles that pop-up every now and then within the game. Most boss battles are found in dungeons and hunts. Other quests require you to obtain certain gear or to boost your character’s stats to a specific number.

To make things easier, especially for new players, simply tapping on a quest will make your character go where they need to go. You don’t have to manually control your character for each quest. Quests are located on the left side of the screen and colored green. However, some quests have requirements before you can start them like you will need to be a certain level or you need a specific item before a quest is unlocked. This is indicated by quests that are color red.

As you start the game, completing quests should be on top of your list because, as mentioned earlier, these are essential to leveling up and enhancing your character. Make sure to do quests whenever you can because not only does your character level up with experience, there are also item and gear drops that can be used to further enhance your character making them much stronger.

2. Take Advantage Of Botting

Lunathorn has a botting feature which is basically its auto-play mode. This allows your character to move and attack on its own. The game starts with this feature on which is great for players new to the world of MMORPGs. In times where you don’t know where to go, just tap on a quest and you’ll be automatically taken to were you need to go. You don’t need to manually go to a place or even look at a map to get to the right destination.

lunathorn quests

This feature is really helpful in grinding, especially when you’ve reached a standstill and can’t do quests anymore. Tapping on a red quest or those that aren’t unlocked yet will show you options to be able to unlock the quest. In some cases, the game shows you where the best area is to grind for gold or experience. Using the botting feature in this area makes your hero attack and kill the enemies as they spawn back and you kill them all over again. This is also possible to do when you’re away from the game and offline just as long as you have the items for it.

Although the botting feature is extremely helpful, there are times when you have to move the joystick one in a while. Bosses have special attacks that will deal great damage once you’re hit. Early boss attacks don’t really hurt as much, but latter boss attacks will hurt. A message will pop up on the screen before special attacks which asks you to dodge and move out of the way. You can do this by moving the joystick with your left thumb to avoid attacks. What’s great is you don’t have to turn off the botting feature at all. You just have to avoid the enemy attack, and your hero will still attack on its own. This is especially useful for bosses that are way stronger than you are. You’ll be able to barely survive and win great loot by evading their special attacks.

3. Enhance Your Gear, Pet And Mount Whenever Possible

In Lunathorn, there are many ways you can upgrade your hero, but let’s focus first on enhancing your gear, training your pet, and enhancing your mount. Gears are dropped by enemies and bosses during battles. The game prompts you to equip the best gear you have once you obtain them, so I suggest using this feature as soon as it pops up on your screen.

lunathorn gear

Once you have your gear equipped, you can further enhance them using gold. Gold can be easily obtained through various way, and you won’t have to worry about getting gold. What you have to worry about is having enough gold for enhancing your gear because the better gear you wear costs more to enhance. A gear’s quality depends on its grade and color with white being the weakest and red being the strongest. Other than enhancing your gear by using gold, you can also embed gems on each gear to enhance them even more. This enables you to have more HP or ATK depending on which gem you embed on a gear.

Training your pet and your mount also enhances your character. Pets help you in battles and possess the same ATK SPD as your hero. They also buff your heroes and boost them during battles. Infusing your pets with essence increases their grade. Once maxed out, the next pet will be unlocked which is of course better than the previous one. This is also the same for the mount. Items used to enhance pets and mounts differ. If you tap on the Pet or Mount menu, you can see which items are needed to enhance them. Tapping on an item will let you know where and how to get them.

4. Complete The Goddess Seeker

The Goddess Seeker is a feature where you can obtain skills and change your awakened goddess. The default awakened goddess is the Valkyrie who your character changes into and appears for a few seconds while in battle whenever the goddess meter is filled. These few seconds of changing into a goddess will matter as their attacks are much superior than yours. There are six goddesses in total with five of them needing to be unlocked.

lunathorn goddess seeker

In the goddess menu, tapping on each egg will show you how to unlock it. Once you have completed all requirements for an egg, you can now enhance it to finally obtain a new goddess. Each goddess has a different buff like added EXP, ATK, or basic stats. They also possess different aesthetics like the Night Goddess looking eerily beautiful or the Water Goddess looking like a fairy mermaid. There are different skills per goddess which can only be used when in this form. They also have passive abilities that can only be triggered when transformed into a goddess.

Sometimes there are Goddess Quests which are only available for a limited time which rewards you with items needed to enhance and unlock a certain goddess. It’s best to take advantage of this feature because goddess items are a bit hard to obtain, like some being boss drops which don’t always happen. These goddess quests are very doable with some being daily logins, reaching a certain level, or upgrading your support. Possessing a much stronger goddess will help you in your game progress.

5. Switch Your Class As Soon As You Can

Once your character reaches level 150, you can now switch your class. This doesn’t mean you can change into a Warrior or Assassin if you chose to be a Mage. It simply means switching within your class. For example, a Mage switches into a Dark Magician who becomes an Elementalist and eventually an Archmage. To switch classes, you will need to do quests before you can successfully switch. Or you can also choose to use diamonds to immediately switch.

lunathorn character class

Switching is another way to enhance your character as doing this increases their ATK, DEF, and HP. Not only that, your hero gets a total makeover. Better gear is also unlocked which can only be worn by a certain class. The next switch happens at level 220, after that is level 280. Finally, at level 350 you become awakened which enhances your hero tremendously.

6. Participate In The Arena

If you want to test out your skills against other players, this is where you’ll need to go. Once in the Arena, you can go to Soul Trial, Ragnarok, or Fallen King. Soul Trial is where you can go one on one with an opponent and see who is the better player. You can do Soul Trials 10 times a day, either continuously or just whenever you want. Getting win streaks also gives you rewards. This feature is available the whole day.

lunathorn arena battle

On the other hand, Ragnarok is only available at a certain time. This feature lets everyone who wants to join battle it out against each other for 30 minutes. Even if you get killed, you get revived and get into battle all over again. This is a great way to test your skills against other players all across the world. You can also choose to be safe and just attack enemy mobs, but that doesn’t guarantee that other players will not attack you. Of course, rewards are given to those who participate and more so to those who get lots of kills.

Fallen King is an event that only happens on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at a specific time. Here you battle it out with another player in a best of three match. The rewards you get depend on your current tier. The tier depends on the points you get while playing Fallen King. All Arena battles will reward you with experience, items to increase ATK and HP, and Honor Points which can be used to buy items at the Honor Shop.

7. Upgrade Your Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is where you can gather and mine resources faster. This is where you can collect gold and aerolite mine. Gold is very useful in the game and can be used in many ways, while aerolite mine can only be used in the Sanctuary to upgrade your buildings. There are several buildings in your territory including defense towers, military camps, the gate, a main fort, the dimension altar, and battering rams. Upgrading the main fort allows you to collect more gold and aerolite mines every 30 minutes.

lunathorn sanctuary

Of course, knowing that there’s defense towers and military camps, you can also go and invade enemy territories as well and get their loot. To do this, tap on Sanctuary Space. Here you can see all other territories surrounding you. Tap on one of them to see their resources and the levels of their defenses. It’s wise to choose someone with a lot of resources but lower defenses. Doing this increases your rank which in turn rewards you with even more gold and aerolite mines. You can invade other territories five times per day.

8. Complete The Daily And Limited Missions

There will be times where you’ll find yourself in a roadblock and you can’t seem to do any quests at all. Other than the main quests and sub quests, there are also daily and limited missions. Daily missions, as its name suggests, can only be done daily. These missions mostly include going in the dungeon, facing bosses in the hunt, doing arena battles, or enhancing your gears. Limited missions are only available for a limited time and have a specific time or date they are available. Keep an eye out for these missions to get rewards. Completing these missions will give you points which in turn will give you chests depending on how many points you obtain.

lunathorn missions

Aside from the daily and limited missions, there are a lot of rewards you can collect as well in the Benefits menu. These include daily log-ins which gives you a better reward every time you come back to play the game daily. There are also upgrade rewards that are given whenever you reach a certain level. Blessings that include gold and EXP which can be gathered daily. Online Rewards that give you items and gold depending on how long you’ve stayed online while playing.

9. Purge The Dungeons And Join Hunts

A great way to earn EXP and other items is through dungeons and hunts. In the Dungeon menu, you will see the EXP dungeon, the Minotaur Maze, and the Spirit Palace. In EXP dungeon, you get to battle waves and waves of enemies until the time runs out. Here you can add enhancements to your hero to be able to earn more experience such as equipping a guardian or using gold to temporarily increase your ATK in order to earn more experience. The reason why this dungeon is called EXP dungeon is because you earn billions or more EXP points here. This dungeon can only be played three times per day.

lunathorn dungeons

Minotaur Maze is the dungeon where you can find items to help increase the grade of your pet. It also unlocks new mazes depending on your level. With Spirit Palace, you get rewarded with EXP and gear. Just like the Minotaur Maze, new palaces are unlocked as you level up which gives you better rewards. Both of these dungeons include fighting enemy mobs and a boss. Spirit Palace can only be played three times a day, while Minotaur Maze can be played two times a day. These dungeons are a great way to earn EXP and other items to help you in your game progress.

Hunts on the other hand is where you can fight bosses in exchange for great rewards. The only downside or upside, whichever way you want to look at it, is that you fight the boss along with other players. This could be risky as they could get the loot from you. However, bosses featured in the Hunt are extremely tough and fighting them alone will take a lot of your time, except when you’re already extremely strong. Some bosses in the Hunt can be fought in peace mode meaning other players joining in won’t get hurt by your attacks and vice versa. Boss battles without the peace feature enables other players to hurt each other to be able to get loot by themselves.

10. Create Or Join A Guild

Because this is a multiplayer game, having a feature where you get to interact with others is a must. In Lunathorn, you will be able to join a guild once you reach a certain level. By joining a guild, you work with others towards the same goal. There are guild quests which give you rewards. You can also exchange gears with other guild members or donate some of the duplicate gears you have. There are also skills that can be enhanced by using guild points. Guild Wars are also present where guilds battle it out against each other.

lunathorn guild

Being in a guild will benefit your progress a lot. Guild missions also help you gain experience. Also, this again adds to the things you can do whenever you are unable to do main quests or sub quests in the game. To join a guild, tap on the guild menu and look for a guild you want to enter in. You can also tap the auto button to let the game find a guild that’s looking for a member and place you there. Remember, when joining a guild, it’s best to be active as being in an inactive guild is almost the same as not being in a guild at all, except for the extra missions and items of course.

We’ve reached the end of our Lunathorn beginner’s guide. We hope the given information will be enough on your journey to rid Olog of evil, save Yggdrasil, and aim to have a peaceful world once again. If there are any suggestions or tips we may have missed, please share them with us in the comment section below!


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