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Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Take Down Your Enemies

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. certainly doesn’t need much introduction to avid gamers as the gaming giant is home to some of the most popular titles and franchises in the world like Tekken, Pac-Man, Ace Combat, Soulcalibur, the Tales series, and Gundam. The company started in the mobile gaming industry way back in 2010 and is considered as one of the pioneers on mobile platforms. With over 60 games under its massive app portfolio, Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, and Dragon Ball Legends are just some of the company’s most popular apps. Each of these games have been downloaded over 10 million times from the Google Play Store alone and continues to rise in popularity to this day. Most of Bandai Namco’s games are highly regarded and are known to showcase top quality development regardless of the game genre.

Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare is Bandai Namco’s latest offering for mobile platforms available for both Android and iOS platforms. This is the first mobile game based on the almost 4-decade old franchise that has wowed fans across generations. Not just designed for fans of the anime series and collectible toys, Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare is a competitive mech-building and team strategy combat that offers tons of customization options for people who enjoy designing their very own battle mech. It is no surprise to see it rack up over 100 thousand installs after just a month after its release. More so, the game has already made it to respectable spots in top new and top grossing games in some countries. Regardless of whether or not you are a die hard fan of the franchise, you should see what this new and unique game has to offer.

Much like a Gunpla collector and builder, your adventure in Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare revolves around collecting parts for the Gunpla that you build for battle and with each battle you partake in, you earn experience points for you as well as every part of the Gunpla you assembled. Assembly is just half of the fun as each unique part on your creation earns experience points and levels up to increase their stats. What goes well beyond just building one Gunpla is building more as you acquire more parts and bring two more as companions in battle and revel at the glorious visuals and performance of each of your masterpieces. Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare mixes in PvE and PvP battles and as exciting it is to see your work of art on the battlefield, looking into what other players have created adds to the overall fun factor that the game offers.

gundam battle gunpla warfare tactics

Although the unique presentation and features you will initially see as you jump into the game may seem overwhelming, Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare actually holds a very simple and easy tutorial to follow. It certainly does involve a lot of texts to read and new mechanics you may not be familiar with, but as each one gets to be discussed and as you try each new feature on your own, you are guaranteed to get a good grasp of it in no time. Additionally, the tutorials will always be available for you to replay so even if you forget some of the things you have read and learned you can always revisit them at any time.

Reading through in-game tips that flash on the loading screen are also helpful so you may want to pay attention to new tips you see while preparing for the next battle. If you are encountering a bit of challenge in some battles or simply looking for ways on how to improve your performance in battle, then read our detailed Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare beginner’s guide, as we will provide you tips, cheats and strategies that guarantee to boost your gameplay and take you a step closer to becoming a top-tier Gunpla battler.

1. Build Your Gunplas Strategically

As you dive into the world of Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare, one of the areas you will more frequently visit is the Gunpla Build menu you can access on the main screen. For starters, you will have to consider Combat Power Ratings or CPWR as your top priority due to the limited parts you will have on the initial stages of the game. As CPWR is of your top concern for now, tapping the “Strongest” button will be a quick way of building a Gunpla with the highest possible CPWR. The relative difficulty of each battle you engage in is based on CPWR so what you would want is to raise it as high as you can at the soonest.

Most especially on the first chapter of the story mission, you will be acquiring new parts for your collection with almost each battle you engage in. Beyond that, achievements and other rewards from events will flood your inventory with Haro Chips that serve as premium currency to secure more parts and pilots from the gacha capsule. As you would naturally want to come up with stronger Gunplas as early as possible, be sure to secure as many parts as you can early on and spend a little more time tinkering with the parts you have amassed. CPWR may be top priority as the in-game tips would suggest but you should also consider part traits, jobs or roles, attributes, as well as EX skills.

gundam battle gunpla warfare tricks

Each part of your Gunpla, including weapons and shield, possess their own unique traits that not only impact CPWR, but also boosts the Gunpla’s overall efficiency when matched together. Once you secure enough parts, be sure to check on these traits on the Gunpla Build screen. Simply tap on the arrows beside “Parameters” to see individual traits of each part. Take not that while some parts may have better parameters to start off, some may not have traits that can further your advantage. Part traits are also either always active or needs to meet certain conditions before initializing.

As you browse through the different traits on the parts you are considering for your masterpiece, you will notice some have roles attached to it. These roles may either be All-Rounder, In-Fighter, Out-Fighter, Middle-Shooter, Long-Shooter, Defender, or Supporter. These pertain to possible job roles the pilot can equip later on which can be seen just below the CPWR at the top of the screen. Each of these job roles has specific advantages and characteristics and you may very well work on establishing a good combination of roles for the trio of Gunplas you will be bringing into battle. All-Rounder will be the preliminary role and provides no boost to your Gunpla or team.

In-Fighter boosts melee attack while Out-Fighter boosts the finishing melee attack at the end of your combo activated by double tapping the screen while executing a melee attack. Both Middle and Long-Shooter enable charged shots but given that Long-Shooters have greater distance range, Middle-Shooters can use auto-guard. Defenders have auto-guard while Supports provide buffs for the entire team such as reduced cool down time for EX skills. Be sure to look into this later on as this forms part of your key to forming a top-notch team.

Now as you browse through the plethora of parts you may have collected, you will notice letters embedded on the upper left side of each part icon. These letters entail the part’s attributes and is fairly consistent with each Gunpla model. There are three distinct attributes for each part that works around the rock-paper-scissors of affinity advantage and vice versa. “P” stands for power, “S” stands for speed, and “T” stands for technology. Power has advantage over technology, technology is strong against speed, and speed beats power. While you can mix and match parts with varying attributes, having a predominant attribute on all parts can trigger its overall attribute. Be sure to check these considerations before going into battle and you may want to also play around these attributes when forming a full team.

Each Gunpla can equip up to 3 EX skills that you can use in combat. As these skills don’t necessarily impact combat power, you are more likely to equip parts without any attached EX skills especially if you constantly go for the auto-equip option. Although you may find the initial chapter of the main story to be hardly challenging, you will discover that the gradual increase in difficulty will soon catch up and having EX skills accessible will greatly aid you in battle. On the main screen of the Gunpla Build menu, you can see the “Set EX Skills” button on the left side of the screen and choose from among the skills you have which ones to use in battle, provided that the items you equipped do have EX skills attached to them. Be sure to be on the lookout for these and pick ones that work well with your play style.

2. Prioritize Completing The Main Story Missions

As the tutorial takes you through progressing the initial chapters of the story mission, you should know that these missions are key to unlocking other feature and game modes. Chapter missions will also be your primary source of experience points to level up your account as well as each part you use in battle. Levelling up your account is important as it increases energy cap, friends you can follow, as well as the maximum cost your team can have. Lastly, each battle you partake in as you make progress in the story missions provides you with parts to add to your collection. There may not be a lot of good parts on the starting chapters but later on, you will discover parts that are worth the effort. In any case, each extra part you obtain has its extra uses and more importantly, the achievements tied to your progress in the main missions will be a great source of haro chips you constantly need for gacha.

gundam battle gunpla warfare missions

Pay attention to the total CPWR your team has compared with the opposing enemies’ CPWR. Although you do not necessarily have to be at par in terms of power, it would at least give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of difficulty. Managing costs of each Gunpla in the team becomes an increasingly crucial aspect of strategy so as you progress more and more forward, you should begin to include cost management wisely and be able to properly distribute costs across your main Gunpla and your companions.

3. Be Selective When It Comes To Upgrades

It is a given that there will be a disparity between the Gunpla you have and the one you want to build and in a lot of situations early on, you will have parts of one Gunpla and will have to mix it in with others for varied effects. It will be a good idea to test parts out as well as take some experimental builds into battle first before deciding on a target build. Beyond levelling up parts to boost their individual stats and contribution to power, you can also awaken each one to increase their rank and tremendously amplify their effects.

gundam battle gunpla warfare upgrades

On top of actual experience points gained in combat, you can further hasten levelling up of parts by upgrading them. From the main screen, you can swipe to the left and click on the parts menu and tap on the “Upgrade” tab to see the list of parts you can upgrade. Levelling up parts require Upgrade Nippers which are, of course, a limited resource you should consume wisely. Each part has a level cap based on its rarity as indicated by the corresponding color. Every level gained results in an instant increase in stats and does not increasing the corresponding cost attributable to it.

The more challenging enhancement option in Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare comes in the form of Tune Ups that can raise a piece of gear’s star level and rarity. Considering this option, even the common parts you will have plenty of at the early stages of the game can grow to become at par with higher rarity ones although the amount of investment required for them will be naturally more as there will be several awakening stages. On the other hand, you will more likely be able to complete a full Gunpla set from lower rarities outside of the free ones you will get from in-game events. You need Awakening Circuits for each tune up and the higher the rarity of the gear, the higher the rarity and quantity.

Awakening Circuits are hard to come by especially higher rarity ones. Although they are sold at the shop and sometimes form part of rewards from story missions, free missions, and achievement rewards, each piece you acquire should be spent very carefully. For the most part, you may want to initially bank on levelling up equipment if your combat power falls short of the CPWR needed to clear some stages. If push comes to shove and you have no other choice, then be sure to make every tune up well worth it on a part you are certain you will be using for a long time.

4. Check Achievements And Gift Box For Rewards

gundam battle gunpla warfare gift box

On top of the immediate rewards you receive out of each battle you engage in, there are plenty more to be claimed through achievements as well as events that send free items through your Gift Box. As these rewards greatly boost your progress in the game, especially as far as enhancing and upgrading your Gunplas, claiming them sooner than later is the better option. Additionally, be sure to check the list of achievements you have yet to accomplish, most especially the daily ones. If you can afford to spend time and effort on playing Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare, ensuring that each activity you partake in contributes to the satisfaction of objectives for achievements should be the way to go.

5. Learn To Play Defensively

Given that the initial chapters in the story missions are pretty easy, you will soon build up confidence in most battles moving forward. While that is generally a good thing, you may be inclined to build up a little too much of it and behave in battle much like your A.I.-controlled allies. While charging in guns blazing works well on the first battles, it will definitely be a lot different on mid to end stages of the campaign as well as other some free and daily missions.

gundam battle gunpla warfare strategies

Despite the time limit set for each battle, learn to exercise patience and play defensively especially when opponents have the advantage in terms of combat power. Charging in may prevent you to see all enemies on the map so it will be best to shuffle between targets regularly just to see where each opponent is situated. You also can’t just smash tap on the melee combo finisher as gaps between attacks lead you open more so when the enemy guards and blocks your attacks. Use your shield wisely and utilize the dashes in your arsenal to place yourself in a more defensive spot.

Battles may be a lot more challenging when real players are involved on the other side of the battlefield. Although there will always be a chance that you are better than the opposition, care and observation must always be taken to raise the chance of victory. Be sure to use your EX skills wisely. Activating them at the wrong time can also lead to instant cancellation when you are struck by an opponent while you are doing so.

That is all we have for you on our Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare Beginner’s Guide and we hope that you learned a good deal from it as well as enjoyed reading through it. Despite the delimiting in-game energy, Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare still leaves plenty of time on a daily basis for your to extensively immerse yourself into it. Given the faster pace of levelling up on your first days, you will amass more energy than the cap so be sure to deplete it as much as you can so its regeneration will not be hampered. If you have your own tips or strategies that you would like to share with us relative to our guide, don’t hesitate to do so and leave us a comment below!