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Brave Blades Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies and Become a Fearful Warrior

Brave Blades is an addictive 3D MMORPG by PopPace where you get to go on an epic adventure in the midst of war between three nations. The game offers tons of content that veteran players and new players in the genre can enjoy. While there is a plethora of MMORPGs available today for mobile gamers such as Dawn of Isles, Durango: Wild Lands and Lumia Saga to name a few, with stunning visuals and special effects, the beauty of Brave Blades is enough to keep you playing.

The game starts in auto mode, and you can keep it this way to make things easier, especially for newbies, which guides you and takes you from one quest to another. Sooner of later you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with too many things happening at once. If you aren’t familiar with the game, don’t worry, as we’re here to help. Check out our Brave Blades beginner’s guide below for tips, cheats and strategies to crush your enemies and become a fearful warrior!

1. Choose A Hero That Suits You

When it comes to choosing a character as you start your game, you may find yourself having a hard time deciding which class to pick. This is probably the best part in any game as you want to be certain that the hero you choose is the right one for you. Select the hero that you think fits you, and not just because of aesthetics or gender. Read the character information as this usually shows what their stats or skills are.

brave blades tips

In Brave Blades, there are four classes you can choose from: Barbarian, Hunter, Mage, and Paladin. Classes are gender locked, so if this aspect matters for you, you need to consider this as well. The Barbarian and Paladin are male, while the Hunter and Mage are female. ¬¬All of them have their strengths and weaknesses, but all look awesome just the same.

The Barbarian is a close-ranged fighter that possesses extremely high health, close to perfect defenses, but has an average attack damage. Due to his high health and defense, he’s going to be a tough one to crack. He is basically the tank which is very ideal for dungeon and boss fights. His weapon is a giant axe that is suitable for his giant frame.

The Hunter is a long-ranged fighter with a crossbow as her weapon. She possesses speed and agility. Her stats include having high attack with decent defense and health. The Mage is also a long-ranged fighter as she uses spells to fight enemies. She has extremely high attack damage, decent health, but very low defense. If you had to choose between the two, the Mage is better as her attack damage is insane and will cover a larger area than most.

Lastly, the Paladin is a sword-wielding warrior who is a close-ranged fighter who has very low attack, high defense, and decent health. Looking at this objectively, it seems that this character is the weakest of them all, however, this could still change in-game where you can level up and configure your stats to your liking. What’s important is you are playing the character that you want and are comfortable with.

2. Play Through The Story

Playing the main missions will let you experience the story of Brave Blades and how the war between nations began. Aside from that, this is the most important aspect of the game as playing through the story will help you progress quicker, get the necessary items to enhance your character, level up, and unlock more features from the game. Leveling up means you get to strengthen your character and enhance your gears. Completing main missions will reward you with new gear or items that will help you survive and fight enemies.

brave blades paladin

As you complete main quests, you gain experience which in turn level up your character. At first you may find it so easy to level up, like you just started playing minutes ago and suddenly you’re at level 20. However, you will reach a point where it gets harder and it takes longer to get to the next level. This is very important as other missions will require you to be at a specific level before you can do it. Other features will also require you to be at a certain strength or have your gears and armor to a certain level as well.

For example, once you reach level 50, you will unlock wings which is an attachment that adds to your stats and also looks beautiful as well. There are more features that will be unlocked as you level up. What’s great about the game is you can see all of these features and which levels you have to reach to unlock them by tapping on the button right above the menu located at the right side of the screen. After tapping this, you’ll see a preview of everything and what you can expect.

3. Always Check The Events Hall

Completing quests is essential in Brave Blades, however, there will come a time where you will find it harder to accomplish quests or simply because you haven’t leveled up yet. What you need to do during these times is to check out the Events Hall where you have limited missions that refreshes daily that will reward you once you complete them. This is where you can find missions specific for experience, gears, materials, and more.

brave blades events hall

These missions include participating in boss battles, dungeon battles, and other battle modes. Doing this every day and completing whatever mission you can guarantees that your character will get stronger. These missions give out a huge amount of materials needed upgrade. They also give out game currency such as coins and gems. A red dot on the Events Hall symbolizes that there are missions you can do and complete. Immediately take advantage of this and complete these missions in order to have more items.

Some sub quests are under this and can also be checked off once completed. Other missions you can blitz through after completing the first level. You won’t have to play anything and just collect rewards. If you are determined to make your character stronger and make battles a breeze, checking out events in the Events Hall will definitely help you with your game progress. Remember to check it every day as some are limited and can only be accessed a number of times.

4. Strengthen Your Character, Here’s How

In Brave Blades, there are many ways to strengthen your character. The first one is already mentioned which is doing quests and missions. Doing this will allow you to gain experience, level up, and earn rewards which can be items, gear, or currency, all of which are essential in maximizing your character’s potential. There are a variety of ways to enhance your character, all of which are unlocked as you progress and level up.

brave blades divine gear

Once you reach level 5, Divine Gear is unlocked. Collecting and equipping four pieces, six pieces, eight pieces, and then 10 pieces of the set each have specific stat bonuses for your character. This also changes your character’s appearance in-game. These gears can be obtained through main quests, boss battle drops, or through trading. Equipping a complete set and activating it will let you unlock the next tier of Divine Gear.

Players can also enhance their Divine Gear through the Forge menu. Here you will need to use your coins to raise the stats of your gear. You can either do this one by one or select quick enhance which will enhance everything at the same time. Other features you can find in the Forge menu is recycling past gear, adding jewels to enhance each gear, and increasing the tier of a gear.

There is also the Ascend feature which levels up the tier of the class you chose. To be able to ascend, you need to accomplish five trials or meet five different criteria which can vary. This may be considered as missions as well as other than ascending to the next tier, you also get rewards. Of course, ascending also increases your stats and also enhances skills. Also included in the Ascend menu is where you can improve your talents. Ascending to the next tier will reward you with potential crystals that you can use to improve your talents. These talents vary from enhancing your HP, your ATK, hit proficiency, dodge, DMG, and more.

5. Upgrading Skills And Supports

To upgrade skills, you can simply go to the Skills menu and select upgrade or level up all. This feature is unlocked at level 25. Doing this enhances your skill stats such as range, damage, and how many targets you can attack at a time. All you would need are coins to be able to upgrade your characters skills. There are also several features that will enhance and give you passive skills once you obtain them such as: wings, charm, scrolls, relic, and a lot more. Most of these features are unlocked when you reach a certain level or when you log in every day. You can see how many days a feature will be unlocked by tapping on the menu just above you bag located at the right side of the screen.

brave blades skills

There are also several game supports such as Mercenaries and Spirits which tag along and fight alongside you and add buffs. All of these will require special items specific only for them, such as the mount upgrader, relic upgrader, etc., in order to move them to the next tier. This is why it’s essential to complete missions and collect rewards as much as you can, because all of them you will use one way or another.

6. Get Involved In Nations And Legions

When you first start the game, you will randomly belong to one of three Nations: Eternia, Sanctimont, or Naturazon. There are many things you can do in your nation. However, not everything is available immediately. Other features are unlocked as you level up. There is the Goddess Blessing which gives you a random buff for a limited time. There are also even more ways to enhance your hero in your nation. Just go to the Nation menu and select Technology. Here you’ll be able to increase levels for res crit buff, crit buff, DEF buff, ATK buff, dodge buff, and more using Nation Prestige. This will greatly strengthen your character and raise your stats.

brave blades nation

To get Nation Prestige, you need to participate in your nation’s events. You can also get prestige by worshipping your Nation Lord. You can do this for free every day. Another way is to donate your fighter badge your nation’s Pillar. Fighter badges can be obtained through Legion benefits. Make sure to check the Nation menu every day and take a look at each feature. Also, always participate in events to be able to obtain prestige and use it to further enhance your character.

With Legion, you can choose which one you want to join in. Similar to Nation, you get a lot of perks and benefits when you join a legion. Being in a Legion allows you to become a Nation Lord. Nation Lords will get rewards whenever they are worshipped, so imagine just how much rewards you’ll get from being worshipped by an entire nation of players from all over the world. However, this is only applicable if you are the legion captain. Every few hours a legion captain will be selected from the legion. After a few days, the strongest captain will become lord.

7. Don’t Forget To Collect Rewards

There are many ways to obtain rewards. Aside from completing missions and other features in the game, there are even more ways to get rewards in Brave Blades. You have daily rewards, weekly rewards, limited rewards, and more. If you look at the left side of your screen, you’ll be able to access daily gifts where you get log in rewards. This is also where you can exchange coins for upgrade items. Another menu to access rewards is the Benefits menu located at the top of your screen. Here you can see two-week rewards, daily check-in, online pack, level pack, exchange pack, and reclaim items.

Two-week rewards tab is where you can get a different gift each day for two weeks. This is also where you can get rewards for daily check-ins. This is different from daily log-ins, although it’s basically the same thing that you need to play the game daily to get rewards. Online Pack is where you can draw a reward six times per day. These rewards can be coins, upgrader packs, emeralds, and other items. The level pack is the reward you receive whenever you level up. Exchange pack is where you put in a code to collect a special pack. Don’t forget to collect these rewards as every item is important in maximizing the potential of your character.

This ends our guide for Brave Blades. It is definitely a fun game that will keep you playing for hours. If you have other tips, tricks or suggestions for the game, fee free to drop us a line in the comments below!